Infantino Shop & Dine Deluxe Savvy Seat – Olive Mod

Infantino Shop & Dine Deluxe Savvy Seat – Olive Mod

This padded shopping cart cover wraps around the seat, handle and side bars to protect baby from dirt and grime ¿ and it is machine washable! It also had lots of storage pickets, tethered plush toys for baby and an easy fold-and-tote design.

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I am rating this a one because of the color. I am sure that this seat cover would work wonderfully, however the color is so disgusting that I had to return it. The color in the picture is not a good representation of the ACTUAL color. It really a disgusting baby poop green!. Believe me, I am not all that into style but I thought that it looked modern and neutral in the picture and would be a little less loud than the others but eeew[…]

Reba Manistee, MI

Buggy Bagg is Better

I bought this Infantino Savvy Seat shopping cart cover for our 2nd car, so I wouldn’t be constantly moving our cart cover from 1 vehicle to the other. I already have a Buggy Bagg, but was looking for something a little more affordable this time around. I was so excited when I found this product because I think it is relatively new to the market as I don’t remember seeing it when I was looking last year. (And trust me, I’ve looked at A LOT of shopping cart covers!) Based on the photos & description, I thought the Savvy Seat was going to be pretty comparable to the Buggy Bagg since it has several pockets, it’s own seat belt, & loops for toys, but I must admit that I was a little disappointed. First of all the colors aren’t true to the photo. I was expecing green, brown, & BLUE, but the blue is actually a purple or lavender. Secondly the seat belt that you fasten around your baby’s waist must 1st be threaded through the back rungs on the shopping cart & can then be pulled through by a busy toddler even after it’s fastened. So technically the belt that’s in contact with your child may have also been in contact with the cart. That defeats the whole purpose. Plus the belt is not attached, & could be easily lost if you’re not careful. Lastly, the pockets aren’t really big enough for much other than maybe a cell phone or small toys. Not much room for diapers, wipes or a changing pad. I gave it 3 stars because I do think this cover is probably better than a lot of covers on the market. Other than the issue with the belt, it does seem like it would cover most of the cart that your child would come in contact with & even has velcro to help secure it. If you can’t afford a Buggy Bagg try this cover, but if you want THE BEST cover on the market invest in a Buggy Bagg. I think I’m going to return this one & just continue to move my Buggy Bagg back & forth from 1 vehicle to the other

Alissa Campbellsport, WI

color mismatch

it’s a very good product, huge, will cover every corner in a shopping cart, high chair(restaurant) and any other place.. works as a spread on the floor also sometime.. but there is some color mismatch between what it shows as on the website and the real colors.. overall one of the best of its kinds in the line of cart covers..

Sara Norman, AR

Infantino Savvy Seat cover – green

This is a great shopping cart cover and high chair cover. I have not had any problems with this at all! It washes beautifully and is fairly easy to fold bag into the bag (not one handed though). I am able to put it in the cart or high chair while holding my baby. It keeps him protected and he loves to play with the attached toys. It fits most of the high chairs and carts I have used it in. I like the fact that it has its own safety strap (since he touches it and sometimes gets it in his mouth before I buckle it) that I loop around the cart back or high chair back for security. This item is very hard to find, but I definitely recommend it to anyone considering it! I have the green with brown pattern and it is a great neutral for any gender. So happy I held out for this cover!!! In fact, I am wanting to get another one for a gift!

Lorrie Richburg, SC

A note on the color

My cart cover just arrived and I haven’t used it yet, but I want to comment on the color for those to whom it matters: the Candy Paisley is not a pale green as it may appear online, but in fact a bright lime green.

Harriett Chestnut Mountain, GA

Works great

This product works great, we are so glad we got it. Fits all carts and seats I have used it in so far. Folds up nicely and very easily into bag. Works great for the price and color was a little off (brighter in reality) but its not terrible and I didn’t buy it for the color. All in all, very pleased.

Lorene Sandy Hook, KY