Infantino Vibrating Teether – Style May Vary

Infantino Vibrating Teether – Style May Vary

Gummy textured vibrating teether gently massages gums when baby chomps! Easy to grasp handle makes it easy for little hands. Strawberry or grape design. Includes cute busy bead that spins with vibration. Remember not to immerse in water or put in the dishwasher Ages: grade 3 months

Main features

  • Soothing teether for massaging gums,Features a vibrating motion to relieve soreness,Easy grasp handles and bright colors,Handle designed for little hands

Verified reviews


Strawberry Teether

Ok, I have ordered a grape teether, but of course they send me the wrong one a strawberry!!!! the strawberry is very bad horrible!!! Its way too big for a baby’s mouth, this is why i order a grape…. dont get the strawberry, and hopefully the seller sends you the right one too!!!!!!!!! good luck!

Gayla Fenton, IA

Better for older children

My daughter is only 6 months old and this is too heavy and too big for her to chew on. However, she will probably like it when she is bigger. She does like the vibration when I hold it for her to chew on.

Debbie Olivet, SD

Good teether

This is a good toy for teethers. It’s a little big and heavy in my opinion. Once they get the hang of it the baby definitely likes it but since it’s so big it is kind of hard for them to maneuver. I find myself holding it in place mostly. The like the vibration so it’s wotprth it I guess. Kind of expensive but I couldn’t find it at target or buy buy baby.

Ingrid Repton, AL

awesome teether, esp for the car

This is a great product, but I got it at Target for way less than on here – I’m thinking $6. It’s an awesome teether. When the baby bites down, it vibrates. That plus the built-in handle makes it a fantastic teether choice for the car — he doesn’t drop it, yay! And apparently it feels really good on his gums, as he always takes this toy when offered and bites on it right away to start the vibration. The teether is durable; does not show any signs of wear yet. The battery has also lasted a long time — 6 months since we bought it and it’s still going strong. This one might even be better than the refrigerated kind. Totally recommend.

Bridget Moreland, ID

good buy

she likes it a lot

Madge Steele, MO

He likes it!

We have so many teethers for our little guy, including The Giraffe, but he likes the vibrating grapes most. It’s amazing how much of the grapes fit into his mouth! Highly recommended.

Josie Waterloo, IA


I didn’t think she would get how to use it or want to use it- it seemed so big to me, but it is perfect and she totally loves it. I think it really does soothe her little gums and helps her with teething. She is so content using it!

Lisa Kasigluk, AK

Great baby gift!!!

I had these with my babies and they are SO great. Now I give one to all my pregnant friends as a baby gift. Once a child can set off the vibration they will gnaw on it for a while and it seems to be very soothing.

Patsy Avery, ID

Best Teether for My Little One

My little one is 4 months old and already started teething. We’d received teethers in all shapes and sizes for baby shower gifts and she refused every single one of them. It didn’t matter the size, texture, or if they were cold or not she would just push them out of her mouth and scream. In desperation to find something to relieve her I asked for some suggestions on my social media page. A friend suggested this vibrating grape teether, which she said was the only one her boys would take too. We immediately went out and bought one of these at Walmart for $6. My little one absolutely loves it. It’s the only thing that soothes her sore gums and with barely a touch it vibrates. The bigger size doesn’t seem to bother her at all. In my experience it did not vibrate the entire face, just a lite vibration. Well worth the purchase, but buy it at Walmart for much cheaper. Also in our store the grape and strawberry is exactly the same size so unless you have a color preference it doesn’t matter which one you get. Also it takes 1 “AA” battery, but it’s included in the initial purchase. I will be buying these to put in all future baby gifts. I highly recommend it!

Jeanine Sharpsburg, NC

Five Stars

Great for teething and for general calming.

