Infantino Twist and Fold Gym, Baby Animals

Infantino Twist and Fold Gym, Baby Animals

Unique twist and fold action makes using and storing this activity gym easy. Pops up in one simple motion and folds down for easy storage or travel. Comes with 4 linkable toys and bolster pillow for tummy time. Encourages reaching and engages baby’s senses. Baby Animals Activiy Gym is in a circular shape, and has darling animal graphics.

Main features

  • Unique twist and fold action
  • Pops up in one simple motion
  • Includes 4 linkable toys
  • Includes bolster pillow for tummy time
  • Also includes activity mirror

Verified reviews


Love this play mat!

I purchased this play mat for my 2 month old and she LOVES it! The toys provided are great, she loves them all! The birds make a chirping noise(and a crinkly noise), the monkey makes a funny noise and the lion and elephant are rattles.You can easily put any hanging toy you want on this play mat. You can hang them high or low. You can take the “canopy” off and just use the mat too. It all folds up for easy storage and travel. Although, the mirror and pillow have no specific place when it is closed up….I just attach the mirror at the very top and tuck the pillow in once it’s closed.I have not washed this yet, but it is made of a great material that wiped up easily.This item was just what I wanted and my daughter loves it! And it was cheaper than most!

Rosanna South Otselic, NY

I love this gym!

With my first baby I had the Infantino Merry Monkey gym, and I was so disappointed that my 3 MONTH OLD was constantly breaking it because it was so poorly designed.This gym, though, it’s awesome! Everything is very secure and easy to understand. Be careful the first time you use the little twist key on the top yellow thingy though, cause it’ll make you jump! I like how, once the gym is unhinged and folded, the little orange straps hook around and keep it together just like an umbrella.Only thing I found confusing, though, is that the instructions say to hook the little floor pillow onto the straps on the mat…. with what? There are no hooks or loops or anything on the pillow, it’s totally smooth and I can only just assume that it was meant to lay free on the mat. No big deal, just made me scratch my head a bit.I was kind of worried because I found a bit of stuffing stuck to one of the animals as I was hooking them all onto the bars, but I checked everything and there are no holes where stuffing is coming out. Packaging error?

Chelsey Manchester, MA

A bit ok, but also rather meh

Nothing really wrong with this product except that it is on the small side, doesn’t really fold as shown in the pictures and collapses when baby rolls into the posts. We also have the Bright Starts Start Your Senses Safari Activity Gym, Spots and Stripes which my LO vastly prefers. We had hours of fun when she was tiny and once she started rolling I was able to unclip the bars and use as a play may in the play pen with the toys clipped to the sides.

Silvia Nashville, NC

Average product – quality issues

Infant daughter enjoys however you definitely need to wash the mat before using – at first I did not and my daughter got a small rash where her cheeks rubbed against it. And there is no Velcro to bolster the tummy time pillow as the instructions state. I called Infantino to see if mine was defective using the number on the instructions, but they didn’t return my call. Also the loops to affix the dangling toys to the posts were super small and it was very difficult to make them fit. Despite the quality issues, okay value for the lower cost.

Cara Wesson, MS

Very nice.

My new born hasn’t use it yet but when I open it to take a look at it I was very happy with it. Nice size for babies and well put together.

Christine Allen, KS

Great playmat, doesn’t fold up compactly

Our baby has been using this playmat daily since she was two weeks old and still likes grabbing the animals at 3 months. The soft toys are ideal for batting, the pillow was great for early tummy time, and the mirror is always a hit. The mat is machine-washable, which is great since ours sees a lot of spit-up. The animals and pillow say surface clean only.We selected this mat because it was supposed to be easy to store, but it doesn’t store as compactly as advertised. The bars do unlock, but the mat itself is too bulky to be secured by the provided velcro tabs. We could probably tie a ribbon to secure it, but we prefer to toss the mat and accessories in a duffel bag when we go to Grandma’s house. We use the mat constantly, so we only fold it up for travel.

Kari Moose Lake, MN

Super soft and engaging!

I looked at pretty much every playmat on the market before I chose this one for my baby boy and I am so glad that I did! He started using this at 2 months and at almost 4 months he is still delighted by this mat. Most of the mats on the market have electronic components or plastic pieces on them. I love that this entire mat is soft and cuddly and not overstimulating. My son enjoys reaching and batting at the toys with both his arms and feet when he is on his back. When he is on his tummy I can move the mirror down so he can look at himself and the pattern on the mat keeps his interest. The bottom of the mat easily unclips from the bars and you just toss it in the washer and dryer. It has washed really well without any fading or shrinking. Also, the entire playmat folds down to nothing for travel or just to throw in the corner out of the way. The mat has enough padding that even if you have it on a wood floor it is soft enough for baby. The little kidney bean belly pillow is kind of a waste of time in my opinion but other than that this is the perfect mat! This is a great safe place for your baby to actively play and learn independantly.

