Infantino Squeeze Station

Infantino Squeeze Station

Press it. Take it. Yum. Other methods for storing and serving baby purees and toddler & preschool snacks haven’t kept up with today’s parent. That’s why we created Fresh Squeezed. It presses your homemade or store bought foods into single serving, ready-to-go Squeeze Pouches so you can customize what your child eats and save money.

Main features

  • Includes 1 squeeze station, 3 tubes, 1 press and 10 squeeze pouches
  • Soft rubber press allows for easy grip
  • Non skid base
  • Holds up to 4 ounce of your homemade puree
  • Dishwasher safe
  • Includes 1-squeeze station, 3-tubes, 1-press and 10-squeeze pouches
  • Non-skid base
  • Holds up to 4 oz. of your homemade puree

Verified reviews


Convenient & easy homemade baby food on the go!

These homemade baby food pouches are wonderful! At first, I bought the refill pack only and used a piping tip and ziploc bag to fill them. It was doable, but kind of a pain. It takes long enough to make baby food, especially when you’re taking care of a baby at the same time. I don’t want to spend extra time trying to figure out how to pipe it into the tiny spout just to save a few bucks. I did that once and went back to buy the squeeze station – totally worth it!I had been doing the ice cube tray method for storing my batches of homemade baby food, but they take too long to defrost on the go. Even then, the baby food containers kept exploding in my diaper bag (fun!). These are awesome on the go – I just grab one from the freezer, pop it into my diaper bag, and it’s generally defrosted by the time I need it. If not, I can run it under a hot tap or ask for a cup of hot water.PROS- Easy to assemble/use- Easy to clean (take the top and bottom off the Squeeze station, wipe it clean; pop the tubes in the dishwasher)- Not too terribly expensive (refill bags are 50 for $17; less if you have Babies R Us coupons, which I usually do)CONS- Can be messy (the baby food squeezes out of the top when you’re filling the bags sometimes, and the plunger gets suctioned down at the bottom pulling the food out of the bag when you try to extract the plunger)- Bags are not reusableIn regards to REUSING THE BAGS, the manufacturer says not to. They are so sturdy looking and while not necessarily expensive, it seems like a waste to just toss them. I am experimenting with reusing them. I rinse them clean immediately after use, and soak them in hot soapy water. I think the biggest issue with reusing them is that it is not sanitary to let them air dry – they are not a well-ventilated and I could see them being a breeding ground for nasties. My plan is to clean them and refill them immediately, as I think that’s the only way to avoid that problem.UPDATE: I have been successfully reusing the food pouches. I rinse them until they run clear with hot water, then shake hot soapy water inside of them. I rinse them clean again, and dry them upside down on a drying rack, puffed up so the water can get out. So far, so good!**Definitely purchase these at Babies R Us or Target for half the price shown here. I believe these are a Babies R Us and Target exclusive at the time of my review.

Avis Harrisburg, MO

Easy to Use, but a Bit Messy. My 4 year old has never eaten so many veggies!

