Infantino Twist and Fold Activity Gym, Vintage Boy

Infantino Twist and Fold Activity Gym, Vintage Boy

Baby will twist and shout for this new take on a classic design. Our super soft activity gym is filled with fun features and plush play pals. It’s the perfect take-along for big adventures or for turning little spaces into big fun!

Main features

  • Polyester
  • Imported
  • Folds up compactly for storage or travel in 2 easy steps
  • Sit and Play, Tummy Time and Overhead Discovery
  • Large peek-a-boo mirror entertains baby
  • Includes 4 linkable toys
  • Plush prop to up pillow is great for tummy time play
  • Folds up compactly for storage or travel in 2 easy steps! Just twist and pull!
  • Sit & Play, Tummy Time and Overhead Discovery
  • Large peek-a-boo mirror entertains baby
  • Includes 4 linkable toys
  • Plush prop-up pillow is great for tummy time play

Verified reviews


color misleading no dimensions info

The colors on an activity mat are important as that’s what ur baby is going to be introduced to the first thing. The colors on the mat are not close to what’s shown on the website. I did not try the one click thing of opening and closing the mat. I found it small for my tall baby and overall the mat has a cheap garish color look and feel. Returning it.

Tasha Wellston, MI

Must have gym, can assemble or disemble with one hand!

This gym is not only beautiful and soft for my baby, but is so easy to use! There is a unique feature that allows me to assemble to gym for play with one hand, you just push down and the bars spring into place. It’s also so easy to take down, you just twist the knob and the whole gym is ready to be folded up and put away! This is a great item and will buy for all baby showers!!!

Jo Troy, ME

Sweet and Fun

I was surprised to see this labelled as “boys” because I bought it in a store for my little girl. I didn’t want some horrendous pink thing that couldn’t be used for the next baby, and this seems pretty neutral to me.Anyway, I chose this gym for a few reasons:1. Pretty small for storage – folds up easily and pops out just as easily2. Not full of plastic. Lots of the gyms I looked at had soo many plastic toys and we are trying to limit the plastic in our home – this gym has 4 plush toys (some with little plastic accents).3. Nice looking – I liked the colours and the cute little animals that hang4. Toys can be interchanged. If you don’t like the toys that are hanging, you can remove them.Cons:The toys are supposedly supposed to be “wiped clean” which frankly isn’t good enough when your baby spits up all over them. I threw them all in the machine on the delicate cycle and they came out fine (even the musical one) – but you can tell that too many washings will destroy themThe pillow does suck. As another review stated, the “tummy time” pillow is a piece of junk. It doesn’t really do much to “prop up” a heavier baby (and my girl is a big one!)The mat is fairly small – actually, this is a bit of a pro for us, because we live in a tiny space – but if you want something where your baby can roll and roll and roll, you might look for something biggerFinally, my husband remembers his siblings having gyms that the top bars stood separately. These must attach via clips to the mat in order to arch. This is the only gym I’ve ever had/seen so I don’t know if they make them where the arches stand alone or not. It would be a nice feature because you could then set it on whatever surface you wanted.Overall, I’m satisfied. I didn’t want to pay twice as much for something full of plastic and music, but other gyms were tiny or lame looking. I think this is a good middle-of-the-road.

Nettie Providence, KY

watch the price

We bought ours for around 40. At 40 bucks I feel that its over priced but I have seen it on here for around 30. It really should cost around 20 but people have to make their money. Quality if fine and our baby likes it but I just think its overpriced.

Roxie Colorado Springs, CO

Baby loves it – and it’s not hideous!

I have accepted that my home will be full of brightly colored toys for the next 5 years or so. Probably more. Baby loves them, so we live with it. But now I have found a great toy that my son LOVES and I like the looks of it too! My 3.5 month old son loves looking at himself in the detachable mirror, and playing with the multiple toys attached to the arches. We move the mirror around and he gets different views. We had another play mat, but he likes this one MUCH better. The mat fold up quickly, making it great to take along or take apart to throw in the wash. The colors and patterns are more “adult” and go decently with our house, and my son loves the contrast. I would highly recommend this to anyone with a young baby.

