Infantino Tag Along Chimes Frog and Duck

Infantino Tag Along Chimes Frog and Duck

The Infantino Tag Along Chimes sway, chime and soothe. Soft Velcro loops make it great for car seats, strollers, activity gyms and more. Perfect for cruising or stroller sno ounce ing.

Main features

  • Makes sweet soothing sounds to calm baby when on the go
  • Fun characters for baby to enjoy
  • Easy for little hands to grasp

Verified reviews


Calms our baby…

Purchased these to distract/calm our baby who HATES being in his car seat.

Doris Ether, NC

Great, baby likes, but Velcro doesn’t stand up

My 2 month old loves to look at these and likes the chime. They are a simple and excellent toy. The only issue is that the Velcro is pretty flimsy and they might require a it of retrofitting, depending on the place you want to hang them. There is no way to adjust the tightness of the Velcro attachment loop, so it slides. I sewed on more Velcro so that I could get a tighter fit and now the toy is pretty good. I think it should be easy to use upon arrival and not need extra prep to get it to work correctly, especially for the price.

Lakeisha Walnut Springs, TX


Baby likes them. Cute, nice noise. Docked a star because I can’t throw in the washing machine.

Alexandra Muscle Shoals, AL

A favorite with Baby

These two chime toys are my 4 month old granddaughter’s favorite toys to bat and grasp. In fact, the frog was the first toy she actually interacted with. Great choice!

Fran Amargosa Valley, NV

keep her busy

my little ones love them bright and colorful.put them on her feet and hands and she kicks and plays with them,,,,,keeps her busy and happy

Luisa Milan, NM

Hours of entertainment…

…if you are an infant. We use these not only on the carseat, but also on the activity gym, and just for fun.

Cornelia Pompton Plains, NJ

Very good

These are a hit with my baby! He loves them. It keeps him entertained in his car seat. He also enjoys it attached to the jungle gym. This one us a winner!!! Compared to the many other failed items i have purchased for the baby!

Lou Pine Meadow, CT

great for the car

Ordered these to attach to the carseat or the stroller when the baby was 6 months. I keep them in the car mainly and she still loves them at 14 months. Great for chewing when teething and they make soft tinkling sound so they aren’t really annoying.

Ruth Yellow Springs, OH

Get your kid one.

My 5 month old enjoys these. They provide a great distraction for her but not for long. Not a bad buy for the price.

Georgina Taylor, ND

Pleasant sound but don’t stay in place

My daughter loves to bat at toys, so I thought these were promising for her carseat. They are cute and the chime sound is pleasant, but I wish the entire strap was made out of felt so the velcro fastening is adjustable. That way there is no slack on the strap and they will stay in place. There is a fixed velcro patch and so the toys slide down the bars of the carrier and end up hanging out the sides of the carseat where they brush up against dirty cars and walls. Not what you want when your baby likes to take things and put them in her mouth! If the straps were just adjustable, I would give this 5 stars.

Sydney Healdsburg, CA


these are cute and the right length, but I think they could have put a little more cushion around the rattle part, it is a little hard.

Sasha Caddo Gap, AR

I want my own! Lol

Darling sounds that aren’t annoying. It just makes you happy. I love they are Velcro and can be moved easily from car seat handle to other toys and bars.

Michael Woodlawn, TN

Great products!

These are great! I love the sound in them and my son (4 months) love them. Easy to move around. Good quality.

Constance Weidman, MI

My son loves these!

These are nice because they hang just far enough from the grab bar on my infant car seat. My son can grasp them and the faces on each one catches his attention. I wish the straps would tighten a little more so they didn’t slip down the handle but I just bought a fastener for baby toys and clipped the two together, now they don’t slip. They have a calming chime that isn’t annoying, if find it reassuring when I am driving because I will hear him playing with them and I know all is well when I can’t see him.

Miranda Greenville, MO

love them, baby loves them too

I love the sound the take along chimes make and it wasn’t surprising that baby feel in love with them. They came together with his car seat and these were what made him stay in the seat for so long. He kept batting them with both hands and now he turns to wherever this sound is. I will definitely buy more.

Catalina Greentown, OH

must have

This saved my life in the car, when baby was 2 months and up. It helped her all the way, short one month before she moved out of the infant seat. They make pleasant soft chiming sounds, so they are not annoying and do not really wake them up when they fall asleep.

Janet Mortons Gap, KY


I love the frog and duckie. I wish there were more options and colors as well …. would recommend to anyone who bought the gym…u can use it in the car seat as well

Concepcion Coalwood, WV


I purchased this product for mIy son . Sometimes he gets bored whenever he’s in the car . With these items I can play with him and he will be happy.

Angelina Brighton, TN

Entertains baby on car rides

These are a great addition to the car seat to entertain the bubs in the car. they make a nice musical sound not too overwhleming. I also use them on my activity chair because she cannot reach the high toys yet.Machine washable.

Ramona Westminster, VT

Not his favorite

I bought these to hang from the car seat handle. My son is 2 months and doesn’t seem to care about them one way or another, yet he does enjoy other mobiles.

Madelyn Atlasburg, PA

Very attractive!

These have been very useful when I take my daughter in the car.. she enjoys playing with these. I put them on her play gym at home and loves it there as well. These have become one of her fav toys!

Joan Sibley, LA

Jingle jingle

Keeps baby busy and occupied – baby usually hates being in the car seat but is happy as soon as these are within reach

Annmarie Cortez, CO

cute, but baby isn’t obsessed

These are very charming…but for whatever reason, baby doesn’t love them. I’m still rating them highly because they’re cute and colorful, very easy to attach to thing, and the chime sound is very gently and pretty, so I do think it’s worth a try…your baby might just love them! I haven’t given up on these yet, but for now, they don’t get that much use. (I have a 4 month old little boy, and I bought these when he was 3 months)In case you’re curious for other recommendations, my baby prefers this tiny Taggies Monkey Rattle attached to a stroller strap [;=1403813270&sr;=8-3&keywords;=taggies+monkey AND;=1403813279&sr;=8-2&keywords;=stroller+buddy]

Lesa Tracy City, TN

Baby loves them

I had the older version of the duck and we noticed mold growing on the bottom feet so we tossed it out. I bought these which are identical except the middle design, but that doesn’t bother me. These are easy to rip off of whatever you strapped them too, easy to jingle- not much motion needed to make them jingle. Good for long car rides and for regular play. We haven’t noticed any issues with mold so far which is great, but still on the lookout.

Lucile Marrero, LA


They are functional for my son and he plays with them in the car seat and stroller. He also plays with them on tummy time

Ashlee Windsor, MA

Cow and Pig

I have the cow and pig. They dangle and baby does not mind the jingle. I’m kind of meh about these as baby is almost three months and does not seem to be really engaging with them or caring about their existence.

Frankie Almira, WA