Infantino Park Place Playmat

Infantino Park Place Playmat

Infantino Park Place Playmat The Infantino Park Place is an eight sided play space that lets you and baby park it anywhere and have a good time. Perfect for playtime or tummy time. Convenient on hardwood floors.

Main features

  • Polyester
  • Mobile soft surface perfect for play and tummy time
  • Folds up and closes with handle for easy travel
  • 27″ diameter

Verified reviews


You cannot go wrong with having this

This playmat works on so many levels, but at it’s heart, it’s the second largest changing mat I could find. To me, bigger is better particularly for changing the kiddo on the public changing tables in restrooms. Those things are disgusting so the more coverage I could get, the better! I’ve also used this at the park for the kiddo to lay on.It folds up pretty easily. It’s also very easy to wipe or spray down to clean whenever you’d like.It’s a great deal at this price. As I mentioned, it’s the second largest I found. The one only slightly larger is thePatemm Round Baby Diaper Portable Changing Pad (Turquoise Giraffes), though it is five times the price (but that may be worth it as it is made in the US, and this is not).

Jade Horse Cave, KY

very helpful

I really like this changing mat b/c of it’s size and thickness. I’ve used it to change our daughter in some nice places…and not so nice and it’s been great to put her down on something with a shape that helps you do everything on the mat…including laying her diagonal.

Queen Perry, KS

Striking and folds easily!

I love this changing pad. It’s large, easy to wipe down and folds easily one-handed. I owned another, similar changing pad that was 10 times as expensive! I like this one just as much. Get it. Oh, I also get compliments on it! Seriously, it makes diaper changing a little more fun.

Goldie Dahlonega, GA

Great matt for squirmy kids!

It really makes diaper changes so much easy to have more surface coverage, especially because my 16 month old tries to continuously roll over during changes. Also, this matt folds just as small as other diaper changing matts and fits perfectly in my bag.

Susanna Miami, WV


Great product, totally covers the spaces in public bathrooms. Good quality, compact fold up, can keep in diaper bag or even my purse for quick trips in the neighborhood.

Erica New Burnside, IL

Love it!

Largest changing pad we have found! Super easy to fold one handed!! Doesn’t take up too much space in tour diaper bag when folded. We have two of them!

Bettye Corbin, VA

Glad I did my research!

Nice size for growing baby, thin enough to carry in over stuffed diaper bag, nice pattern which is easy to find, easy to wipe clean, and reasonably priced.

Leslie Vowinckel, PA

Going strong on baby #2 LOVE IT!

I absolutely love this changing pad. I feel like it’s the one everyone should have! It’s print is great and it does well to hide the dirtiness that every changing pad will encounter. It’s easy to wipe clean and it’s very generous size works great everywhere you go! When there’s no changing table or station it’s big enough to use on the floor without worrying about any part of your baby touching the dirty floor. It folds pretty small and fits nicely in both my diaper bags and even in my medium sized purse! Strongly recommend!

Cheri Helena, OH

Awesome changing pad

I purchased this to carry in my diaper bag primarily as a changing pad even though it is labeled as a playmat. It is gorgeous, well crafted, and easy to use. After reading one review stating this was not waterproof, I wondered if I had made a mistake. My grand baby has not yet had an accident during changing so I have not had reason for this problem to happen, so I had to test it. I first placed the pad on my white carpet (that always shows the slightest moisture), then poured one fluid ounce of water onto the pad, being sure to saturate the areas of the seams. I rubbed it in, applied some pressure, and left it for three minutes, without a leak. I then placed an absorbent bed sheet underneath, same procedure, waited two minutes. Nothing. Finally, I poured another half ounce of water and stood on the pad (I weigh 120 lbs) bearing weight on the seams. Voila’! There was some leakage at the seams. I still love this pad, and will continue to use it, as I have had no problems with actual use. I dont know that my babies will saturate the pad enough for it to leak, and I will always wipe any soiled areas immediately anyway. I still highly recommend this pad.

Minnie Trade, TN

i do like it but colors aren’t as seen on the screen

the white part of the design is actually creamthe rest is just perfect. nice size, well made and easy to carry.

Minnie Dickens, IA