Infantino Plenty Feature Packed Cart and Highchair Cover, Mosaic Stripe

Infantino Plenty Feature Packed Cart and Highchair Cover, Mosaic Stripe

Feature packed and super padded, Plenty is the softest, full feature cover available. No more struggling to keep track of keys, sippy cups or snacks. This cover has it all snack pockets for baby, sippy cup strap to keep drinks from falling out and a convenient back pocket for your keys and phone. Plenty, shopping made just a little easier.

Main features

  • Outer: 100% Polyester; Filling: 100% Polyester Fiber
  • Imported
  • 2 Great uses: Shopping Carts and Highchairs
  • Includes teether toy and detachable sippy cup strap to keep cups off the ground
  • Full coverage and extra padding provides maximum comfort and germ protection
  • Folds easily into handy tote bag
  • Machine washable

Verified reviews


Great holder

Holds enough tooth picks for my husbands need. sleek design to not take up much room in his pocket. and real metal so I could get in engraved.

Evangelina Lockesburg, AR

Great product, just not needed

I thought this was a great product and reasonably priced. But I ended up returning it because it just wasn’t practical. It’s everyone’s own personal beliefs in over protection, but I just thought this was something my daughter could live without.

Esperanza Bainbridge, GA

Easy to use, and pretty!

This is my second cart cover, first one by infantino. I had a different brand, and it was awful. I love the Infantino because it’s so easy to install on the cart, and it actually fits on the cart properly!! The leg holes line up with the cart, and completely covers it so baby isn’t poking her fingers between the metal or touching the dirty cart. I love the cup strap, I use it for toys so if she throws it, it’s not on the ground and she can continue to play with it. The design is really pretty and i can see it being useful for a boy or girl. Straping the kid in is easy too, just a loop through the back to attach to the cart and ready to go. I can get it set up and her in it in 30 seconds or less. Definately exceeded my expectations.

Megan Leesburg, VA

Folding it…

To make it look just like the photo! Yes it is possible! And takes less then 60secs!Once I figured the ‘trick’ to fold this thing, it’s a BREEZE! Yes, at first when I couldn’t figure it out, I was simply trying to fit a circle into a square peg, and it looked sloppy, huge, and yes I can even see how you can rip the thing. But for the price and the thinish material that allows the material to wipe so easily, squish down neatly once folded right, and is light weight, the stitching is not the problem. (Hard to explain… Kind of like the bumkin bibs which I highly recommend. It catches everything, wipes cleanly, a few drops of dish soap and a quick rinse and squeeze under the faucet, it’s good to go again when it dries, which takes no time. A bit stained? Throw it in the washer! But, the material too is thin, and thus the stitching on it is a not as enforced, but it’s not meant to be handled that roughly! Just liked this cover!)Anyways. I used the method to fold up fitted sheets to make it look nicely on this cover.I’ll try to explain, and if it doesn’t make sense, I’ll try to add a video.1. First find the pouch it goes into, the one where there is a yellow handle. This should be on the outside, and where your goal is to get the whole thing in it, so you want to roll it towards this way.2. The pattern side should face down.3.. Take one side, and fold it so that the crease is even with the pouch.4. Repeat on the other side.I sometimes leave her teething rings and RAZ teether still attached because those fit into the pouch no problem as well. If you do, put those nestled in with the sides of the cover.5. Roll from the opposite end of the pouch towards the pouch.You should be able to squeeze the whole thing into it no problem w. this method. Make sure to pull the other part of the pouch over, so on the outside, it is all gray with no pattern exposed.Only thing is, to keep it stayed ‘squished down’ I have added self adhesived Velcro to the pouch, but now it’s perfect. (Simply cut a strip of about 6", wait 24 hours for the adhesive to adhere tightly to the cover, and voila!). I should look nice, neat and compact just like inthe picture!I can fit it into my Skip Hop Versa diaper bag (amazing bag! Can fit so much things in there and still be compact! Has awesome strolled straps that I can easily attach to shopping carts or strollers!)In shopping carts, I find it easier to put the back on first, stick babies legs through and seat em, then put the front on.Fits high chairs in restaurants.The bottle strap is easy to use and grips sippy cups and Avent bottles.Extra straps for baby toys are great.Pockets I didn’t find useful at all, but I have my diaper bag for things.Couldn’t ask for more!Why no voting buttons? We don’t let customers vote on their own reviews, so the voting buttons appear only when you look at reviews submitted by others.PermalinkComment Comment

Olive London, WV


I was looking for a shopping cart and high chair cover for my almost 6-months old baby girl. Call me a germaphobe, but like most people looking for such an item, I wanted something that would prevent direct contact with the grimy carts/high chairs and my daughter’s mouth. The description for the cover seemed to be everything I was looking for and more: plush cover, pretty neutral colors, easy to slip on, AND folds easily into a handy tote bag. Plus, the price was hard to beat. Needless to say, I was sold and immediately ordered the cover. I was excited to receive the cover and couldn’t wait to use it right away. When I took it out of the packaging, I was satisfied. Then I tried to fold it into the “handy tote” and it RIPPED!!! The material started to fray and the seams started to come undone. And it’s not like I was tugging at the cover to get it to fold. The cover is simply way too bulky while the tote material (the outer part that would be touching the cart) is way too flimsy to accommodate the product. I could have dealt with the bulkiness of the product when folded, as it is not as handy as described, but the poor quality of the material definitely has me packing back for return. So disappointed!

