Infantino Wall Mounted Mobile – Lion

Infantino Wall Mounted Mobile – Lion

This colorful wall mounted mobile features a mirror belly and long dangling feet with paws that crinkle and rattle. This easy to put up mobile will keep baby very entertained.

Main features

  • This wall mounted mobile works well at the changing area to keep baby happy during changes.
  • Babies love to see themselves in the mirror.
  • Mobile folds flat to easily store it away when not in use.
  • A bright cheerful addition to any nursery
  • birth +

Verified reviews


Must have item!!!

My little boy is now 6 months old and we use this baby every single day!!!! I don’t know how we would get through middle of the night diaper changes or dressing after bathtime without this! Baby started to notice this around 4 weeks old and there has been no going back! This is definitely the best out there. He loves the lion and the pictures of the animals on the side. The lion’s feet have rattles so that all we really have to do when he is fussing during a diaper change, etc. is bat at his legs to get baby’s attention. What a lifesaver!!! We could not be happier with this thing. It is literally worth every penny. It is on the of the few items that you really do need.

Hollie Thompsontown, PA


We bought this because we were looking for something safe to hang over the changing table. Basically, our newborn daughter treated every diaper change as total tragedy… We could not believe the effect!!! IMMEDIATELY she stopped crying at diaper changes and was completely fascinated by this lion!! Now, at 4.5 month, 4 months later, she STILL adores it! She “talks” to it, smiles at it (it was the first “object” she smiled at), laughs at it, reaches for it… It seemed SO overpriced to us at $40, but BOY was it ever worth it. We also bought their other one, the blue elephant, that was only $20, after the success of this one. We hung that one over the bed, but she never took to it like she did to Mr. Lion as we call him. This lion is simply fabulous!

Leslie Winton, MN

Best “mobile” ever

I don’t know why they call this a “mobile” since it has no moving parts, no motion or sound, it just hangs there. That being said, this is the best toy I’ve gotten for my 10-week-old son so far. I don’t know why he loves it so much, but now the changing table is his absolute favorite place to be. He smiles, laughs, and flails his arms and legs in excitement any time we get near it, and would probably stare at it laughing and cooing for hours if I let him hang out on the changing table that long. Its been a real godsend for distracting him from his hunger screeching at 6am while I’m trying to get his diaper changed first!

Petra Columbus, NE

Our baby LOVES this mirror.

We installed this over our changing table when our baby was born. He LOVES this mirror. At first he stared at the lion, but now (4months) he laughes at the lion and the little boy in the mirror. He also explores the rest of the mobile. The printed animals on the “backsplash” is also fun – he now discoved that part and points at the different animals.For my 2 year old we had another mirror, and from our experience a mirror over the changing table calms them down. It also helps them see what is going on and over time what to expect. Our older son very quickly learned, for example, to push his arms through his sleeves as he could see what we were doing before.

Doris Waukesha, WI

A must have for babies!

We have had this mirror for both of our girls, and they both loved it! It keeps them entertained while you’re changing them, and two of the lion’s paws rattle, which my girls enjoy grabbing and kicking.

Lucia Carnegie, PA