This is a very useful gadget for a mom (or dad) who make their own baby food. In fact, when I ruined my first one, I very promptly obtained a new one. No fault of the product…a knife melted on our heating element in the dishwasher and the smell was so horrible that I felt uncomfortable using anything plastic or silicone that was in the dishwasher at the time.It’s not perfect, but still gets a 5 star rating.Things I really like:- It’s very easy to get the food inside the pouch. The plunger does a great job.- The pouches are easy to store and very easy to defrost under running water (although I usually take a couple out of the freezer the night before). They also take up very little room for travel.- This was purchased to make baby food for my infant, but my four year old loves the pouches as well. She eats just about anything and loves veggies, but I feel like havingthe squeeze pouches has doubled her veggie/fruit consumption, hurray!Things to know:- I don’t use the base. I find it cumbersome and yet another thing to wash/store (it does not fold for storage). The pouches screw onto the tubes quite securely. Once I have screwed on the pouch, I hold the tube (with the pouch attached) in one hand, fill the tube with a spoon with the other, and then use the plunger to push the food in. MAKE SURE YOU UNSCREW THE POUCH BEFORE PULLING THE PLUNGER BACK OUT. If you don’t, you’ll end up pulling some food back out of the pouch as there is a vacuum.- If I am making more than one type of food, I just rinse the plunger and use a different tube. I find that I end up washing less tubes that way (one for each food instead of three).- There is no way around it…some food will come up above the plunger as it’s being pushed down. I just put it back in the bowl and repeat the whole process with another pouch until I am done.- If you trying to squeeze some air out of the pouch before screwing on the cap, do this over the bowl as some will undoubtedly escape.- There is a little “lip” on the tubes where the pouch screws on, this is difficult to clean if not rinsed right away and if the tubes are washed in the dishwasher with the opening down (which is how I do it), you will get some water pooling inside the lip. So rinse immediately after use.- Other reviewers are right, if you are spending more that $25 on the station and more than $17 on the 50 pouches (which by the way you should buy right away as there are only 10 included with the station), you are spending too much.- Be careful about certain foods for young babies, this is printed info from the AAP given to me by my pediatrician (so check with yours): beets, turnips, carrots, spinach, and collard greens in some parts of the country have large amounts of nitrates. Nitrates can cause an unusual type of anemia in young infants. Baby food companies screen their produce for nitrates, but there is no way to do this at home. So the AAP feels that it’s safer to use commercially prepared version of these specific foods. If you do choose to prepare them at home, serve fresh and do not store as the nitrates can actually increase with storage. I just thought I’d mention this as I had no idea…and there is a really beautiful picture of carrots being prepared with the Squeeze Station that just makes you want to make and store carrots in the pouches!It’s made in China.

Carol Eckman, WV

A pain!

This product is a mess! It was a pain to fill, it leaked everywhere. So irritated! Would not recommend! Blah

Amelia Pond Gap, WV

Love it

The best invention to make pouches easy and homemade! I didn’t feel like wasting pouches so i got the reusable "resqueeze" pouches and they fit perfectly. The best way to fill them without a big mess is put a little in the funnel, push it down then add a little more.

Joyce Harford, PA

Great for preschoolers as well

I have a 2 year old and 5 year old and they love the pouches of applesauce. I bought this to make them myself and we love it! It is super easy to use and to clean. And it presents a relatively mess free option for my toddler to eat yogurt (assuming he doesn’t squeeze the pouch.) I have also found this is the best way to freeze smoothies for my daughter. We just stick the pouch in a cup of warm water for about 10 minutes and its ready to eat! She loves smoothies but I don’t always love dragging out the blender every day, so now I just make a bunch at once and freeze them with this amazing gadget! Love it!

Rosetta Winifred, MT


I have been dying for something that lets me make my own food pouches. This is an amazing machine. Worth every penny!Pros:- Simple, foolproof, convenient, and economical. This is super easy to use, well designed, and easy to clean.- Greater control over food choices. I love knowing exactly what I’m feeding our kids who have allergies/food sensitivities, and pouches we make at home are way cheaper than the pouches at the store, less sweet, and fresher tasting. My kids love pouches we’d never find at the store, such as pureed soups, tofu with low sodium miso, veggies with herbs, and yogurt with fresh fruit.- The pouches have withstood freezing very well, don’t leak, and are quite durable.Cons:- After filling the pouch, unscrewing the top syringe portion can lead to small leaks.- Throwing away pouches feels wasteful, and washing/reusing the pouches is a little tough because the opening is so small that I’m concerned mold could grow inside the pouches if they don’t dry fully. I have a few squooshi reusable pouches i use with this as well, and the larger pouches are not sized well for the machine though it still works.

Imelda Shirley Mills, ME

Works well without the stand

The plunger works very well to fill the disposable pouches, though you do need to detach the pouch before you pull the plunger back out (to avoid sucking the food back out of the pouch). I have found that there is no benefit to using the stand, so I just attach the pouches directly to the filling tubes.

Theresa Elizabeth, WV

Okay, but not perfect

This is just okay. I wanted something to be able to make my home made baby food portable. It is a great idea, but kind of big. I wish it just had one, not three, slots to push food through. Also, I always seem to have a little food left in the bottom, that won’t get pushed all the way through. They should have put a small tip on the thing you use to push it down and into the bag. Great idea, but I would have changed a few things about it. I do like that the lids are bigger than other brands, therefore I’m not as concerned that my baby will choke on them, although I’m still careful.

