Infantino Sync Comfort Wrap Carrier, Black/Red

Infantino Sync Comfort Wrap Carrier, Black/Red

Finally an easier to use wrap carrier for you and your baby to enjoy. Sync offers all the tried and true benefits of wrap style carrying but simpler. The unique lumbar belt simplifies usage while providing maximum back support. And with the one size fits all design, you are free to customize the fit to your own body style.

Main features

  • Cotton
  • Imported
  • Simplified design makes wrapping easier
  • Non stretch woven panels keep baby close and snug
  • Soft knit straps comfortably wrap around you and baby creating a c ounce y and supportive overlay
  • Adjustable lumbar belt provides ultimate back support
  • 4 carrying positions grow with baby: infant hug hold, facing in c ounce y time, hip hugging, backpack exploring

Verified reviews


Not one size fits all

Not One Size Fits All; This product was made for anyone who is smaller then a 3X. I am a size 24/26 in pants for women, and my husband is a size 48 waist in pants and we just barely fit into this on the widest setting. With it on the widest setting it kept riding up on my hourglass figure to my upper waist instead of hips/belly. I also have 46 G breasts and the baby was able to fit comfortably but tight. If I was holding a toddler or a heavier baby then my 9 pounder at the time I don’t think it would have worked out well.The idea, and the actual use of the item was well though! I was able to bend over having the baby almost upside down/a large tilt forward (I had my hands on the baby to be sure he wouldn’t fall out) without the baby slipping out. However I definitely wouldn’t recommend doing it many times over as my baby was only 9 pounds lol and a heavier baby might not be as lucky. This item was definitely made for someone who is a size 0-10. The Lumbar support is only about 2 feet max the girl shown in the video has to be like a size 2-6 at most. The strap was cutting into my back while I was carrying the baby, but again, It was already on the loosest setting and I had to suck it all in to get it to clip shut.Otherwise I gave it a 5 because it does the correct job, I just unfortunately am not the right body type for this product.

Kristi Treece, KS

Awesome hybrid design, poor use of knit fabric.

This carrier is a really neat design. It simplifies the design of a wrap carrier and transfers the weight to the hips rather than the mid-back, which is awesome. For a small baby, hands-down, this is one of the best carriers out there.My baby, however, is about 32 pounds (the packaging says that this carrier fits up to 35 pounds) and because of the knit (stretchy) fabric, it doesn’t support her well. I would never, ever put her on my back in it because she could easily flip backwards right out of it. It also sags after wearing for a while because of the stretchy fabric. This would have been one awesome product if it had been made with woven (non-stretchy) fabric throughout, instead of just at the front panel.All that said, she loves to ride in it in the front, and it does help when she’s feeling sick or otherwise clingy to give me some mobility. I prefer it over a mei tai, wrap, or buckle carrier, except all of those are better for back carries, say, if we’re hiking. For that, I’d use my Kinderpack XT. I just wish they’d thought about toddlers before using the fabrics they chose.

Summer Brantley, AL

Pretty wrap and very comfortable

I debated for a long time whether to buy a sling, front or wrap carrier and I am so pleased I that I had the opportunity to try this wrap carrier through this program. I have had my 12 month daughter facing in and out and either way is great. It has helped soothe her to sleep when we are places during her normal nap time and I have been able to work around the house no problem with her in it. Also, walks are a lot more fun with her close to me instead of in her stroller and it’s a better workout for me!The design is pretty and I fine this wrap carrier to be comfortable and a natural baby carrier. My husband even used it one Saturday when I had to go out with my daughters and he’s out coaching our son with football. I have to admit the wrap will require a little practice to properly put the wrap on you and get your baby into the wrap initially, (recommend having a 2nd person help the first couple of times getting the baby in the wrap till you get the hang of it). Although it took a couple of times to get the wrapping down, the guide is very helpful and I haven’t had any trouble. There are also many videos online if you need to see someone actually doing it.After the initial learning curve, can’t say how much I loved it. Also this wrap by far the most comfortable on you and the baby, due to the cloth design, it distributes the weight perfectly. Me and my youngest highly recommend the wrap!

Joy Catlin, IL

Baby Approved Baby Wrap

I have been wearing my babies [all 4 of them] for over 6 years now and I’ve tried and owned many of the carriers out there. I give this a 4 out of 5 because my daughter fell instantly asleep in it, otherwise I would have rated it lower. My biggest hang up with this wrap is it’s long straps—although needed for this type of wrap, it makes it difficult to put on in public or travel with in my diaper bag. I do like how close the baby is and how soundly she slept, but I didn’t like how difficult it was to get her in that position. I didn’t read the manual…which might help, but I feel like it’s a little complicated. For the price though, it’s probably worth a try since you will definitely get some good naps out of it.

