Infantino Stuff It 2-in-1 Diaper Kit

Infantino Stuff It 2-in-1 Diaper Kit

Modern, lightweight material offers stretch to fit storage and dense cushioning without the bulk. Separate changing pad. Loop and snap attachment. Pocket for wipes case.

Main features

  • Separate changing pad
  • Loop and snap attachment
  • Pocket for wipes case

Verified reviews


Will Definately Buy for Moms to be.

I watch my goddaughter twice a week. Her mom is a new mom and packs a diaper bag like it’s a weekend getaway. 8-10 outfits, including 3 headbands, 5 socks, 15 diapers, a small and large pack of wipes, a full bottle of oil, a nasal bulb, thermometer, one light blanket, one heavy blanket (it’s summer in ny), 3 sleepers, one changing pad, 5 burping clothes. 5 bibs, a rattle,vitamin B, medicated cream, Vaseline, antibacterial hand cleaner and two stuffed animals. (the baby is only 4mth), a rain cover, a mosquito cover. I’m sure I am forgetting something. I prefer to travel light. So I carry one burping cloth, 3 onies, 2 pair of socks, 6 diapers, wipes, one blanket, one changing pad,2 bibs, the cover that goes with the weather and any medication that may be needed.When I saw this I decided to get it. Thinking it would work for a quick trip to the store or to a restaurant bathroom.The pouch expands and holds more than I thought it would. My first challenge was the huggies wipes the small package was too wide to fit inside the pouch. But never fear it fit on the outside of the neoprene bag. Inside I fit 3 diapers(again a 4 month old), 1 oneis, one bib, one changing cloth, the changing pad and one burping cloth. that’s it. Perfect for a quick trip to the store or to the bathroom. Just grab and go. The changing pad was thicker and nicer than the former one I had. It is soft and easy to clean but if you decide to wash it off it takes a while to dry.While the photo one the item shows personal items even with a small baby that might not be possible. Also the mom breast feeds so she doesn’t have to take bottles but I do. So there is still a need for someplace for bottles if you are thinking of using this with no other bag. Think again.As the baby gets bigger so with her personal items like diapers and clothing so in the future this will hold less diapers and possibly no burping cloth. For now though I love it. I can go to bathroom with just her and a small bag. I can go to the park around the corner with just the small bag and some milk. A trip to the store is simple with just the bag for emergencies. When I drive I can leave the bigger diaper bag in the car and just take this if I’m not too far.And guess what? The over packing mom used it on the last outing to dinner and now she wants one also.While not a total replacement for a a purse and a bag it is perfect for errands and small public areas.

Renee Sanders, AZ

Small, but nice!

There’s only so much you can stuff in this. I can fit the changing pad, two size 4 diapers, and one size 6 diaper in the pouch. I barely managed to squeeze a small, narrow tube of ointment into the zipper section. The first wet wipe container I tried to fit in the outside pocket was too long. I had to go with a cheaper plastic wet wipe container that was a bit shorter to get it to fit in the pocket without feeling like I was going to end up ripping the seams.I do like it. It is nice to take along for short outings, or to carry into the store when you don’t want to drag in the mega-diaper bag that includes every little thing you think you might need for your child, including a change of clothes and the nail clippers. It is also useful for those who have two kids in diapers that go to separate rooms in a nursery or daycare. This can be thrown into the diaper bag and then pulled out with just the older child’s pull-ups or diapers so you can carry one diaper bag and just have a removable pouch for the older child.It just doesn’t stretch endlessly and you can’t expect to fit more than 3 diapers, the changing pad, and a small wipe container in it.

Mitzi Antelope, MT

Convenient for short trips

The Infantino Stuff It is aptly-named as the pouch is big enough for just a diaper or two and some wipes in addition to the changing pad. Anything more and be prepared to stuff and squish.The kit is pretty convenient, but honestly a bit pricey for a mini diaper bag. It’s ideal for short trips to the store or times you won’t be away from home long. I like the nice changing pad that’s included since you just never know about how safe some surfaces can be.

Deloris Fredonia, KS

Quality product, Frustrating packaging

This is a great mini diaper bag. Made of quality stretchy material and is perfect for a short trip to the grocery store. The size of the pad is on the small side, but still functional.My only comlaint is the packaging – it’s frustrating to open it, especially the bottom – hard for sizzors to reach. When I pulled, I broke it free, but also broke a little bit of the seam. I wonder if Infanitno would consider frustration free packaging for those kind of products – I really don’t care if the box is pretty – it goes straight to the recycle bin. Pretty packaging maybe important in the store, but definitely not at Amazon.

