Ingenuity Moonlight Rocking Sleeper – Lullaby Lamb

Ingenuity Moonlight Rocking Sleeper – Lullaby Lamb

Your little one will love to be lulled to sleep with the Ingenuity Moonlight Rocking Sleeper in Lullaby Lamb. Baby will be fascinated with the Soothing Star Shine projection that displays a soft starry light show. This innovative sleeper also features a mobile with 2 plush toys, a removable vibe unit for soothing vibrations and 8 melodies and 3 nature sounds. Gently rock and soothe baby in this smart and simple sleeper, with soft fabrics and a character shaped headrest that provides cushiony support. When baby isn’t in dreamland, mom will love this ingenious lightweight frame for portability and storage. This will be your little lamb’s favorite place to sleep.

Main features

  • Soothing Star Shine projection displays soft light show and features mobile with 2 plush toys
  • 8 melodies and 3 nature sounds lull baby to sleep
  • Gentle rocking motion & removable vibe unit for soothing vibrations; 3 setting volume control
  • Lightweight frame for portability and storage
  • Projector requires 3AA batteries, vibe unit requires 1 C battery – not included

Verified reviews


Just Flawless.

I really wish I would have picked one of these up or even been aware of this product when I was pregnant. I am in love with it. I wanted to surprise my sister with it when she comes over with it for her daughter. I set it up (very easy to do) and just waited. I grew so anxious that I called her over. As soon as she saw it — love! She wanted to keep it but since I have nanny duties for her and her husband I wanted to keep it … yeah, that’s an issue. But what’s not is how well her daughter took to it — rocked what is sometimes a fussy little girl to dreamland. Usually, the slightest little noise will just wake her and cause an ear-piercing squeal … ah, babies … but nothing, the soft music, rocking just kept her knocked out.What makes it great? Well, it’s not heavy, easy to move around, not too low to the floor, not a pain to put together and the light show — whatever, I can enjoy it too.

Esther Scott Air Force Base, IL

Sleep LIke a Lamb

This appealing sleeper has just about everything one would need to lull a baby to sleep. Lightweight but not flimsy, it is easy to set up, collapse and store. Its portability is a big plus. Designed for babies up to twenty pounds, it has an adorable plush lamb headrest and a machine washable seat pad. There is a detachable “vibe” unit that gently rocks and a mobile with two plush little lambs. the projected light show features stars and is really quite cool. Additionally you can play any of eight different songs or three nature sounds.I did like the thoughtful design. Portability is important even if it just means moving around your house. It is versatile and you have plenty of options You don’t have to attach the vibe unit or the mobile. The volume is adjustable and again, you don’t need to use the sound at all. It is cute and appropriate for either sex.On the downside, it is small and therefore the usage will be limited, especially if you have a big baby. The batteries (3 AAA and 1 C) are not included which is annoying. A timer on the vibe unit would have been helpful. Despite these flaws, this is a nice and convenient product. Comfortable and fun for baby, it is great for moms (or grannies, aunties and godmothers) on the go and would make a thoughtful shower gift.

Allie Newbern, TN

Only $69 at Toys R Us & $49 at Walmart!

My rating is only because this exact same rocking sleeper is only $69 at Toys R Us (currently with free shipping) and Walmart has it for $49 (it was out of stock last time I checked)! I’m used to Amazon having great pricing, but not in this case.The sleeper itself is wonderful (although you will need to buy 3AA batteries for the projector and a C battery for the vibration), but it’s a lot more wonderful for $10 or $20 less. Save your money and pick this up from Walmart (if you can wait for them to restock it) or Toys R Us (if you need it right away).

Wilda Utica, MN

Nice Sleep Invention for my Baby!

We are very happy with this sleeper. It was better than we expected! It’s light and portable.I am impressed with how soft and good looking this sleeper is.It’s a nice all in one sleeper for a baby!We love the softness and comfiness of the material.This is a really cute sleeper with plenty of room for our baby to sleep in.We would highly recommend this product!

Jeanette Ty Ty, GA

LIttle Ones Will Fall Asleep Before Having to Count These Sheep 🙂

I used this sleeper for several months instead of a bassinet or co-sleeper. It worked out great and was easily transportable between rooms. I loved that I could lay in bed and just reach over and gently rock my little one back to sleep when needed. The fabric is super soft, and I love that it has mesh sides by the head so that your baby has good air flow which is SO important.The Ingenuity sleeper went together fairly easily and quickly, especially since I have the bouncy seat of the same brand. Here are a few things that I loved particularly about this rocker/sleeper
• It doesn’t fold. I love this aspect because I feel that it’s safer than the folding ones. I worried that it would collapse with the baby in it. However, this may be a downside to someone who needs to be able to travel with this, or lives in a small space that needs to be able to store it when not using.
• It’s longer than some. If you have longer babies, then you will probably be able to use the sleeper a little bit longer than with some other brands.
• It has a soft rocking motion and all of the bells and whistles that you could possibly want. Light, sound, vibration, rocking, cuddling.There were a few things that kept me from giving it 5 stars. These aren’t serious enough that I wouldn’t get the same thing again, but wish they would consider for a re-design:
• I wish it was at a slight incline
• While I like the mobile I find that it’s often in the way so I ended up taking it off. It doesn’t slide on very easily so I’ve found that I just don’t put it back on all of the time.