Carole Saxton, PA

My least favorite carrier!

I originally bought a Moby Wrap, but it was just too much work with a squirming infant. By the time I finally got it on right, he was screaming and wouldn’t go into the wrap anyway. I bought this hoping for something that would go on more quickly with the same kind of support and comfort. Man…I was wrong. I was shocked at how much more irritating it was to get this on right, considering that it buckles at the waist. I thought this feature would make it easier to put on, since I wasn’t having to constantly make sure the wrap stayed firmly placed at my waist, which was a problem I had with the Moby. The material doesn’t stretch or give at all the way the Moby does, and the material it’s made out of is scratchy and uncomfortable. I couldn’t get it to stay in place safely and tightly no matter how many times I re-did the wrapping. I only used it twice before giving up on it completely. I’d rather just take the extra time and frustration to put on the Moby, since it’s comfortable and secure once on. However, I bought an ergonomic carrier by Infantino after trying both of these wraps and am SO much happier, AND it was not out of my price range like the Boba and Beco carriers are. Quick to put on, easy to get baby in and out, and so so comfortable (and best of all–safe for his little hips and his spine! I couldn’t get the wraps to STAY in a position that would keep his knees up). I honestly regret spending money on this carrier, and would not suggest it to friends. Maybe enemies, just to watch them struggle. 😉 -kidding-

Susanne Seaboard, NC

More trouble than it’s worth

I’m a first time mother, also a SINGLE MOM. Didn’t really know what to expect with a baby, but you can assume you want things to be easy for yourself. I was looking for something a little easier to use. I didn’t realize the wrap would be so long and time consuming. It looks great, but as always doesn’t quite look like the picture. I wouldn’t buy it again. I’d go for something super easy, despite fashion appeal. Which I’m all about, but dude… Babies are a handful. Especially if you’re a single mom.

Carla Lacamp, LA

Great for fussy babies, may be outgrown quickly

Out of the box, this wrap looks intimidating because it’s quite a long and confusing looking stretch of material. However, the instructions are very easy to follow and once mastered, it’s a cinch to put on.This carrier is really good for fussy/colicky babies as it gives them that cocooned/swaddled feeling when worn. At the same time, it leaves the wearer with 2 hands free and able to get some work done. I gave it 4 stars because now that baby is weighing over 16 lbs, I get a pain in my neck when I use this carrier for long periods of time.

Jade Blue Grass, IA

Better than a Moby

This is better than a moby. What makes the difference for me is the lumbar support belt part, it takes most of the strain off your shoulders. When I used a Moby, I felt like I was drowning in heavy fabric. This carrier is wonderful, and most of all my big 4 month old sleeps comfortably in it, and I can do light housework while wearing him.

Carmen Barker, TX

Fun & Comfortable! My Son Loves It!

The very first time I tucked my son into this carrier, he fussed because he didn’t like the fabric covering his head. He likes to look around! We followed the manufacturer’s advice to keep the first few times in the carrier short and now he loves being in it. If he’s fussy, being this close to mom and snuggled into her (me!)comforts him and he falls asleep very quickly. It takes about 3-4 tries before getting used to dressing yourself with this wrap, and the waist buckle is a little difficult because it’s so strong, but not unmanageable.In short, I adore this wrap carrier. I can’t wait to wear it out and about when spring comes!

Lidia Watersmeet, MI

Super convenient

My baby girl falls right asleep in it! She’s going through and phase where all she wants is to be close to mommy so this allows us to be close and leaves my arms available to run around and get things done. It’s a little tricky to use but I think it’s easier than a wrap.

Tracey Mineral Springs, NC


I got this because I found my Moby very daunting…I know I just need to practice with it, but I wanted something that I could use NOW. This is too much like the Moby, in that it still has long pieces of fabric that drag on the ground while you are putting the wrap on. I returned it and put the money towards an Ergo.

Caroline Claremont, NH

It works but…

My son is 2 months old now and he’s way too active for this to work for us at this point 🙁 The hassle of having to untie it and retie it if he needs to eat, be changed, etc. is really unfortunate. I think once he’s older and this product can be used to carry him on the hip it will prove to be more useful for us! I ended up wishing I had bought one of the harness types instead… Oh well, first child, you live and learn.

