Infantino Swift Classic Carrier, Black

Infantino Swift Classic Carrier, Black

Designed for simplicity, Swift is Infantino’s lightest and most compact carrier in our collection. Swift is extra compactable and even features s 2-1 bib. Our classic carrier is a convenient baby wearing option for traveling moms.

Main features

  • Cotton
  • Imported
  • 8-25 pounds or 3.6 to 11.3 kgs
  • Padded shoulder straps
  • Washable and wipeable fabric
  • Padded head support for the baby
  • Adjustable fit side straps for comfortable baby carrying
  • 8-25 lbs / 3.6-11.3 kgs

Verified reviews


Uncomfortable for Parent and Bad for Baby

This is a very poorly designed baby carrier that’s uncomfortable for the wearer and bad for the baby.This carrier is very uncomfortable for the person wearing it because all of the babies weight is pulling down on the wearers shoulders. When looking for a baby carrier you should look for one with a waist belt which will help to distribute some of the babies weight to the wearers hips. Carriers with waist belts are much more comfortable for the wearer (this is why hiking backpacks have waist belts).The carrier is bad for the baby because all of the babies weight is on their crotch and their legs are held close together with their hips and knees straight which is bad for hip development. According to the International Hip Dysplasia Institute this is the most unhealthy position for the hips during infancy and can cause or contribute to the development of hip dysplasia or dislocation. The healthiest position for the babies hips is to have the baby in a seated position with their legs spread and their thighs supported.If you want to stick with the Infantino brand the Union or Balance carriers would be much better options. They have a waist belt to help distribute the babies weight and also hold the baby in the optimal position for hip development. The Infantino Sash and Infantino Ecosash are also good options although these carriers tie instead of buckling.Even better options would be the Beco Butterly, The Beco Gemini, the Ergo (original, organic, options, sport, and performance), the Boba (original, 2G, and 3G), or the Babyhawk Oh Snap. These are all high quality carriers that are very comfortable and safe for both baby and wearer.

Eileen Irvington, NJ

For the price, this is great… for short time periods.

My wife has one of the super expensive carriers… and it’s covered in flowers and butterflies and wonderful baby colors. To put it simply I hate it. Yes, I know, I shouldn’t care how it looks… but c’mon, can you blame me for being less than thrilled in walking around in something that looks like it was borrowed from Tinker Bell? With our vacation fast approaching I found this carrier and decided for the price (and good reviews) I would give it a shot…Pros:-I’m happy to be seen in public wearing this carrier.-It bears repeating… the price!-Compact, it folds up really small and can be kept conveniently in the car, or in my case in our umbrella stroller which actually folds up with this carrier in it.-Dual facing positions… since it was a vacation, I was hoping our daughter could see out.-With the side clips, it’s easy to get baby in and out of the carrier.Cons:-In my opinion, this carrier is best when only used in short durations. After 30-40 minutes tops, it’s time for her to come out for several reasons: 1) Longer than that and I think the way she is positioned, especially in the outward looking set up, doesn’t support her weight as evenly as you might hope and she starts to get uncomfortable. 2) Not the best strap set up. Longer use bothered my back. I could carry her in my arms longer without that happening. The straps adjust, so not sure I’m ready to say being 6’2″ was the problem, but if others that aren’t as tall don’t have the back complaint, then maybe I’d chalk it up to that. 3) Granted we were in Florida, but she got very hot in the carrier. I would get her out of there just to air her out.Overall:There were several 5 star reviews for this carrier, and for the price, it’s hard not to love. That said, if something is a great price doesn’t really matter to the baby. I don’t regret the purchase and I think the carrier is quite useful, but for me, this will just be for short time periods. A quick run to the store, or in conjunction with the stroller on a trip. From my experience, I would not recommend this carrier if you were thinking you were going to just keep your baby in it for long periods of time… say the duration of a Disney trip or similar. That said, for this price and for specific needs, this carrier works well and I’ll get my share of use out of it.

