Infantino Union Ergonomic Carrier, Gray

Infantino Union Ergonomic Carrier, Gray

The Infantino Union baby carrier is ergonomically designed for all-day comfort with weight-defying back and shoulder support. It lets baby ride in a natural sitting position that keeps you both close and comfy.Ergonomically designed to evenly destribute babys weight for plenty of comfortBucket seat creates natural sitting position for babyTwo comfortable carrying positions let baby face in or ride backpack styleAdjustable chest/back strapAdjustable lumbar support

Main features

  • Ergonomically designed to evenly destribute baby’s weight for plenty of comfort
  • Bucket seat creates natural sitting position for baby
  • Two comfortable carrying positions let baby face in or ride backpack style
  • Adjustable chest orback strap
  • Adjustable lumbar support
  • Adjustable chest/back strap

Verified reviews


I’m not too keen about this item at all…..

I had the “Infantino Union Ergonomic Carrier” for months and I got to say that this baby carrier is not one of my favorite baby items. Yes it’s ergonomically cushion for the baby but the baby’s comfort is a issue for me.I also feel like our baby’s neck is so uncomfortable in this carrier. But ,the pictures show a child happily in the back and the neck doesn’t look crowded at all. Second the color is all right even though the gray looks faded out. Third its bulky and thickly padded like you’re putting on a bullet-proof vest. Plus there’s like no good amount of space for the baby to the point she looks like she is going to get squished in there. There’s no pocket or anything. She just gets pressed up against you like she’s holding on to you for dear life and I don’t like it at all. No one does really and my husband thinks it’s a joke.I’m so glad I got this through Vine program cause I would have been peeve with this item if it came out of my pocket. Right now my “Infantino Union Ergonomic Carrier” is collecting dirt while the lighter, easier to use “Baby Bjorn” is used all the time. What an experience Infantino seriously need to revamp this baby carrier ASAP.

Julie Estancia, NM

Comfortable but not truly adjustable

I own this carrier as well as aBABYBJÖRN Baby Carrier Synergy, Blackso this review will be comparing both carriers. I’ve been using this on my baby who currently weighs 16lbs and have been quite comfortable with the carrier. I can see it being comfortable for use with an even bigger baby. It’s main advantage is that once it’s set up and adjusted for fit child and parent, it’s quicker to wear/use compared to the Baby Bjorn. It’s usage is also more flexible than the Baby Bjorn as it can be used in the front or back versus the Bjorn which is only good for carring a baby in front.This carrier’s main drawback is its adjustability. It’s not that easy trying to figure out which strap to adjust to get a proper fit on child. Without the right adjustment the baby feels crushed and very uncomfortable. Also, the height of the carrier body is not adjustable like the Baby Bjorn and even though the specifications say this carrier is good for babies 8-40lbs, I would not be comfortable using it for a small baby (under 13lbs) as the baby would feel “swallowed”. The carrier requires an extra pair of hands when it is to be used with a baby on the back; when I’m alone with the baby, the only option is to carry the baby in front.I would recommend this as a long-term use carrier if it’s to be used for babies over 3 months and/or 13lbs. For smaller babies, I would go with the baby bjorn

Candy Carbon Hill, AL

Nice Affordable Carrier, Good for up to 40 lbs

I had my sister, who typically uses a BabyBjorn carrier, give this Infantino a try. Her thoughts were:- The Infantino is about half the price of a BabyBjorn and just as effective- Instead of carrying the baby in the front facing you or facing out, the Infantino gives you a choice of carrying the baby in the front (facing you) or on your back, essentially facing your neck. The position is really a thing of personal preference.- The Infantino is perfect for infants and kids up to 40 lbs, while the Original BabyBjorn is only good for up to 22lbs. So not only is the Infantino much cheaper, but you can also use it for much longer.- The Infantino seemed to provide much more back and shoulder support than the BabyBjorn or other carrier she’s tried- The one difficult feature of the Infantino was that it if you choose to carry your child in the front, you have to snap the carrier close in the back. It’s nearly impossible to get it on this way without the help of another person.

