Infantino Roomy Back Seat Storage

Infantino Roomy Back Seat Storage

Modern, lightweight material stretches to organize and insulate backseat necessities. 4 stretch pockets for bottles, toys and more. Easy fill wipes pocket. Easy to attach strap. Keeps bottles and sippy cups cool or warm.

Main features

  • 4 stretch pockets for bottles, toys and more
  • Easy fill wipes pocket
  • Easy to attach strap
  • Keeps bottles and sippy cups cool or warm

Verified reviews


I like the convience

This is a nice, stretchy carrier to hold water bottles, tissues and other smaller sized necessities whether you travel with children, pets, or alone. The color is actually black, and not the dark grey like the picture shows. The top part is velcro so it can easily be adjusted to fit over the headrest of your car seat. The material seems nice and sturdy. I really like the convenience of this, and not having to go all the way in the back of my Ravi to grab something. Very nice product.

Vonda Monroe, TN

Handy Organizer

This back seat storage set is handy for essentials in the car like wipes, drinks and toys. It is well made and nice looking. My only caution is that if your child is in a 5 point harness seat, they probably won’t be able to reach the stuff by themselves in it unless their seat is really close to the back of the seat in front of you. Also if the seat you are going to hang it on has a bar, it does not hang as nicely as on a seat without a bar.

Esperanza Searsmont, ME

I really like this back seat storage

I really like this back seat storage. It has ample room for drinks and other necessities as well as wipes or tissues. I like the neutral color. The material keeps items cool which is really nice that it is handy to put drinks/bottles.It seems to be quality-made and is attractive.

Florence Delavan, WI

Not as handy for a toddler

I have a two year old rather than a baby so my review of this item may not be as helpful as it could be. It’s definitely great for holding a package of wipes which makes it just as useful as it appears. It has two layers of pockets actually. The front ones are quite small and definitely suited more for bottles, pacifiers and all of the small stuff you carry with a baby. They’re not quite as helpful for a toddler except to maybe hold some pouches and other smaller snacks. The row of pockets behind that are larger though and his cups fit fine. I imagine they’ll stay a bit cooler due to the material but don’t expect miracles. I’ll certainly keep it in my car simply for the handy storage of wipes but overall I could take it or leave it.

Beulah Denver, NY

A useful organizer that has come well in handy for my family

"Infantino Roomy Back Seat Storage" is a useful organizer that has come well in handy for my family. It fit well in the back of our car seat. The design is generally good, and it is made of sturdy material. I do wish that the pockets (or at least one pocket) was a bit more of an open-ended design, as the pockets are clearly tailored towards specific baby paraphernalia (e.g.m, bottle, wipes, etc.).Overall, highly recommended.

Bobby Sydney, FL

Great for road trips!

I used this recently on a 3-day road trip and it was very useful. Our baby isn’t here yet, but our big kids loved having this. It became a really handy storage space for snacks, iPods, books, you name it. For the first time EVER we made it an entire trip without any shrieks from the backseat when someone couldn’t find something. It’s very durable and well made while being lightweight at the same time. It’s actually well-suited for storing electronics because it has a nice thick padding to it. It fits in both of my vehicles. My Prius has "solid" style headrests while the Equinox has the type with the bars that can be raised or lowered and this worked great with both. It didn’t interfere with the iPad mounts on the back of the headrests so the kids could still watch their movies while still benefitting from the extra storage. Great buy for anyone with kids, especially on road trips!

Paulette Belspring, VA

Just ok – yes convenient, but awkward size & only holds specific things

I’ve been wanting a back seat organizer for quite some time. This holds a couple items, & it’s stretchy neoprene which is nice, so it’s better than nothing. And the lining is cute.But it’s far from the best model I’ve seen. The "neck" doesn’t fit comfortably around the headrest – it bulges out a little bit, and the storage bag doesn’t hang flat.Also it says 4 compartments but there’s only really 2 for us. The top middle hole is really meant for a specific brand of wipes (which we don’t buy), and the bottom middle hole is the right size for a toothbrush, but I have no idea what we’d ever use it for in a car.And, it’s an inefficient use of space – it’s probably 1/2 the width of the actual car seat, it could be a lot wider without interfering with anything. It’s better than nothing, but it really wouldn’t be my first choice.

Adriana Duff, TN

Great product and additional questions about its use were answered immediately

This product is exactly as pictured, fits perfectly across the back and of the passenger seat and makes for easy reach when the seat is pushed up which you would do with a baby. I love that the wipes fit in the pocket so I can grab one and hand it to the older kid to wipe the baby’s mouth. I tried other products like this but have found this one to be the best of the group.

