Ingenuity Portable Swing – Bella Vista

Ingenuity Portable Swing – Bella Vista

The InGenuity Portable Swing features the innovative True Speed technology, which provides sustained swinging speeds even as baby grows and gets heavier. The swing automatically recognizes baby’s weight and adjusts the swing speed to maintain a consistent swinging motion. With innovative solutions like True Speed and on trend fashion combined with the quick fold and go mechanism, this portable swing is the ideal travel companion.

Main features

  • Polyester
  • TrueSpeed technology maintains 6 swing speeds even as baby grows and has whisper quiet operation for peaceful swinging
  • Comfort Recline seat with 2 positions suit baby’s needs; swing timer has 3 settings: 15, 30 and 45 minutes
  • Has a removable headrest, a cushioned foot pad, side supports, and a removable toy bar that pivots back for easy access to baby
  • Features 6 melodies to help soothe baby with volume control and auto shutoff and a safety harness to keep baby secure
  • Machine washable seat pad and headrest

Verified reviews


Better than the full version!

I had originally bought the full version while I was pregnant, put it together when I was 39 weeks along, needless to say it wouldn’t work! I was so upset that I seriously think it triggered me to go into labor that night! I wasn’t able to get to a store to return it until he was almost almost 2 weeks after having him. I found this one and went with it instead of the big one. Living in a town house you don’t always have space to store stuff and this folds up nicely and I store it in the corner of my closet for him. He didn’t like it at first, so I put it away and didn’t bring it back out until he was about 3 months when he started having difficulties napping during the day. What do you know he loves it! He would fall asleep so easily, it’s amazing what the rocking motion does for a baby. At 4 months and 20lbs he still uses it and it still holds him. I haven’t had to replace the batteries at all yet and he uses it maybe 3-4 times out of the week. I also love that it is gender neutral therefore I can keep it for when I decide to have another baby and if it turns out to be a girl next time I can still use it!

Estelle Aiken, SC

Great swing with lame snails

(Note: purchased for our baby when she was 6 weeks old and ~11 lbs. Currently still using it at 12 weeks and ~14 lbs.) We really enjoy the small footprint of this swing, the music (not cheesey!) and the fact that we’ve used it for at least 30 minutes every day for the past month and the batteries are still going strong. We have only used it in the recline position since this is where our daughter likes to take her morning and afternoon naps.I’m not sure what other reviewers were talking about in regards to it not being a comfortable swing. It’s construction is like any other travel swing and/or bouncy seat I’ve seen and my daughter has never shown signs of being uncomfortable. The only issue I have with it is that the snails are so neutral that she has no interest in them, and it’s not easy to hang up other toys on the bar with the snails because of the large width of the overhead bar. Thankfully this is not a real issue for us since our baby is always asleep when she’s in it. Totally worth the exchange of having a gender neutral swing for future children.

Anastasia Coyle, OK

Chin to chest!!!

I cannot get my daughter to sit properly in this swing. Her chin always ends up on her chest, which is I understand very dangerous because it closes her airways. Also, her head always rolls to the side. All this to say I’m scared to use it and always end up waking her because her head ends up in places that scare me. I will stop using it. (Even in the product photos it looks like infant has chin to chest…)

Pamela Murchison, TX

Depend on the kid

My baby hated the swing and prefered bouncers. Luck of the draw. Maybe the next one will use this thing.

Louisa Hummels Wharf, PA

Doesn’t stay semi-reclined–falls open!

Admittedly I gave birth to a 10 pound baby, but even a few days old when I would place her in the swing with it in the semi-upright position it would fall open and startle her! So the only way to use it was fully reclined, which after two months she wasn’t that excited with. She never liked the toys, either. I did like the fact it folded up so small (we lived in a TINY one bedroom basement when she was born!), and was easy to get out and open up with one hand if I was holding her. But I think now that we have more space, I should opt for something a bit bigger and that she can be more upright in.

Raquel Edwards, CA

Swing Works Well

I purchased this swing for it’s portability for two reasons. First, we were spending a week with family in Florida for Christmas, and I wanted something that would keep my three month old daughter occupied long enough for me and my husband to sit down with the family for dinner. This did the trick. The second reason I wanted this was so in the middle of a rough evening or night, I could carry this to whatever floor of the house I was in, and get my daughter to fall asleep for a little longer than she would have in her crib. I had a couple of rough nights, once while she had a cold, once with the flu, and once when she was being stubborn, when she could not stay asleep for more than an hour or two at a time, and I was lugging a full sized swing up and down the steps, banging into walls, and tripping as I walked down the hallway, in the hopes of getting some rest. This portable swing worked. We have a full-sized Fisher-Price aquarium swing that works wonders, calming her nearly instantanously when she’s fussy. This portable swing isn’t my miracle worker like the full-sized swing is, but it has definitely proven to be a good purchase. It’s also cute, the toy bar is easy to get around (if you don’t think so, just remove it), and it’s washable.

Lynn Dana, KY

Baby is not sure about it.