Bonnie Wittenberg, WI

Great carrier for a decent price

I got this Infantino carrier for our baby when he was 2 1/2 months because our Moby just took more time and effort to get on than I wanted to deal with. We’ve been using this for 4 months and I love it. It looks like we’ll be able to use it for at least another year or so. I mostly use it for walks but also sometimes around the house. Besides the Moby I haven’t tried any other carriers, so I can’t say how it compares.Pros:- This is a better price than others.- This Infantino has a wide seat. I was looking for one where my baby could sit in a comfortable sitting position instead of hanging from his crotch, and this definitely fits that.- Elastic bands neatly hold the excess strap length out of the way. I am small, so there’s a lot of excess strap length, and the elastics bands are wonderful to have.- The outside is easy to wipe and the inside is very soft.- It’s adjustable, so baby won’t grow out of it in a hurry.- I find this carrier to be very comfortable for me and seems to be for baby also.- The colors are nice.Cons:- As others have said it can be frustrating if you are putting your baby on the front and don’t have someone around to snap the straps in the back together. It’s not impossible to do yourself but it is very difficult. I’ve gotten around that by laying the carrier on the bed, putting my baby in it, snapping the back straps together, putting my head and arms through, and then snapping the waist straps together last. You can adjust the straps if needed to make it easier. It’s not as easy as having someone to snap the back together for me, but it’s very manageable.- The wide straps around the waist would, I think, make it impossible to wear your baby on the front if you were pregnant.In response to others’ reviews:- I find this carrier to be plenty adjustable. It fits fine on me and I’m 5’1″ and it seems to fit fine on my husband as well who is 5’11” and twice my weight. It also worked with my baby when he was 2 1/2 months (around 13 lbs), works with my 10-month old nephew, and looks like it will work for a much bigger baby.- The instructions say to have a second person help you if you are putting your baby on your back, but it’s actually quite easy and safe to do it by yourself. People in other countries put their babies on their back all the time without the help of a second person. This is the same thing. It just takes some caution.Over all, I am very pleased and would recommend this carrier to anyone who wants a nice carrier for a decent price.UPDATE:Yeah, it doesn’t really work, front or back, if you are pregnant because either way you have a strap going right across your belly. I know some other carriers work just fine even when you’re very pregnant, but not this one.

Cassie Malaga, NJ

Nice, comfortable carrier

If you’re planning to give this to a mom (or dad), you’ll be pleased to see the nice box it comes packaged in. The carrier is attractive, too, and well made.One thing you will likely need when putting the baby into the carrier and getting it on yourself is at least a little assistance from a helper. The young baby who can’t yet sit up independently needs to be carried in your front, against your chest. An older one can ride on your back. There are plenty of comfortable straps to make everything secure.The company has instructional information at […], and photos of this and their other carriers.The carrier is comfortable to wear. Be sure to read and follow the instructions carefully–of course! You want to keep that precious baby very safe.

Renae Cerro, NM

Better than I expected!

I have used my Ergo for about 3 years, with 2 kids and I love it. I got the Infantino thru the Amazon Vine program since I thought it was about time to switch it out. I am pleasantly surprised! It has almost the same fitting style as far as how it sits on your body and buckles. It seems to provide strong back support and my daughter seemed right at ease in it. It appears sturdy to withstand the test of time/use. My only uncertainties are the fabric and hot days. The inside has soft padding which is comfy for baby but in the summer I wonder if it would get too hot/sweaty? Also there is no safety “catch” with the wide main band that goes around your waist. W/ the ergo, it has one (a simple loop) so if the buckle were to come undone there is an extra level of security. But those are minor things when you account for the price (which is considerably less than the ergo) I say this is a winner! UPDATE: I have to say that I do miss having a pocket on the outside of the front of the carrier to stash keys, etc. That would be a huge perk. If they added this it would be probably the best carrier out there.