Fern Buena Park, CA

Can’t use when baby’s too small, can’t use when he’s that big either

I put this carrier on our baby registry because it seemed simpler to use than many of the wraps and slings for newborns, and it’s quite inexpensive, too. As it turns out, the carrier is super-easy to use, just as I’d hoped – there’s no wondering (as there is with some wraps) how to get the thing on or if it’s on right. However, after our baby arrived, I found that the ease of wearing this product was of little value to me at the outset, since I couldn’t use the carrier at all at first. This product can’t carry a newborn in any position in which he will feel comfortable – most newborns don’t like to have their legs stretched out like this carrier requires. Our baby fussed and cried the whole time he was in the carrier when we first tried it. In terms of the positions in which this carrier can hold a baby, it’s more suitable for when the baby is a few months old.Once our baby was comfortable not having his legs tucked in, I was excited to use the carrier, but at that point, he was 15+ pounds, and I found out I still couldn’t really use it – he had become too heavy to comfortably carry in this product, as it distributes all the weight on the shoulders and upper back. I have a pretty strong back – I did deadlifts through the second trimester of pregnancy, and I never once had an aching back during my pregnancy. Pregnancy couldn’t hurt my back, but this carrier kills it! I couldn’t stand to wear my baby for more than 20-30 minutes at a time. Even the wraps tend to do a better job distributing the baby’s weight.Since I couldn’t use the product at any stage of my baby’s development, I don’t think the product is worth even its modest cost.Even if you can stand the back-killing engineering of this carrier, I’d discourage using it, since (as I found out after the fact), carriers where the baby basically hangs by his crotch aren’t good for the baby – carrying the baby in this position can potentially cause hip dysplasia. To avoid this risk, it’s better to have a carrier that has some kind of seat pocket, that holds the baby so that his knees are about level with his hips.If you want to wear your baby, you’re better off putting in a little time to figure out how to use a wrap when he or she is still a newborn and spending the money for a good ergonomically supportive carrier, comfortable for both baby and parent, for when your baby is a bit bigger. If you’re looking for something to carry your newborn in, try the Moby, a Slingling, or maybe the Ergo with infant insert. Even I was finally able to figure out how to use my Moby and like it now! The Slingling may also be an option if you want something really simple to use, though it’s not quite as comfy as the other two options. I’d recommend an Ergo or Beco starting when baby is 4-6 months old.

Katherine Angora, NE

Love this carrier…

This is a great carrier and the price is unbeatable. The baby looks so cute looking up at me. He breathes rapidly (almost hyperventilating) when he gets excited about different things. He always hyperventilates when he is in this carrier.There are some cons not exclusive to this carrier. As with all carriers of this type, if he goes to the bathroom, it can be uncomfortable because his whole body weight is pushing down on that diaper area. As a result, I’ve found that he has a lot of fun in the carrier, wets himself because of all the excitement, then has to be taken out of the carrier because of the discomfort of his body being supported right on top of a dirty diaper. Needless to say, this isn’t a carrier for extended wear. As other reviewers have stated, the straps are not perfect either. So even if your baby can control their excitement, your back probably wouldn’t be able to.Never-the-less, I am giving this product five stars for the following reasons… First, Infantino has appropriately designed the carrier to be used by both male and female parents. (Some) Men like to care for their babies and it is unfair for decent men to have to deal with flowers and cartoon characters on everything; the black and white bib in the pictures can be completely removed on the carrier and what is left is a solid black, neutral design. There is no shame for men wearing this. Secondly, the baby loves being in it and I feel that he is completely safe and secure while hanging there. Lastly, even though I have only been able to get about 20 minutes per use out of this, the price more than makes up for it; we’ve paid $40-$60 on items for the baby that we have not used at all, so $15 for a product that both the baby and I like is completely reasonable.Ultimately, my issues are more about the baby constantly using the diaper when in the carrier. The carrier itself is great. The only SLIGHT issue I had was that some of the secondary support straps on the back would occasionally slide, making the baby hang lower than I had originally adjusted for; this can be corrected by simply pulling up the shoulder straps or pulling down on the back straps.If you are ever alone with a baby and have things that definitely need to get done, this is a must have!

Delia Corbett, OR

So NOT okay!