Tonia Windsor, ME

Not for cloth diapering

The first thing I noticed is how super small the clutch is. I get that it’s supposed to just be to pull out of your diaper bag for short errands, but the most this would hold is a few disposable diapers. If you use cloth (like we do) then there’s just no way you’ll fit much of anything and a wet bag with two pockets is a better choice.The changing pad is nice but doesn’t really fold up on roll into any specific shape so it just gets shoved in the diaper bag. What was confusing to me about that was that it’s supposed to be a set for using apart from your diaper bag (or maybe not?) but the pad isn’t integrated into the clutch so that seems like a bit of an oversight to me. It’s also not a pad you can wipe off and use again, which is a bit of a deal breaker for me.The set could have been much improved by making the clutch larger with two zippers, and giving the pad some kind of integrated pouch or strap to roll it up with.

Nelly Forest Hills, KY

Too small to fit a regular pack of wipes; other than that good

The Infantino stuff it was ever so slightly smaller than I thought it would be. It is definitely a good size to fit in my purse or diaper bag. But, the drawback is that I can’t put a regular sized pack of wipes in the zippered compartment.How this is used: This is a zippered bag with a side pocket. It comes with a changing pad that can either fit in the zippered compartment and take up all the space there, or can fit in the side compartment. You are supposed to put the changing pad in the side compartment and then put diaper changing basics into the zippered compartment. It can hold enough for one diaper change, which means if you are on a short errand, you can leave the big diaper bag in the car and just take this small clutch with you into the store or where ever. Both the changing pad and the bag are machine washable. They are made of neoprene, so they are water resistant, but not waterproof.How it worked out for me: The opening to the zippered pocket is not big enough to fit a regular pack of wipes in. In the pic, you can see that the pouch cinches in at the opening. The narrow part is only 8 inches wide, when pinched completely flat. So, this can take a sample pack of wipes, but not a regular sized pack. I can fit a couple of diapers in (baby is now size 4 diaper). I have to carry both this pouch and a pack of wipes with me. That’s two things to carry, instead of one. Other than that, it’s a good product. I can fit it in my purse or my husband can carry it. I can also wash the changing pad after it gets used for an actual diaper change, and it dries fairly quickly (I dry by hanging on a line) so I can use it again the next day.Overall, this is a good product, but flawed by being too small to fit a regular size pack of wipes. It’s also a bit pricey for what it is, since you could get a waterproof pad and a cheap fabric clutch purse and then have the same product.

Ava Dillard, GA

Perfect! It fits all of the necessities and makes having everything you need so convenient.

This is just the thing I have been looking for! I have a toddler and I have finally found a diapering system that works. I always have had to keep his diapers bagged within my diaper bag because the diapers would end up getting to be gross after a few days. There is just nothing ickier than pulling out a diaper and finding some ground up Goldfish crackers or little toys in his diapers. This bag is wonderful because it fits several diapers, wipes, hand sanitizer, and booty cream in there. It stretches to fit lots of goodies but then doesn’t take a lot of space in your bag. I like that if someone is going to watch my son I can just hand them this bag and they have all the necessities.

Georgia Athol, KY

Love this little diaper changing kit

Love this little diaper changing kit! Perfect for tucking into my purse so I don’t have to carry a huge diaper bag. Now that my youngest is out of her baby phase I really don’t need all that baby junk anymore! Just this little guy with a couple of diapers and wipes and we’re set. I love how light it is, how flexible it it, and how easy to clean it is. It even has little snaps so I can attach it to a stroller if needed.

Wilda Turpin, OK

Just What I’ve Been Looking For!

I love this diaper kit! The diaper bag I had for my first child came with a diaper kit that folder into a little purse with a handle. It was great b/c I could stick a diaper & wipes in it and carry just that to rest rooms for changes (instead of lugging the whole diaper bag). I still have it but it was a little too big for my new baby’s diaper bag. This product is small and pliable, but big enough to hold a diaper and wipes (I have a soft case). The diaper pad itself if a nice size and soft, but very thin.

Johnnie Locust Dale, VA

Both Useful and Stylish with One Issue

Infantino Stuff It 2-in-1 Diaper Kit is GREAT compared to my last changing pad-a thick, vinyl thing that always seemed too cold for my baby. I’d get a startled reaction followed by sudden crying…In contrast, this pad has never been cold to the touch.The color/pattern of this neoprene kit is stylish and understated. It’s compact enough to carry around in my favorite small purse. I can easily wipe any part of it down and throw it in the wash. The bag feels durable and securely stitched. I also have the option of snapping one side of it into a loop to hang onto my stroller.My one wish is that the side pocket was a bit taller with another zipper or snaps to keep this part closed. Right now, you are limited in what you can place inside of it, particularly when the bag is danging from the stroller.

