Ingenuity Washable Playard With Dream Centre, Shiloh

Ingenuity Washable Playard With Dream Centre, Shiloh

The Ingenuity washable playard with dream center goes where no playard has gone before the washing machine. Now you can easily wash away dirt, spills and accidents. Designed for ultimate ease of use, fabrics zip off and on in just a few minutes. Keeping baby’s playard clean has never been easier. You’ll also fall in love with the Ingenuity dream center, the perfect little place for your newborn to rest. All this combined with the sophisticated fashion styling of Ingenuity makes this playard a must have.

Main features

  • Fabrics easily zip off for machine washing
  • Dream Centre features soft fabrics and breathable mesh
  • One Less Step: quickly fold & go without removing bassinet, organizer tray also removes
  • Just Right Height: Elevated changing table easily pivots out of the way
  • Soothing Sounds Station: 5 melodies and 3 nature sounds to comfort baby

Verified reviews



Great for grandma’s house or the mom on the run…this is easy to put in a closet and whip out when people with babies show up…the color is good and VERY unisex…I am sure it would work good for new moms- very compact and travels easy

Jaime Colp, IL

What An Attractive And Functional Mini Nursery

I feel like Goldilocks when it comes to playards. The first playard I bought was an inexpensive Graco. Being a grandma, it served its purpose, but my daughter still carted extra equipment along (like a rock & play sleeper) when they visited. She eventually took that playard home because her portability needs were greater than mine. Playard #2 was an expensive Chicco model. Worst mistake ever–setting up and collapsing was a nightmare. It broke in just a few months.Ingenuity playard #3 is just right and the one I should have started out with in the first place. Everything about it is no-nonsense. Attractive and gender neutral. Easy set-up and take-down. Practical features you can actually use. So many playards have useless add-ons, like toy gyms or mobiles. I’ll take a completely washable playard any day. Everything about it is washable, and that includes the fabric, mattress, changing table/tray, changing table cover, carrying bag, and dream center. I am especially impressed with the softness of the fabric–everything lays well and is smooth.No playard seems to come with the perfect mattress, including this one. It’s not that bad, but the slat boards can still be felt and I need a playard primarily for grandkid sleeping quarters. I had boughtDream On Me 3″ Foam Play Yard Mattressfor the Chicco playard but it fits well in this playard too. The Ingenuity mattress measures 39″ x 27″. Standard mattress pad covers and sheets work well with this playard, and so do handmade flannel/extra soft fitted sheets that are found on Etsy and Ebay.This playard suits my needs perfectly. Now nobody has to lug over extra equipment and the babies have a nice soft environment to sleep or get changed in. When everyone goes home, it disassembles and cleans up in a snap. It does not have wheels and to be honest, I still think inexpensive Graco pack and plays are more portable. I do recommend this particular playard to anyone who is tight on space and needs a compact-sized but well made nursery all rolled into one. The playard measures 40″ x 29″.

Laurel Thornton, PA

Totally worth the price, this thing is REALLY washable!!

I have 3 kids and have used many different pack and plays/play yards. This one is the BEST.I originally had a fairly basic Graco one, and through, eh, good enough. With my first daughter we only used it for trips, or before she started crawling downstairs on the weekends. It was enough for us at the time.When we had our twins a year and a half later, we realized the power that was a portable crib/plyayard! One of the twins was a screamer and slept in our room for the first 5 months, since her brother was a good but light sleeper. She drooled through that pack n play in a month. Gross!I wish that I had found this one the first go round – it has the cool bassinet attachment for when they are tiny, and the changing pad thing which is handy if you need another one in a different part of the house. It’s also on the larger side for playards, and has plenty of other bells and whistles.Now, the BEST part of this thing is that it’s washable. This doesn’t seem like a big deal, but it is. Those sheet things come off easily, and kids manage to get drool/spit up EVERYWHERE. You can slide the slats out of the bottom pad, and unzip the mesh sides from the frame and toss them in the wash. It’s honestly the very best part of this thing and I will never go back.Overall, I HIGHLY recommend this playard; the price it really worth it.

Saundra Henrietta, NY

Fantastic Playard!

Love, love the fact that you can wash all of the fabric. That is the biggest selling point; no other company can tout this! It was pretty straight forward to set-up and take down. Another great feature that we really liked was that you can position the mat in the middle until baby starts getting too mobile, and then you can move the mattress to the bottom. Because the changer snaps on and off, it is a little difficult to snap off to get it up and out of the way. The changer itself doesn’t have to be completely removed, it just lifts up out of the way of the playard. I wasn’t a big fan of the storage compartment. It is bulky and sticks out a bit making it a little awkward for diaper changes. It is attached to the changer, so it cannot be removed. That is the biggest con I can find with this playard, but I can live with it. Overall, it is a really wonderful playard. I would purchase again.