Selina Kurten, TX

Great for older babies, I’d avoid for infants.

I like this carrier a lot, it is made of durable materials and seems very well made. I do not however like the support it provides for young infants so I probably wouldn’t use it with a child less then 6-8 months old.Unlike the Ergo brand carriers, this one lacks sufficient support for a babies head. That is really my only complaint.I think this carrier is a good backup carrier or maybe a leave in car carrier.

Sally Van Lear, KY

Love it!

It is truly an awesome product and supports heavier babies. I love carrying her in it even though we have used the front carrier for quite some time.The back-pack option so far has not worked out for us but it is because she is still small (6 months) but rather a large baby weight wise which caused us to get this carrier.

Sonia Shawsville, VA

The fabric is to hard and heavy for a baby…

The fabric is to hard and heavy for a baby. My baby is unconfortable whit this carrier, and when I put him on this, he starts to sweat a lot. Is not confortable for my back, and the baby’s legs are wide apart in this product. I recommend to buy a carrier with a soft fabric.

Natalie Eldorado, WI

Easy to Use, Baby Seems Comfortable

I have an 8 month old daughter that I use this carrier with and it works well. I have only used it with her in the front both facing towards and away from me when I go outside for walks or am around the house and she doesn’t want to be left alone. The only one tricky part is getting it on or off alone, so I usually need help with at least getting it snapped on from someone else. I’m 6 feet tall and 200 lbs and it looks like there is a lot more room for adjustment either way, so it fits a wide range of sizes also. All-in-all I’m very happy with this product and will continue to use it until my baby grows out of it.

Allison Valley Stream, NY

Comfortable, very secure, and heavy duty

The material seems to be very durable with strong fasteners in multiple areas for comfort and security. I tend to disagree with the instructions when using it as a front carrier in that it seems that two people make me much more comfortable than a single person getting the baby into the carrier. I suppose it is possible, but it would make me uncomfortable doing it with one person. When using it as a back carrier for the older baby, the instructions do ask that a second person is used.The instructions are easy to follow, the packaging is very nice. The concept of using the same carrier for both the newborn and the older baby is much appreciated. The price is very affordable. The straps can be adjusted easily and for most adult bodies. The material is sturdy kevlar-like. With the body heat of the carrying adult, the baby will be warm in most weather conditions. I only caution that in warmer weather, the carrying adult should make sure that the baby does not overheat.This is a very nice product.

Lorene Covington, TX

Great product for the price

This carrier is fantastic – great price too. Although they are not equal products, I am going to compare the Infantino to the BabyBjorn "Air" carrier since I own both:BabyBjorn AirPros:- light weight and breathable- can easily shove into bag for trips (folds small)- machine washable- baby can face out once old enoughCons:- no waist support so ALL of baby’s weight is on your shoulders – I experience pain only after a few minutes of wearConclusion:Great for short periods of time if you need two hands. Good carrier for around the house.Infantino carrierPros:- great waist support so you can use for long periods of time without shoulder pain- machine washable- great price- can wear in front or backCons:- material not breathable – not great for hot climates- baby cannot face out (my daughter wants to see everything)Conclusion:Might be the only carrier you needOther comments:- Loops at the end of the straps is a wonderful idea in theory, but it is very difficult to get the loop around the rolled-up strap.- Almost impossible to get my daughter into the carrier when it is on my back – need someone to help. I can get her in when the carrier is worn in front.

Sharlene Panna Maria, TX

DOESN’T work for a 20 month old!

doesn’t work as well as I had hoped it would for my 20mon old. Trying to return as we speak!

Sonia Calais, VT

Fits all sizes even 3X 4X. Love this carrier, because you can carry infant in front or toddler in back. Several years use.

Fits small or large see pic of man black strap will let out really hugh and fit us 3x and 4x people and sinches up snug to fit our size 10. Have other carries and like them but love this one the most, so getting this additional one. Great price and can carry 3 month old in front or 2 year old on back, and both comfortablely. There are nice wide straps and a great lumbar support, which is the key to this comfrotable baby carrier / sling. Great gift for new mom , baby shower, chhristmas gift. holds toddler so gretor mom wiht toddler.