Michaela Hawkinsville, GA

Great color and diversity

Our newest addition was very happy with his play spot at grandmother’s house. We wanted to be sure he had a spot all his own while he visited. The color and the variety was great. He’s almost rolling over, so the bright color on the separate pillow caught his eye and encouraged his efforts. He spied himself in the mirror that we positioned directly over his head, and the rest of the hanging toys were just out of reach, encouraging him to stretch. As this is our first grandchild, we want to be spot on when we have the opportunity to provide for our new little family. We hit a home run! The visit (our first for them to come to us) was a success! Thanks Amazon

May Rothbury, MI

I like it

This is good choice for infants and all the toys attached to it are very good and each has a distinct sound and matches the play mat.Th only thing is it is little small.

Sherry Belview, MN

Great for travel!

Because we are traveling so much this summer, we wanted baby items that we could fold and pack. This is a great activity mat to that end. We have another activity mat at home but the bars are too long to fold–that’s the big difference here. The bars meet at the yellow center, so they’re about half the length of regular activity mat bars.Other reviewers are right about the twisting of the whole thing all together is a little clunky. I also don’t like that the side of the mat the kiddo plays on remains out. I take it apart and fold the mat separately, hence the four stars.That being said, I am happy with this purchase and would recommend to anyone needing an activity gym/mat that is portable.

Latoya North English, IA

cheaply made, invest in a better mat.

After about four months this mat just had to go into the trash. The arches on the tummy mat are made of this foam that is covered in some kind of extremely cheap nylon type fabric that literally just busts and rips when the arches are bent. It wound up looking like a tiger attacked all of the arches due to it busting all over, and it was just extremely unattractive. Also, if anything falls on an arch the whole thing might break.

Lacy Melrose, MT

Very cute

This gym is very cute and a great price. It is slightly awkward when trying to store it away but its definitly a great deal & worth it.

Ursula Greenville Junction, ME

Doesn’t store as neatly as advertised but other than that it is great!

Lots of fun colors to keep my little one-month old entertained! Very light weight. Easy to clean. Toys attach in many different places.

Maricela Stuyvesant Falls, NY

Perfect for twins

This activity mat is awesome–my 3-month-old twins can spend hours on it without getting bored. Pair this mat together with the Bright Starts "Lots of Links" set and you can hang virtually anything on this thing (at any height) and customize it to your baby’s liking. The colors on the mat and the four included toys are vibrant and fun, and the mirror is also very interesting for babies. The gym folds up nicely for storage, although I wish it had a better velcro/loop system for closing it up into a nice little package–it currently has some fabric tabs attached to the mat with velcro on the ends that I assume are for tying the mat together (think of bunching up a closed umbrella for storage), but the tabs seem too short and get buried in the mat once it’s twisted up so that they’re too hard to find and fasten together… I pretty much just gave up after a while. Other than that, this thing is perfect for baby’s playtime and is very reasonably priced.

Bettie Hamilton, IN

My son doesnt really like..

Got this for my son at 3 months and the plus is that it doesnt take up much space. My son doesnt really get entertained more than 5 – 10 mins on it maybe 15 if I keep him in the view of the mirror. If it had music it’d be better..

Tammie Bascom, OH

My little one LOVES this!

Price is right, folds up good, soft and plush, great colors & toys, and the mat is just thick enough!! It must be cozy, because he will take mini naps on it. So cute!

Geneva Shiocton, WI

Great playmat!

My wife and I got this for our second daughter and we are thrilled with it! The contrasting colors are great; very appealing for infants. My daughter loves to do tummy time on this mat and stare at the zebra. The twist and fold action is easy to use, but for the most part we just twist the lock and lay it down somewhere when not in use. The extra hooks that are available for attaching extra toys also come in hand when my daughter picks up a new toy that she is interested in. Overall a great playmat, not too fancy, but not boring either. And its a great price compared to many other activity mats out there. I would buy it again.

Isabel Woodbine, KS

Great toy for the price.

THis is a wonderful playmat. My baby loves the colorful animals and the mirror and I love that it has a tummy time bolster that I can use in the toy or anywhere else.

Leona Enterprise, UT

Good Investment

I am so glad we have this. We got it at a discounted price, but I think it would be worth the full price as well. My baby has spent much time enjoying this and we’ve only had it for 2 months. My baby was only 3 months when we got it and I really didn’t think he would enjoy it until he was a little older, but the first time I put him on it he was very interested in the toys. He accidentally bumped one with his hand and then was fascinated trying to get a hold of them. Also he loves talking to himself in the mirror. I have been very happy with this purchase. To address some of the negative comments let me say. 1. It is possible to fold this as shown, it’s not extremely intuitive or as easy as they make it sound on the package, but it is possible. 2. Yes, be prepared the first time you turn the know to "collapse" it. It is a bit surprising. 3. No it doesn’t have lots of "bells and whistles" but it’s meant for small infants. I’m not sure that a newborn needs lights and music on every toy they own. 4. No the pillow isn’t great, but I didn’t purchase the toy for the pillow. And no the pillow doesn’t attach to the mat as the directions state. The editor must have been on vacation. The things I really like about this are, 1. You could use this from day one with your baby 2. The included toys are soft and switchable. You could put any toy with a link on this. 3. Foldable for storage and/or travel. Also it seems pretty durable. My toddler is also interested in it and can get a little rough and it has withstood that so far. I haven’t washed it yet, so I can’t comment on that, but the fabric is nice and wipeable. I usually put a burp rag under my baby when he is on this anyway

