Infantino Squeeze Pouches, 4-Fl Oz

Infantino Squeeze Pouches, 4-Fl Oz

Once you’ve made your signature puree, use the Squeeze Station to simply fill these food safe pouches for immediate serving or easy storage

Main features

  • Includes 50 Squeeze Pouches
  • Child safe cap
  • Front panel for labeling
  • Food and freezer safe
  • Hold up to 4 ounces of semi-solid puree

Verified reviews


Convenient for feeding..hard to fill w/out the Squeeze Station but doable

I originally bought reusable pouches for my homemade purees but as expected they were hard to clean. Bought these thinking I would be filling them like the reusable ones (slit at the top so you can spoon in the food) but it turns out they have to be filled through the spout you eat from. Didn’t feel like buying the Squeeze Station which seemed like one more thing to clean and take up space, so I figured out I could fill them w/a turkey baster. I’ve heard of others using food grade syringes as well. Took longer but I set aside a few hours every so often to make large quantities of food anyway so a few extra minutes wasn’t a big deal. Overall these are really cute and convenient for feeding while out and about. I will continue buying them and using my method for filling. I would recommend these.**Update-after using my method of filling on 3 different occasions I broke down and bought the Squeeze Station and I’m glad I did. Isn’t as big as I thought it would be so I can easily store it in the closet. Takes a lot less time to fill the pouches and isn’t very time consuming to clean. Overall I love the whole Infantino system. Also bought the spoons to go with the pouches and they are awesome. I have 2 other brands of pouch spoons and these are the best…the hole is much bigger so it’s easier to get the food out. Others I have the hole is small and only very runny foods will come out of them.

Emily Coinjock, NC

Great product!

I got these to use with the fill station, and used together, they are AWESOME! These pouches are durable, thick, and strong. Totally strong enough to clean and reuse, though it is tough to dry out completely. For that reason, I’d be concerned that mold could grow inside the bags and would not be totally comfortable reusing them again and again. Even without reusing, though, these are a great value compared to store pouches!

Peggy Millersburg, PA

Fast and easy!

Fast and easy, that’s all you can really ask for as a busy parent. I have the squeeze station and it makes it so easy. The only reason I am giving it four stars (and I said this on the squeeze station review) is that they are not reusable and the reusable option from this company is expensive. I just don’t like having a reoccurring cost. We breastfeed and cloth diaper to avoid reoccurring costs, but for once in my life convenience over came the cost and environmental impact.And I wish these were biodegradable so I would feel a little less guilt : )

Meghan Huttonsville, WV

Convenient homemade baby food storage!

These homemade baby food pouches are wonderful! I bought the refill pack only and used a piping tip and ziploc bag to fill them. It was doable, but kind of a pain. I will probably purchase the squeeze station next time. It takes long enough to make baby food, especially when you’re taking care of a baby at the same time. I don’t want to spend extra time trying to figure out how to pipe it into the tiny spout just to save a few bucks.I had been doing the ice cube tray method for storing my batches of homemade baby food, but they take too long to defrost on the go. Even then, the baby food containers kept exploding in my diaper bag (fun!). These are awesome on the go – I just grab one from the freezer, pop it into my diaper bag, and it’s generally defrosted by the time I need it. If not, I can run it under a hot tap or ask for a cup of hot water.Definitely purchase these at Babies R Us for half the price shown here. (I disagree with a previous reviewer giving the product only 1 star because the price is bad here; the product is 5 stars – the price is 1 star.)

Kari Central City, IA

Easy, Convinient, and…Easy

Bought these with the squeeze station. The squeeze station is very easy to use and clean with these pouches. They say do not reuse, but i just rinse them out with hot soapy water and refill immediately, so no time for any germs or mold to form. They can be refilled easily about 5-6 times, then they get too “loose”. Love these!

Nina Martell, NE


I love these! I love the Infantino Squeeze Station!These really make my life much easier. I cook in large batches and store the food in these and then freeze them.In the morning I take the ones I need out and put them in the fridge to defrost. When i go out I take them with me and its simple. I don’t have to wash bowls or cups. I simply squirt the food into the spoon and toss the bag when were done. I also feed my baby directly from the pouch as well. She loves that!I like that i can give my baby home made food on the go. That i know exactly what goes into her food and that’s i have a convenient way to take these.They have tons of space for me to write whats in them.You should not get these without the filling station! They would be impossible to fill!The only drawback is that now that my baby is starting to eat more solids you cant fill these with chunks. It would be great if they had a larger size with a larger hole. But they have served their purpose up until now. I will still continue to use them to make fruit purees but not soups.

Casandra Norden, CA

Great but wish it was reusable

Love filling my freshly made baby food and apple sauce for my teenager in these. However, like many others have said, I wish it was reusable. Great product and easy to fill with fresh squeeze station.