Gwen Clayton Lake, ME

Pretty good for the price

This activity gym has beautiful colors which is great for the child. I bought it because it came with a tummy time pillow however i has to compromise because i could either pick one with a pillow or one that has something in the middle. This one doesnt have anything hanging in the middle. But there is a tiny hook like thing that you can hang stuff onto, just have to be creative. Its easy to fold and move and there are options to hang additional stuff on the lower parts to the tubes.

Megan Preble, NY

Best activity mat!!

I registered for this mat because I liked the simple, sleek design compared to many of the other mats out there. I didn’t even realize it collapsed until after I got it. At first the button to close the mat was stiff, but we found that if you apply some downward pressure when turning the button, it works much easier. We dont have the biggest living space, so i love being able to tuck the playmat in the corner when not in use. My daughter loves the animals and was able to grab onto the rings attached to the monkey and elephant soon after starting to use it. The mat itself detaches easily and is machine washable which if great because my daughter spits up or drools on it all the time. The mirror is nice for tummy time and for when she is on her back. Each arm has two hooks, so you can attach and/or move the animals as desired. We have also attached some of our links and she loves playing with them too.I would definitely recommend this to a friend.

Jeanette Seeley Lake, MT

Good quality, lots of toys, great item

The gym was easy to put together and seems to be good quality. The toys stay on well and are varied on color and sound (rattles, crackles and trinkles). The mirror is a fantastic touch and my six week old loves to smile at himself in the mirror. It can be detached and reattached anywhere on the jungle gym.All of the toys and rings are customizable. The "tummy time" pillow is loose- it is not sewn down nor does it have velcro so it slides around pretty easily. The bottom cloth detaches and is machine washable, thankfully. There are eight hooks to hang toys and only four toys come with the jungle gym so you have an extra four places to hang whatever you want!

Sierra Leivasy, WV

Love it so far

My little monster isn’t due to arrive until October, so I haven’t had a chance to put the activity gym to the test yet, but I’m super happy with my purchase so far.I’ve inherited a few used activity gyms, and this one definitely has some advantages over others I’ve received/seen:1. It folds down compactly. Anyone who has struggled with the crossbars that normally come with activity gyms knows how nice of a feature this is.2. The color scheme and toys are stimulating but not too stimulating. I personally didn’t want all of the bells and whistles that so many baby toys seem to come with. This is a personal preference, and I realize that other folks may feel the complete opposite, but if you’re like me, then this is the activity gym for you. The toys that come with it all make a little bit of noise (bells, rattling, crinkling – and one, in fact, plays a song), but nothing too over the top.3. It’s a thing of beauty. There are a lot of colors and patterns to stimulate baby, but the gym is also designed to aesthetically please mom and dad. This is a big one for me – I’m so happy that companies are starting to make baby stuff that doesn’t just involve cutesy designs. Just because I have a kid doesn’t mean I want to be surrounded by cartoon puppies and bears 24-7…Seems like a great product so far – will write an update if the abuse my kid puts it through proves otherwise.

Rebekah Taiban, NM

Giraffe is NOT musical

The gym is as pictured, but my “musical” giraffe was broken. It never worked. The pillow is filled with that poly-crap and the materials are slippery, so it isn’t going to serve much purpose b/c it slides around, but I still like the mat. It is big and I like the toys (except the giraffe) and the colors are pretty.BUT if I pay $35 (And, yes, I did pay $35, not $30) I expect it to WORK! Not just MOSTLY work. So, I am pissed that I paid $5 extra bucks and got a broken toy and can’t get them to send me a working one.UPDATE: I went to and emailed them. I got a free replacement giraffe about a week later and it WORKED! =]

Meghan Hawaii National Park, HI

Love love love this and I haven’t had the baby yet.

The main reason for choosing this activity gym is that it folds up and travels well. Most other activity gyms, the bars don’t fold up and are just so awkward to store or travel with. This one is so easy to unfold to use and fold up to put away. It hardly takes up any room in the closet. The toys are all so cute and you can attach them to other things like a stroller or carseat for more entertainment. Can’t wait to add baby 🙂

Henrietta Crandall, GA

Great for travel

This is our go to playmat for travel. The twist and fold feature is very easy to work and we take it to use at the grandparents house. I even packed it in my suitcase for a trip across country so our infant could show off his skills to our friends and family. Con: The hanging toys will not survive heavy pulling and they only have features on one side of the toy.