Courtney Bronx, NY

So convenient

I like the fact that it’s so portable, easy to fold up and can slip under the bed when not in use. The light show, mobile, and vibrator just is so delightful and calming. My only complaint is it doesn’t hold older babies and is easily out-grown.

Roseann Beaver Creek, MN

Comparison vs Fisher-Price Rock n’ Play.

We have been using this sleeper with our newborn daughter, and it is definitely a high quality option. We also use theFisher-Price Deluxe Newborn Vibrating Rock n’ Play Sleeper, My Little Snugabunny, and here is a comparison of these two sleepers:- The Ingenuity is slightly longer than the Fisher-Price. Therefore it will last your baby longer.- The Ingenuity has a stronger vibration feature.- The Ingenuity includes music and projection features.- The buckle on the Ingenuity is in the middle of the sleeper. This isn’t ideal when you aren’t using the buckle, because it tends to bother the baby by hitting her side. The buckle on the Fisher-Price is at the bottom.- The Ingenuity is more of a flatter surface, while the Fisher-Price is more of an incline. The incline helps if your baby has acid reflux.- The Ingenuity has a head rest, which is nice.- The Ingenuity does not have a fold-up feature like the Fisher-Price does. So it’s ideal for keeping in one place, and not ideal for frequent travel.Both sleepers are great options. We’d probably pick the Fisher-Price since we travel with the sleeper, but overall I’d give a slight edge to the Ingenuity.

Molly Arlington, KS

I want to love this thing, but I as of right now I can’t.

So I bought this for the arrival of my newborn son. I was super excited. in fact I still love the thing, it’s adorable but not annoying like some baby items are. The colors are really subtle, everything is super soft, seriously the perfect sleeper to have in an adult bedroom. As soon as my son came home I noticed one big problem, the angle of the sleeper plus the fact that the back is soft made it so my son was sleeping with his chin against his chest- Which I’m sure a lot of moms know that is pretty dangerous for a newborn to sleep like that because it restricts their airways. In addition to that, the boy totally hates the thing. It’s very disappointing since everything else about it is so perfect. My son is on the smaller side (Almost 7 lbs) so maybe that’s why, but I even tried propping him in the sleeper but that didn’t work. My mother-in-law bought us the newborn rock ‘n play sleeper by fisher price, it has a hard plastic back behind it, along with a different angle which fixes the breathing problem and he actually sleeps in it very peacefully. Sadly it’s not as adorable as this one is, but I have to choose the safe more functional sleeper.

Amber Omak, WA

Super soft, very inviting for baby

This unit is very similar to the FP My Little Snugabunny. We have both.It is super soft minky material with mesh air panels beside baby’s head for air circulation. It does NOT have a hard molded back support (like the FP) so is more of a cradling effect. Both are good!The legs of this unit are slightly curved so I can set this in front of me and use my foot to rock the sleeper while watching TV or reading a book. The projector/toy mount easily detaches and swings out of the way.The only downfall is that it does not fold. Yes, it’s super light and easy to move, but from what I can tell you basically have to remove the legs to lay it flat for storage. It’s really hard to find the instructions to do this too… just something you have to figure out from assembly I guess. This really is no matter to me, however, as I use it regularly and have no need for folding (yet).Recommend!

Melba Westfield Center, OH

Plush and comfortable

I find this rocking sleeper very convenient for naps and travel. The vibration feature is very soothing and puts baby to sleep. I love how easy it is to move from room to room especially when she is napping and I’m able to relocate it throughout the house with her in it without disturbing her. The light feature hasn’t been discovered yet so I can’t say that it is a remarkable feature. The bed itself is nicely padded and plush with a newborn headrest. I have set this up both next to my bed at night and on the couch when I am taking power naps with her.

Alisha Greenup, IL

Cute and sturdy

I ordered this for my sister, and she loves it. The design is cute, especially the projected stars and moon. The frame doesn’t weigh much, making it easy to move from room to room. The one complaint I have is that I noticed the mobile with the 2 plush toys is kind of a poor design. It hangs from the light on top by a piece of ribbon. When bumped into, it flops everywhere, and doesn’t spin traditional mobile. I was almost tempted to just remove it. Aside from that, the design is quite good.

Adrian Monessen, PA

Beautiful and functional

My niece was just born 2 months ago and her parents have been using this rocker with her for the past month. She loves it. Sleeps well, appears comfortable, and it doesn’t take up a ton of room. The music it plays is nice (soft) and the different vibrations seem to be soothing when she’s upset. It’s nice to look at, without loud, obnoxious colors which is nice too.I’ll definitely be keeping this in mind for future baby shower gifts.

Marcella Nolanville, TX

Very nice

This cradle/bassinet/sleeper/whatever-you-want-to-call-it (I’ll stick with "sleeper") is very convenient–it lifts the baby up off the floor to a convenient height without being top-heavy or awkwardly large/heavy. It is also easy to disassemble for storage and then reassemble. The first time I put it together, it took less than 5 minutes start to finish. Now that I’ve done it once, I could probably do it in under 1 minute. When disassembled, it takes up very little space at all.There is one problem with this, however. It is no reflection on the product itself, but something to consider–if you have a toddler around, this positions baby right at his/her eye level and if your toddler is a cuddly hugger like mine is, you’ll need to be careful he/she doesn’t pull baby’s sleeper over or do other similarly dangerous things. Because we have this particular dynamic in our house, we can’t really use this sleeper the way we had intended, but I think most households will not have this particular problem and if you have a baby and no toddler, I think this is a great buy.

Gussie Inman, SC