Have been trying different carriers and saw the price and couldn’t believe a carrier could be so cheap. Well, it is, and it’s not worth it if you are looking for a good carrier that is comfy and will keep your baby in a good, healthy position where they are not hanging from their… well, you get what I mean (look at the pics showing body position).Especially in the front-facing-out position, this was awkward for me. The baby’s weight is moving away from you, so it’s like you are being pulled forward. This also does nothing for my back. After about 20 minutes, I’m really feeling it back there. I tried adjusting things. Seems the best position is if the baby is facing me. Apparently, this is supposed to be better for little babies anyway, as facing out doesn’t allow the baby to be able to turn away/into you if they get overstimulated. Well, I could carry in the baby-facing-in position longer, but only a little longer. Also, the baby was really red in the diaper area afterwards, as if there was a lot of pressure there (can’t be comfortable, you know).In my opinion, there are many better options out there. If you have to have the facing out option, get a Beco Gemini. Yeah, it’s more money, but baby seems so much happier in it (may be the carrying position is more like they’re in a seat, and not hanging) and my back doesn’t kill me after 20 minutes. We tossed the Infantino. Lesson learned.

Winifred California City, CA

Couldn’t live without!

I prefer this carrier to others I tried… It is easy to get on and off and easy to get the baby in and out (which is great when they are sleeping). I use it almost everyday… it helps me get house-hold chores completed as well as grocery shopping. It’s nice to not have to push the stroller everywhere, also I’ve found people are less likely to try to touch my little one when he is attached to me! =)

Ashley Flensburg, MN


This type of carrier aka “crotch dangler” causes hip dysplasia. Do not use this carrier. You should never front face your baby. Buy the infantino Mei Tai. It is super easy to use and it keeps baby comfy and sitting in the correct position.

Velma Swartswood, NJ

Don’t Waste your money

I got this carrier because I didn’t want to spend the money on a second ergo. I thought I would be able to manage for a weekend with the Infantino. As soon as I got it, I put it on and put my 8month old in it. I wore it around the house for about 15minutes before my shoulders were so sore I had to take it off. I returned it after that. This style of carrier isn’t really very healthy for babies anyway. I went ahead and got that second Ergo.

Young Swansboro, NC

Waste of money- buy a Ergo or something, anything but this!

I was so excited to find this carrier! Reasonably priced, adjustable for either parent, adjustable for a growing baby, not too girly but doesn’t scream "i was made for a boy and these parents are delusional!"However, it sucks.It’s bad for your posture, bad for your back, it’s bad for the baby, it’s uncomfortable, and I feel like it’s not safe.I cannot for the life of me get the straps adjusted tight enough so that I don’t have to hold onto the baby or the carrier- which, frankly, defeats the purpose of using a carrier.It is okay if you’re simply walking or standing around and can support the baby- I used it at the fair for about half an hour. I certainly wouldn’t recommend any longer than that.I bought this because holding my daughter even for 5 minutes causes me great amounts of pain and discomfort in my back; my shoulders and back get tingly and feel like they’re buzzing and it continues until it becomes unbearable. This in NO way at all helped that. It did ease it a little for short periods of time if I held her while she was in this.

Ma Walhonding, OH

Poor structure for baby and caregiver.

This carrier does not provide optimal positioning. The baby’s hips and spine are not correctly placed, which causes him/her to dangle and puts pressure on the hips. There are much better options out there! Infantino also makes a mei tai, that works much better and is usually less expensive anyway.