Aimee Sondheimer, LA

Baby Food Pouches made easy!

I LOVE THIS ITEM! I have been contemplating whether or not to make our own baby food since my son was born 6 months ago. A friend of mine told me about Squeezies when he was first born – and this was the only thing shying me away from making my own. Squeezies are so convenient when needing to feed the babe on the go, and I thought I would probably just rather use them in general so that I likely wouldn’t make my own food. A mommy friend introduced this product to me about a month prior to me needing to start feeding solids! I bought it, wondering if it would actually be easy, but still being skeptical. OMG! It is incredibly easy to use, easy to clean and easy to store! I LOVE making my son baby food and storing them in these pouches!I am not one to usually read instructions, so I am not sure if the instructions tell you this but the one thing that I did wrong the first time was that I didn’t make sure his carrots were as smooth as can be. There were some chunks in his carrots and it made it very difficult to push into the squeeze pouches. Any person without "mommy brain" would have probably figured out that a puree with small chunks would have a hard time being pushed into the pouches – so this was pure error on my part. I have since made carrots, sweet potatoes, peas, apples, butternut squash and acorn squash – all of which easily pushed into and out of the pouches. I am in love with this contraption and can’t wait to use it more!

Myrna Vaiden, MS

Making Baby Food Has Never Been Easier!

My wife and I are the proud parents of an 8-month old little boy and have been successfully making our own baby food since slowly introducing solids at around the 5-6 month mark. The Infantino Squeeze Station came highly recommended from a friend who specializes in early childhood development. We also attended a baby food making class (free at a local grocery store) where again the Infantino was recommended and actually used during the class. We were impressed enough with the product to order our own immediately.——————–SETUP:There is not a lot to the Squeeze Station, in fact after using the device it quickly became a, "why didn’t I think of that" type of scenario. The entire station is made from a nice durable plastic; the top and bottom are coated in a rubber-type material that makes it easier to grip and less likely to slip on counter-tops and tables. There are four major components; the squeeze station stand, the plastic screw-on cylinders, the push plunger, and the food pouches.The entire system is pretty straight forward and extremely easy to setup and start filling pouches with food that you make right in your kitchen!——————–USE:Having made use of the Squeeze Station for several months here are some general tips and guidelines:• Make sure to properly and thoroughly puree whatever food your making. I cannot stress this point enough as it will save you frustration and potentially a large mess in you kitchen/prep area. The opening between the plastic screw on cylinder and the food pouch is very small to guard against large food chunks passing into the food pouch. This serves to help ensure your baby won’t be introduced to large pieces of food that could pose a choking hazard.• Certain foods are harder to process than others and thus end up clogging the food cylinder. Sweet potatoes (one of my son’s favorites) requires a lot of steaming and then pureeing to ensure the correct consistency. Others are super simple, particularly apples, pears, banana and other soft fruits and vegetables.• We’ve found that peeling fruits & vegetables is a must before attempting to puree and using the Squeeze Station.• The plastic cylinders have a fill line, be conscious of that or you may overfill the food pouch only to have the food ooze back out once disconnected from the squeeze station.• The plunger forms a very tight fit inside the cylinder and after squeezing the food in the pouch be sure to unscrew the cylinder before removing the plunger. The vacuum seal will pull food right back out of the pouch if you attempt to remove the plunger first.• Despite your best efforts you’re likely to make a mess when using this product. It’s to be expected and part of the process and fun of making your own baby food. The entire system is extremely easy to clean so that’s a huge bonus.• Have several large bowls on hand – we have one bowl to catch the food peeling, another to hold food that’s prepped and going in our steamer, another few bowls to pour food into after pureeing.• The pouches have an area on the front for writing the contents and date. We generally freeze anywhere from 20-30 pouches of food at one time and write the expiration date rather than the prepared date. We generally make the expiration date 3-months out from the preparation date, less for proteins. The pouches are marker or Sharpie friendly but should be completely dry before attempting to write on them!• Defrosting is very easy, we use a large coffee mug with warm water and place the food pouch in the mug. Defrosting varies by the food but generally ready to eat in about 15-minutes.• The squeeze station only comes with 10 pouches and caps in the box. Be sure to pick up an extra box of pouches and caps. It’s handy to have a lot of these on hand when making a large amount of food as pouches tend to fill quickly!We have successfully made a large variety of foods for our little boy using the Squeeze Station including: sweet potatos, peas, apples, pears, banana, avocado, plums, butternut and acorn squash. We’ve even started introducing some proteins including pureed chicken with herbs like parsley.——————–WHAT I LIKE ABOUT THE SQUEEZE STATION:(+) I like knowing exactly what my son is eating. I’ve never been comfortable with store bought baby foods and have avoided them entirely for my son.(+) The entire system is easy to clean and is dishwasher safe.(+) The system is inexpensive and the pouches while not reusable are recyclable.(+) Extremely easy to store and transport the food pouches for when you’re on the go.(+) Squeeze the food directly from the pouch to a spoon thus making less of a mess at feeding time.(+) My son absolutely loves the food we make him. Combining different foods from pouches is also a hit, e.g. sweet potato and chicken.——————–WHAT I DISLIKE ABOUT THE SQUEEZE STATION:(-) Can be frustrating at times when a food chunk becomes stuck in the cylinder several times and after repeated pureeing.(-) You will make a mess in your prep area.——————–CONCLUSION:If you’re looking at making your own baby food this is an easy recommendation. The entire system is inexpensive and very easy to use and clean. If the pouches seem expensive be sure to shop around. Many local retailers such as BuyBuy Baby and Baby’s R Us carry this line of products and coupled with coupons/sales you can easily find great deals!