Georgia Comanche, OK

Comfy carrier and can’t argue with the price

We bought this and theERGObaby Sport Baby Carrier, Redto compare the two, since the Infantino is 3 times cheaper and pretty much the same design concept (and Amazon offers free returns for these items). The ERGO is made of higher quality materials (that’s not to say the Infantino isn’t well made, because it is) and is a little softer. That is the only real advantage the ERGO has over the Infantino, unless you absolutely need the hip-wearing functionality.The ERGO, did not seem to fit our 11-month old son. (He’s a big boy at 25 lbs, but still no-where near the 45 lb weight limit the ERGO claims.) His butt just fit inside, but not his back and he really couldn’t get comfortable and sink in like he could with the Infantino.With the Infantino, our son sunk in an was just as comforable as if we were holding him. The straps are very comfortable and most of the weight goes to our hips, just as intended.Needless to say, we sent back the ERGObaby Sport and decided to keep the more comfortable and significantly cheaper Infantino.

Yvonne Grand Rivers, KY

Works well

We have been using this carrier for almost six months now, and it has worked great. Easy enough to put on, has stayed clean, and didn’t get too hot over the summer.I though the real test of it would be to carry my very “chunky” niece around the state fair. I’d never attempted to carry a 24-pound baby in the carrier, and her mother said she’d never used a carrier for her (so didn’t know how she’d react). Well, it went well. The configuration of the carrier and padding made it so that it certainly didn’t feel like carrying so much weight. And since she could easily look around, she handled the day just fine.I like that there isn’t too much carrier here. The baby doesn’t go into a “pouch” but rather sits right next to your body. Personally, I like being that close. (Though I sometimes end up with a dirty shirt…not the first time.)I have a hard time imagining using this with a baby nearing 40 pounds (we haven’t gotten there yet). But up to about 25 pounds, we have had no problems. Good item.

James Redwood Estates, CA

Not great

I thought this would be an awesome alternative to an Ergo, and I guess maybe it would be if you are on the short side. Being 5’11 means that since this carrier is not adjustable, it does not fit my torso well. It is just too short to be comfortable. I can’t imagine wearing it for extended periods of time. I also think the fact that it is not cotton is a downfall. It’s not going to breathe as well in the summer, and while it would probably be easier to clean, it’s just not as soft. I think for taller people it would have been nice to have more adjustibility, but in the end it’s not worth the smaller price tag when you have to sacrifice functionality and comfort.

Bettie Cresson, TX

Great, economical baby carrier!

Update (Jan 6th, 2014): Our little one is now 7.5 months old and after around 2 months of not using it we decided to use this to carry her as her teething pain meant that we were carrying her all the time and had shoulders and back issues consequently. It was super easy and the baby fell asleep within minutes of being carried in it. Upgrading the rating to 5. Our little one was in 90 percentile for her height and 15 percentile for weight at her 6 month check-up if that helps.We bought this to try along with the Moby wrap that we got as part of the gifts for baby. The first time we tried it on,our baby girl was not yet 7 oz and this did not feel very comfortable to her.My husband (approx 6′) tried it again a few days later and was able to carry her around the house comfortably. I’m 5 ‘4″ and when I put her in this it looked like it brought the baby’s head right up to or perhaps slightly above my chin, making it a bit awkward for both of us- I did not check if it can be adjusted.We then tried this in a mall where my husband carried her around for more than an hour and she kept sleeping in it. We gave it away to a visiting relative to take to another country for a newborn as some reviews about the baby’s weight resting on the crotch/pelvic area and apparently being bad for them in the long run made us apprehensive about using it.We then bought a Bjorn Original at more than twice the price of this and the baby hated it with a vengeance. She cried bloody murder both the times that we tried to put her in it. My husband also mentioned a slight pain in the back almost immediately after putting it on while the Infantino carrier did not make him feel a thing for the 1.5 hours that he used it. Bjorn is going back to the store.The Moby is great when you have time and a place to put it on comfortably and also when you can hand off the (crying) baby to someone else for a minute or 2 while you are putting it on. A minute or 2 of a crying baby is nothing to sneeze at. Also, we need something to quickly thrown in the car for those sudden trips. Moby does not work for those times even though it’s awesome for your back, comfortable for the baby and even lets you exercise (long walks,lunges and others as shown on Moby’s website and that I tried).We still plan to try a few other carriers -this time by going to a brick and mortar store with the little one and seeing which one works for her. But we are quite likely to order this one from amazon once again considering how much the baby liked it, it’s price and the great experience of no back pain despite wearing it for quite the amount of time that I wear a Moby with it.