Susana Chester, GA

Awesome product

This is a fabulous diaper changing kit. It’s not meant to replace a diaper bag, but is great to strap on the stroller if you’re going on a quick outing, like to Target, and don’t want to tote around a giant diaper bag. The pad itself is thick and well-made. The pouch is great and attaches to a stroller or a cart with ease. It’s a great portable diaper changing station.

Vanessa Edroy, TX

Stuff It

I don’t like to carry a whole lot in the diaper bag; but a baby requires a lot of things. Now that she’s older my bag is packed full of toys, diapers, etc. Sometimes, I don’t want to cart the entire bag into the store, or someone’s house. The Stuff It makes this so easy. I can leave it in the vehicle and grab it and take it in and not pack around 10 extra pounds of diaper bag unnecessarily. Going for a walk around the neighborhood? Don’t cart the whole bag, your Stuff It is enough!

Ilene Glenns Ferry, ID

Good set, though small

Out of this 2-in-1 diaper kit, I have to say I like the changing pad the most. It is easy to clean and gives a bit of padding to the hard plastic store changing stations. The ones that NEVER have any liners available. Unlike using cloth changing pads, this one I can quickly wipe down if there’s an accident and stow it back in the diaper bag. Yay! No more lining the changing table with paper towels over the cloth changing pad to protect it. It can also work for lining a stroller or car seat, or putting on the seat under older kids if they are wet from swimming, or dirty from playing or sports, or to protect seats/laps from food spills.The pouch is great to have as well. Nicer looking than a plastic zip bag for stowing wet/dirty clothes and easier to clean and reuse. It’s on the small side, so it can only hold a couple of diapers and a small pack of wipes. Other than that, this is a very handy set to have.

Lucille Dundee, OH

Nice for Quick on the Go

Pros:AttractiveEasy to wipe offConvient and compact for quick on the go where you only need a few diapersFolds easy back into the pouchSmall pocket for trial size ointment/wipesPerfect sizeVery durable and well constructedCons:Honestly I could not come up with any reason not to love this

Lashonda Branford, FL

Nice diaper kit

I like this. Here are my comments.1. This kit consists of a 22″ x 15 1/4″ changing pad and a small zippered bag (the very top is 12′, but quickly tapers to 9” and then 9 3/4″; it’s 7″ from top to bottom). You can cram a couple of diapers and a small pack of wipes and some ointment in, but that’s about it.However, this is not meant to replace a regular diaper bag. it’s good for a quick outing to the park or a store, and takes up little room.2. The picture on Amazon shows a small child fitting completely onto the changing mat. That’s for an infant. My 15 month old grandson definitely has his legs way over the edge, but enough of his body is on this for changing him.3. This does button onto the stroller, but because there is only one button, this dangles, so you have to make sure nothing falls out of the open outside pocket.4. This is made of neoprene and is easy to clean. Padding is minimal, so if you use this on the grass at a park, make sure there are no sharp objects (like stones or sticks) underneath.Bottom line: This is handy for those times when you don’t need to bring along a regular diaper bag.

Lakesha Linwood, MD

Great little grab and go pouch from the diaper bag …

Great little grab and go pouch from the diaper bag to the purse to the car. you can fit a lot in here like pacifiers in addition to just wipes and the pad.

Kaye Saint Hedwig, TX

Feels compact but can accomodate quite a lot of diaper essentials.

1)The color of the diaper kit looks very attractive.2) The diaper bag is light weight and yet can accommodate lot of the diaper essentials in it.3) The changing pad and the bag goes into one’s hand bag quite easily.4) There is also a pocket provided to store the wipes case.5) What I like about this kit is that even after holding diapers and wipes, the main pouch has room for other essentials like travel size moisturizing cream, diaper rash ointment etc.

Katheryn Abingdon, MD

Nice Neoprene changing pad and essentials pouch

Nice Neoprene changing pad and essentials pouch. This would make for a great gift. Seldom do changing mats have any actual padding to them, they are usually a nice piece of cloth with no padding. I like having a bit more padding between a cold/hard surface and Baby. This neoprene pad is perfect for that. You get padding and temperature control from the neoprene material. It’s water resistant and easily to wipe clean. Machine washable as well.The bag has a funky shape to it where the top zipper part flares out. One side has a button so you can attach it to a stroller or your main diaper bag. There is enough space to fit a couple disposable diapers and wipes. It’s a small bag so just the basics. But it’s good to keep water sensitive items in this bag since it is water resistant. I find the color and pattern to be quite attractive and it’s nice to have something that is not so obviously “baby-ish”. This bag is too to fit inside my main diaper bag, but it’s nice as an accessory to my main diaper bag.There is no significant smell to this item which is a big plus. I’m always wary when purchasing neoprene products because sometimes they smell something fierce and I’m very sensitive to smells.

Britney Greensboro, IN