Elena Fertile, MN


I love this play mat! it is very cute and colorful. The price is good for what it has. The mat is soft and so are the toys. My baby loves the toys and the noises they make. There is a cushion with a bird on it that can be squeezed to play chirping noises which is amazing to calm her, but I have a problem with the batteries not being able to be replaced. it will be sad when the batteries run out, but hopefully they will not run out before she outgrows the mat. I also like the mat’s size, it is perfect for her, without taking a lot of space in my apartment. I haven’t really tried the twist and store feature yet because I use it daily.

Elnora Lefors, TX

its ok

Its not as interesting as the older fisher price one my sister lent me. It’s cute, but looks a bit cheap

Elisabeth Magnolia, AL

very good for babys

beautiful fold gym with a nice color and quality i like to much and also my baby i recomemded for kids

Beverley Ozona, FL

So cute

We love this play mat and so does my daughter! It’s cute, brightly colored and keeps her entertained for quite some time. Plus, it folds up so we can bring it with us or store it easily!

Ester Avery Island, LA

Love this!

This is my second time buying an Infantino Twist and Fold Gym. The first time we got this one: I loved it but thought we were done having babies (surprise!) but didn’t want to spend as much on this one this time around since we won’t be having more. It was on sale for $24 at the time which is an excellent price compared to the $60+ other ones out there. The colors are a lot nicer than in the stock photos on here. It’s easily for a girl or boy. I was debating between the girl version and this one and I went with this one because I know they say bright contrast is good for babies. It’s got every color on it (orange, pink, green, blue, purple, red, yellow, black, white, etc) so it’s a good mix. The animals are adorable. There aren’t any that play music or anything but instead they’re like rattles. The mirror is easy to see into and not wonky looking like some. It’s very light weight, portable, and folds up easy. The pillow is not attached which is fine with me but wanted to put that out there for others. It is a lot larger than I feel the picture makes it look. Compared to the other one we had, I expected it to be much smaller. I was very very pleasantly surprised at the size… it can be used for a while. Last, the bars and all of the toys unattach so everything can be used separately. The toys can attach on to other things and the bottom can be used as a mat without the bars.

Annabelle Harbor View, OH

A MUST HAVE for your little one…

I read a TON of reviews for playmats trying to find which one would be best for my son’s developing mind and I stumbled across the Infantino Twist and Fold. From the day it was delivered, my son LOVES this mat!!! The colors are sooooooper bright which he likes and it even has a cute zebra print detachable mirror that he loves to look at while kicking and batting at the plush toys. Even our DOG likes the mat; she sits besides my son while he plays waiting for her turn to lay on the mat. The only downside to this mat is the straps that secure the mat when it’s closed aren’t that long and they should be mounted to the uderside of the mat so when it’s closed, the part the baby lays on isn’t exposed. I know, I know…I’m being picky, but I’m slightly a germaphobe, so it’s just a suggestion. Otherwise, I would highly recommend it!

Tiffany Westminster Station, VT

Excellent small infant toy, especially for small spaces

I wanted an activity gym that was easy to put away, as we live in a very small cottage and this fit the bill. It’s soft and colorful and I like that it’s fabric and not plastic. Beginning at about two months, we used it for tummy time and rolling over. At three months, she’d roll over regularly and gaze at the hanging animals. Now, at four months, she loves trying to grab them and put them in her mouth.This is an excellent toy for small living spaces. It has many different uses and doesn’t take up much space. I bought the Infantino Vintage Boy one as well, to have at grandmother’s house.

Patsy Alamo, NV

Just Right For Young Ones…

This mat is great for my baby (6 weeks now), I had bought it to encourage tummy time. The mat comes with an orange pillow that you can use to prop up your baby- this is great, but I can’t figure out where to attach it. Not a big deal, though. The toys do hang pretty low, so this mat is better for a younger baby that isn’t going to have the toys right in their face. I think I’ll be buying another activity gym when the baby is older. For the price, this mat does the job very well.

Mae Shelburne, VT

Bright and great for play and rest

My daughter (3 months) really enjoys the bright colors and dangling animals. Don’t expect a baby to be entertained for too long though, they can only take it for so long and they want to move on to something else. I love that it folds up so easily so you can get it out of the way when they aren’t using it.

Tina Maben, WV

My daughter loves it!

My daughter really likes using this gym now at about 8 – 10 weeks old. We used it earlier, and she liked looking at everything — but she’s really enjoying batting items and entertaining herself with it now! Would definitely order again.We’ve folded it up and traveled with it several times, and everything works just fine.

Jacklyn Copalis Beach, WA

Folds up and away!

Takes two seconds to fold it up, making it ultra portable and storable, which is very important if you have a small house like I do! Bright colors on all parts of the gym mean baby always has something to look at or touch, no matter where you place her on the mat, and it’s great for tummy time too.

Grace Virden, IL