Ingenuity The Automatic Bouncer, Coco Cafe

Ingenuity The Automatic Bouncer, Coco Cafe

The Ingenuity automatic bouncer gives your baby a delightfully natural bounce, with just the sort of motion you use. The seat is plush and padded with cradling support to keep your baby super comfortable. A toy bar complete with two plush toys pivots out of the way for easy ins and outs plus soothing built in nature sounds/music player keeps baby content. Enjoy money savings courtesy of hybridrive, which stretches battery life to money saving lengths.

Main features

  • Plastic, Faux-Suede, Metal
  • 30 minutes of automatic bouncing that mimics mom’s natural motion
  • Seat features cradling side supports and removable headrest
  • 8 melodies and 3 nature sounds
  • Removable, pivoting toy arm with 2 plush toys
  • Machine washable

Verified reviews



My three month old doesn’t like this very much to be honest. The movement isn’t enough to keep her enjoying the seat.

Rosalia Navasota, TX

Life Saver!

We got this bouncer used so we don’t have the manual to know how all the buttons work to be honest, but it is still amazing to help our little girl sleep.Pros:
• The fit is great and has been since the first week. She is now 5 weeks an it is still great. It cradles her and helps her feel secure.
• The white noise options for the sound. Best idea ever. Our swing has music, but the bouncer has the option for music, crickets, waves, or a swooshing noise (true white noise). Little girl very much needs that sound to stay asleep and this gives the bouncer a one up over the swing.
• The sounds cut off after around 15-20 minutes. It’s not great if I still want it on, but it helps save the batteries.Drawbacks:
• The head support could be a little better to support itty bitty babies.
• It stops bouncing randomly sometimes. Not like it timed out (which it will do), but it just stops and then starts back up a few minutes later.I would probably not pay the full price of $50 for this, but as a pre-owned bouncer or if you could get a sale price on it, it’s definitely worth it.

Rita Mc Alisterville, PA

you can’t judge it by if baby likes it

every baby likes something different. some like bouncing, some like swing motion, some like vibrations…this is nice because it bounces automatically on it’s own. but i only gave it 3 stars because there is no ‘vibrate’ would have been so easy for them to add a ‘vibrate’ feature to this and make this a bouncer/vibration combo. so if your baby isn’t crazy about the bouncer, you could try the vibrate feature.if i had to do it over again, i would look for one that has both ‘bounce’ feature, plus ‘vibrate’ feature.

Antonia Kasson, MN

Love it–sub o mommy!

BOUNCES BY ITESLF. In the world of baby gadgets, this features alone makes it a 10! Before I bought this, I had developed the automatic foot that bounced the bouncy seat. No need for that! Baby loves this bouncy seat.WORKS BETTER FOR OLDER BABIES, NOT NEWBORNS. This is simply because the way the seat is designed I was constantly worried about her head tilting down. I ended up putting a little blanket behind her back and that seemed to work, but then I always worry about adding anything to a manufacturer’s design because of safety reasons. Since about 2 months this has been my go-to bouncy seat with no blankets needed.SOFT FABRIC. I mean SO SOFT I wish I could jump in myself and take a nap. It looks and feels like the lap of luxury. Compared to other baby gadgets, the material is of a far superior quality.

Amelia Angora, MN

clicking noise when bouncing

This seat makes a loud clicking noise every time it bounces even though I assembled it according to the instructions. The bounce feature is also quite weak. Not at all happy with this product.

Bernadine Venice, IL