We got this in hopes that our 2 month old would enjoy it when traveling. She loves her Fischer Price Snuggle Bunny swing. However, this swing is not as deep as her big swing and she does not seem as supported. Her head seems to be pushed into her chest when she lays in it and she does not seem that comfortable. She also seems freaked out in it instead of comforted. The swing works fine, baby is just not in love with it.Update May 2013: We took the swing on an overnight stay with us. Baby girl napped in it several times and was asleep in it for almost 2 hours even in a room with several family members chatting. While she loves her big Fischer Price swing when at home, she was happy to use this one as an alternative.

Glenda Rexville, NY

Wonderful Swing

My husband and I first purchased the Fisher Price “My Little Lamb” swing. Long story short, two returns later, we bought this swing. It is a great size, small and folds up easily for storage or travel. My daughter slept so well in this. Against my mother’s advice I let her sleep in this during the night and she slept much longer than in her bassinet, giving me and hubby a little extra sleep. She transitioned just fine into her crib at about 1 month and now at 2.5 months sleeps for 10 hours!! So there, mother! 🙂 During the day she loves to sit and watch the bugs hanging down, she thinks they are HILARIOUS! It is so much fun to see her content and happy.

Kaitlyn Lemmon, SD

A great mobile swing!

We have the fisher price my lil snugabunny swing and it is amazing, of course 2 swings in because the motor keeps breaking, but thats another review 🙂 I got this against everyones advice saying having two swings was redundant… WRONG! This one is amazing because when baby wakes up at 5 am and wants to be lively I can put her in this on our bed and still get some winks… We have a king size and it sits in the middle and I hang at the edge but it is worth it to just be able to wake up a little more slowly and let baby get her stimulation. She is now 5 months and still digging this swing.

Robert Catawba, OH

Perfect swing!

Love how quiet this is, love the music and the removable toy bar, love the pattern, and love the battery saving feature! It will swing for up to 45min and that’s more than enough time to rock my little one to sleep! Very quiet swinging time, which is hard to find, plus it doesn’t take up too much room!

Joann Craley, PA

Baby loves it!

This swing is light, portable and keeps my baby entertained for a while. The music is soothing and the swinging action with three settings is going strong. I would definitely reccommend this swing for someone wanting to save space and $$ while having a great quality swing available for their baby.

Felicia Houghton Lake, MI

not for tall babies

This swing works great. I love that it reclines back so far. The only issue I have with it is that my son has already outgrown it. He is 4 months old and 28″ long. His head rests on the metal frame of the seat which does not seem comfy. Wish I could have used it longer 🙁 If you come from a tall family, you may want to look at a different swing for you little one.

Elisha Handley, WV

AWESOME swing!

I love the neutral colors and the the softness of the fabrics. The best part about this swing is the motor…its super quiet. The music isnt overly loud and I like the timer. This swing is very simple to put together and easy to fold up and keep out of the way or take along with you. My son loves this swing, also a great value.

Alba Saint Vincent, MN

Great compact swing

I love this swing! It’s small and compact, and folds up, but still works great! The covers washes up really easy and the colors are gender neutral!

Concepcion Bellmawr, NJ

Not sturdy enough for little tinies

The lack of solid frame on this swing makes me feel like it’s a little unsafe for very wee ones – right now ours is 2 weeks old so maybe it will be better when he’s older. When it’s just the fabric that the baby is sitting in and not a hard plastic (or other material) supportive frame to align their neck/head/spine, it’s not really safe to leave them in there with their head rolling all the way to one side or the other. I’m a nurse, and we also discussed this with out chiropractor. I would wait until the baby can support his/her own head to use this

Kitty Deal, NJ

Works great!

This swing is a good size, as it isn’t so big that it can’t be moved around. It has just enough options to make it handy… swinging speeds, music, and a timer.

Charity Villa Ridge, IL

Nice Decoration for Living Room

Bought this for our son and with the exception of a few times in his 2nd week of life……he hates it. It is compact and user friendly but boring for our baby. My son is visual as most babies and this does nothing for him. i had hoped to find something that would help when he went through a crying period but this did nothing. Its pretty but no color or bright objects and that is what my son wants. Its a shame it just sits collecting dust. At a little over 2 months he is getting too long for it so more $$ wasted 🙁

Rae Bradford, OH

Excellent swing

I bought this to match the bouncer seat and I’m much happier (and so is my 2 month old) with the swing. Overall it’s a great swing, but it could go to be a little cheaper on price.The things I would change on it are:Ad a locking feature for the legs when it closes so it’s easier to transportMaybe a carrying strap or handle would be great tooThe music part would be great if there was a white noise option like the bouncerOther than that, it’s great – love that it is able to fold up and be portable since I take it to my parents house on the weekends. It also sits up and reclines which is great so if she falls asleep in it, I can just recline it and she’ll be happier for her nap.

Malinda Mutual, OK

Just what i want

I checked others swing but I like this because it has several features that I like. Several melodies, variable speed or steady, and the material is very soft and confortable for the baby.