Adrian Strattanville, PA

Not sure if it is worth the money over refillable pouches

These pouches work pretty well as long as you have the infantino squeeze station. I have tried these, reusable pouches, and store-bought. I’ll try to synthesize my experiences below.Pros:- Nice when you are on the go because they are disposable.- Cap and pouch are made of nice material, seem high quality- Clear pouch is nice so you can see what is in it and make sure the food isn’t just stuck at the bottom (maybe that’s a con too for some purees that may not be as visually appealing?)- Freeze and refrigerate well without taking up too much space- It is easy to thaw and warm food in warm water- Since they are not fillable at the bottom (like my reusable pouches) they can stand up on their own.- It is easy for baby to get the food out of these (sometimes I need to push the food up a little for her).- better for making big batches of food than refillable pouches because there are more pouches for less $ than the refillable ones.- Both PouchPop tops and ChooMee Sip n’ Soft tops work with these. The ChooMee ones pull off super easy though.Cons:- They don’t fit as much food as they seem- It is hard to put anything in these with more than a very thin consistency (consistency of regular yogurt without fruit chunks)- Pretty messy to fill even with station (especially if the food is too thick, it won’t go in the pouch then explodes all over).- Disposable, so not very eco friendly- Pricey… especially since you will just throw away the packet. I agree with another reviewer that it probably ends up costing about as much as store bought pouches when all is said and done.Overall, I’m not sure I would buy this again. I like it, but debate whether I would be better off just using refillable pouches since they are more worth the money in the long run.

Edna White Horse Beach, MA

Best squeeze pouches – wouldn’t change anything about them.

I have used another brand that claims to be refillable and did not have success with it coming clean enough to look safe to refill, and the packet lid that you open to refill always popped open the second my child squeezed it a little too hard. These packets are great. They wash clean and squeeze easily. It might take a little extra effort to get the last few drops, but at least you can see through the packet to do it. I use these with the filling station made by infantino. I have never attempted to fill the packets without that. I’d recommend buying the filling station because it makes things very quick and easy.

Wendy Chillicothe, IA


These came and are amazing! I love that I can make and store my daughters food in such portable, easy pouches. They also have the screw on cap, so if your child doesn’t eat all of the food in one go, you can save it for later. These seem pretty heavy duty and have done well in the freezer. Great product to help with making healthy food for my baby.(I also bought the Infantino Squeeze Station which makes putting the food into these bags super easy. I don’t really know what I would have done without the station.)

Vivian Ararat, NC

Clogs easily, expensive, and wasteful

I am not impressed with these and the main reason is the plastic piece that extends down into the pouch. It allows the littlest chunks of food (tiny chunks of carrots or tiny bits of blueberry skins the size of a mustard seed or large grains of sand) to get clogged and it frustrates my daughter (and myself). They are rather expensive for being disposable and wasteful (not environmentally friendly at all). I agree with other reviewers that the caps should be sold separately that would lower the cost. Right now they average to about $.30 a pouch and by the time you add food its pretty close to the store brand pouches. The time it takes to make the food and fill these adds opportunity cost making these not really a savings at all. That leaves the only real advantage to these pouches as being able to feed your child a bigger variety of food and knowing what exactly is in their food. I tried another similar pouch with cute animal designs and they are way better. Even my four year old loves those. They are easier to clean and allow me to make thicker consistency purees.

Jolene Hornitos, CA

These are GREAT

I’ve been looking for a cheaper way to give my daughter pouched baby food than buying them at the store and this fits the bill! They do get to a point here if your baby isn’t good at squeezing the food up they get a little stuck but my daughter has figured out to hand it to me so I can push it up for her! It is a great product!

Mari Irvine, CA

Easy to use and store!

I love that you can now make squeezies at home! I have always thought that making my own baby food was going to be better for my son, but I was baffled that there wasn’t something I could use to easily take the food to go. This is perfect! I wish that they were washable so that you weren’t spending money on the storage every time – but you are still saving money when making these vice buying them. I think they come out to $0.30 per bag plus the food. Not too bad! I will continue to use this for my son’s food!

Anna Macks Creek, MO


Not the easiest thing in the world to fill but definitely suit their purpose. Love that I can make food I know my kids will love and eat vs buying the pricy ones at the store. Definitely buy the squeeze station.

Suzanne Sycamore Valley, OH

Everyone Seem to Love Them

I have to admit I bought these but never used them. My son wasn’t really into homemade baby food, therefore we didn’t have a use for these. While researching these after I bought them I was a little disappointed they require a filling station but I was betting I could make a small food funnel work for filling too. I have heard of a lot of people loving these… so I gave them 5 stars. Good product, my kid just didn’t use them

Freda Sackets Harbor, NY

Great system!

