Infantino Pop & Play 3 Count Plush Pods, Jungle

Infantino Pop & Play 3 Count Plush Pods, Jungle

Meet the first play system that you can customize just for your little one. A creative collection of toys and characters let you pop, swap, mix and match to create unique themes and endless combinations of fun. It’s like a gazillion toys in one. These fun Activity Plush let you customize your Pop and Swap Gym for your child and are easily swappable with other product in the Pop and Play Collection. Just use the convenient strap to attach them to baby’s car seat or stroller.

Main features

  • Attaches to the pop and swap gym
  • Customize the pop and swap gym
  • Can be used stand-alone
  • Attaches to car seats

Verified reviews



My baby loves these toys on her carseat. It would be nice if they came in more girly colors or were a little more general neutral.

Debora Nenana, AK

Seems durable, but baby half-interested

I like these toys because they seem to be well-constructed, have great color contrast, and a variety of different features. The strap is velcro, which a great feature to attach to car seat handles. Also, each toy contains either a rattle and/ crinkly sections, which I think that intrigue most babies.Unfortunately, my baby only plays with these toys sometimes. Of the 3 toys, he likes to chew on the flower connected to the giraffe the best. He likes the crinkly ears on the monkey, but not the teether. I haven’t noticed much attention to the elephant.Even though my baby didn’t think of these toys as his favorite, I would still buy this product again or buy it as a gift.

Jerry Smithers, WV

the loops don’t hold, baby seems to enjoy them

my daughter who was about 4-5 months when we got these seemed to enjoy them on the stroller but my wife had to sew them shut because the velcro just wouldn’t hold on the stroller with even the slightest tug from my daughter.

Sydney Guaynabo, PR

Small it perfect

This was just what I was looking for when my 3 month old started to show interest in toys. It’s the perfect size for his tiny hands to grab. He loves these toys and I was happy for with the price too.

Gayle Weston, MA

tons of fun

My daughter loves these, we had them on the bar of her rocker and now hang them over her playmat. She still loves grabbing at them. The bright colors captivate her and the rattles and crinkles catch her attention. Awesome addition to her first toys.

Priscilla Coventry, CT

Eye catching

My 3 month old responds well to these. The bright colors get her attention and she likes the various sounds and textures these offer. I got them for a great price when I purchased them. They work well in activity gyms.

Imelda North Salt Lake, UT

Cute but not interesting enough for my baby.

I got these for my then 7 month old to put on her car seat for entertainment and she did not find them interesting enough. In the past 3 months they got very little attention from her. The giraffe is the most used one even though the monkey actually has a teething ring. I don’t think she liked the texture of the teething ring. The elephant she barely touched. They’re ok.

Hollie Glen Burnie, MD

Happy toys for happy girls

My girls love these hanging animals that I either put on their car seats, on their playmat or simply shake in front of them!One of my girl is even completely hypnotized by mister red monkey.Simple toys, catchy colors, easy to take everywhere… Nothing to complain about 🙂

Beulah Sand Lake, MI

Perfect for Stroller, Playmat, Swing, Car Seat…

I bought these for my son who is now 4 months old and he has loved them since birth! We use them for his stroller, car seat, playmate, swing, anywhere we can dangle it in front of him. His favorite is the giraffe because of the crinkling flower. He also loves the ear on the elephant as it has 2 layers that can flip to reveal different patterns. These are super easy to pack in a diaper bag. The monkey I received a little different from the one pictured. The stripped ribbon is attached to his head and the green ring hangs from the monkeys stomach. Not a huge deal, my baby still loves it!

Ofelia Northborough, MA

Favorite toys!

My three month old granddaughter loves these! One is on her car seat, one on her bouncy seat, and the third she loves to hold and chew! The ears on the elephant crinkle; the giraffe rattles and his flower crinkles; the monkey has a teether attached! Love them all, and the price was right, too! Cleanup is a breeze–just toss in the dishwater when washing bottles, swoosh them around a little, rinse, and lay flat to dry overnite!

Ma Owego, NY

Perfect for 0-6 months

We purchased these when our baby was 1 month old. She is now 4.5 months and they have been used as stand alone toys, attached to her jumper, bouncer, car seat handle, playpen mobile, and everywhere else. The toys are engaging and she loves to chew on all parts of them. Great set for a good price.

Enid Juneau, WI