Mindy Citrus Heights, CA

Great concept, could be improved a little

I’m a first time mom and after buying baby food pouches and then deciding to make my own, I knew I needed to get this.The process is very simple: you set the device in the counter, place three pouches, screw the funnel-things, pour the food, squeeze it, un-screw the funnel-things, remove the pouches, screw the lids on them and write the name and date of the food inside. You can then keep the food in the fridge for up to 48hrs or freeze it up to 3 months.I like a lot of things about this:- it’s very easy to clean if you do it right away,- it’s small to store (they recommend keeping the box for this, I absolutely agree),- the food pouches take a lot less room than ice trays or other containers,- it’s easy to use, and- it comes with a handy magnetic sticker to remind you of the food storage times.But I think there’s room for improvement:- the funnel-things have three marks but no information about what they mean. I assume each is 1oz, but can’t be sure. I fill them to the third line and my pouches are almost full,- the squeze-thing tends to leave some food behind if you fill the funnels above the third line.- the pouches are NOT microwave safe; to thaw and warm up the food you have to place the pouch in warm water, which then cools and you have to change for more warm water until it’s done, but some foods separate into liquid/solids and then I have to use the food processor or blender to make them uniform again. In my experience, this problem doesn’t occur if you microwave the food directly from the freezer. I think they try to avoid the risk of people burning the babies, but I also think a caregiver with common sense will wait until microwaved food is at a safe temperature for baby, but I digress…Overall I really, really like this, and I keep my fingers crossed for new microwavable pouches.

Jannie Whitesboro, OK


I love the Infantino Squeeze Station! I love the Infantino Squeeze Station! I love the Infantino Squeeze Station!It really makes my life much easier. I cook in large batches and store the food in the bags and then freeze them.In the morning I take the ones I need out and put them in the fridge to defrost. When i go out I take them with me and its simple. I don’t have to wash bowls or cups. I simply squirt the food into the spoon and toss the bag when were done. I also feed my baby directly from the pouch as well. She loves that!I like that i can give my baby home made food on the go. That i know exactly what goes into her food and that’s i have a convenient way to take these.The bags have tons of space for me to write whats in them.You should not get these without the filling station! They would be impossible to fill! Be careful when it has small chunks.The only drawback is that now that my baby is starting to eat more solids you cant fill these with chunks. It would be great if they had a larger upper tray with larger holes. But it has served their purpose up until now. I will still continue to use them to make fruit purees but not soups.I recommend this to all my friends with babies. the price isn’t bad at all and you will get tons of use!

