Infantino Wiggle Worm Gym

Infantino Wiggle Worm Gym

Super-plush travel gym entertains Baby through sight, touch and sound.

Main features

  • Item#: 150-786
  • Age: 0m+
  • Weight: 3 lbs

Verified reviews


sons favorite gym – bar does not pop out if used correctly!!

My son LOVES this item. Its super soft, cute and has great vibrant colors. I saw the other reviews on the bar popping out which caused a bit alarm until I realized that if you follow the directions – there is not a problem. Even if the bar did pop out – it is so soft that it could not hurt a fly. I think this is great gym at a excellent value!

Gwendolyn Eastpointe, MI


This item is a little cheap, the only thing I like about it is that you can zip it up and put it away. But I guess it’s one of those things you can take to grandma’s house for the occasional babysitting and just leave there.

Meagan Clinton, WI

Don’t waste your money.

This play mat just sucks. My son got it for Christmas. I returned it within the week. The fabric is cheap, the toys aren’t anything special, and it isn’t sturdy. AT ALL. Everytime he would bat at a toy the toy bar would come crashing down onto him, and he was playing very gently. I tried repeatedly to balance the mat and toy bar “just so” so that it wouldn’t fall, to no avail.And the advertisement that you can attach the toy bar to the crib? Well, i’m a pretty intelligent adult and I could never get it to stay attached to a crib without looking really tacky.I returned it and bought the fisher price precious planet play mat that has three bars that connect in the middle for about $35 and have had no issues with it. It has alot more toys, collapses well too, and is ALOT better quality.So, for $15 dollars more, my son has a better quality toy that he can enjoy without getting bonked and me having to hold the toy bar up so it won’t hit hom in the face.

Charlotte Circleville, UT

Poorly designed

It sounds convenient in theory BUT once you unzip it and lay it on the floor, the top part flops over and won’t stay up. Even if I balance it perfectly and try to prop it up, my 6 month old can knock it down with one pull of the hanging toys. I already threw out the packaging so I guess I’m stuck with it…zipped it up and put it in the closet until I get a change to donate it…might try to detach the toys and see if those are at least fun for him to play with!

Margret Montgomery Creek, CA


I purchased this when my son was twelve weeks old, and he could already reach the toys. It is soft and padded and the hanging toys have different textures and noises to keep baby entertained. My favorite feature is that the gym folds up and zips closed for ultimate portability.

Tori King Cove, AK

Don’t know what I would have done without this!

My 4 month old has LOVED this gym ever since he was about 6 weeks old. It is the only place where I have been able to leave him alone and let him play happily without me for up to 30 minutes or so. I’m glad I didn’t read these reviews before I bought it, or I probably wouldn’t have it. My son is old enough now to pull the bar down and get the toys in his mouth. Most of the time the bar stays up, but occasionally it does pop out of the side holdings and fall on him. However, the bar and toys are so light it never hurts him. I feel completely safe letting him play in here, and I don’t know what I would have done without the free time this has given me. A lifesaver for this new mama, and a fun toy for my son. It’s really helped him develop his reaching and grabbing skills.

Juliet Wayside, TX


This product is poorly designed. The bar tends to lean or fall over. There is padding in the face of the monkey mat that made it uncomfortable for baby’s head to lay where it needed to. Waste of money.

Stacy Woodway, TX

Easy to transport

My son enjoyed this gym from when he was 2 and a half months old and was able to follow the dangling toys. We bought additional rings to extend the length (and now he can pull everything to his mouth), and also attached other toys to the tube. I would have given it 5 stars for the fact that it is very easy to fold and carry to friends houses, it is small enough that can be placed on the bed and the tube fits standard rings (opening up a lot of possibilities), however the synthetic material is just horrible. I always put my son on a swaddling blanket instead of directly on the mat.We never had problems with the tube flying (as the other reviewers mentioned) because our tube actually has little strings that can be attached to the mat to prevent any movement (maybe we have a newer model?)But overall we hare happy with it as a second gym that is easy to take everywhere.

Luella Los Alamos, NM

Cute but don’t waste your money

I got this for our LO because the baby gym was one of the items from our registry/shower that we didn’t receive. I figured he would not really need anything special until he can grab at them, etc at first so this would be fine. I was wrong, the hippo is cute and my LO does like to stare at the hanging animals but it a piece of junk, the bar falls over forward and if I was not sitting there watching him it would hit my LO in the head! It is nice that it all zippers into itself but overall I would say to take the $20 and put it towards one of the $50 play mats like the tiny love mat or the FP rain forest one that seem to be safer and have great reviews.

