Infantino Shop and Play Cart Cover, Monkey Garden

Infantino Shop and Play Cart Cover, Monkey Garden

Just say no to germy carts, highchairs and surfaces with this multi tasking pod of protective comfort.

Main features

  • 100% Polyester
  • Imported
  • Comfortable coverage for entire seat
  • Fits most restaurant highchairs
  • Tummy time fun Soft, padded playmat with 2 toy looks and a detachable toy
  • Easy to clean Rolls up for easy toting

Verified reviews


Worth purchasing

My son loves it,It rolls up for easy storage,very convenient.Very cute design and it entertains my son while i do the shopping.I do wish it was a bit wider so it would cover larger carts(Costco) but it really is worth it.

Sherrie Glennie, MI

So handy – use it all the time

I hardly use my stroller anymore thanks to this! It’s much easier to just pop my bub in the cart with this. I can now take him shopping much more easily. A must have at a great price and very cute design, suitable for boys or girls. I love the little squeeky toy it comes with, and the fact that you can also attach your own toys.

Winnie Charles City, VA


Me encanta es especial para cuando se lleva al bebe al supermercado, lo mantiene aislado de tocar directamente el carrito del supermercado se mantiene higiénico.

Christine Beaver, KY

Convenient for shopping cart.

This works well for the shopping cart because all the velcro lines up right but in a restaurant highchair you just have to hope your baby doesn’t move because the velcro doesn’t line up to secure it to the chair. I wouldn’t buy this again. It seems like it would be easier to use one that has the elastic all around it. The little holes and straps for toys are neat.

Angel Tontitown, AR

Not enough padding

I bought this cover to use with my 8 month old son when we are out and about. It does a great job covering all the parts of the shopping cart but it has no padding at all. My son is pretty big – 70% weight, 90% for height – and he still wobbled around too much to use this cover without blankets stuffed around him for padding. I think it will be great to use when he’s a little bigger but for now it’s going in the closet and it’s back to the drawing board to find a cover that has more padding to use in the meantime.

Karyn Callaway, NE