Rita Byers, KS

Only Ok baby carrier

Decent baby carrier once you have set it up (usually with two of you to get the baby in and adjusted)…But I’ve had multiple people and babies test this carrier to see if my impression that it is hard to get on and off is too harsh. They all agree that other more popular carriers are easier to load/unload/adjust.Still, workable and seems comfortable for baby.

Donna East Flat Rock, NC

Good Carrier–Make sure you have some help

The first thing I noticed after opening the baby carrier was the thick, padded shoulder straps. The straps on my last carrier wore very thin, so I’m excited about the comfort this one offers.The carrier itself is very supportive. It has a lumbar strap for around the waist, plus a higher chest/back buckle.After adjusting all the straps to fit me, I noticed they were quite long hanging down. Minor issue.With this carrier, you can carry your baby either in the front or on your back (great for hiking).One disadvantage of this particular carrier is that it’s a 2 person job to get the baby in and out. Other carriers unbuckle open to allow you to easily put in or remove the baby.I was hoping this would work for a newborn infant, but I feel more comfortable using it with a slightly older, larger baby. However, it is a durable, supportive, well-made carrier, and I’m really excited to have it.

Lakisha Shepherdsville, KY

Great for the price

I purchased this for my husband to use and he likes it. I do have to snap the back strap for him once he has it on and our little one inside but he says that overall the carrier is comfortable for him to wear, even for long periods of time. Our son must like it too as he immediately falls asleep once he’s in it. Our one complaint is that the lining material of the carrier isn’t breathable. We like to go for walks around the city and our neighborhood but once you combined 70+ degree weather with body heat, both my husband and son are sweaty before too long. It’s a durable and safe carrier for the price and I would recommend it but wish it were more comfortable in warmer climates.

Keisha Lindsay, TX

Already exchanged on, but love it so much!

We have 2 Baby Bjorn and this! While the Bjorn is a higher quality carrier, it kills my back. I suffer from a cracked vertebrae in my lower back and carrying around a baby is quite cumbersome. This takes the weight and redistributes it. I will say though, that one of the main support straps on the first one i bought ripped. Amazon kindly exchanged it and now I have this one. I hardly use it, but when I do, it is a blessing for an already injured back!

Kathi Bristow, IN

Great help for busy Moms

I used this to tote some ten month old babies around and found that fitting the straps correctly was the important factor in security of the child. It helps to have another person around to check the fit first on you then the baby. The only reason I did not give it five stars is that small babies find it uncomfortable because they cannot straddle “mom” or the carrier comfortable or see! It’s like they were dropped into a sack.An older or bigger baby is able to see and get comfortable.I tried it with four month old twins and one complained a lot and the other just was obviously not comfortable. So this is definitely not for newborns and there are plenty of slings that they can be carried comfortable in. This allows the caretaker to carry a child and keep them protected and I can see that this would be an excellent choice for a trip in addition to a stroller so that you can carry the child and he can see and a stroller is not appropriate or practical.