Latisha Point Pleasant, WV

Great Shower Gift

My friends have all started having babies so I’ve ended up having to get numerous shower gifts lately. I gave one of these as a gift and the mom was thrilled. Her daughter is enjoying it now as well. It’s easy to pack and the bar can be taken off to either put on a crib or just to use the mat by itself.

Judy Freeborn, MN

The feature I like is that you can put the toys hanger in the crib

I bought this as a present and also got it as a shower present. I included it in my registry because of the feature that can be installed in the crib. I haven’t used it yet, but the person I gave it as a present told me that the activity bar is easy for her baby to pull out.

Brenda Ocoee, FL

Awesome for the price!

This little gym is pretty cool! I started using it when my daughter was about 2 and a half months old, and now she loves it! She’s already batting at the zebra rattle and she loves looking at the monkey in the middle. I had read a lot of the negative reviews before I bought this; a lot of people have said that it falls over, but underneath the ends of the bar it has 2 plastic rungs that you can rotate around so you can make it sturdier.

Sandra New Paris, OH

Great and easy to use!

Most of the complaints i read seem to be from not having it set up right or being unable to wash it (The purple (well mine is purple, i have the monkey one) part the holds on to the bar comes apart, (take bar out then hold bottom half then twist top half so the top pieces holes line up with the tabs on bottom part), pull them apart then slide bottom half out of hole, and then the mat can be machine washed and air dried. It’s a little trickey but worth it to get it cleaned well!) and if you put the support pieces in a straight line and velcro them down the bar stays up great! I do daycare and the kids i’ve used it for grab and pull on the bar and i’ve yet to have it come out if the little velcro straps are attached to the plastic that holds the arms up. I love the fact it’s small enough to use inside of a pack and play (keep the other kids and dog from being able to get to the baby) and zips for easy storage! I would definately but another one if something happened to this one, or needed one for 2 kids! This is one thing i will hang on to for when i have kids if i ever stop doing daycare!

Francisca Beaver Falls, NY

Poor Design

This toy doesn’t stay together well. After a couple of uses the base gets flimsy after folding it up and the bar flops either back or forward, causing the toys to be out of reach and out of vision. This toy ois designed for a child who is ready to track and grab, but the toys are out of reach. I had to buy longer toys to get my child interested in it enough to try to reach for the others, but he would freak out when the bar flopped out of useable reach. I replaced it with the fisher price aquarium wonders model. This one is WAY better for the extra $10. It has 2 bars, one for kicking, or just reverse the baby when he gets bored. Plus it has a great tummy time set up and way more durable.

Ellen Rushville, NY

Good Idea – Poor Execution

We bought this for our now 22 month old. He didn’t really care for it, but our almost 3 month old son loves it. Unfortunately, when he bats or grabs onto the toys the whole bar tips over! We tried putting it into the crib and latching the velcro onto the bars, but it’s just a little too short to latch both sides. So now we’re stuck with a toy that baby loves, but requires someone to sit there and hold it in place. It’s driving me insane!

Lois Harwood Heights, IL

Great for on the go or just laying around…

The Happy Hippo Travel Gym is a great buy for anyone. It is fairly inexpensive and provides lots of entertainment for your little one. It is colorful and has a hanging mirror, rattle and toy that are all detachable. All of this is packed into a convenient carrying case that zips up. The gym is great to unzip and lay on the floor for tummy time or back time. It has just enough padding that your baby can play or nap comfortably on it and still not take up a large amount of space. The only down fall to this product is you have to make sure the levers are turned so that the overhead wire that holds the toys stays in place. If it is not tightened it will start to droop towards the floor. It is not harmful to your baby in any way it just does not stay in place unless it is screwed in. We have two of these, one for our home and one for Grandma’s. My baby absolutely loves his tummy and back time on the Happy Hippo.

Trudy Bono, AR

Simple, Easy, Easy storage

I bought this for my home daycare. Since I do not always have infants in my care I like that it folds up so easily and has a built in storage bag. (it just zips around the edge once folded in half) The fold out legs make it plenty sturdy. Perfect for travel or every day use and great price too.

Sonja Bellingham, MA

HORRIBLE, had to return it!

I bought this thinking it would be a good option as a small playmat for my baby. But the arch DOES NOT STAY UPRIGHT. It would fall over right on my baby’s face. It was completely unusable and I returned it after 2 days. Don’t waste your money.