Pearlie Somers Point, NJ


I love this shopping cart cover and so does my daughter. We use it everywhere, and it’s even large enough to fit on Costco’s shopping carts. I love the teething ring and the ability to attach other toys. I also use the sippy cup strap for toys that I don’t want dropped. Works great! It is a big large when folded up, so I don’t put it in the diaper bag. I just keep it in my trunk.

Billie Leon, NY

I love it

I love this! It is very padded so I am sure my daughter will be comfortable sitting in it. I also love that it comes with two toy attachments, the two pockets, the "mom" pocket, and a sippy cup holder which is not too long where it will hit the floor like another review said. It also comes with a toy which is an added bonus! The colors are perfect and I cannot wait to put this to use!One negative about it is that it is a bit confusing trying to fold it up into a carry bag since it is so big but otherwise I love this item!

Josefa Chandlers Valley, PA

Great for when my baby was learning to sit up

I liked this for when my baby was learning to sit up. It was padded enough that if she fell to the side she did get hurt. I liked also that it protected her from germs at an early age. It also folds easily into itself, in a small ball with a handle.

Lydia Roseland, NJ

Great Shopping Cart Cover!

I purchased this item after buying an Infantino shop and play cart cover/playmat ( I didn’t like the infantino cover at all because it was complicated. I love this one because its easy to attach while holding a baby, is aesthetically pleasing, and has a very useful cup strap. My daughter likes playing with the teether and bottle strap. She’s 15 months and I’m pregnant with my 3rd and plan on using this for the new one too.

Staci Belgrade, MN

Like it so far!

I’ve had mine for a few weeks now. It fits really well on metal shopping carts. It works ok on Target’s big plastic ones too. It’s a little awkward on restaurant high chairs, but it provides a little cushioning which is mainly why I bought it.The pattern is printed on, but it looks nice. I haven’t washed mine yet but when I do I will definitely do delicate cycle and air dry.I would recommend it for sure! Especially for the price on Amazon.

Taylor Rose, OK

Awful Stitching

A really nice product- except for the stitching. I read all the reviews and decided to try it anyway. Used it once. Had to wash it because baby spit up on it. Washed it on the delicate cycle in cold water and hung it to dry. Now it looks like someone took a knife to it and ripped one side apart. It’s awful! Infantino needs to improve on their stitching and this would be a great product! But now I will look for something different because a replacement isn’t going to help bad craftsmanship.

Corine Morris, OK

Didn’t think I would love it but I do…

I (and my husband) thought this would be a waste and we would never use it, as many friends have told us they never use theirs, but we use it every time we go out to eat. The rings are handy to clip toys, and my daughter loves the included teething ring. At the end of the meal, we fold it back up into itself and it goes in the stroller basket. Highly recommended!

Imelda Poughkeepsie, AR

Love it

So much cuter of a pattern than my local stores offered. Keeps my daughter nice and comfy in the grocery buggy and high chairs at restraunts, and from touching surfaces full of germs, attachment straps for sippy cups and toys, so handy!

Cassie Luzerne, MI

Fabric too slippery, bulky, inconvenient to use

I used this once and have never used it again–will probably just sell it at consignment. The fabric is so slippery that my daughter just slid all around in it in the grocery cart seat and couldn’t stay sitting up comfortably at all. I kept having to stop to re-position her because she’d slide sideways or down in the seat every couple of minutes (and yes–she was old/big enough that she could sit up). It’s also very bulky and not at all convenient to unpack and set up and then re-pack. Might as well have been trying to use a sleeping bag as a cart cover–that’s what this slippery, bulky thing reminded me of! Now I just wipe down the surfaces of the cart that she’ll touch with wipes before I put her in and she’s perfectly happy with no fabric or padding between her precious bottom and the cart seat. I think this is one of those products that sounds great that you think you’ll need for your baby that ends up being utterly unnecessary.

Elinor Occidental, CA

Great product

I love the fabric pattern and how well it works for carts and restaurant highchairs. We get compliments on it all the time. I also love how it folds up into an easy to carry bundle. It took me a few times to get the hang of it, but I can fold it up in less than a minute now. Easy to use, and my daughter loves it!

Jodi Wauregan, CT

Super cute, but bulky

This is really cute and my little girl does great in it. It gives me some peace of mind knowing it provides some cushion as she sometimes decides to bang her head on the cart. It also helps steer clear of germs, because my teething little one likes to suck and bite carts also. 😉 I docked one star just because it’s insanely bulky. and the straps it comes with and teether are cheap, I use my own.

Christine Lake Elsinore, CA


This cart cover is so cute in person! It has the velcro clips perfect to hold onto a little toy to prevent falling into the grocery store floor-YUCK! Fits bulky but fine over a highchair, fits nicely on grocery carts!