Lizzie Wheatland, WY

Good teether

I wasn’t sure which teether to get my daughter, so I bought a few different kinds and this one is great! She chews on all parts of the teether and figured out how to get it to vibrate pretty quickly. It is very large and a little heavy but she’s used to it and is able to turn it over and move it from one hand to the other with no problem. Because it can’t be submerged in water, I just do surface cleaning with hand & face wipes and let it dry completely before giving it to her. We’re just now getting to replacing the batteries and she’s played with it fairly consistently for the past 2 months.

Cheri Hayesville, IA

Baby loves it – I’m happy!

My baby loves this teether. It took him a minute to get the "bite down and it vibrates" concept, but now he loves it! He happily gnaws away and I can tell that it feels good on his little developing teeth. 5 stars!

Nan Jefferson, OH

Good teether

My 3 month old son loves this teether. He can’t really get it into his mouth on his own yet, so I have to hold it in place for him. He is able to bite down on it and make it vibrate on his own. When it vibrates he gets a faraway look in his eyes like he’s zoning out. I can tell it feels really good on his gums. I don’t know if he is actually teething yet or just likes to mouth things, but it definitely does the job.I have the purple grape teether. It seems like it will last quite awhile and has replaceable batteries. It’s durable and I don’t see any harm coming to it until my son actually has teeth to puncture it with, and maybe not even then. I wish you could submerse it in water for cleaning, but it’s easy enough to wipe with a damp cloth.On a side note, I purchased this for five bucks at Wal****. The Super Wal****’s carry them.

Addie Aurora, WV

this is the best teether on the market

In my opinion, this is the best teether on the market. We received this as a gift when my son first started teething, and now I buy one for everyone I know having a baby! My son used this exclusively while teething, and it was the only thing that offered any kind of relief from the teething pain. Highly recommend!

Janis Leopold, MO

So soothing to baby’s gums

This teether is a must for any teething baby. When the baby puts it in their mouth it has a soft vibration that both of my kids, as babies, absolutely loved. The teether itself has a hard plastic handle, which is green, and the top part of the teether resembles a strawberry and has softer more gummy type plastic that is gentle enough to bite into. I put it in my mouth to try it the vibration really is soothing when you bite down on it, and it is not aggravating to the teeth or gums as the plastic is gummy and soft.I have tried other teethers with mixed results. Though my daughter also loved Sophie the GiraffeVulli Sophie the Giraffe Teether, my kids did not enjoy many of the other teethers that I bought for them, which resulted in a lot of wasted money. They did like teethers that I could put in the freezer to chill, that would be cool to their gums. However, tthen I ran into the problem that my kids didn’t like to hold the chilled teether because it was too cold on their hands, so that didn’t work either.Yet, when I bought this vibrating teether, it was an instant hit. My kids would chomp down on it and I could see how much the vibrating relaxed them and soothed their gums. I actually ended up buying several of these vibrating teethers to have one in each car because they were soothing to the baby for car trips. The only reason that this teether does not get 5 stars is that it stopped working after about 8 months or so, and I had to buy additional replacement teethers. I didn’t mind, because my kids both used the teethers a lot. But just keep in mind that you may have to replace them after a lot of use after 6 or 8 months. All in all, however, this was one of my essential baby products for both kids!

Chelsey Ida, LA

Makes baby laugh 😀

Ok according to another review I had read b4 buying this the strawberry was too big for baby’s mouth , so I was hoping for the grapes. Well I got the strawberry and I’m not sure what the other reviewer meant—or maybe my baby is a big mouth lol granted the whole toy doesn’t go in the mouth but then it would be a choking hazard.The strawberry one is funny…looks a little like a tongue…baby loves it …easy for baby to set the vibration off by biting… it makes baby smile and giggle just abut every time …its one of baby’s favorite toys…glad i got the strawberry instead of grapes (although im sure that one is cute too)

Sofia Duncombe, IA

Fun Teether

My daughter loves this. She’s figured out that hen she bites it it will vibrate and hasn’t put it down since.I just haven’t figured out if it’s battery operated and how to change them if it runs out.

Kathie Clay Center, NE