Margot Oakford, IN

Easy Peesey!

Love this station! Only down side is the suction created when pushing the food into the packets that you get a little over flow when taking tube off. So a bit messy, but isn’t feeding a baby messy anyway??

Patricia Ramer, AL

Received as a gift and want to give it to every Mom I know.

I received this as a gift and absolutely love it. Now that he can feed himself from a pouch it makes this gas so much easier and this is much more convenient that the frozen cubes and bullets I used when he first started solids. I’m recommending this to every mom I know.

Alyce Wickenburg, AZ

Not sure if this system is worth the money or hassle

The squeeze station works well with the fillable pouches infantino also sells. I have tried these, reusable pouches, and store-bought. I’ll try to synthesize my experiences below.Pros:- Nice when you are on the go because they are disposable.- Cap and pouch are made of nice material, seem high quality- Clear pouch is nice so you can see what is in it and make sure the food isn’t just stuck at the bottom (maybe that’s a con too for some purees that may not be as visually appealing?)- Freeze and refrigerate well without taking up too much space- It is easy to thaw and warm food in warm water- Since they are not fillable at the bottom (like my reusable pouches) they can stand up on their own.- It is easy for baby to get the food out of these (sometimes I need to push the food up a little for her).- better for making big batches of food than refillable pouches because there are more pouches for less $ than the refillable ones.- you know what goes into your homemade batches of food, so it is potentially healthier than storebought- Both PouchPop tops and ChooMee Sip n’ Soft tops work with these. The ChooMee ones pull off super easy though.Cons:- They don’t fit as much food as they seem- It is hard to put anything in these with more than a very thin consistency (consistency of regular yogurt without fruit chunks)- Pretty messy to fill even with station (especially if the food is too thick, it won’t go in the pouch then explodes all over).- Disposable, so not very eco friendly- Pricey… especially since you will just throw away the packet. I agree with another reviewer that it probably ends up costing about as much as store bought pouches when all is said and done.Overall, I would not buy this product again. I later boughtSquooshi Reusable Food Pouch | 8 Pack – G.O. Pattern | Refillable Squeeze Pouches for Kids of All Agesand have been much happier with these pouches. They are very easy to fill and clean. By my best guesstimate, at a little over $3.00/pouch if I re-use each pouch at least 4 times, they will have paid for themselves vs. buying the store-bought pouches. In my honest opinion, it is worth getting the re-usable pouches instead of this filling station and pouches.

Gertrude Council Grove, KS

Very well made and easy to use

I wanted to review this because I thought it was very well made and it seemed that some of the complaints I saw were really related to the types of food used or the user simply not liking the clean up involved in any homemade baby food making. The system is very sturdy and simple which is always a plus. The plunger works great and the process is quick and easy. There is bound to be a little spillage and counter cleanup as you unscrew the pouches and add new ones to fill but that is just the nature of food prep and cooking! And of course smoothies that are very liquidy will be a bit messier. If you are looking for a great way to make homemade pouches this will be an enormous help. I have some resqueze pouches and infantino and love using them both. Frankly I am very thankful that a product like this exists and I am not stuck paying 1.50 for store bought pouches.

Chandra Jayess, MS

Such a great concept and money saver – worth every penny!

I’m not one to have a lot of gadgets in my kitchen that only serve one purpose, however this is a really great way to save money. Pre-made squeeze pouches are really expensive and you are limited to the options the store gives you. With this, I have made my money back on it in 2 weeks already.I agree with other reviewers that the plunger design could be reimagined so the last little bit of food can be pushed down the narrow part of the tube, instead of getting stuck until you rinse it out. But that is such a minor detail compared to the amount of money you save that I wouldn’t let it deter you from buying this.This would e great for older kids’ lunch boxes and an easy way to hide vegetables since there is no printed label to tell them what is inside.I definitelty recommend this product. It takes about 10 minutes to prepare the contents and fill 14+ pouches, cleans up easily and stores fairly compactly.

Morgan Crosby, TX

Not bad

There’s really no reason to have 3 fillers. It’s just more stuff to clean. A bigger filler would be better if you just switch out the bags. That said, it works great, it’s too messy, and is way cheaper than the purchased ones.

