Infantino Peek, Rattle and Teether

Infantino Peek, Rattle and Teether

Infantino Peek, Rattle and Teether

Main features

  • Four varieties of teethers for baby
  • There are rattles and crinkle sounds within the blocks
  • These blocks are soft, light and easy for baby to hold and stack.
  • The varied textures and sounds encourage sensory exploration through touch and sound.
  • 3 months +

Verified reviews


Not my baby’s favorite toy

I think these toys are well constructed, made of great materials and nicely colored. The idea of putting little items inside the cubes with a window is great. Although there are little teething “handles” for each toy, my baby has a hard time grasping and teething them. Basically, these are big cubes that some babies may have a challenge picking up.My baby best enjoys these toys when I hang them in a play gym. That way, these cubes are suspended in the way and the little toys inside move around, which my baby likes to do.

Esther Heyworth, IL

A great baby pleaser!

This was a gift for my now 13 week old son. He is just starting to grasp objects and loves the raised bumps on the teether-handles. The Square toys holds a cat ball inside and is a huge hit as well. He loves watching the ball turn as I rotate the toy. There are different fabics on the sides of the toys to stimulate infants (satin, felt, ribbed, mirror, ect)I love that the objects are extra large, so they are easy to grab and play with. Furthermore, there is plenty of the clear plastic top for him to be able to see the objects inside. (Some toys only allow a small hole and if difficult for that young age to see inside.) I was thrilled that someone gave this to us for it is defintely a Keeper!

Shannon Wimbledon, ND

Great blocks that have it all!

These cute little blocks are great. So much to see and do much packed into such a small, simple item. We introduced these to my son when he was about 3 months old and he still loves them now at 7.5 months. Each block comes with varying colorful patterns, textures (felt, corduroy, etc.), a clear vinyl “peek-thru” window with intriguing objects inside that make noise when shaken, plus a durable plastic textured teething ring. The teething ring allows you attach these toys easily to crib, stroller, etc. using plastic links. The blocks are eye-catching and stimulating for all the senses, yet lightweight enough for a very young baby to manipulate. Our son enjoys the red block the best – it comes with silky ribbons, a soft “mirrored: side, and its peek-a-boo object 9a clear plastic ball with multi-colored beads inside) is the most intriguing, I think. Definitely got my money’s worth on this one. I think we’ll be hanging onto these for future grandchildren! 🙂

Shanna Bethlehem, GA

My little guy loves his!

I had bought these from a store when my little dude was a little more than three months old. He was young but he instantly took to the bright colors and the ones that made a sound.They are soft, easy to hold (he practiced how to grip on these) and I am always sure he won’t hurt himself with these. Although I’m not sure how good they are as teethers but he does put the rings in this mouth often. I just wish all of them made some sort of sound because he loves the two that make sounds, the other two he only sort of plays with. All in all, it’s a good block set which he can play with when he is older too.

Leola Sturtevant, WI

Good toys, but you don’t need all four

Each of these toys has one side made out of clear plastic and an object on the inside that rattles around. The teether-handles are textured so babies like to chew on them.These are good toys, but I would split them up with another mom. I don’t think my daughter likes having four slightly different toys more than just having one or two. I have noticed that she likes the two noisier ones the best (the one with the purple teether and the one with the yellow teether). At about 6 months old she would shake those for a very long time. The other two toys only elicit about 1-2 minutes of play at best and sometimes she just throws them back at me.I recommend these toys for babies 4-6 months. My daughter still plays with them a little at 9 months but much less.

Elba Fountain Inn, SC

Random looking toy, but my daughter loves it

I got this multiple pack of toys so that I could keep a couple for my daughter and use a couple as shower gift decorations. One of them in particular sounds like a cat toy, but my daughter loves it. Glad that I was able to get 4 in a box… made it way more cost effective than if I would have had to buy separate toys.

Marcia Gravette, AR

Maybe Better Later

I ordered this for my five month old daughter and I want to say that she isn’t impressed, however, she may just be too young so I’ll give her more time. She seems to enjoy them for a few minutes then it’s off to something else (but that’s most babies, right?). I like them because they’re unique, durable and easy to clean. I’ll keep them around for later. I would recommend them.

Henrietta Mount Ayr, IN