Inglesina 2010 Fast Table Chair, Ecru

Inglesina 2010 Fast Table Chair, Ecru

Light collapsible and easy to carry comfortably in a large bag the Fast Seat allows your child to sit at the table like an adult in any situation For use at home while traveling on vacation or at the restaurant A perfect alternative high chair when traveling or visiting friends and relatives

Main features

  • Universal twist-tight couplings adaptable to most types of tables
  • Fold-flat closing system for minimum hassle at the end of use
  • Lifted backrest and firm seat for the greater comfort of baby
  • Removable cover, hand washable at 86 degree
  • Carrying bag included

Verified reviews


Not as useful as I’d thought it would be, buy a Fisher Price booster instead

After reading reviews, I purchased this chair to use for travel and wanted to share my experience for other parents like me who read a gazillion reviews and agonize over whether they are making the right baby-product choice. I will say that it is well-designed, sturdy, well padded, with high-quality fabric, and a clever attached carry bag. However, after about 5 uses, I purchased a Fisher Price Healthy Care booster seat (at less than half the cost of the Fast Chair) and am going to sell the Fast Chair and hope I can recoup some of the cost. These are the reasons the Fast Chair did not work for us: it doesn’t work on tables with a skirt, on pedestal tables, or on glass tables. That rules out the vast majority of restaurant tables, many of which have a central pedestal. It rules out our glass table on our back patio, and many other tables we’ve wanted to use it on. You also can’t use it over a tablecloth, so in a restaurant with a cloth you have to fold it back to hook on the chair and it gets awkward, especially when your little angel tries to grab a handful of the cloth and yank the whole thing off the table. I also underestimated the usefulness of a tray in containing a self-feeder’s mess. My almost 16-month-old has insisted on feeding herself for several months now and when she eats there is food EVERYWHERE. All over the Fast Chair’s fabric, and stuck along the edges of the rubber arms. With the Fisher Price booster, the little tray contains her mess and keeps it off the table. Also, the plastic of the Fisher Price chair just wipes clean, much easier than trying to pry dried mashed banana, etc, out of the Fast Chair’s fabric folds. I find set-up for the Fisher Price chair is quicker than for the Fast Chair, and it folds up for travel and even has an over-the-shoulder carry strap, and weighs about the same as the Fast Chair (they are both very light). We took the Fisher Price booster on a trip recently and used it on all sorts of chairs and didn’t encounter one it wouldn’t fit. When she’s ready to stop flinging her food everywhere, I can use the Fisher Price chair as without the tray and pull her right up to the table. Finally, my little girl seems to LOVE the Fisher Price booster, I set it down on the floor recently when we came back from a trip and she climbed right in a sat down and wanted her dinner right than and there!

Kristi Presto, PA


Easy to use and works well even on a table with a 4 inch “skirt.” Cheaper version of the same kind of product wouldn’t fit my table at all.

Mercedes Florence, SC

Best highchair ever!

I just received this highchair in the mail today and installed it by myself in a matter of seconds! After trying to jiggle the chair around I found that it wouldn’t budge for anything! My husband and I live in a small condo so we didn’t want a bulky highchair to take up the little room that we have. Also, all those other bulky highchairs are over a hundred dollars for a heap of cheap plastic! This Inglesina model is made of sturdy metal, and the cover is a thick canvas material. This chair is definitely worth the money! We bought it for our 5 month old who still can’t sit up all the way on his own, yet he did great in the chair! It is SO nice that he is eye level at the table with us. I am also a huge researcher. I don’t buy anything without properly researching the item first. This chair is definitely a winner!***UPDATE***So, we have had this highchair for almost 3 years now, and I still can’t say enough amazing things about it! We are now on our second child, and this chair is still going strong. The cover unclips so easily from the metal structure, and can be thrown right into the wash. Mine has gone through a hot wash once a week for the past 3 years and it still looks amazing. I love how easy it is to clip everything back together after washing. Between washings, I find the canvas very easy to clean. My almost one year old smears food everywhere, and the chair wipes clean. My only complaint was how much food would get stuck under the arms of the chair that attaches to the top of the table. Though, to remedy that, I bought the Kiddopotamus Tinydiner Placemat, which fits perfectly over and in between the arms with strong suction cups. It makes cleanup a lot easier. This chair rocks!

Lesa Putnam, CT

Very displeased with this chair.

Couldn’t find a table that it would attach to. I ended up returning it and got the cheap $20 booster chair from target that works great!