Lucinda Batavia, OH


The colors are nice and the music was okay, but the whole product is a waste of money. The swing stopped swinging/working after a few uses. My baby liked being rocked in it but then grew uninterested and I took away the little mobile toys because they got in the way.It’s also flimsy…My husband and I are disappointed.

Betty Blair, OK

Adorable and convenient

This swing is a very practical purchase! It easily folds in half so that you can transport it wherever you go! When my daughter was still young enough, I’d pack this up and bring it with for her to use when she was with her babysitter during the day. It plays music or nature sounds, and has different settings for the speed.

Latanya Nicholson, PA

Better than expected

All our friends got the big, AC powered, non-portable swing. It was on sale the week we were ready to buy and really considered it, but we are very glad we went with this one. Small footprint matters when your house is taken over with baby gear! He’s 3 1/2 months old, uses it daily,and we’re on our original batteries. Battery usage was our big concern and it turns out we didn’t need to worry.

Bette Wenonah, NJ

Exactly what I needed

My 5 month old loves it. It doesn’t rock as hard as her larger swing, but it’s great for traveling. It folds up, it’s very quiet, the music is peaceful and not very loud, it’s easy to use, the timer on it is fantastic. She has issues with acid reflux so when she has a bad episode of it or needs extra comfort with teething.Cons– where the middle strap(between the legs) where everything connects for the restraint is a bit awkward for her because it is so wide. She’s on the smaller side so I don’t see how it would be comfortable for an infant. It also says it has 2 positions. That’s not true at all. Even if you set the seat up (the position it is when its folded up) it isn’t secured at all and seems very unsafe. I would give 5 stars if those two issues were addressed.

Luella Harlan, KY

Portable Swing

What a good purchase! What I like most about it, it has a timer on the swing which can be set to 3 different settings and it has a safety belt to secure the baby in. It also plays soft music. Big enough to hold a 6 month old and small enough for a preemie. It also folds to put away either in a closet or under a bed. An additional plus that the material is washable and can be thrown in the washing machine and dryer. My appears to enjoy being in it, when he is restless it has a calming effect on him.

Diana Chester, NE

Perfect for babies who have trouble napping!

This is great for my baby from 5 weeks old(currently 9 wks) when she is having trouble falling asleep in the afternoon. She does great at night and her morning nap sleeping on her own but fights falling asleep in the afternoon and evening. This calms her and she can sleep 2-3 hrs in the swing.We live in the city and its is a wonderful space saver and folds up nicely when we have people over. Highly recommend it!

Roxanne Webster, NC

Very quiet

I really love how quiet this swing is. The music is gentle and easy to listen to. I also like the ability to recline the seat for a more relaxing position for the baby. Overall, I’m very happy with this swing.

Ashley Yantic, CT

Great portable swing

This is a great, low sitting, portable swing. The seat itself site up just a little higher than a bouncy seat. A nice alternative to a full size swing, if you need to save space or to take along to travel/visit/child care.It takes C batteries and can use them up quickly if you use the sound constantly or restart it a lot after the automatic stop. It has a 15 or 20 minute timer on it and will shut off automatically. The sound has 2 volume settings. I use it on the lower setting for 2 reasons – it is plenty loud enough and it saves the batteries too. The higher volume setting is just too loud to be blaring in baby’s ear.The seat is so soft and plush microfiber or velour type feel. Baby snuggles in there and is secure with the 5 point harness. There is a soft, plush cover over the clips, so no plastic digging into baby’s belly. There are 2 incline positions and the seat sets in pretty deep and cozy.There is a dial on the side of the frame for the swing speed. Very simple to set and use the sound options and the speed.Overall, this is a great smaller swing. It does what it is supposed to and does not take up much space at all. I am satisfied with it.

Darcy Van Buren, ME

Cute and efficient

My son sleeps in nothing else but this during the day. (2 months old). He loves his swing and it allows me to spend some much-needed time with my three year old. The harness is excellent. I don’t use the headrest because it doesn’t seem to stay where I want it to. I haven’t had to change batteries yet (knock on wood). The swing we used with my daugther went through batteries like crazy (I simply use the swing for naps, it is NOT a babysitter). We chose a smaller swing this time so we can take it with us anywhere. Very pleased with purchase!

Abby Tryon, NC

Help baby to sleep

We bought this swing during our baby’s first week at home. It really helped him to fall asleep and we’re so grateful for that. It’s also great that it’s portable so we could move it around from 1st floor to 2nd floor or from room to room easily. Now that our baby is almost 6 months old, we still put him in the swing for 10-15 minutes about once a day. He’s almost outgrowing it. The battery is so efficient, we never have to change it even though we use it almost everyday.

Erika Farmington, NY

Great swing!

Our daughter loves this swing. I love the multiple speeds it offers -fast for playtime, slow for napping. The music is also great; we put our daughter to bed every night with classical music, so the player in the swing really helps her go down for her naps. The timer is also a nice feature, and the cover is machine washable. Most of all, the swing is quiet. I’ve seen some that are annoyingly loud, but this one isn’t.

Josie Fence Lake, NM