Infantino Wrap and Tie Baby Carrier, Black Blueberries

Infantino Wrap and Tie Baby Carrier, Black Blueberries

3 in 1 design: face-in, face-out and back carrier suited for 8-35 pounds. Buckle-free – just wrap, tie and go! Natural bucket seat. Easily adjusts for perfect fit. Wide and comfortable padded straps. Super soft and breathable.

Main features

  • 3 in 1 design
  • No buckles – just wrap, tie and go
  • Adjusts easily
  • Wide and comfortable padded straps
  • Perfect for carrying infants 8-35 pounds

Verified reviews


hot and cold

I got this after my slingrider was recalled. So far we have a love hate relationship with this. The black and the type of fabric picks up everything so it gets dirty very fast and it shows very easily. I was thinking this would be great for traveling but once I got it the ties are long and it’s hard trying to fit it into a diaper bag when not in use, and it takes up a great deal of space. If it had a carry bag for when it’s not in use that would have been nice.Few things I like:1. feels good on, doesn’t hurt my back like other carriers2. very easy to put on and adjust3. baby seems happyFew things I don’t:1. fabric is like a swiffer, picks up a ton of dust and after only two days and wearing it twice it already needs to be washed. It shows everything!2. prints to choose from aren’t as attractive as those used for the slingrider, the material was better too it didn’t attract a ton of dust. I would have chosen the khaki but looking at the print for a while gave me a headache.3. wish it could be used for newborns but doesn’t seem to have that much versatility as other wrap carriers.Hands down I think I prefer the moby wrap and it’s cheaper.

Pauline Peru, NE

Life saver!!!

I ordered this last night and paid for expedited shipping. Got it by 3pm today.I am soooooo glad I did.I have a 1 week old daughter (not yet 8lbs) who cries if I put her in one of her playards (even when she is sleepy or asleep already after a feeding). I could do nothing but hold her all day long. I was getting crazy.Today, I vaccumed and mopped with my little one in front of me (I first tried the bassinet of the playards but she was crying).I chose to buy the Infantino last night because I didn’t want to deal with yards and yards of fabric and complicated knots from other baby carriers. I didn’t want to buy a more expensive carrier (B*orn or Er*o,…) because I was promised I would get one by a family member but I don’t have it yet… I needed something to relieve me NOW, cheap and easy. This fits the bill, I am glad I made that purchase.

Jillian Sheldon, VT

Backpack Hurts Baby

I bought this to use as a backpack carrier for my 21-month-old because he’s nearing the weight limit for most carriers but we have a lot of baby wearing left to do (lots of international travel, not stroller-friendly). I criss-cross the front because shoulder straps don’t distribute weight well, & it’s very comfortable for me, but tying across my little guy’s back really hurts him. I’m going to try to alter it so I can tie it somewhere else, but I would never recommend this carrier to anyone. It hurt him so much he cried this weekend.

Christy Maynard, MA

Uncomfortable for wearer and baby

I order the wrap and tie and few day ago and I’m returning it. It has been a pain for us to find a good carrier because my husband has the body builder type with very very broad chest. So far, we tried the Baby Bjorn original and active but none of them really fit him, let alone having a baby in it. I was so desperate that I bought this wrap and tie. So far I do not like it at all. The fabric is not very breathable and seems to pick up every kind of dust along the way. We live in Texas and it’s not summer here yet but I don’t think the fabric is going to be good for the summer here. It fits my husband well enough but he has a little trouble putting it on on his own. The shoulder straps are not the best ever. The fabric makes it feels thick but then the padding is just not soft enough. I have back pain wearing this.I can’t imagine carrying a 25 – 35 pounds toddler with this. Also, I do not like the position our little one has to sit while using this. The facing inward position makes him have to spread is leg very wide. I’d prefer a little more head support especially for infant but can fold down when my baby face outward. The design of this is also not very wearer-friendly. My husband refuses to wear it because it looks too girly. In a girly perspective, it’s not cute enough. So far, I much prefer the Baby Bjorn original over this, even though Infantino wrap and tie is cheaper, only $30.97. I would pay a little more for a little more comfort.Pro: CheapCons: Fabric is stiff and not very breathable and seems to pick up a lot of dust.Hard to put on especially for someone who is busty or bodybuilder with broad chest and big armShoulder straps seems causing strain on wearer’s shoulderBaby has to spread leg very wide. The facing outward position hold a lot of fabric between the baby legs ( there is already a diaper there that can cause discomfort…)

Deann Farmersville Station, NY

Great idea but in theory.