Beverly Caliente, NV


i received this as a hand me down, it was in good condition. i used it for a few weeks on my daughter, until she was about two months old and weighing over 15 lbs. it hurt my neck and back to wear for longer than 20 minutes. however, she did enjoy looking out, and it allowed me to get stuff done.then i wore her in it to visit a friend, who is a podiatrist. she couldn’t help but tell me how TERRIBLE this is for baby’s developing spine and hips. It distributes their weight very unnaturally as they dangle from their crotch. babies need their whole bottom and hips supported. my friend told me she thought they should be pulled off the market, and now i agree. i feel bad that i ever put my baby in this. of course, my baby is fine, but i can’t help but warn people who surely want what is healthiest for their baby. not to mention, like i said, i don’t think you can use this with a baby much older than a few months because it digs into your shoulders and leaves you with an aching neck and back.this is not even worth the fifteen bucks they charge for it. someone else turned me onto an ergo baby, and even though we are very, very frugal, that was the best money ever spent and i don’t regret it at all. it is not only the proper position for baby, but it distributes the baby’s weight on the parents hips, NOT in the straps digging into your shoulders. we get so much use out of it, and used it with our daughter past 2 years old (on long hikes when she couldn’t walk the whole way). it was a lifesaver for running errands, getting stuff done around the house, and just getting out for a long walk while she napped and i got some peace of mind. i am not necessarily recommending only the ergo baby brand, but really any carrier that distributes baby’s weight through their bottom and hips and also is good for parent’s carriers are a great way to get stuff done, get out for a walk, and bond with your baby. science proves baby’s brains fire more neurons and form more synapses when they are being held or carried- so go for it!! you are NOT spoiling your baby, you are making him smarter and happier (and that means you are happier, too!).just don’t go for these “Crotch Dangler” kinds like this or baby bjorn, because now we know they are damaging to your baby’s tiny developing body. not good.

Tracey Talco, TX

Awful! Don’t waste your money!

This carrier is awful. I bought it before I knew what kind of carrier was safe for baby I put him in it and he started crying instantly. It is very uncomfortable for the parent as well, and I’m assuming for the baby. It is a "crotch dangler". Awful..if you’re going to baby wear, invest in something that will be comfortable for you AND baby. Cheaper is NOT better. Please don’t buy this!!! I won’t even give mine away in fear someone will use it and hurt the baby or themselves.

Roxanne Ocean View, NJ

Love it

I have gone through so many carriers and this one is by far the best. The others are complicated and expensive. I told myself that if this carrier didn’t work I was done trying. I should have gotten this one first. It would have saved me a lot of money and time. My baby loves it. I can face her towards me or faceing forward. I just slide it on and go. No knots, doesn’t come loose, and I don’t have to constantly adjust it.

Bertie Buras, LA

cheaper for a reason, but it’s not too shabby

These are cheaper than Ergos and Bjorns for a reason (as has been articulated by many other reviewers – lack of lumbar support, flimsy-feeling material, etx), but if you need just a light carrier around the house for no more than an hour or so, e.g. to calm a fussy baby, these are very well suited.A note on the material – it feels flimsier than the Ergo because it’s nylon/poly fabric instead of the canvas used in the Ergo. It’s not
• actually
• flimsy, only
• feels
• so in comparison.Another reviewer complained of the smell, and I have to say I smelt nada.

Celina Lava Hot Springs, ID

baby doesn’t like it but it was cheap

This item gets one star for useability, since my son seems uncomfortable in it, and the multitude of straps are somewhat confusing. It gets five stars for the price, since it was cheap to try out.The details:It is a little confusing to figure out how to put it on initially, but once you’ve used it a few times it gets easier.I think that the reason my son does not like it is the amount of pressure it puts on his groin. This carrier has buckles (covered with thick padding) which get pulled against his pubic bone. I don’t think the padding that covers the buckles adequately compensates for their lack of flexibility. I suspect that the buckles were intended to stay between his legs, entirely underneath his weight; but in practice they end up forward and a little higher, in a very uncomfortable place.

Robin Pendleton, SC

You get what you pay for

For baby carrier, all i can say is that you get what you pay for.I am just like any other mothers out there who is always scouting for cheap and good deals. I come across this carrier on amazon while I was in search for a good carrier for my newborn. I have heard good things about the popular Ergo baby carrier but being a student (mom), I have to live on a budget. I cannot afford a $100 sling (or so i thought). I was super elated when I found this Infantino Baby carrier for a fraction of the price and with moderately good reviews too. I purchased it without second thought.However, I have to say that the baby carrier served me well up until now, where my newborn baby is not so much a newborn anymore. She is a 7mth old baby weighing 17lbs. We were still using the infantino carrier for a stroll or grocery run in Walmart. We didnt think much of it until my husband keeps complaining of back pains. We realized that the carrier is actually hurting our back so much that we have constant back pain the next day after carrying our baby for more than 30 mins.My advise is that if you are looking for carrier for a baby who is less than 15 lbs, this maybe a good buy. But if you are looking long term (as in back pain surgery in 10 years time..) then it is more worth it to spend that $100 and save on the surgery in the future. We are purchasing our first ERGO baby carrier today and welcoming our way to a happier baby, and happier mummy and daddy.