Ladonna Cottontown, TN


So easy to use and clean. It really is a nice way to store homemade baby food. The only problem I have had is buying the bags to go with it for the first few months I had it I couldn’t use it because I used the 10 bags they give with it and then I couldn’t buy anymore because they have been out of stock everywhere they have since come back in stock but I hope this isn’t a problem all the time they must be a hot item right now

Elba Baldwin, IL

Life saver!

I can’t imagine buying the squeezy pouches without having this squeeze station. This simple and effective tool made filling up 10+ pouches super easy. Great purchase that I’ll hang on until all my kids (now and future) are done with pureed food.

Katheryn Terral, OK

Great find

This is a wonderful system for filling food pouches for babies and toddlers. The system worked great with pureed food. One must know that the hole to the pouch is quite small, so food must be pureed with no chunks. a chunk of food will plug it up. Great invention and money saver.

Arline Lakota, IA

Must have

It’s great. Affordable. Easy to use. Easy to wash. Comes with 12 pouches. Love it 🙂 get it. Don’t hesitate.

Terry Colts Neck, NJ

Well-made, simple, and easy

This is great for our daughter’s on the go snacks and meals. Easy to fill pouches (sold separately), and easy clean-up. Great product!

Stefanie Irwin, PA

WOW! I love this!

I purchased the pouches to fill with homemade applesauce for my 3 school age kids. They love them! I love knowing what they eating. The squeeze station is a must for filling the pouches. It was a little messy at first but we got the hang of it, it was easy. We filled 100 pouches in about 2 hours. The food has to be thin with no chunks. Don’t overfill the pouches either. Also – don’t buy the add on funnel. It’s not needed.

Katie Thayer, IN

Greatest Baby Gizmo!

This is one of the best baby gizmos I have purchased. It is so super handy and easy and useful and practical. I recommend it to all my friends. Simple to use. Quick to clean. A must have if you’re going to make your own baby food.

Tamra Ellsworth, IL

LOVE this! Wish I’d found it sooner

Thanks, Pinterest, for showing me this – AFTER I spent a few months doing the ice cube tray method. This is 10x easier, less clean up, and works just as described. It could not be easier to portion and package homemade baby food. I love the clear pouches too – you really need to buy the 50-pack of pouches, because you get so inspired once you start making it!

Elvira Saint Vincent, MN

Liking it so far

I bought this and an immersion blender to make baby food this time with our second child. They say two children is like two more than one child : ). This may be a little on the expensive side, but it saves you a lot of time which you don’t have a lot of when you have more than one kid. I am so impressed. I was done making food in minutes, everything is clearly labeled and dated in my freezer. Amazing.For our first child I used baby cubes, which are great and certainly have their place, but you can only make a little at a time, then wait for it to freeze, then pop them out and put them some kid of container and label it that. It ends a being a whole day process if you want to make a couple batches. With this there isn’t any waiting, just put them in the freezer. I would recommend used a breast milk storage system to keep everything organize in the freezer. We have The First Years Breastflow Milk Storage Organizer, and they do fit in there very nice in there. And don’t buy too many of them, you can use the top covers as organization too.The only reason I gave the system 4 stars it that the pouches are not reusable and the reusable option through this company is very expensive. I did buy some reusable pouches to try from another company, but again they are expensive, I have not tried them with the system yet, I just got them a couple days ago.

Kristin Mogadore, OH

Fun for the whole family

This is super handy and fun to use. My preschooler and I enjoy making food together for his baby sister.

Beulah Franklin Springs, NY

MUST HAVE for making your own baby food

I can’t say enough positive things about this baby item. It is so easy to use, clean. I pretty much never want to spoon-feed anymore because this is so so easy.

Joy Henning, MN

Strong Recommend….

I have used it several times already. Makes filling bags much easier although never tried without a "filling station". Can still be messy, taking bags off and disconnecting tubes from bags; but worth it. My 16 month twins eat 1 – 3 bags each a day and have a wide variety of fruits and vegetables. The reach out for the bags when the see them. Also fill bags with yogurt and fruit.

Saundra Solsville, NY