Infantino Play Time Activity Center

Infantino Play Time Activity Center

Great for tummy time and seated play! Includes 4 activity-packed sides with a large peek-a-boo mirror, put-and-take bird’s nest, large water pouch fish tank and peek-and-see leaves. Grows with baby. Ages 3 months and up.

Main features

  • Great for Play time or seated play
  • Includes four activity packed sides with large mirror, put-and-take bird’s nest, water pouch fish tank, and peek-and-see leaves
  • Has lots of fun textures to encourage baby to grasp and explore
  • Bright, contrasting colors, as well as interesting sounds capture baby’s attention
  • Includes teether to soothe baby’s tender gums

Verified reviews


He loves it but didn’t until 6+ months

I got this at 3-4 months and my baby didn’t seem interested but at 6 months it was a whole new world. He also has reflux so lots of things he couldn’t focus on until he truly outgrew it (well here’s to hoping). He loves the crinkly side best. I got it on sale also and agree with other reviewers, I wouldn’t pay $30 for it but he does play with it everyday. It’s so hard to pick toys because some they love and some they don’t care about, depends on the child.

Maryanne Sunol, CA

Great Activity Center for Little Ones!

This is an excellent activity center. It comes complete with teethers, a mirror which babies always love, and various textures for baby to explore. Kids can enjoy playing with the little fish that come with it and putting them into the mesh “bowl” and taking them out again. The mirror is excellent for helping kids start to recognize themselves.

Jan Hopedale, IL

Not as advertised

I had originally purchased this for my son to encourage more tummy time. The toy was definitely not what I expected.The construction is thin cardboard with fabric covering. It had a weird stench to it when it arrived and the colors were very…retro. Many of the features in the photos were absent, including the teethers, fish food rattle and one of the fish.The top is made of velcro so it somewhat folds up, but the things attached make it too bulky to completely fold.The flimsy construction means my son folded it inside out more often than not. He likes the birds because he can eat them and the crinkles on the leaves, but for tummy time, it’s useless.

Summer Treloar, MO

Pretty cute toy

Very cute and interesting toy. My baby plays with it from time to time. She actually loves the side with the bugs.

Eloise Beulah, ND

Like magic!

My older one loved his tummy time, so I was surprised when my younger one hated it. Hated it, that is, until I got this awesome tummy time master!! From the time that I put this in front of her she did not stop cooing. SO sweet! There are some things such as the detachable fish that she can’t use yet, but I like the fact that this will still keep her interest even when the tummy time is a thing of the past. I recommend whole heartedly!!!

Bertha Salter Path, NC

Ok product

This was ok. I used it during tummy time and she liked looking at it and her attempts to touch it

Therese Inkster, ND

We NOW LOVE tummy time!!

My son is 3 months and HATED tummy time! I was searching for something to catch his eye to help him enjoy it a bit more. I found this and was willing to try anything to help – plus this had a multi surface and multi age feature. We used this (in conjunction with a Boppy) to see if this would help him stay on his tummy longer and SURE enough it did!! It was so great to see him looking in the mirror and smiling and playing with the goldfish. The other plus is that when tummy time is over and he starts sitting up he can play with the birds and the peek-a-boo sides as well. I also love the fact that it can fold up and go where we go without being big and bulky. Overall I love this and feel it was a great purchase for a desperate Mom during tummy time!

Dawn Ipava, IL

Not as advertised

You have been warned. The version advertised is not what you get. I got what I guess is the older model with no teether & instead of a fish-food rattle, the fish itself is the rattle & you only get to birds not 3. I can easily add my own teethers in front of the mirror but the discrepancy would make this item worth no more than $20. I’m sorry I paid $25 for it.

Jade Lequire, OK