Sherry Salem, NH

Back Seat Storage

Alright, I have two kids. My eight year old and my six month old. An organizer is the best invention, EVER! Between my son and his drinks, books, toys, etc. and, now the baby’s toys. . . You will never find my truck without this item! It holds the perfect amount of things and it’s all accessible!

Ernestine Lake Powell, UT

Good but Not Great Storage for the On The Go Parent

As busy parents of an extremely active one-year old little boy anything that makes our lives a little bit easier is a welcome addition to our somewhat chaotic life. The Infantino Roomy Back Seat Storage organizer is a nice little addition that does exactly that… with some limitations.This storage organizer hangs down on the backside of your vehicles front or back seats loops around the seats headrest. The Infantino features four storage compartments that vary in size; one compartment is sized to hold a disposable wipes container/packet, the other pockets are about 3.75" across and can easily accommodate small toys or a baby bottle/sippy cup. The smaller storage pocket in the middle might be handy for a few crayons, pencils, or pens.In our family this storage organizer sits in my wife’s SUV and is perfect for our typical trips with our son. Just having wipes at the ready vice digging in our diaper bag is such a great feature. The pockets also perfectly accommodate my son’s favorite toy for car trips; a small child-friendly music player. It’s great having a dedicated spot where we can place his toy for immediate access we get our son in his car seat.As much as we love the Infantino there are two problems that prevent us from rating it higher:(-) No bottom strap to secure the storage organizer to the back of the seat. Meaning that in stop and go conditions this organizer will be constantly swinging back and forth hitting the back of the seat it’s attached to.(-) We have two dogs with white(ish) hair and the material used to make this organizer, while very nice and pliable, is a huge hair magnet.

Roslyn Aurora, NC

Organizing option for families on the go

I used this on a recent car trip with my kiddos. The wipes were handy for sticky fingers and dirty hands/faces. I will say that my store brand of wipes did not fit the oval shaped cut out. (I think Huggies wipes would work with this style). I used a couple of the pockets to store trash bags, and the in the others I stuck a bottle of water and some pacifiers.It was very easy to install in my car (it just uses a velcro strip to suspend it from the headrest). The construction seems pretty durable. While the pockets don’t hold a ton, they definitely provide enough space to contain a few odds and ends that would otherwise end up on the floor of my minivan.

Laurie Seekonk, MA

Lack of a bottom strap limits the usefulness

If only this had a strap at the bottom, to hold it secure against the back of the seat, it would be a great product. I keep kleenex, not wipes, in the top pocket, as i use this for my preschooler to store his water bottle and small toys on car rides.Or, i should say, i used it. Because every time we drove up a hill, the whole thing would swing back and knock into his knees, a painful experience if his water bottle was in one of the larger pockets.

Jeri Sawyer, OK

Nice little organizer

Overall I’m very happy with this little organizer. It’s easy to attach (and detach) on any typical seat headrest with a little Velcro strap. It’s made of soft, flexible neoprene that’s slightly stretchy, protects electronics and things stored inside, and can help insulate beverages. The product basically does exactly what it’s advertised to do.I find that the organizer sits high enough on the seat, above the knees of backseat passengers, that it does not interfere with space in the back seat. The pockets are on the small side, but large enough for a few small drinks (say, a baby bottle or can of Coke). There is also a small pocket between the cup holders, and a slot on the top part of the organizer for wipes (but size limited to certain brands of wipes).But I do have a few small comments about things that could be slightly improved. The organizer tends to sag in an awkward way if you put very much weight in it. This isn’t bad, I guess, but it makes it harder to store something like a can of Coke, which needs to stay upright lest it spill. I also think the organizer could be wider. That is to say, it could be as wide as a standard seat: this would not sacrifice anything in the way of convenience or aesthetics, but it would provide more room for stashing things in the car. Finally, I wish there was a way to attach the bottom part of the organizer to the seat so it doesn’t swing and sway with the movement of the car. I admit that this might be tricky to accomplish, short of wrapping some kind of strap around the front seat, but the designers might be able to think of a way.Overall, though, I’m very happy with this. It’s been a great little addition to the car and helps store things in a handy place for car trips with the baby. Great price, too.

