Infantino Textured Multi Ball Set

Infantino Textured Multi Ball Set

Six adorable ball pals with lots of sensory stimulating textures for little hands to explore

Main features

  • 6 months plus
  • BPA-Free
  • Helps develop baby’s tactile senses
  • 6 easy-to-grab textured balls
  • Helps develop baby’s tactile senses!

Verified reviews


Terrible purchase

This was by far the worst purchase I have made. These are not balls, a ball has bounce and these do not bounce at all. When you throw them they just fall flat and their only purpose is texture. Its better to buy a textured book instead. My kids don’t even bother with these balls because they do not bounce. I don’t recommend these products.

Deborah Saint Joe, IN


This is a bargain. I bought just the nubby ball alone for $5 in the past. My baby loves these balls.

Martina Pennington Gap, VA

New favorite toy

My 9 month old daughter loves these so much. Right now, she’s obsessed with the yellow and red ones because she’s teething. They are great for exploring textures and sizes, learning to pick things up and problem solving, learning colors, cause and effect, and learning to gather things.

Melinda Hobson, MT

Sensory Toys for a Sensory Boy

Our kid’s got some sensory stuff going on, so I thought maybe this would help. I wasn’t expecting some magic button, but I have to say that he really likes these, and he’s usually pretty texture-averse. They were just enough stimulation to get him interested and "safe" enough that he didn’t freak out when he touched or mouthed them. Would buy again, for sure.

Ellen Ohatchee, AL

Very cute but not a winner

The rattle is super cute but our baby has no interest in it. There is no contrast or fun noise. The adults think it’s precious, but it was supposed to be a treat for the baby 🙂

Eloise Atlantic Beach, NY

Love them, but they are not soft.

I was thinking they would be soft and they are not. That said, my granddaughter loves them. I think if they were soft, they would have to be heavier. Not such a good thing when she’s a bit older and starts throwing them.All in all, a great collection! I have them in a bowl on her shelf.

Marilyn Hoodsport, WA


santa brought these for my 8 month old and he loves them. they are great size and texture. just like pictured.

Aurelia Mc Caulley, TX

Great balls of whatever these are made of!

Bought these for my son when he was 9 months, and they are perfect. He loved the different textures. They helped him work out his grasping skills (and accidental bonking Maman in the head skills), and now a month later, he likes to chew these with his 8 pearly whites. They hold up well and are easy to clean.

Hilary Hewitt, TX

Harder than expected.

These are a lot harder than I was expecting. They are made of quite a hard plastic with an air hole but are difficult to depress. My one year old and three year old children can’t squeeze them. And these things turn into painful projectiles when one is thrown at someone. The set is cute & the colors are good but I really would rather have something air filled & sealed so it can be soft. My kids hardly touch these toys. Maybe if they had squeakers or bells in them they’d be more interesting to my little ones.

Christian Rosendale, MO

Great soft rubber balls that our 8 month old loves to chew or chase around

Our 8 month old loves chewing on these balls or chasing them around when I throw them. I like how they are soft so they don’t make that much noise like the hard plastic balls. For the price, I think this is one of our most used toys!

Marcie Waltham, MA


I was looking for sensory balls for my son to use in his OT sessions. These are all different shapes essentially, but they’re all the same texture – there’s basically no sensory difference between them. They’re a hard plastic, they don’t squeeze or bounce. These definitely won’t work for sensory play, and I’m not really sure what my son would use them for.He plays with measuring cups though, so I’m sure he’ll come up with something. Just not what I had envisioned.

Kendra Leiter, WY

It’s okay

The balls are much smaller than what I expected or have seen from similar balls in stores. I would have liked them to be a little larger or maybe vary in size more.

Augusta Fall Branch, TN

very nice

Brightly colored, multi-textured sensory balls: baby loves them. She grabs hold of them easily and finds it fun to drop them. Now they stay in her pack n play so mum doesn’t have to go searching.

Lois Flom, MN

Textured Toys

My little one loves exploring the different textures these balls offer as well as rolling and chasing them around! The yellow "jack" looking one is a fave to chew on.

Agnes Samantha, AL

I was hoping they will be more rigid so she would have fun with the different textures

Not as exciting as I was hoping – the textures are very subtle so my baby can’t really hold the balls, except the yellow one. I was hoping they will be more rigid so she would have fun with the different textures.

Lorena Ferris, IL

Great toy for exploring textures and colors

Great toy for exploring textures and colors, and for doing all the other fun things balls can do. The red ball actually feels really awful to me (it’s kind of pokey), and I don’t like holding it, but they yellow ball is definitely the least favorite for both of my kids, I think because it is the least ball-like. These toys do have a slight odor, but it doesn’t bother me and I’m usually really sensitive to smells. The balls are all hollow and they all have a small hole in them; you can squeeze air out of the balls through this hole and then the balls will regain their shape. I only mention this because I was not expecting that, and I think it gives a better idea of what the balls are like.I bought these balls for my one-year-old, but my almost three-year-old loves them as well. I think they maybe are a little expensive for what they are (I would put them in the $5 – $8 range), but my kids are happy, so I’m happy.

Leann Willow City, ND

Great ball set

Love the colors and the textures. The sizes are great and baby loves it. I think this set can grow with your child as they age.

Claire Snowville, UT

Excellent for sensory play

These balls are excellent for sensory play. My 6 month old loves trying to hold them, looking at the bright colors, and watching them roll around. My dog also loves them, so they are all missing now. Hmmm. Here are my findings:1. They are made of a hard plastic. I can stand on them and they will barely crush. For that reason, these would be excellent physical therapy tools for runners or anyone else who needs to work out the kinks in their feet or anywhere. However, if your daughter grabs one and is banging it and it happens to hit her in the face, it might hurt her. It also might hurt her if she falls on the yellow one in particular, as it does not roll.2. These are hollow on the inside, so they are lightweight. My 6 month old has no problem picking them up.3. The variety of textures is excellent.4. It would be nice if they came with a carrying pouch. Like I said, they are all missing now…they’ve rolled under the sofa, my dog has grabbed them from my daughter’s toy box, etc. I should have found a little mesh bag to store them in earlier.5. They could make excellent bath toys.The price is right, the textures are excellent, and the variety is great. I’d get these again!

Lourdes Golden Meadow, LA

Enjoyed by 6 mos old

My grandson enjoys these balls. He has an activity center and I put various toys all around it’s edge and then he plays with each until all have fallen to the ground and we have to start over again. These balls are definitely among the things that he regularly reaches for.

Kay North Webster, IN

Simple and great

Bought these for my 8 month old daughter. Some of them are still a little big for her hands, but she loves them. The yellow one is very easy for her to grasp, and incidentally chew on! The orange one is a good size for her too. Just the simple toy I was looking for.

Carol Leckie, WV

Great variety!

Very pleased with this purchase and so is my 10 month old. It’s Been two months since I bought them and she loves carrying them and throwing them around. Well made and worth the money.

Roxie Sumner, WA

Simple but stylish

These are great balls! We got them for my one year old for Christmas and he loves them. I love that each ball has a distinct texture, and they are easily graspable for his little hands. Our little one likes to throw them (lightweight), organize them (in and out of the neat box they came in) and just run around with one in his hand. I also like the quality – I felt that for little plastic balls, these ones seem sturdy and aren’t brittle.

Earlene Sybertsville, PA


Nice set of balls for ya to play with, all sorts of textures and such. Good quality, could be softer though

Tiffany Norton, MA