Irma Mill Spring, NC


Did not take out of the box but have bought one before and are very useful. I will find out after the shower, how much it is liked

Christie New Cumberland, WV

Great value

For the price I don’t think you could ask for more! I like the design and the bright colors. I wish the toys were machine washable but I don’t think any of the toys in these activity gyms are…Baby especially likes the mirror and enjoys batting the toys. However, he might be getting bored of this already (he is 10.5 weeks) but I’m hoping he’ll get into this again soon. Great for tummy time and easy to transport from room to room. (haven’t needed to take out of the house)

Clara Woodburn, IN

Great buy

We really love this activity mat, perfect for tummy time!Pros -Material is nicer than I thoughtDoesn’t come with any musical thing we don’t needAffordableEasy to break downConsBulkyNot a lot of attachmentsWhile it doesn’t come with many attachments, we had some rings laying around and used those with the mat too.Would buy again.

Marsha Deferiet, NY

Omg! So Cute!

I really love this! My baby likes looking at himself in the mirror and likes to crinkle the lions paw. His favorite to play with are the lion and the elepahnt. My baby stays content for hours at antime. There are extra loops where you can place your toys that the baby likes on there. I like how the pillow is moveable so he can face different directions and play with his different toys during tummy time. For some reason he laughs at the giraffe every time he sees it. I really like this a lot. It’s super easy to clean which is a blessing since he tends to be a little messy.

Wendi Bellwood, AL

Love it!!!!

I bought this a while ago and love it! My son is 5 months old and had been using it for a while and he loves it! The quality is great and it keeps him occupied + u can attach other toys. After I got this order couple of my friends end up ordering it also. Great product for the price!

Helen Osterburg, PA

Cute and Functional!

My son LOVES this gym. The hanging toys are really cute, the fabric is soft and colorful, and it sets up one-handed. It’s a great product.

Margo Rombauer, MO

Awesome Play Gym for the Price!

For my 1st child I went crazy and bought 2 play gyms both about 70 bucks a piece. Afterwards I realized I spent way too much lol so my second child I knew I had to shop around. When I saw this one i loved it. The price was amazing, loved the colors and how easy it was to put together and then put away. Only problem is the little pillow was missing but infantino is taking care of that. Totally recommend this!!!

Ana Dexter, ME

Fun times!

My daughter has loved this for months! We started placing her on this for "tummy time" as a newborn and she loves it. At first she just stared at the mat but now that she is older she scoots herself close to the pole parts to try to grab the animals or she kicks the pole parts to make noise. This is definitely a baby purchase that your baby will get months worth of use out of-something I have learned is a rarity among baby purchases.

Alyce Montrose, MO

Baby love it and so do I! easily collapsible

Lots of loops to add other toys.It folds easily +++: can be opened with one hand while holding baby with the other.The product says ‘for boy’ but I bought it for my daugther and she loves it.Colors blend easily in kids room and living room.

Brandy Lynnville, TN

Love it!

This seems to be one of the more basic gyms available but it has everything my little guy needs. He loves kicking and hitting the hanging toys. I like the colors and don’t mind it being out in the living room but it also folds easily. We use this several times a day.

Alfreda Brownville Junction, ME

Wonderful gym.

My daughter is 3 months old and has been playing with the gym for about a month now. We picked this gym up used, but if I had realized how inexpensive this was compared to other gyms I would have bought it new. I have the vintage boy design because its so cute and the girl design has too much pink. I think most of the play gym patterns are really annoying for me to look at, but this one is really cute. Folds up really easy. The pillow does help her tolerate tummy time for about a minute. She seems to really engage with the toys. There are extra loops so I have 8 toys hanging up (it only comes with 4). Plus I added on to the center top with Velcro. I do wish there was a loop to hang a toy there too. The gym is easy to travel with. I take it in the car with me whenever we are going to be a anyone’s house for a length of time.

Barbara Drytown, CA

Love the style and design!

My son absolutely loves his playmat! The bright colors of the fun fabrics catch his eye, and I love the design and the way it folds up to store. GREAT purchase!

