Infantino Vibrating Strawberry Teether

Infantino Vibrating Strawberry Teether

Gummy textured vibrating teether helps soothe tender gums.

Main features

  • Handle designed for little hands.
  • Easy spin rattle.
  • Gentle vibrations begin when strawberries are bitten.

Verified reviews


Strawberry Teether

my daughter is 8 months old and she shows no interest at this teether, its way to big for her mouth and tick….she hates it!!!! mind you my daughter is not your average 8 month old baby…the she wears size 18-24 months clothe….so its not like shes to small for the toy….i would rather recommend the grape, the small circles around just enough for the baby’s mouth!!!!

Ora Sterlington, LA

a good idea/needs improvement

This was great for my kid when we first got it. It really helped calm her when she was teething, but the instructions ever say don’t get it wet. Anyone who’s ever seen a baby knows that they gush rivers from their mouth! This device quit working after 2 or 3 months. Of course, she could still chew on it, but she really preferred to champ down and let it vibrate. And there’s no way to change the battery. Once they make them waterproof, they will be great

Avis York, NE

Baby loves it!

My baby is now 6 months old and has been using it for about a month. He just loves it, and we get a kick out of seeing his reaction when he bites down. My friend’s baby loves hers, too.

Judy Lindsay, NE

Only teether my son will use

I tried several other teethers that you freeze or refridgerate and some that were just squishy but my 5 month old hated them all. This is the only teether he will use. At first he was a little hesitant but once he realized that he controlled the vibrating he likes it. He doesnt chew on it for hours but it has definatly been the best so far.

Lara Gilford, NH

A Great Teether For Sure

My son LOVES this vibrating teether. Its very durable, the vibrations are very soothing to his poor achy gums, and the handle makes it easy for him to hold. My only complaint is that you have to press down pretty hard to get the vibrations to activate. Before my son got the hang of it I used to have to hold it and press on it myself while he gummed it from the other end. All in all its a valuable tool in the arsenal against teething pain and I would absolutely recommend this to others.

Mildred Aurora, CO