Stella Nazareth, MI

A great alternative to the Ergo

I have tried a number of different baby carriers with my five kids – including a moby, snugli, an infantino front pack, and a couple of baby backpacks. For versatility and affordability, as well as comfort, this is by far my favorite. I like that the baby is directly against your body. With a little finagling, it can be put on when you are alone, although it’s fairly difficult to manage in the front facing position. This isn’t a deterrent for me, though. Even my four year old is able to help me clip the back strap in place.I have used this both with a newborn (now four month old) and a toddler (19 months at the time) I have put both of them on my back at different times and the baby on my front. My husband, who is 80 lbs heavier than me and 5 in. taller, is also able to use it with the two youngest kids with some strap adjustments. At times I have wished I had two so I could wear both kids!This carrier has been a lifesaver when shopping and getting things done around the house. The baby is happy, I am not in pain, and my hands are free.

Kristen Buffalo, IN

Sturdy, very nice

This durable carrier meets the goal of distributing baby’s weight mostly to the hips. This makes it possible to carry other things, when necessary, with free hands. The padding is sufficient and every part of the carrier is strong.What I learned by actually using the carrier is that another person is needed to help put in on while securing the baby. With baby in front, the helper fastens the back. With baby in back, the helper holds the baby in place while you clasp around your waist. The instruction guide shows how to use this carrier.

Ilene Westerville, OH

Fantastic baby carrier

I love this baby carrier. I got it only because it was a decent price for a carrier, and I couldn’t be happier with this. The first time I used this was when my little one was 6 weeks and it worked well (used as a front pack at that age).What I like:Good priceCan wear it front or backDurable and sturdyBaby is comfortable during useThe strap around the hips takes the weight off the shoulders

Frances Salisbury, MA

Initially okay but baby become fussier.

We’ve tired this product at our friends place first when our baby girl became sleepy and we didn’t have our carrier with us. She fell asleep right away and seemed very comfortable in it! And the carrier seemed to put less pressure on my shoulder and back. We got one for ourselves right away. However, it didn’t work out as expected. Our baby seemed uncomfortable and became very fussy over time. We’ve tried it few times a day for several days but she just didn’t like it. We went back to using BABYBJORN original carrier and she was immediately at peace and fell asleep very easily. I’m not 100% sure what the exact reason is, since I can’t ask her :D, but I can guess at a few things:
• She was use to being in BABYBJORN carrier.
• May be the infantino carrier we’ve tried at our friend’s place was bit more broken-in.
• And/or, perhaps she was really sleepy at that time so she didn’t care what she was being carried in.
• May be she didn’t like the fact that Infantino cover covered her entirely. (She didn’t even like being swaddled after a certain point.)I had few things I didn’t like about the Infactino carrier myself, so we decided to return it.
• Our baby’s bottom seems to sag down in the cover which seemed to make her a bit uncomfortable and add on to the pressure.
• The clip between the straps… oh my goodness. I could reach it but it would take tremendous amount of effort to lock it.

Gilda New Enterprise, PA

Excellent product! Can’t wait to wear it more and more 🙂

Love this carrier!! It’s very comfortable and my 13 month old loved it too! The outside is a lil rough but the inside where the baby is, is very soft with a fleece-like material. Goes up to 40lbs and it’s very durable!

Candy Harpersfield, NY

Good buy

I love this carrier. I started using it from 6 months and am still using it with my son at 16 months. I strap him on my back to do household chores and for walks outside. He is comfortable in it and doesn’t complain. The straps are easy to adjust. My husband uses it comfortably too, so it’s good for dads as well. The price is also very affordable compared to ergo baby.

Carmela Chatfield, TX

Not comfortable for my little one

I have a total of three carriers and this is my least favorite. I also own the Ergo with infant insert and the moby wrap. My son is just within the weight limits of this carrier. . . 9 lbs. The carrier says it is good for 8-40 lbs but mu little boy just isn’t comfortable in there. On the other hand, this carrier is much much more affordable than the Ergo, so it would be a good option for someone trying to mind their budget. I will try the carrier again when my little one reaches 13 lbs as a previous person suggested.

Francesca Saint Libory, NE