Adrian Wagontown, PA

Neoprene is a good, functional choice

I was happy to try one of these organizers since my backseat was getting chaotic. There are so many available that I haven’t compared, but this has a strong selling point in the neoprene material.Neoprene does a decent job of insulating drinks. I’m in the thick of Houston summer, and while this won’t keep drinks cold very long, it does prevent them from getting hot when we make stops and forget the drink in the car. And it’s an easier, secure place to stash the cup, better for us than the car seats cup holder, which always falls off. While my son can’t access the drink from here, I don’t like him having the cup while in transit as long as he’s rear facing anyway.The neoprene is useful for more than just insulation, though. It’s snug but stretchy, which means it accommodates a variety of cups (including the extra wide insulated Tommee Tippees) and it accommodates a variety of toys, etc. the pockets are ample. You can’t see what’s inside, obviously, but that’s not an issue for me. The wipes holder also stretches, so you can fit different brands of wipe lids through the opening.Overall, I’m happy to add this to the car and corral some of the books and bits that were rolling around.

Lizzie Jansen, NE

Not enough room

This is a small storage unit made of neoprene, with enough room to hold wipes, maybe a bottle, perhaps some small toys. It would be useful for an infant, but not really enough room for a toddler’s items, which would probably include toys and snacks as well. Right now, it’s holding wipes for me, which I appreciate, because I always seem to be looking for wipes in the car. But I expect to outgrow this item rather quickly.My biggest issue with it right now is that it’s not that long, and kinda pokes out from the seat. If you’re the person who is sitting in the backseat facing it, it’s going to be in your space, particularly in a smaller car (and we don’t have a small car, we have a Rav4). So I would not recommend it if you commonly have backseat passengers.

Nellie Perris, CA

Helpful for organizing the car

This item is great for organizing items in the car. It has a wipes holder and six pockets. It fits easily onto the back of the chair and is not complicated to use. The material seems to be quality material.

Kelly Flensburg, MN

Insulated and will keep you organized

This back seat storage/organizer attaches easliy to the headrest and allows you to have everything within reach in the backseat. I like that it also provides insulation and keeps bottles and cold drinks cool. And bless the person who designed it with a built in cozy for wipes!!

Concepcion Choccolocco, AL

Nice Neoprene storage

Neoprene is actually a nice material that has some form, is easy to wipe clean and has some stretch to it. This is a nice product that you can hang in the car and have some wipes, toys, etc. handy. You can never have too many wipes when you have a baby, so it’s a nice addition. There was no strong neoprene smell to this product which is very important to me. The pockets would probably have been more useful as just one large pocket instead of the 3 small ones. It’s very easy to slide a wipes case into the dedicated wipes compartment. Any item in the car can be a projectile hazard if you get into a car accident, so keep that in mind when adding things to keep in your car. Not saying that this item is a projectile hazard (there are worse things than getting hit in the face with neoprene), but keep in mind what you place in this bag. Otherwise, it’s nice having things handy right near Baby and since it’s velcro, it’s very easy to move around from place to place. You don’t have to necessarily use it in the car, you can bring it inside and just hang off the playard/crib or even have it on hand on the stroller.

Carmen Kaweah, CA

Good backseat storage

This is a nice pouch organizer for baby stuff, or just stuff in general. It uses velcro attachment to loop around the front seat headrests so you can store stuff in the back seat. The material is nylon and foam and does a decent job insulating bottles placed inside. It attaches securely and doesn’t bounce around a lot, even when loaded up. If you’re in a car that doesn’t have a lot of convenient storage spots in the rear, this is nice to have. It’s also easily removable so if you need to just pack the stuff along, you can just grab it and go.There are 4 sections that can hold bottles, one slide-in compartment for wipes, and another thin pocket that can hold something thin- like a spoon. Technically, this isn’t necessarily a ‘baby’ storage, but it’s clearly aimed at that demographic. As far as general storage goes, it’s got okay volume but there’s bigger ones available.The one complaint I have about this guy is the wipes storage. It will fit a pretty slim box of wipes, but if you’re using one of those prepackaged wipes packs it might not fit. We use Kirkland, and if a pack is anywhere near full it simply won’t fit- it just barely fits if it’s about 2/3 full (very tight squeeze). If you want to use this feature, you’ll probably want one of those slim wipes dispensers- it doesn’t come with one. If you do so, make sure that the box has a small pop-up opening as you can see in the pictures- it’s not going to work if the whole lid has to be lifted. We were able to get Kirkland packs (once 2/3 full) to work with this though – just have to stretch the oval cutout around it.Overall I’d say this is a nice organizer for the cost. I do think they should have thrown in the wipes container with it for a few bucks more, but it’s not a huge problem.

Zelma Reedsville, OH