I thought this carrier would be great, but because is basic it is not versatile like others.Pros:-affordable,-easy to use,-doesn’t hurt my back,-my 1 month old baby falls a sleep fast in it.Cons:-there is no adjustable head control piece; my son loves to look around, but is too young to control his head, he keeps his head far away from me to look around and his head hangs out from the top part; on the other hand when he falls asleep the top part sticks out instead of snuggle his head,-after a while I have to adjust the wrapping as it is loosing up, baby slides down,-the arm straps are well padded but 30% too wide, the look is awkward.I received this carrier at the same time with baby K’tan and hands down baby K’tan wins big time-easy to use, comes in different sizes and colors with matching baby hat, natural positions for the baby (8 or more), is very soft and my son loves it. It’s even more easy to use than Infantino.

Tabitha Alpena, MI

not good for a shortie

OMG does my back hurt when I use this carrier. My neck, my shoulders, my lower back-everything hurt after 30 minutes of use. I think it might have to do with my size (4’11” 110lbs). My husband doesn’t mind wearing it. That brings me to the other problem: If you are short, the straps are a pain in the butt. They are way too long so I wrap them around my waist again, creating a bit of a mummy look.

Leslie Wind Gap, PA

Not a great wrap

Hard to get baby comfy in this wrap. Cut off my daughter’s circulationIn her legs- started turning blue. Tried it several times at differentage ranges& never had success. It’s a pretty design, cheap price but doesn’t work!

Josefa San Benito, TX

nice, affordable.

this is a VERY nice and affordable option for someone who wants a mei tai. the patter options arent extensive, but when you need a MT, you need a MT…function before does pick up a lot of dust and pet hair and lint. the black definitely shows my dogs fur ALL over it, but thats why they make lint rollers.its very functional and i feel very comfortable putting my daughter in it and knowing shes safe. im comfortable wearing her for hours, and shes comfortable enough that she fell asleep on my back while i did laundry today without whining. the straps on your shoulders are padded and fairly wide…would also be great for dads. the straps are long enough to fit around me [5’7″ 158lbs] with extra.i wouldnt use it in the foreward facing position, it throws your balance off and adds preasure to your babys pelvis which is unnatural and can cause spinal developement issues. but for front and back carry its great! and i can get SO much done around the house, now!like i said the shoulder straps are wide. theyre a lil too wide for me, but its comfortable and doesnt bother me, really. just kinda looks off. theyre very padded and dont dig in at all. the part that supports baby is, also, wide…itd be GREAT for chunky babies and toddlers, maybe not newborns or babies younger than 3 months. even for my 7m old, it bunches a lil under her heiny because its wide. but the side of the “square” part are padded nicely and, even with the wide-ness and bunching, her legs never have red marks and her circulation is never cut-off.this also keeps lil “i wanna grab everything” hands in check. its very nice. she can still move her arms in and out of the carrier sides, but if im not within 3 inches of something at her hand height [which i never am,] she cant get it. 🙂 but she doesnt whine, she loves the view and that mommys holding her! :)the carrier needs some getting used to with tying and positioning. basically, like all things, it comes with a learning curve. but its been a week for me, and ive got it down packed. [i always still tie her on my back while standing over the bed or sofa JUST IN CASE.]overall, this is a great carrier. it has its down sides, but theyre minimal and dont affect comfort or function. 😀

Connie North Adams, MI

I love this Mai Tai style carrier! Perfect for little mama!

I had originally purchased an ergo, but found it very difficult to adjust to my small frame, it never was tight enough and very hard to buckle. I’m 5′ 105lbs, This is the perfect carrier for any size since it’s fully adjusted by tieing it. The shoulder straps are padded and easy to ware for extended hours. I back carry my 8 month old when I’m cleaning and we were safe and secure for hours in this!!

Brandy Matagorda, TX

wish i got this sooner

i had bought a cheap carrier from walmart that got alot of use, but it was only front carry. this one is BACK AND FRONT which is great for doing housework like dishes. i needed one with a higher weight limit which is why i bought this one. unfortunately i don’t use it much, which is why i wish i had it sooner. it is a bit tricky to get the baby on my back, but the instructions on how to tie it are actually sewn onto the straps which is cool. it is a bit difficult to tie though, but the tie does make it easy to adjust. so i have mixed feelings about this product, but the value is great if you bought it sooner rather then later. washes easy too.