Polly Zumbro Falls, MN

Very handy

I’ve only used this in a shopping cart so far but it works great. The cover fits great over the walmart shopping carts. I love that you can attach a toy too! Washes well. A little interesting to fold up. There’s no directions really on how to fold it up but I just winged it and it worked.

Coleen Beverly, NJ

Wonderful Product!

I really like this shopping cart/high chair cover. My daughter doesn’t seem to mind it, and I at least feel like she’s picking up less germs while we’re out. It’s a cute pattern and has convenient rings to hook toys onto. I’ve washed it a few times and it’s held up well – really easy to just through in the washer on delicate. What I love about this one, compared to some others, is that the strap is built in, so you don’t have to use the strap on the cart of high chair. I don’t really understand the logic of covering everything just to pull the dirty strap through that has just as many germs as the cart handle. Sure, she couldn’t get her mouth on it like the handle, but she touches the strap then sticks her hands in her mouth a million times.Overall, it’s been a great purchase. I’m actually thinking about picking up a second one to keep in our other vehicle, so we don’t have to switch back and forth for outings.

Jesse Aliquippa, PA


So helpful – best part is the leash so you can connect toys. Less on the ground. Easy to clean. Easy to fold up. Couldn’t be happier – use it all the time.

Deena Fort Hunter, NY

Nice product but teether is plastic and doesn’t detach.

Overall, this product appears to be well-made. I love the pattern on the cloth – it is very pretty.My only complaint is regarding the teether, which is plastic. Since the cover is made in California, I would think that the manufacturer would be aware that many parents do not ever want to give their little ones anything containing plastic, which can contain BPA, BPS, and all kinds of other chemicals that are toxic, even when ingested in small amounts. A lot of parents are switching to teethers made of medical-grade silicone or maple wood now to avoid plastics. If the manufacturer of this product had simply made both sides of the teether attachment using velcro, then I could have replaced the plastic teether with a non-toxic one. But instead, the only way to remove this teether is to cut it off from its attachment, since it’s sewn on. You can remove the entire attachment, but then you’ll have to buy a pacifier clip or something similar to use, instead.But other than that one minor complaint, I’m excited to use this cover the next time I go shopping. If the manufacturer is reading this, I hope you’ll consider including a silicone teether in the future, as it would be much safer for the children using your product! They are not expensive and wouldn’t add much to the overall cost of the product. Even if the plastic being used to manufacture the teethers is labeled as BPA-free, it still contains a similar, very toxic chemical called BPS that similarly disrupts children’s endocrine (hormone) systems and can cause developmental problems. Thanks!

Patrice North Thetford, VT


I really like that this is padded as well as it is. There is a nice little pocket that can be used for pacifier or small toys. It is difficult to roll up into "carry bag’, so I just throw it in back of car and leave open but other than that I am very pleased.

Rosanne Tylerton, MD

Make the grocery trip comfortable.

Works as intended. Very comfortable and supportive for baby. Only tried at the supermarket, but intend to use at a restaurant this weekend. I imagine the same success as the supermarket. The only small down size is I can’t get this into a "tote" as shown. Whatever, just throw it in the truck and it’s good to go.

Diana Union, MS


This is great. I use if for carts and highchairs. it is very padded and I love the little straps for toys. The only thing I do not like is that it is not very compact. There is NO WAY you could care this in a diaper bag. Even when folded it is very large. But I would rather have extra padding than it be more compact.

Alexis Muscotah, KS

great purchase

I have used this with no trouble on many shopping carts including Target’s and many public high chairs. I can do a shopping cart with one hand, it does take a minute though so I generally steer to the side as I get it on so I don’t hold people up in the entrance of the grocery store. Baby loves the teether that comes attached to it. I get lots of compliments on washes easily in the machine and I’m very happy I purchased it. Would use for a boy or girl.

Arlene Hagarstown, IL

Cute cover!

I love the color’s! It will fit on most cart’s and high chair’s. The teething ring and sippy cup strap is a plus. I do not like the bag it’s suppose to "fold up" into. I can’t get it to fold up in there right. The instruction’s on how to fold it in the pouch are horrible!!! I do think it serve’s it’s purpose and will be comfortable for my girl’s.

Lucinda Brady, TX


With certain shopping carts this sits kind of loosely. But it still gets the job done I can also use it in the high chairs in restaurants. With the build in strap, I don’t have to use the one on the shopping cart or high chair so that keeps everything she reaches clean. There is also a convenient strap that can hold her sippy cup or a snack cup. I don’t recommend using it on bottles because it could easily slide of. Only on cups/bottles that have handles or something not so straight. It’s as easy as putting it in the washer to clean it.

Elsa Fallon, NV

Five Stars

Great product! Just as described!

Reba College Park, MD

Ok for the price.

Not very easy to take on and off- with one hand. My other hand is always busy holding my daughter!

Alta Holstein, IA

Super Cute!

This little sit cover is super cute and the quality is very good. Shipping and packaging were excellent and quick. Little pricey but I think it is worth it to help protect the little one from germs. Thanks so much.

Inez Dodge, NE