Infantino Tummy Time Mat, Gender Neutral

Infantino Tummy Time Mat, Gender Neutral

158-368 Features: -Color: vintage / blue. -For ages 0 month and up. -Includes two toys and a growth chart to measure baby. -Roll and go design makes it perfect for on-the-go and easy to store. -Helps develop arm and neck strength. -Machine washable. -Playmat and pillow: 65pct Polyester, 35pct Cotton. -Filling: 100pct Polyester. Warning or disclaimers: Never leave baby unattended on the mat. Babies should not be allowed to sleep unsupervised while lying on this playmat. Do not use this product as a blanket. Use this product only on the floor. Not intended for use in a crib or playpen. A healthy baby should sleep on his back. Help reduce the risk of Sudden Infant Death Syndrome. When putting your baby down for a nap or to bed for the night, place him on his back. Adult supervision required. This product is not intended to be used as a flotation device or to be placed in water. Inspect mat before each use. Adult assembly required. Keep away from fire.Strengthen musclesKeeps baby clean when playing on the floorWashableIncludes 2 removable rattlesPerfect tummy time mat for infants

Main features

  • Strengthen muscles
  • Keeps baby clean when playing on the floor
  • Washable
  • Includes 2 removable rattles
  • Perfect tummy time mat for infants

Verified reviews


Great Item

I absolutely love this tummy time mat. I am a mom of two boys and it has lasted through both of them. I love the fabric of this product and it can easily be rolled up and put out of the way when not in use. The pillow is attached by velcro so can be used on other items if you want. I also love the growth chart on the side of the item, fun to watch how much they grow!! I would highly recommend this item to anyone with infants.

Olga Terreton, ID


I couldn’t give this product fewer than 3 stars simply because there is nothing inherently wrong with the product itself. It serves it’s purpose, it cleans easily, it helps with tummy time and is adorably cute. BUT, after having had it, I find I use our boppy pillow more simply because it’s already out. With this, I have to get it out, unroll it and pack it back up when it’s done being used, or leave it out and have yet one more toy or baby gear item laying out. It’s much easier to use our boppy pillow for tummy time and so this was a waste of MY money as I just don’t use it. If you already own a boppy pillow or are planning on purchasing one, skip this item as it’s not needed! Otherwise, a well thought out and cute item.

Lois Holbrook, AZ

Just what a baby needs – nothing more!

I get very frustrated by the over “toy’d” baby products out there. Too much crazy color, too many silly plastic toys, just too much! This is simple and elegant. The mat is not very padded, but it is padded enough, especially if you are putting it down on top of a carpet. The pillow is quite firm and does not feel like it will compress quickly with use. You might actually get some life out of this pillow. The toys are simple and detachable. It would be easy to attach your own toys if your child isn’t interested in the included ones. It is hard to tell from the picture, but there is a height scale printed on the mat. I think this is kind of cool! Tummy time is really important for infants, don’t get one of those mats with all the toys hanging above their heads, get something like this that encourages motor skill development!

Margaret Grant, OK

Color Fades After Just One Wash

I will start by saying that I do like this tummy time mat. It’s small (more narrow than having a blanket on the floor) and portable and the bolster helps.My biggest disappointment is that the pretty fabric fades after just one wash. I actually returned the first one I bought because it began to come apart after the first wash as well. The replacement mat is just faded so it looks older and dingier than it should, which is too bad. Otherwise, it’s a nice mat.

Emilie Iowa Falls, IA

Great Value

I bought this because I wanted my 4 month old to have more tummy time. The Tummy Time Mat has great features. It’s small and easily portable, the pillow is just the right height and baby loves the toys which are attached so you never lose them. I take it with me when we travel so he can always have entertainment and a clean place to lay on the floor.

Mara West Hamlin, WV