Infantino Pat and Play Water Mat

Infantino Pat and Play Water Mat

Six floating pals move when baby pats this colorful mat. Perfect for tummy time and high chair play.

Main features

  • 3 Months plus
  • BPA Free
  • Perfect for tummy time and high chairs
  • Fill with water and let the fun begin
  • 3 Months+

Verified reviews


Returned, leaked water

We returned this play mat after one day of use and two very wet floors. The valve in the back did not seal and therefore leaked water everywhere.

Amy Nadeau, MI


This is a cute toy. Thankfully I read other reviews and one was very helpful when it mentioned to use a straw to separate the plastic toys otherwise they stick together. I have really small fingers so i was able to use those. My twins love it, except one of them gets frustrated because she can’t get the little toys in her hands, so cute!

Milagros Ponca, NE

I really like this idea.

I think this is going to be super fun for my younger son once he gets a little older. My older son (2) liked playing with it for a bit. My only concern is if mold might get in it because it’s not that easy to empty completely. I’m hoping that won’t be an issue. The little pieces inside it do get sticky and you sorta have to pick through the front to try to separate them.

Claudette Balta, ND

This is great

My little one loves looking at this water mat. The little fish characters inside were stuck together when we got it so it took some time to get them separated but it was worth it.

Marion Belle Vernon, PA

Poor quality

We bought this mat to replace the Early Years Fun N Fill water mat and I wish I had gotten another Early Years one.First, this mat is small. I know they listed the dimensions in the product info, but the measurements are from border to border, while the actual water area is small in comparison.The outer rim fills with air but I don’t think the seal is very good as it seems to deflate quickly. It looks a bit flat and dejected.The cute little sea animals that float about are just plastic sheeting and there all stuck together. I tried another reviewers trick of using chopsticks to try to pry them apart but quickly lost patience.We use this for physical therapy with our son as he’s practicing hands and knees posture. It isn’t big enough for a good hand stance, and the glob of plastic animals doesn’t distract him the way the other mat did.The Early Years Fun n Fill mat is larger, sturdier and has hard plastic floating animals to entertain baby. This was somewhat of a bust for us.

Alexis Rensselaer Falls, NY

It’s adorable and perfect for tummy time

My daughter absolutely loves it for tummy time. She will look up, reach out and try and move the sea creatures. We have had it since she was 3.5 months, and now at almost 5 months she loves it more than ever.If I had any critiques it is that I can’t quite seem to eliminate all the air bubbles and the sea creatures sometimes bunch together and I have to shake it to seperate them.I use it on her High chair and bumbo seat as well. She enjoys looking at the colors. Even though it gas to lay flat I am so glad I got this for her. As wonderful as mirrors are for tummy time, this keeps my little one on her tummy for longer.

Ida Boles, AR

Helps with motor skills!

Easy to fill and our daughter loves it!!! Helps with motor skills and is adorable!!!

Marlene Trail City, SD

Tummy time

Some babies just don’t like tummy time, no matter what you stick in front of them. My baby doesn’t have a problem with tummy time, but my nephew who is 2 months younger than mine hates tummy time! My baby wasn’t interested in this, and I was hoping my nephew would be. Neither of them seemed very interested.

Kathi Bellamy, VA

Trade-offs in Comparison to Early Years Mat

I bought this mat as a replacement for theEarlyears Fill n Fun Water Mat Toy. Of the two, I definitely prefer this one. It is much smaller and easier for a baby to handle herself, which makes it more engaging for her. It is also SO MUCH EASIER to fill. You simply pop open the valve and pour water in. The Early Years Mat has a tricky valve that has to be pinched very hard to let any water in or out. That makes it a huge, hand-tiring chore to fill the thing, and it’s virtually impossible to drain out the old dirty water. Hence, my need for the replacement. But the hard pinch valve on the Early Years Mat also means that it never leaks. By contrast, this water mat leaks all the time when my baby pushes it along the floor, the valve catches and pops open. Pretty much, I can only give it to her on a water-resistant floor, under supervision and with a towel nearby. Still, it is an engaging toy for her and I’d rather wipe up water than deal with that pinch valve on the Early Years Mat. Unless someone invents a third option, I’ll stick with this.

Benita Goodland, MN

For the price it’s a good mat

My 8 month old likes this mat when he sits in his high chair. It’s easy to fill and drain and he gets a kick out of sea creatures floating in it. Just make sure you check the back where the plug is everytime you use it, I had it come undone and oops water everywhere! Great busy toy with no fuss!

Jane Goff, KS