Libby East Newport, ME

so far so good

i’ve had mine for about a week now. i also have the ergo, a ring sling, and a hotsling. so far, this is my favorite.pros–comfortable. it doesn’t pinch or feel overly tight anywhere.-i don’t feel the need to lean back to compensate for the weight in the front.-pretty. look at it!-the weight is divided so evenly it feels like you’re wearing the baby in a tshirt.-i was able to nurse my toddler without having to adjust anything. i just lifted a breast up and he had at it. not sure how it would work with a smaller baby, but it might not be too different. i was wearing my son on the front.cons–takes some getting used to when you put it on. it doesn’t go on fast, and i have a hard time getting one of the shoulders to not be loose.-drags when you are trying to wrap it.-my son gets impatient when i’m trying to wrap him, but he’s fine once he’s in it.-takes longer to put on than anything else that i have, but it’s also more comfy.i’ve worn this with a 6m old that i babysit (a short chunkster) and my son who is 16m, 32in and 22lbs. it holds them both well, and the 6m old fell asleep in it.

Ora Krotz Springs, LA

Easy to use

This heavenly gadget is wonderful. It still takes two people to put it on just for the sake of safety for my 2 month old daughter, but once its on it is comfortable and secure.

Luisa Republic, OH

Great for newborns!

This wrap is great for newborns!! It’s easier to wrap than other brands. My 2 week old son loves this. He falls asleep in it immediately, once I have it on. I watched a few online videos on how to wrap it. It’s really easy to put on and feels really secure. The inexpensive price is a major plus. It’s great quality! I really love it.

Bobbie Munday, WV

Much cooler than others

I really like this wrap. It’s much cooler than others that I’ve tried. So it’s better for warmer temperatures. It’s also very easy to put on…got it in the first try!

Samantha Chappaqua, NY

Great carrier.

This carrier works great once you practice with it. My only complaint is that it is made in China…I would pay more for Organic cotton made in the USA.

Carolyn Montague, CA

Comfort and support!

Perfectly wonderful carrier, does everything I need and was so very affordable. Baby feels secure and my back feels happy!

Nona Earth City, MO

Not bad, offers good back support

I’m hoping that like most things, the more you use it, the easier it will become.Pros:1. Once it’s on, it holds the baby securely2. Wife likes the design3. The baby looked very comfy once inside4. Wife said it’s very comfortable and the weight is distributed very wellCons:1. It took two of us to put this contraption on my wife the first time. At least the instructions were pretty clear with good pictures2. As the dad, I prefer the standard BabyBjorn style baby carrier for myselfSummary:Overall, we’re going to keep this one because of all the other wrap style baby carriers, this was the easiest to put on and caused the least amount of strain on my wife’s back (our 2 month old infant weighs 11 pounds). I think once she gets the hang of how to put this on, she can do it herself. But for now, it’s a two person ballet trying to figure out what goes where without dropping the baby or suffocating her.

Lessie Louisburg, NC

So far baby and mom like it

My baby is only two months but he likes the “infant hug hold.” It feels secure and does not hurt my back. I took a star off because it can be complicated to put on. If I lose the instruction booklet, I’d be in trouble. Looks nice and appears decent quality!

Hannah Saint Charles, KY


This thing is fantastic… good lower back support and breathable cotton where baby is! I know people love the Moby, but I just didn’t think too much of it… this thing solved my problems with that.

Hazel Forestville, MI

Comfy for long use but doesn’t provide padding like the Ergo

When it comes to baby carrying you’ll want to get the most durable and comfortable product available since you’ll want it to grow with your baby. It’s also super important that both parent and baby are comfortable for more than 15 minutes otherwise you won’t be carrying your baby in the carrier much.Because of these factors I spent a lot of time testing and researching baby carriers. This one is definitely a contender but only for the early months. It looks cool and is affordable and lightweight, but just doesn’t offer the support you’ll need for yourself and baby to use long term, especially as your baby gains weight. I ended up getting the Moby Wrap, the Infantino Tie Sash, the Baby Bjorn and the Ergo Baby (mostly as gifts). Out of these, the Ergo Baby is my all time favorite, although baby can’t face forward (one of his favorite positions so we use the Infantino or Bjorn for that).If you want a more comprehensive review, check out the baby carrier shopping guide on the website Just look under baby gear essentials and you’ll find a full baby registry suggestion list (what you really need versus what you don’t), a stroller shopping guide, and even what to expect postpartum, in the delivery room, and how to sleep train your child.

Ramona Dorset, OH

Great Wrap

A great cross of a Moby and ergo carriers and more comfortable than any other carrier I’ve ever owned. My son is 10 months now and we still use it. Its great for newborns and super helpful for sick and teething babies who want mommy but mommy needs to get things done. It does have long straps which can drag on the ground when tying in public but baby cant touch the parts that touch the ground and it washes very easy. I also recommend washing it often because like any wrap they stretch and washing brings it back down to size. It really has been worth every penny.

Sylvia Lakeland, MI