Candace Renfro Valley, KY

Cheap, easy to get baby in and out of, bad for baby’s hips, makes my back hurt terribly

Overview of Infantino Swift baby carrier:- Easy to safely and securely get baby in and out of.- Causes horrible back pain for me no matter how I adjust straps. I also bought a used Baby Bjorn, and that one does not hurt. This one is so painful it’s difficult to communicate.- Back pain starts immediately after putting this on. I don’t even get a 15 minute grace period of comfort.- Looks to be bad for baby’s hips according to info on the International Hip Dysplasia Institute’s website.- Small, but still too bulky to carry in a diaper bag. It would take up the entire big compartment of my diaper bag.I got this carrier because when I went to my local Baby Depot unboxed and tried different models this was the carrier that I felt most comfortable getting baby in and out of safely without fear of dropping baby. The snaps are easy to fasten and unfasten one handed. They click when snapped into place, so I can hear that the snap is connected. There are 4 straps to hold the carrier seat in place. One strap is permanently fastened – the strap that goes over baby’s leg and to the side of his waist. Putting baby’s foot between that strap and the crotch of the carrier is the hardest part of getting the carrier on. Once that is in, the other side of his waist is secured first by velcro, and then by a snap. This double check on fastening is good, because when I take him out, it makes it easier to unhook that one handed and always keep a hand on his back. The other two snaps go over baby’s arms. Since getting this, I’ve gotten more comfortable holding baby, and it’s easier to get him in and out of carriers where the entire front unsnaps, but at first, there was a definite comfort level in having one front part that couldn’t unsnap. I never once felt like I would drop baby with this carrier.The biggest drawback to this carrier is that it positions the legs badly for a small baby. The International Hip Dysplasia Institute has drawings on its website of how a baby’s legs should hang from a baby carrier. For a child under 6 months, the legs should be supported along the thigh, so that they don’t droop down from gravity. The website for that group has drawings of how legs should hang from a healthy carrier and how legs should hang from a carrier that is bad for hips. When I looked at baby in this carrier in the mirror, his legs hung down so that they look like the bad for hips carrier picture. I showed my husband both pictures from the International Hip Dysplasia Institute website, didn’t show him the captions, and he picked the bad for hips picture too. From reading more, a baby’s legs sagging will tend to cause problems only if there is an underlying hip weakness. However, often an underlying weakness won’t be diagnosed until something like this carrier causes it to come out, or it will remain undiagnosed. The consequences include bad hip arthritis when the child has grown up and is old, but not as old as you might think – maybe 50s.When I put baby in a cloth diaper (these are bulky in the crotch) and then put him in the carrier, his legs didn’t sag so badly, and he was midway between the bad-for-hips picture and good-for-hips picture. But also with a cloth diaper, he will notice and cry as soon as his diaper is wet, which is less convenient when wearing a baby in public so I use disposable on trips out of the house. Plus, the cloth diaper doesn’t appear to provide enough thigh support, and is better but not good.The thigh support and hip health issue is a bigger concern here, because this carrier is for 5 to 25 pounds. So, it’s geared towards small babies – the under 6 month old babies who are vulnerable to hip injuries.The next biggest drawback to this carrier is my aching back. Try as I might, I couldn’t find a strap adjustment where my back was not killing me after about 8 minutes in this. The pain starts immediately and just gets worse. After three weeks with this, I bought a used Baby Bjorn original, and that one is much much more comfortable. It’s like night and day.Overall, this is a very low cost baby carrier that is safe and easy to get a squirming baby in and out of, in terms of dropping. Plan to use this sparingly to save your back and baby’s hips, and use it only to see whether or not you like baby wearing. If you do like baby wearing, then get a hip healthy baby carrier (but also try it out to check if you are comfortable getting baby in and out of it, because dropping baby can be much worse than hip issues).