Latanya George West, TX

Highly recommended

This is an excellent option for a downstairs baby center, if the bedroom and most supplies are typically upstairs. And if you are like my family and very minimalist with the little one, this might be a good option in general if you aren’t going to get a crib, changing table, etc. Especially a good option for a very small home as the main baby center.Things that I liked:It is all very washable, which is great.I had a Graco one and it was seemed less sturdy than this one.This was easy to put together. Again, seemed easier than the Graco, if my memory serves.Because the mattress is made with polyurethane foam which has the potential off-gas harmful fumes, including from the fire retardant, I bought a separate mattress is that is made of natural materials and uses wool as the fire retardant.The bed has mesh ventilation which reduces suffocation risks.I really can’t think of any cons. I like that the colors are gender neutral, and it is pretty heavy/bulky, but I think that is what adds to it being so sturdy. I think you wouldn’t necessarily want to get this if you were going to be taking it back and forth between places a lot, at least not while you use either little bed or changing table. Maybe once it is just a pack and play, it might be easier to take around.

Lillie Lentner, MO

Much more useful than I thought.

I ordered this because my crib was not delivered in time and it has been great! It fits in our bedroom and my son has slept in it since he came home from the hospital. The changing station is great. I actually like it better than my real changing table. The extra attachment is great for diapers, wipes and ointment.

Jerri Burns, OR

No Complaints

Great Playard. I can’t find anything I don’t like about it. I got it for my grandkids to sleep in when they come to visit. It is easy to setup and take down. Everything can be washed very easily. Would make a great gift.

Geneva Elkton, TN

Excellent hub for new baby

This playard is much superior to the Graco ones. It’s very sturdy, very attractive with gender neutral colors, easy to set up and take apart, and I use all the options included on here. I love that the changing pod sits higher up than the Graco one, it’s so much easier on my back. I’m only 5’4", but it was a noticeable different in height! The organizer tray is extremely useful and I keep all my diaper changing essentials in there. The bassinet is super soft and sturdy. The changing pod is just the right height.If you practice Elimination Communication, this makes a perfect little hub. I put the baby potty in the bassinet and the whole thing is a perfect potty station for my newborn. All of the fabric can be taken off and washed.Con – there’s only one con with this playard: the bassinet cover we got seems to have the hole in the wrong place. The instructions show two holes in the bassinet cover so that the support pole goes through one of the holes and that helps keep the cover on, but in ours, there’s only one hole. We had to rig it up so it still works, but the cover is now a bit askew. Not a big deal, it’s still perfectly functional, but worth mentioning.I really like the bowed out legs – they seem to open up the space in there better than playards with straight legs. The whole unit has a very airy, open, clean and comfortable feel to it. Everything is exactly where it should be and it’s very sturdy while being very portable. Would definitely recommend this product. It is a must have for a new baby.

Tabatha Remer, MN


The super awesome thing about this set is that the parts are washable. Washable! Easily removed and run through the laundry. Because your kid will puke/pee/poop/slobber on it. And so many playpens aren’t easy to wash, and just get grimy and gross before long. Doesn’t seem all that innovative (or ingenious) but you’d be surprised how hard it is to find. Makes this the one to buy, in my mind.

Cora Wayne, WV


I haven’t owned a playard since I had baby number 2 (9 years ago). I really wanted one for my very curious 14 month old to hang out when I had to answer the door or make dinner. I was surprised by how much they have improved over the years. This was very easy to assemble. It folds up nice and compact. I love the extras like the changing area and bassinet. The ease of cleaning is another bonus. I’m impressed! I look forward to using this even more when our next little one arrives later this year.

Mildred Berlin, MA

Convenient and Practical

The ingenuity Washable Playard Dream Centre was super easy to put together. The pop up/down folding mechanism works more smoothly than other brands of play pens I have had experience with.The little bassinet is really nice to have (especially if you are a grandparent like me who occasionally watches baby overnight). I don’t have room to have several different pieces of equipment in my house so it is very convenient to have it all in one.The fabric is so easy to wash (even by hand). The first time I changed my grandson (first baby boy I ever changed) I got that special boy surprise and the mess did not permeate the fabric in the changing table, it just kind of pooled in beads until I could wipe it clean. The accessory containers attached are a great size. I keep the diapers for the day in one pocket, the box of wipes in the center and lotion, nail file, and rattle toys in the other.The only negative I have to say about this Playard is that the mattress isn’t really a mattress. I ended up buying a small crib mattress for it because the board is pretty hard. I guess that is pretty standard for any of these play pens though.I recommend this Playard over any of the others. I believe I will be getting quite a bit of use from it.

Kenya New Salem, MA


WE LIVE IN THIS PACK & PLAY! Its in our living room- really nice features w the infant sleep area and the changer- def love the side carrier that holds diapers wipes and necessities and all extra stuff goes in the pack and play which makes everything easy to access. Our baby sleeps all of the time in the infant sleeper- it has breathable vents on either side of the head area and the songs that they have are very soothing and enjoyable for even adults to listen to. GREAT BABY ITEM! A must have for all new moms!

Lauri Newman Grove, NE

Finally A Machine Washable Play-Yard!