Such a great system – we love making our own flavor combinations and saving money on those ridiculously expensive pouches! The only drawback on these homemade ones is that they have to remain cold when you’re out and about. It is nice to have those store bought ones just to have a couple stashed in the diaper bag for "just in case" and these have to be put with an ice pack in a lunch bag. While these aren’t as environmentally-friendly as the reusable pouches on the market, it’s nice to just throw these out and not have to wash them out each time – it’d be a pain to get pouches clean! Also I find that when I make a batch I fill up quite a few of these so I’d have to make a big investment into the much pricier reusable ones and would be way more upset at a lost or accidentally thrown away one.

Shanna Auburn University, AL

Great solution for taking homemade food to daycare

These are great pouches to use with the Infantino Squeeze station. Great for taking to daycare and freeze great. Works great with the Infantino pouch freezer sleeves as well.

Therese Elm Hall, MI

I have bought several times over

We use these daily they are do easy to use with the pump. I make a bunch and stick them in my freezer. When I get to the kitchen in the morning I take one out and by the time I’m at the gym it’s at room temperature, just throw away after.

Tamika Palmersville, TN

Great disposable pouches!

I love that these pouches are see through because I can easily tell if my baby is done eating or not. I make about 30 pouches at a time and freeze them. It doesn’t take long to thaw and great on the go. I have the straw attachment that goes onto the pouch so that it doesn’t pour out when my baby accidentally squeezes the pouch too hard. I do on occasion wash the pouch and reuse them, which i know isn’t recommended. I also like that I can toss them when I’m out and about.

Cornelia Mount Olive, NC

Its ok

I got these to go with my Squooshi Fill N Squeeze because they are cheaper then the Squeeze brand pouches. They fit great but I don’t like the Squooshi Fill N Squeeze system so with out it you can’t fill these pouches with out the Infantino filling station because the openings are so small. They are great pouches but I don’t know about the Infantino filling station because I haven’t tried it.

Wendi Ariton, AL

Good little pouches

These are easy to fill if you have the squeeze station. They say they aren’t reusable, but if you rinse them out with hot water and refill them immediately, you can get a few uses out of them. they freeze and thaw easily, and make it much easier to get started pureeing your own baby food. If you plan to make your puree a little chunky, these aren’t for you. If there were tiny chunks in my puree, they wouldn’t fit through the opening when using the squeeze station to fill these.

Leonor Diagonal, IA


They are great for my baby’s homemade food. The pouches are so much more convenient than containers, even if these pouches can’t be reused.

Susie Hill City, MN

very convenient

I use these with the fill n’ squeeze. I love them. I freeze the pouches and put them in a cup of hot water when I want to give them to my son. They are always ready in a few minutes. It is also nice for going out. He will have fresh food and usually its pretty easy to get a cup of hot water to defrost them. I recommend these to go with the fill n squeeze. Its so easy to wash and easy to store.

Dorothea Crestview, FL

Work great but rather wastefull

These are pretty great except I hate to throw out so much plastic with each use. I have a few resqueeze that I use around the house and keep these stocked in the freezer for travel and quick snacks. Again, they are wasteful but at least I am preparing healthy smoothies at home and that is better than store bought. I do wish they were a bit larger but then again it helps to make sure I offer food to my 1 year old that is not simply in squeeze pouch form!

Natalie Norway, SC

Great for home purée!

Love this! We purchased these when u started making my own purees. There are some downsides. You’ve gotta buy the squeeze station in order to get the purée into these, the pouches catch a lot if air so it’s work to get then actually full and anywhere close to 4oz worth (which is how much is in a standard store bought pouch). I will say its super handy, price is a bit high, but at the end of the day the cost offsets buying in the store. We store our purees in the freezer for up to 2 mo and once thawed out it lasts appx 24-48 hours.

Mindy Fort Davis, AL

Super convenient

These are a convenient way to store baby food for travel. They freeze well, thaw in warm water, and seem appropriately durable. The only downsides are the price, which is a little steep, and the fact that they aren’t reusable.

Tasha Keller, VA


Love them great to take along and store. I use them all the time and don’t have a bad thing to say

Liz Chatfield, OH

great value

Yep, this is the way to buy the pouches. They worked wonderful with the infantino food squeeze system. Just write the date and what is in the bag, cap it, and put it in the freezer or fridge!

Mindy Quitman, GA

Must have

I don’t always make my baby food. I feed my 6 month old Happy Baby or Sprout food in pouches and attach the spoon. But when I don’t I use these pouches with the Squeeze Station. Soooooo worth the purchase!

Maura Midland, SD

Great Pouches

Durable, well made, easy to fill…I love how they are clear so you can see the remainder of the contents.

Louise Saint Anthony, ND