Bertha Huger, SC

Mixed Feelings–Monkeying in the Middle

This play gym was one of my shower presents that I pulled out when my son was born. He didn’t have much interest in it for the first month, but since then has enjoyed the mat for lying on and reaching up towards the toys. He is now exactly at the 3 month mark and able to reach the center ring without a problem. He seems to enjoy it.On the surface, this is a nice little gym, easily portable since it zips up and has handles. Works well for young children and has bright colors and stimulating toys hanging from the arch. Our son particularly likes the dangling mirror toy and talks to the reflection of himself. However, there are some design features that are not entirely intuitive–my husband and I didn’t realize the red pockets on the bottom opened up and the purple feet swung out to form an ‘L’ on both sides to support the arch. Before that we were using books to support it and baffled as to how anyone could keep the arch up. Now that we’ve figured out the trick, no books are needed.This is clearly a toy for very young children. Our son at three months is just about ready to outgrow it: he’ll be rolling over soon and right now is crashing into the arch when he tries. Also, the toys are not meant for him to chew on, and it won’t be long before he’s able to. He’s managed to hit the arch over with his legs if we don’t place him well under it (seems to enjoy that game). I believe that the play gym is meant for about up to three months or so, thus I’m not entirely surprised about the fact he’s outgrowing the gym.I am, however, concerned and confused by a few things. The first is that the mat should be machine washable–but I can’t figure out how to detach it from the plastic parts to throw it in the wash. I’ve had my entire family try to figure it out. However it works, it’s not obvious or something is wrong with my particular mat. Secondly, one of the tags included on the play gym has a clear warning that states there is a strangulation hazard and that it should not be attached to a crib or playpen. This goes against that actual advertisement for the item itself which touts the fact that it is designed to attach to a crib. So, unless that warning is meant for the mat part of the structure alone (and it is not clear that it does) I am faced with a very mixed message.Overall I’m more confused than entirely dissatisfied. This isn’t a bad product for a 0-3 month old infant, but I’d like to have the difficulties I’m having cleared up, and would have like the supporting feet to be a little more obvious.Happy Playing! Shanshad ^_^

Sofia Meers, OK

Cute but flimsy

The gym is cute, my daughter loves the toys that come with it – even though the monkey never worked for us.The mirror didn’t get interesting ’til she realized she could pull it down and get her mouth on it…. yes, she can pull the whole thing over to get the toys into her mouth.THe single-bar design is much more flimsy than double bar models.We wash it fairly often – so I’ve gotten good at the set-up… and it’s pretty easy to set up. but it just doesn’t hold up.I’m also not sold on the extra PUFF to the monkey’s head. It makes tummy-time difficult for a little baby who’s still learning to hold her head up + forces a lilt to any position as she’s older.

Marlene Franklinton, LA

Poorly designed and waste of money

I have to say that there is only one thing I like about this play mat and that is the zip up feature. Other than that… I hate it and I am so glad I did not pay for this!The Good:- The zip up feature – but after a wash or two the zipper starts sticking and becomes a pain to zip up.The Bad:- The arch is light as can be and totally flimsy… it keeps falling over onto my babies face!!! This alone is enough for me to veto this mat.- The colors fade after just one wash- The toys are totally BORING and so is the pattern. The toy arch has nothing engaging about the colors or the solid blue pattern.- Not engaging at all for babies… mine actually cries when I put her in it, verses the other play mat by Tiny Love she LOVES and stay in it happily until I get her.- The way you attached the arch is not easy and honestly… it is stupid how it is designed.- The size of this mat is small compared to our other Tiny Love one which is about 4x’s the size.- The photo makes it look at soft and cushy… but it is not. One wash and it flattens completely out.- The toy arch is so light that the baby can literally push it over once crawling starts so add that to the size of the mat and that makes this mat only good for about 5 months… once your baby is mobile this mat is out… not to mention that once they try to use the zipper as toy it can become dangerous… which lead me too…- If you have older siblings around toddler age they will try to play with the zipper feature of the mat. Not good when (like my two year old) they can zip their finger by accident.- Not only is it small but it is so small that your baby will not be able to roll over on it. The toy arch will stop them from rolling over which is a big milestone that you do not want to inhibit. Also most do not want their baby rolling off onto the floor.I am sure I could find more reason why you should run away from this product but I think I have spend enough time on this poorly designed, majorly flawed, joke of a play mat. We have two Tiny Love Play Mats and LOVE LOVE LOVE them. Spend the extra 30.00… it is worth it beyond words. One of our Tiny Love mats is 6 years old and still works great, colors are as vibrant as the day we bought it and our 2 year old still plays with it!

Dorothy Mahanoy Plane, PA