Rosalia Attica, OH

Give yourself time to get used to it

I bought this as an alternative to the black nylon carriers you see everywhere. I knew I wouldn’t have the patience or the time to learn and do a maya-type wrap, where you wind 50feet of fabric around yourself. When I bought this, I loved the color and it was much cooler than the black ergo-type carrier. However, it was the first carrier I’d worn, and I decided it wasn’t comfortable for me or baby and returned it. In the end, I ended up sweating around in a black ergo which was not anymore comfortable for either of us. She was still bundled in the same position she had been in while I was wearing this, but now we were both hotter. I absolutely recommend some sort of front carrier, because it means you can use your hands more easily. For me, the front carrier was the only thing that really soothed my colicky baby and let her sleep during the day.

Roxanne Portage, ME

Cheaper than Mei Tie and works just as well

I have this one in khaki and love it. I tried a friend’s Mei Tie but balked at the price, then found this one and ordered it online. It works exactly the same. I used it with my little punkin starting at about three weeks and she still fits in it at four months and fifteen pounds. It is WAAAAAYYY easier to put on than the stupid Moby wrap I have, and feels more comfortable than the expensive Ergo Baby I have too.

Sondra Beloit, KS

Best Carrier With Proper Leg Placement for Baby

1. Unlike other carriers that baby faces outward causing hip dysplasia; this carrier facilitates proper "froggy" leg placement when baby faces towards you2. My youngest had extreme colic that started at 6 days old. The doctors and specialists said it was the worst they had ever seen! Since it was impractical to carry him all day I tried at least 15 different carriers, wraps, and slings from generic brands to the very expensive and THIS was the best! All of my friends with babies went out and bought one after seeing mine.This is a comfortable wrap that I could single – handedly put on while holding my son once I got the hang of it. I wore this 16-20 hrs / day for 3 months and I actually used this until my baby was 9 months old. The shoulder straps are padded and incredibly comfortable even with extended wear. This an item that is being saved for my future kids!

Bobbie The Plains, OH

works fine, straps a little too long

I liked this carrier and I used it a few times. The straps were a little long form my small/medium build. I ended up shortening them so the wouldn’t hang in the way.

Kerri Pikeville, KY

Awesome summer carrier!

This carrier is just great for summer! I am all about baby wearing and I find this carrier really breeze and easy to wear, plus it doesnt hurt my back lol ….The only problem would be that, in my opinion, a baby should be around 13lbs or more than 4 months old to be carried nicely in it… I tried with my newborn 8lbs and it was a disaster, her head was too close to my chest, she had no head control, of course, and her legs were not long enough, of course, to open and sit the way the carrier requires, so it was a no no for young babies… now she’s almost 14lbs and 4 months old and it works perfect 🙂 …. other than that, this carrier is perfect 🙂 for newborns the moby works the best….unless you live in a really hot region….

Lucy Tappan, NY

This is a Must Have!!

I am a single mother of two wonderful girls (2yrs and 3wks old) This wrap is a life saver! I was unable to stay indoors constantly with my newborn (Errands need to be run and my oldest NEEDED to get out of the house) I bought this when my baby was 1wk old (7lbs 3oz) and being able to be hands free is amazing! It’s so easy to put on and take off. I am able to wear it around the house and get simple chores done (folding laundry, washing dishes, etc) and she falls asleep in it almost instantly! It makes putting my 2yr old in her carseat much easier and she feels that she’s getting one on one attention with the little one in the wrap! The longest I’ve worn it is 3 hours and my back didn’t hurt. I love that I don’t feel like a hunchback when I’m wearing it and that it doesn’t require readjustment after every movement!UPDATE:My youngest is now 14 months and still loves to be worn. I have a couple other carriers but this is her favorite. She thinks she is getting a piggy back ride while I’m doing chores and I was happy to discover that I can JOG (not run!) through the park while she is in it. Makes for a great work out. 😉 I tell everyone who asks me about it (in the grocery store, on play dates, out with friends) that it is by far the best $30 I’ve ever spent!

Deidra Luverne, AL

Nice carrier at affordable price

Seems to be a fine carrier, the shoulder straps are nicely padded and my little guy seems to be comfy. This works great for my 14lb 2 month old in a front carry (face IN is best for baby) as well as my 24lb 18 month old in a back carry! Seems to have pretty solid construction, my husband tested the straps and we were not able to hear any of the stitching pop or see any evidence of damage. The price point is much less than other mei tai style carriers, it is nice to see that Infantino is making proper babywearing available to a wider range of people! All in all it does what it should and looks nice.

Kathy Myers Flat, CA