Abbie Pearblossom, CA


I bought this for my 6 week old son. I needed something to carry him around the house when I needed hands. Well, for the most part its just to confusing and takes to much time to try and adjust and situate the contraption. I’m just not a fan. That’s not to say someone else might have use out of such an item, but to me it was just a little to much. When your a mother with kids you want something easy, comfortable and simple to use.

Bettie Camp Sherman, OR

Great carrier, Great price

I bought this so I could carry my baby around without having to lug the whole car seat around. It is very easy to use, you just slip it on and pull the straps on the back to adjust. I did take the little bib thing off as I found that to be unnecessary. I did find that when my daughter hit 16 lbs, it did start to get a little heavy after prolonged use (over 2 hours). I have seen some reviews that say the baby gets uncomfortable but so far we have yet to see any of those problems. She seems perfectly happy.

Ashlee West Middlesex, PA

Great Value

I bought this originally to use in the airport while traveling by myself a the baby. It worked great. For the price, it surprised me how comfortable it was.I now use to to grocery shop. I can carry my 20 pound baby around for 2 hours with no problems.

Graciela Lenoir City, TN

Great Front Facing Carrier

I bought this carrier for my husband to use. Normally he likes to just hold our daughter when we go on walks, but I thought this would help free his hands while giving her the ability to look out and around. For the price, this carrier is great! I’m so glad I didn’t buy the more expensive ones. Pretty much any front facing carrier is going to cause some back discomfort – it’s just the physics of it. If you’re looking for long term wear-ability with less back pain then go for the Ergo. But if you want a simple, front facing carrier this one is great.

Lynn Sutter, CA

Good price, good carrier

I researched a lot of carriers and almost ended up spending a lot of money for the “better” brands. I decided to purchase this one instead for around $20, thinking if it wasn’t that good I wasn’t out a lot of money. I really like this carrier. It is comfortable for me and my baby, and he loves being in it. I have used it since he was about 3-4 months old, and still use it now that he is 7 months. He is a big baby, 20 pounds and quite long, and he still fits into it, although probably not for much longer. One of the straps has frayed just a bit, which is why I gave it 4 stars. But it has held up well and I’m so glad I didn’t spend a lot of money for something that you only use for a few months.

Concetta Steeleville, IL

baby loves it

My 9 week old just loves being carried around in this sling. Right now she is in the facing in position and loves to stare at me while we are out and about, soon I’ll be able to face her out to the world when she’s ready. This sling has been a lifesaver for me while I was waiting to get my new stroller and car seat. It’s easy to customize to fit your body and baby’s size, it’s very light weight and the price is great. I would definitely recommend.

Regina Millen, GA

Five Stars

Me encanta es cómodo

Elba Winnetoon, NE


This carrier is great for the price. I didn’t want to spend $50+ for something I wasn’t going to use a whole lot.

Constance Blessing, TX

Back ache

The ergo is much better. This is good when they’re younger, but after about 18lbs it started to kill my back! I like how it faces outward. It lets my kid see the world.

Leonor Atlas, MI

Good for short carrying

This carrier is good for carrying short periods of time. After more than 10 mins, the back will start to hurt and I can feel strain on shoulders. Good price for a temporary carrier. For long periods of carrying, I recommend Ergo instead.

Sasha Chesterfield, SC


Excellent product when you need to go to shopping, travel or something else my daughter goes sleeping all the time and she feels warm in my chest

Lavonne Midway, AR

Very practical!

This is a life saver! She finally grew into it and loves it. When She sees me pick it up she smiles and waits. She knows she will be literally hanging with Mommie! 🙂

Laurie West Leisenring, PA

Comfortable and easy to use

I would have given 5 if there was support for the hip to distribute the weight more even. Best value for money

Julia Clarksburg, IN