Infantino Stretch Umbrella Stroller Storage

Infantino Stretch Umbrella Stroller Storage

infantino stretch – cloverthe stretch is the first stroller storage product designed for umbrella strollers. Easy – on and easy – off attachment. Folds with stroller. Insulated drink holders and multiple storage pockets. Neoprene fabric.

Main features

  • Designed exclusively for umbrella strollers
  • 4 storage pockets for keys, phone, bottles and baby’s essentials
  • 2 insulated pockets for baby and parent’s drinks
  • Neoprene material is waterproof and machine washable
  • Easily, stretches over stroller handles for secure fit

Verified reviews


Nice for price

Handy, holds good amount, not open cups but waterbottles, other small stuff. Adjustable with Velcro to I would assume most handlebars. Nice fabric I like the neoprene stuff. I like how it’s easy to leave in car or attach when needed.

Inez Ashton, IL

Flimsy and unsecure

We bought this for our Peg Perego Si. The storage aspect of this sort of a joke. If you don’t want the thing to swing around a lot, you have to tighten it immensely which take away the ease of getting things into the pockets. It looked well made but just poor execution.

Nikki Oak City, NC

Won’t work with Maclaren

I love the design and that it is insulating but we had to send it back because it won’t work with a Maclaren stroller. The angle just isn’t right. It’s really cute and well made though. I wish it had worked for us!

Vera Winston, OR

Great addition to an umbrella stroller.

The pockets are a good size and it is easy to put onto the stroller. I love it. The only reason that I didn’t give it 5 stars is because I can’t easily use the canopy with this attached.

Mona Hampton Falls, NH

Awesome product – works perfectly with Maclaren stroller w/ canopy

I was hesitant to purchase this based on other reviews stating it doesn’t work with stroller that have a canopy. However, I couldn’t be happier with this because it works perfectly with my Maclaren Quest. I just modified the way I put it on – the smaller pockets are closest to the canopy and the strap is between the the pockets rather than on the outside – and it works great. I have even used the bigger pocket to hold a cup of coffee without any issues. I love that I can fold the stroller with this on, which is great when going in and out of subway stations in NYC. It may take a few times to get it on correctly, but it’s worth the time – this is the best, most sturdy/secure stroller caddy I have ever used.

Erma Tarrytown, GA

Pretty awesome!

Ok, I love my umbrella stroller but it has no storage. Now I have storage!Holds two drinks (maybe more), my cellphone, keys and wallet.I am in love! I do have to remove it when folding because of the way my canopy is made but still very helpful

Kaitlyn Sheffield, TX

Nice looking but not functional

Nice looking and folds with umbrella strollers, but i do not recommend using with any paper coffee cups with lids…it still spills even with less than half full. Good for keys and wallet and closed water bottle.

Jo Gilman City, MO

Not the Best with a Chicco Canopy Stroller

I have a Chicco umbrella stroller with a canopy. The canopy makes for less room, so things are very crowded with the storage attached. It also slides down and I have it Velcroed on there fairly tight. That all being said, it does hold a drink or two, my phone and keys… so it’s a huge improvement. I’m just afraid as I Velcro it on tighter and tighter over time, it will continue to stretch and sag, which runs it into the canopy, and then I can’t get to my stuff. If I didn’t have the canopy, I’d likely give it 4 stars, maybe even 5.

Vickie Gaylord, MN

Stretched it over my Bugaboo Bee Handlebars

This is a neat stroller storage solution. I wish it is little wider for my Bee (it’s very tight), but it works. The material is the same as the BUILT. I am able to throw my cell phone, wallet and water bottle into the storage keeper. I wouldn’t recommend an open cup, but our to go coffee cup was okay (half full). My stroller collapses nicely with this attached. It’s a keeper for me.

Marion Carey, TX

Great addition for umbrella stroller

Fits perfectly on the umbrella stroller that I have (Chicco brand), and great orange color. Makes it much easier to be hands free and pushing our toddler around. For us, it’s a MUST HAVE, as I need an extra area for my or toddler’s bottle of water or juice, snack, etc…

Benita Parish, NY

Works and holds a lot

We got this for our umbrella stroller and it works great. It’s a little bit of a tight fit in the Velcro part, but it fits and it holds a lot more then I thought it would!

Rosalind Badger, SD

Nice add-on to stroller

I just bought an umbrella stroller that didn’t have a cup holder. This has worked perfectly for me. It is also nice to put my keys and phone in the pocket.

Barbara Lincoln Acres, CA

Great universal stroller accessory!

I like this stroller organizer because it keeps my phone, keys, back up toys, and even extra dog poop bags all at a quick reach. Our stroller doesnt offer any additional accessories and the included cup holder is just a frame, so can’t hold anything. This wetsuit-like material is great because it’s able to remain on the stroller when it’s collapsed. Though probably should take out any bulky items. I wish there were more fabric patern choices, but the orange and black look good on our black stroller.

Nadine Everton, AR

Not as useful as I thought it would be– RETURNED IT.

I needed a storage compartment for my new Chicco umbrella stroller and I thought this would be perfect. I was wrong. This fit so tight that I could hardly put anything in the compartments. I have an iPhone 5 and it was tight just to get it out! I just don’t see how drinks could fit in there and other things. I am returning it and of course Amazon made it a breeze. They are awesome! Actually I can’t remember the last time I had to return anything from Amazon but this one is definitely something I will not be using. I have already ordered a different one that is not so stretchy which allows for things to actually fit inside. Three stars because it’s made of nice material and looks nice but as far as functionality, it’s just not there, at least not for me and not for my new stroller.

Ronda Jenkintown, PA

Available for much less $$

I purchased this locally yesterday at a discount store ($9.99) so I was surprised to see $40 plus being the lowest price on amazon. I am using this with my maclaren triumph stroller and so far I think it will work very well, if nothing else, I have a place to store water bottles, baby bottles and my phone and keys. I wouldn’t put a cup of coffee in it unless it was a spill proof travel mug. I got the gray and green print and it is very nice looking on my brown stroller. I also bought the gray maclaren cup holder that fits on the side of the stroller a few weeks ago so I think we’re set on cup/bottle storage!

Carla Soulsbyville, CA

Not for britax but other amazing

Hard to stretch across some strollers. Once attached it holds a decent amount of items. Did well for me in holding water bottle, phone, wallet and a snack for the toddler. Would have gotten five stars if it fit on my britax stroller.

Deirdre Newburg, MO

Works great

I probably didn’t need this, and it mostly functions as a place for me to forget my glasses, phone, wallet, or the socks the baby kicked off. But it is a well-made product and it serves the purpose it’s sold for very well.

Latasha Cullen, LA

better than i had thought

i have a jeep wrangler umbrella type stroller, and we were using a small backpack across the handles, but taking it on and off and adjusting every time i had to fold up the stroller was a pain… this allows me to leave it on the stroller even when folded, its got plenty of room for extra stuff that my other kids usually end up asking me to hold for them, definitely worth the purchase, i would recommend this to my friends.

Rosella Elbert, WV