I am a mother of 3 kids and this is the 3rd play-yard I have purchased. The 1st two were both Graco Winnie the Pooh Models. Both Graco models neither were easy to wash due to the metal bars and the overall way the were both constructed so I had to always wipe it down with wet cloths or baby wipes.The Ingenuity Washable Play yard has removable fabrics that zip right off so you can throw them in the washing machine whenever you feel like it and this is a GREAT feature! The main Play Center has a very strong/durable mesh fabric that is safe and strong but not as harsh as previous play centers.It also like many play yards has a changing table but as well comes with a "dream center" with hanging toys so your young infant can have a nap or just amuse themselves for a while. The "Dream Center" is right next to the music player which features: 5 melodies and 3 nature sounds designed to relax and comfort your baby.It is extremely easy to assemble and once assembled it is easy to pick up and transport with you wherever you may go, to a babysitters to grandma’s or a day at the park with friends this is ready for any trip.My baby boy loves this and I’m happy he’s happy I would highly recommend it.

Nell Algoma, WI

Better by design

Our family already had a Graco Pack-n-Play (Caraway) that we never took out for our infant because it was so difficult to setup. The Ingenuity Playard on the other hand is very easy to setup and take down.The Ingenuity is better constructed and sturdier. It collapses for travel much more easily. The given bag keeps everything nicely contained – very welcome when trunk space is a premium for a road trip. Setup can be a little bit tricky, in that the middle section needs to be pushed down while the crib is semi-held up in place. But it is at least easy to do and after a few times it became second nature. The Graco on the other hand required almost an elephant to push down on the middle section to lock everything in place. Taking down is also not very easy, it feels it is much more a static construction for play, not so much pac-n-play.Assembly of the Inguinity was also much simpler and the direction were fairly clear. I think it took me 1/3 the time to put the Ingenuity together (maybe 15-20 minutes) and the instructions had only one confusing section. The Graco on the other hand was likely the most complex confusing baby item I have assembled yet, and we have a glider chair, three swing/rockers, two pack-n-plays, a high chair and a full convertible crib, and I hardly looked at the manual for those, so I know what I am talking about when I say the Graco was difficult.When we got this, our daughter was almost 4 months old, so we didn’t use the bassinette or the end storage station, but they seemed solid and thoughtfully designed. The colors are complimentary to most décor and the fact that the sides are washable is a huge plus! My wife is relatively sensitive to the ‘new’ odors/smells and found that the playard needed some airing before she was comfortable putting our child in it.We did take it on a road trip and so had to put it up and down several times, which took us less than 5 minutes from un-bagging to full setup.This deluxe unit should have anything you would ever need and serve you well.

Maribel Dawson, IA

nice and compact

This is a very compact play yard, and is easy to assemble (or not if you so choose) the various parts. The best feature is it can be adjusted, i.e. removing or not attaching the infant parts, as the baby grows. It has a nice depth for the babies that are at the pulling up stage.The only con is that it is heavy.

Dona Del Rey, CA

Good play yard.

I picked this play yard mainly because it is washable. Luckily, after using it for a year, I haven’t had the need to wash it yet, but I like that I can. I took a star off because I do not like he bassinet part. The mesh needs to extend all along the sides where the baby’s face may be, not just where the baby’s head would be. I was worried about smothering from the side of the bassinet, so I only used it for about a week with my newborn.I used the drop down part of the play yard as my newborn’s crib for the first two months. It worked well and I used the changing station often, too. The fabric of the pad that the baby lays on is made of a slick material and sometimes when the baby moved, the noise made from sliding on the fabric would wake the baby up. The play yard has wheels and I am able to move it room to room if needed. Currently, I keep it set up in the living room to hold my 13 mo old when I need to shower or get some cleaning done. It is sturdy and feels solid. My husband can put it together or take apart in about a minute. It is pretty simple, once you figure it out.

Lawanda Velva, ND

One of the better pack and plays out there

What a wonderful and sturdy pack and play! There is everything you can possibly need, all in one place. The little bassinet is very sturdy and comfy-looking, and most importantly-safe. Just make sure only a very young infant sleeps in it as it’s obviously not intended for larger or older babies. The changing table is also very convenient and doesn’t get at all in the way. The actual playard is large and if you use it for a larger baby to sleep in- a bit more comfortable-looking than most pack and plays. The mattress is not all that great but it isn’y flimsy either.It comes in a very neutral color and the nearly every single thing is washable! All the fabric comes off fairly easily and fits into a standard washing machine beautifully. There’s a mini console to keep things like extra diapers, cloths, etc and finally you can play some soothing music as well. This is a multi-use pack and play that is priced well for everything that it comes with. Highly recommended!

Lucy Caputa, SD

I like it, but not that easy to remove fabric

I really really like this playard.-The diaper station and the small bed on top are very sturdy. Impossible to accidentally bump or dislodge.-Becomes very compact and easy to move.-Very adjustable-Colors are nice-Obviously well constructed.Some things that surprised me.-Even though it’s machine washable, it’s quite some work to get everything off and on. (look up manufacturer’s official videos, they keep saying it’s easy but skip a lot of steps)-Setting up the side bars is a little tricky, I still don’t know what I’m supposed to do, I just juggle the side bars with my hand until it locks…I do recommend this (I just don’t see myself taking it completely apart too often for cleaning)

Shanna Topaz, CA