Infantino Squeeze and Stack Block Set

Infantino Squeeze and Stack Block Set

This colorful set is full of play possibilities. 8 blocks feature a different engaging sight on every side. And, the reusable grab-and-go tote bag is perfect for travel.

Main features

  • 6 Months plus
  • BPA Free
  • Soft and squeezable
  • Fun colors, numbers, animals and shapes
  • 6 Months+

Verified reviews


Pastel Colors are great

Right after I bought these blocks I read that around 5 months a baby starts to recognize pastel colors. So I was happy I ordered these. I really don’t have a lot of toys that have pastel colors on them. Most toys are bright bold colors. It was true too.. she would stare at these blocks and seem so intrigued. It was amazing to me how something so simple grabbed her attention the ways these blocks did. She also loves to stick these blocks in her mouth. The soft texture is great for that. I am really pleased with this product.

Edwina Jasper, FL

We love them!

My 8 month old twins love these blocks. They are fun colors and are a favorite to soothe their teething little gums!

Ida Feasterville Trevose, PA

great blocks

These are brightly colored, somewhat squishy, they squeak, are easy to grab blocks and good for a teething baby blocks. My 5 month old loves them. Would stongly recommend as 1st blocks.

Pearl Green Camp, OH

Perfect “first” block set

Great first blocks. They are soft and a little grippy, making them easier for little hands to stack. I think you need two sets to get the most out of them.

Michele Greenfield, OK

Great way to start early with blocks without the sharp edges

We have wooden blocks, but they have SHARP edges… these are much, MUCH better and the twins both love playing with them. Our pediatrician says it’s good for their development to simply knock them down… I build back up, they knock back down. Who would have guessed? But the babies enjoy them.

Ann Perkinston, MS

love these

I bought this for my daughter. they are good quality very sturdy. She can chew on them and she loves that. the are really nicely colored. I am buying more for baby gifts.

Amanda Miami, IN

Great For My 11 Month Old

I got this due to the good reviews I saw on here and let me just say, they were right! My eleven month old loves these. He loves stacking them together and knocking them down. He loves holding them and just playing with them, in any way he can figure out how to. I personally love the feel of them, as they are soft – they are rubber, but they have this weird texture to them that is just so soft. I purposely got these because I didn’t like the idea of having hard blocks.

Bertha Sultana, CA

Fun funsies

These are great little squeeze blocks for babies. They are softer rubber and a nice size for little hands. The color are nice and I like the carrying case that they come packaged in. The numbers are easy to see but the flower design is covered by the brand logo. My six month old loves these and I like how easy you can wash and clean them.

Sybil Danbury, CT

Great beginner block set

At 8 months old, my baby loves to chew on these and knock them over after we stack them up. These will be great as she gets older to practice stacking, colors, and numbers. These blocks are great and easy to clean. I often bring them on play dates and the other babies flock to them.

Deanne Romney, WV

Depends on the age of your child

My 7 month old likes these blocks but, at his age, the Fisher-Price Easy Stack ‘n Sounds Blocks are a little better for him. He enjoys trying to pull the ball out of the center of the Fisher-Price blocks (which he can’t). They (Fisher-Price blocks) have a nice sound and he can grab hold of them pretty easily.The Infantino blocks have a nice texture to them. He likes to chew on them but they are a bit harder for him to hold onto, which is the reason I docked them a star. As he gets a little older, though, I think he will like the Infantino blocks more and more as they will be more fun to stack (the Fisher-Price blocks only come in sets of three). The other thing I really like about these blocks is that they are all different colors and have different pictures on each side of each block. They are all numbered both in character (i.e. 6) and in dice dots (i.e. 6 dots). They will be a great tool for learning many different things. Obviously, they’ll be great for learning to stack, but they will also be helpful for learning colors, numbers, counting and animals.If you are buying blocks for an older baby, I would say the Infantino are the way to go. If you are buying a right now toy for a 4-8 month old, I would go with the Fisher-Price blocks.

Johanna East Lansing, MI

Love this set!

My son loves these blocks! Offer a wide range of learning options, from infants to toddlers. Definitely happy with this purchase

Jewel Sheldon, MO

not useful to me

My infant showed little interest so they have not been too useful. I also don’t like the plastic material.

Charity Koleen, IN

Very nice and soft, price is great

These are not as big as the One Two Squeeze blocks but they are still nice and a great toy for the lower price.

Latonya Baker, CA

Cute and soft

These are a little larger than I thought they would be making them hard for my baby to pick them up but she is getting better at it. I like that they are a soft rubber because the first thing she does is put them in her mouth. I would be afraid with the wooden ones that she would hurt her gums by biting too hard. They are very cute as well.

Dona New Bloomfield, MO