InfinityMOM Nursing Scarf

InfinityMOM Nursing Scarf

Use instructions: Loop twice around your neck to wear as a stylish infinity scarf. To nurse discreetly, unloop scarf and pull one side down under your arm opposite the side you wish to nurse. Make sure fabric is at full width for maximum coverage.

Main features

  • Nurse comfortably and discreetly wherever, whenever.
  • Soft jersey fabric is gentle against your baby’s skin.
  • Lightweight and compact so it fits perfectly in your diaper bag when not being worn.
  • Can also be worn as a cover while pumping for working moms.
  • Machine washable.

Verified reviews



The biggest problem I have with anything baby or maternity is that they seem to cost a lot and only get used for a few short months. I really love that this isn’t the case with my scarf. I wear them constantly, and I was thrilled to find a nursing cover that is something I will actually use before and after nursing as well. The jersey is incredibly soft and silky, and it’s cozy for winter but seems light enough for warmer months, too. I bought the cream colored scarf, and it goes with absolutely everything in my wardrobe. I’m hoping to stock up on a few more colors after liking this one so much. Honestly one of the best multi-use products I’ve ever gotten!

Glenda York, ME

Makes for convenient and discreet nursing coverage- once you have the hang of nursing in public

I’m on baby #2 and love using this as a nursing cover now that I have the hang of getting the nursing bra open and baby latched on discreetly. It is much easier (and less obvious) to just unwind this scarf and tuck baby in then it is to dig through the diaper bag for a cover, put it on, and get baby situated. It provides great coverage, though not as much as a full nursing cover. The material is great quality (I ordered the vintage grey and did not find it to be see-through as a previous reviewer mentioned), and it looks like a regular infinity scarf and could continue to be used as such when you’re done nursing.If you’re a new mom just starting to nurse in public or have a newborn who still needs a lot of assistance latching on, you might want to stick with a more traditional cover early on, but once you and baby get the hang of things, this is so much more convenient and discreet. Love it!

Jaclyn Saint Martin, MN

Not impressed

The vintage grey is very sheer and in the right light is see through. After the glowing reviews and the price I was expect something more than a simple piece of sheer fabric. The fabric is indeed Jersey, as the description states. Other reviews have stated it was not Jersey, perhaps other prints were not. It is cut on the bias so that it doesn’t stretch length wise but it does stretch from top to bottom.I understand the desire for a fabric that breathes. I will be breastfeeding my second child after BF the first for 13 months. Perhaps a print will offer more privacy but, again, for the price I am very disappointed in this scarf and will be sending it back.

Kellie Meeker, CO

Best nursing cover yet – especially for distracted eaters!

I got one scarf with the Coral Chevron design when it was a featured deal on, because my baby just hates the regular apron-style covers and didn’t want to throw away the $$ if baby didn’t like the scarf. Now I know I should’ve bought one in every color, because baby loves it! The material is so soft and stretchy that I can put it around baby’s head and upper torso while staying perfectly covered from front and back. I’m definitely not a very thin woman, but if you take the additional second or two to spread out the scarf before feeding, the cover stays on until you take it off. Some reviewers have mentioned they aren’t able to make the fabric stretch for a complete cover, but I’d like to say it keeps me covered very well, and I dress very modestly (no tank tops or bikinis for me), so staying covered is very important to me.Another good thing is that baby loves to play with the fabric while drinking, keeping baby occupied during those distracted feeds. My baby is the kind that unlatches at the smallest sound or wants to investigate EVERYTHING when feeding, but staying covered under this scarf and being able to move around while drinking definitely helps in getting a complete feed.I’m definitely ordering more of these because I use these as regular old scarves and a nursing cover when out and about.

Saundra Amherst, NE

These are amazing!

I love these scarves! I would wear them even if I wasn’t nursing! They are buttery soft and lightweight and they go with almost everything. A very stylish accessory! On the functionality front: They cover everything that they need to cover extremely well. They are very breathable for my spring/summer baby so that she won’t overheat while nursing. I never have to worry about remembering to grab a (ugly, bulky, very obvious) nursing cover on the way out the door! I’m just waiting for them to restock so that I can buy more!

Jacklyn Geneva, IL

Cute Scarf, but Nothing Special

I was excited to get this scarf because of its dual purpose: stylish scarf and nursing cover. After I put it through the washer and the dryer, it shrank up a little. It is now a little tight as a looped scarf, and despite my best intentions I have still never once used it as a nursing cover. It’s a nice idea, but I have found that I just don’t really use it.

Iva Eddy, TX

Cute, overpriced

This is good for the baby and momma duo that have mastered nursing. It’s difficulty to see your baby if you need to guide him/her to latch on without flashing the world. It’s great if your baby can guide him/herself. However, any fabric or scarf works well once your baby has hit that stage. The pattern is cute, I do like the mustard color. I think it fits well for most seasons. I still see myself wearing this scarf even when I’m not nursing (maybe because I spent so much).

Alejandra Glen Allen, VA

Cute scarf and an ok alternative to those bulky covers …

Cute scarf and an ok alternative to those bulky covers, but I quickly realized I’m one of those moms who feels no shame about openly feeding in public when it’s necessary and my mini me hates being covered up. She always ripped off covers anyway, so I gave up and just use this as a scarf now.The couple times I did use it, I found it a little difficult. It falls in baby’s face and then I understood why the ugly bulky covers are bulky.

Minerva Allouez, MI


I prefer this to the traditional style nursing cover when I am nursing in public. Sometimes I feel like those scream "look at me! I’m nursing a baby under here!" This feels much more discreet and I like that I can completely cover the baby (and completely cover myself as well). I do wish it was a little bit longer both for use as a scarf and for ease in use as a cover. The chevron print is great and the color is true to the picture.

Elsa Farmingdale, ME

Good idea, wasn’t for me

As a scarf its too short, as a nursing cover its not great. I’d just assume bring a traditional cover along.

Faye North, VA


Awesome. Looks great and goes with everything. Covers baby and boobies! Can wear as an infinity scarf when not nursing.

Cora Gruver, TX

A little disappointed.

Just so you know, this isn’t a jersey fabric (would have been nice for it to have more stretch) and the pattern is only printed on one side (which isn’t as fun when the other side starts to show). The color really is coral which is great though it looks red in the picture. It’s a little snug/bulky when double looped.

Nellie Afton, WI

Two Stars

not as simple as I was hopping, it just falls down.

Loretta Amsterdam, MO

Cute but shows a lot of skin

I really wanted to give this 5 stars. It is the cutest fabric. I agree with other reviews that it is a bummer the grey chevron print I got is only on one side. But I do disagree with the reviews that said it isn’t jersey. At least the one I received is. It’s not the stretchiest jersey fabric but it is jersey and very soft, even the side with the print on it.I gave it three stars because when this is used to nurse you put one side over the shoulder you are nursing on and let the other side hang. The side that hangs totally gives anyone who is looking a nice view if you aren’t proactively holding it against your skin which makes you have to use your free hand unlike the bib covers that allow you to have one hand free. Also, I’m not the smallest person 5’7 125, and it does seem like my 3 week old could start stretching it in a few months, the product could use more fabric.I don’t like the bib covers and nurse in public a lot so I haven’t decided yet if I will be returning this or not. Seriously it’s so cute I want to keep it but functionally inferior to bib covers.

Petra Indian Trail, NC