Infantino Stick and Play Highchair Toy by Unknown

Infantino Stick and Play Highchair Toy by Unknown

Infantino Stick and Play Highchair Toy

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Cute, but doesn’t stick

I got this for my sons boon highchair. It doesn’t stick. At all. Disappointed because he liked batting the flowers around, but it flew off the chair in two seconds. I’ve found only the Sassy highchair toys stick on our highchair.

Sharlene Peterstown, WV

great highchair toy!

I bought this toy because I wanted something to keep my son occupied in his highchair while I was busy in the kitchen. We have a couple highchair toys and this is by far his favorite… it also has the best suction! There is a lot going on on this toy but he is able to manipulate all of the different pieces. If the suction cup is on there right, it will stay on no matter what! I had one incident right after we got it when my son pulled on the bee and it whacked him in the face! After that, I started to push my fingers around the suction cup after sticking it on to make sure it is actually stuck all the way around. I haven’t had an issue since. This is a great toy! I recommend it to everyone I know.

Aurelia Randolph, NJ

Still early but…

So this just arrived in the mail today. Cleaned it up and put it in front of my 4 1/2 month old daughter while she sat in the high chair. She got sooooooooooooo excited watching me clean it and I could tell she could not wait to get her little hands on it. The only other toy that has gotten this reaction from her has been an oball so she would definitely rate it a 5!The suction is really really good, I can’t see her being able to yank this toy off her high chair for awhile so that’s a definite plus… I hope it stays this strong! It’s bright and colorful and the clicking sound it makes is great for little ears. A lot to do on a compact little toy. Loving it so far 🙂

Jessica Morgan, MN

Great Toy, But Does Not Stay Attached to Surface Very Well

~BACKGROUND~I purchased this toy for my 2 month old son to aid in the development of his motor skills.I have suctioned the toy to various surfaces – plastic, corian counter, finished wood.~PROS~- Spinning flower “clicks” as it turns and makes the beads move and make noise as well. Also provides an added feature and easier access to the 4 petals – mirror, spinning butterfly, spinning bee and bead filled petal.- Great entertainer for the high chair. We are currently using ours in the Bumbo Floor Seat with Tray AQUA with theBumbo Seat Play Tray, Ivory.- Can be used as a non-stick plain old toy as well.~CONS~- The “stay put base” does not stay put very well. It appears to work best on a very smooth surface, but still loses it’s suction. I have tried numerous methods in an attempt to keep it suctioned – various levels of pressure on the base, various amounts of moisture on the suction cup. Sometimes it stays put longer than others, but eventually it falls over.~TIPS~As with any toy that gets put in your child’s mouth (which is practically everything) I strongly encourage the use of non-toxic products that are safe for your child such as:The First Years 90 Count Pacifier WipesMunchkin 36 Pack Arm and Hammer Pacifier Wipes, White~CONCLUSION~My son loves to sit in his before mentioned Bumbo with the flower stuck to the Bumbo tray. I like to move it from one side to the other to encourage him to use both of his hands to spin the flower and explore the petals.

Aimee Nelson, VA

Perfect for those times when we need a distraction while food is being prepared

I purchased this because my son loves to play with toys in his high chair, while he waits for me to bring him his food. I was giving him toys to play with, but he kept throwing those on the floor. This one suctions to the high chair table and keeps him distracted just long enough for me to get his food. My son has a tendency to get bored very quickly, so this holds his attention for at least 5 minutes. The flower rotates and there are five cute little things on them (one mirror, a butterfly, a swirly, a bumble bee, and a petal). My son loves the wings on the bumble bee and also the center ball (which rolls too). I would recommend this product to anyone who needs a distraction for their child while they are in their high chairs.

Kathleen Townsend, VA