Karina Westlake, LA

Lots of pros and several minor cons

I bought the “boy” version of the gym for my three-month-old girl because I needed a second gym that will be easy to transport when we are visiting family etc. My daughter LOVES it and it became our primary gym. If you are OK with the minor cons described below, this is the best deal around.PROS- My baby loved playing in it, the colors are wonderful and the toys are cute. She played in it till she was 4.5 months and then continued to play with the toys separately from the gym. It really helped her learn to roll over from her back to the tummy- Some people complain about the quality but I see no problems. Maybe they had defective models? The surface mat is thick and pleasant, I washed it according to the instructions and it is just fine.- Easy to assemble. Takes a minute of your time and is sturdy.- Compared to other models — very compact when folded. I could take it with me when we go to a place she needs to spend an day with me outside home.- Lots of ways to hang the toys, two levels, and rings that allow you to hand other toys as well- Non breakable mirror included- It is both a pro and a con — the mat is small (exactly as depicted in the pictures). So if you want something compact for your tiny living room it is perfect. I have no troubles with this.CONS (in the order I personally consider it as a problem):- You can wrap the mat around the toys and secure it with the strap. This is a great idea, but for some reason they designed it such that you must wrap the mat such that the upper side of the mat faces OUT — to the dirt etc, while the side that lies on the floor will face the toys! When I want to transport the gym, I end up wrapping the whole thing in another blanket to protect the mat from the outside world,and place the mat on this blanket so that the bottom side of the mat does not get dirty and then touch the toys when I pack it again.- It is not as compact as it appears from the picture that shows it folded. I took it with us when we had to stay over night outside home, but would not bring it with me for just an hour at friends, for example.- The rings design is hard to disassemble. So it takes a few extra minutes to hang or change the position of the toys. A bit annoying.- The faces of the animals appear only on one side. It is more realistic this way, but if you hang the toy the wrong way (or re-position the baby) the infant cannot see the faces.- It does not have a musical element but I am personally totally fine with this. Just to let you know — no musical giraffes as some reviews sate. Nothing on batteries etc.- The mirror is a non-breakable, bending reflective surface. So the reflection is has an effect of a carnival mirror. But it is safe and still fun.- The gym arrived without one piece (the pillow) and Amazon allowed me to choose between partial refund or return/exchange of the gym. When I called the company they said they are out of these pillows but said they can send a different pillow that would not match the set, because they are out of these pillows. So they have great customer service and Amazon have generous policy, I just wish they could pack it all together at the first place.

Luisa Palisade, CO

Great Buy

This activity gym is great. I have a 2 1/2 year old and because it locks on the top he can’t collapse the toy bar on my infant! Colors and patterns are really cute too! The toys make chime noise but only one makes a song (my husband and sister-in-law both have bachelors in early childhood development and agree that too much noise and distraction are not good for baby’s development. Great buy!!!!

Joni Lionville, PA

Super cute

This gym is super cute, gender neutral, and it is really easy to fold up when not in use. It is also really easy to clean – we have had several diaper mishaps and they’ve wiped off without any problem at all. It has a total of eight loops to hang toys off of (two on each arm) and comes with four toys (plus the mirror and pillow). My daughter prefers the monkey which has a chew ring on it. The lion’s feet and elephants ear crinkle, and the giraffe toy has a bell. We also put extra rings on it and add our own toys in so she doesn’t get too bored.

Patrice Dafter, MI


This is the cutest activity gym I have ever seen and my son adores it! There are also extra hanging loops to add more toys if you want to. I also love the easy folding feature, it makes it so easy to put away! All the fabric pieces are also easy to wash!

Antoinette Sebasco Estates, ME

Great colors, very bright and vibrant

I got this to match our living room, and it was a great choice. The colors are vibrant even after several washings, and the toys are fun and seem interesting to my baby. One thing I wish was that the plush animals crinkled or jingled when hit, but I guess you can’t have everything and it’s easy to hang other toys from the toy rings.

Misty Hanover, MN

baby loves it!

This gym is great and less expensive than many of the others. My daughter is now 6mos old and still loves playing on the mat. I like that I can change out the toys but the ones it came with are very good and she uses them differently as her skills develop. The gym is very strong. She pulls hard on the rings and the mirror. For this reason, I am glad the toys lock in the loops. The musical giraffe is a bit hard for her still at 6mos. She has been able to get other musical toys to play but not the one with the gym. It washes well too.

Jennie Natalbany, LA