Socorro Pukalani, HI

Very good and stable chair

This portable chair is attractive, washable, comfortable, and extremely secure when attached to a table. It is a bit of a hassle to set up when we arrive at a restaurant, but it is well worth it, as an alternative to those disgusting restaurant provided high chairs.

Lesley Captiva, FL

great chair

We’ve been using this chair for a few months and it’s great. The only downside is it doesn’t fit on tables with a lip under the edge. It is well made and looks nice.

Tori Lind, WA

Used as our full time high chair

I purchased this a few weeks ago to replace our Phil and Teds Me Too chair. While I’m sure the P&Ts; is perfect for its intended use (on the go feeding, compact, wipe clean-ability) it wasn’t the greatest for a full time chair. I needed something that my elbow flying, hand smacking babe wouldn’t hurt himself in. The metal squared off clamps weren’t doing it for us.Pros:Stylish- fits my home decorComfort- very cushy for bouncing baby boy.Harness- well constructed, goes around belly vs. over shoulders (which inevitably fall down)Cleanable- machine washable, but wipes down really nicely.Arm clamps- a nice rounded rubber material that grips our island bar-top very well, without damage. It has reverse “teeth” on the underside of the clamps to ensure a snug clamp.High Back- says it all- no uncomfortable underlying metal bars. Everything is covered with padding.Join In!- My little man loves to sit down with us for dinner and chats as well as watch the momma cook up a storm in the kitchen. He’s able to listen and watch intently.Has self storing capabilities with a stow pocket at the bottom. It hasn’t been taken off other than for counter wipe downs since we’ve had it, so I can’t speak to its portability- seems easy enough. (P&Ts; chair is VERY slim and collapses in on itself nicely, fyi)Cons- the process of getting the cover off is a little involved, but def not a deal breaker.Overall- great piece of baby gear. Saving us from having to buy one of those over-priced eye-sores of a highchair.Great price for what you get.Granny likes it so much she’s buying one for her house.4/11- updateStill holding up beautifully. It gets machine washed and left to air dry at least every other week. Very easy to dis-assemble and reassemble. The stow bag located beneath the seat is great. Untwist the arms, pull the stow over the seat, cinch it down and go.

Lily Bishopville, SC

Fast, space-saving and solid

We love this chair. It quickly attaches to a range of surfaces. We have attached it to both our (very thick) stone tile countertop and our (very thin) dining room table. The dining room table has a skirting piece around the edge that the jaws of the clamp dont open wide enough to accomodate, but we got around that by attaching it to the lip of the table. My paranoid husband is pleased with it because it is totally solid–I can’t conceive of a situation where it would come off the table. It folds up to be reasonably portable (though to be honest, we haven’t taken it anywhere yet, so take that with a grain of salt). As far as I’m concerned, it is infinitely superior to other high chair options. The fact that she is attached to the table makes it more like she’s sitting with us, which she seems to enjoy. She can sit across the island from me while I cook (so nice). And it takes up next to no room. I cant comoare it to some of the other, cheaper, hook-on seat options, but this one is so well-designed that I would be surprised it there was a better one. I’m totally sold!

Araceli Centreville, VA

The reviews are true

Fits all tables that I have tried it on. My LO isn’t sitting up unassisted yet, but this chair works wonderfully! I am purchasing a second one for travel!

Yesenia Goodman, WI

Durable, quality, stable product

My mother was appalled that we would get something like this, questioning the safety and stability. I, on the other hand, had no intentions of purchasing a clunky full-size high chair because A) I live in a condo B) one less thing to store C) less wasted plastic D) my baby gets to eat with us at the table or island. We tried it for the first time today, as my son is 6 months old and just started sitting up on his own. We both loved it! My baby loved sitting up high where he could see me and play with his toys at the same time. I found it to be extremely sturdy and so EASY! I just pulled it out of the box and hooked it on – no assembly required. I read the manual and it said there is a built-in travel bag which I have not tested yet, but that was just an added bonus.

Roseann New Rochelle, NY

Great chair! Only one we use!

I bought this for my daughter to use instead of a high chair. She had great head control at 4 months, so we started using this at 5 months (she is now 6 months). It works awesome! She LOVES sitting in this! We put it at our counter and she loves watching me make dinner, clean the kitchen etc. She is a pretty content kid and likes playing on the floor/being in her exersaucer etc- but she will spend the most time content in this chair- by far! The back is a good height and provides some support when she fatigues while seated. I was nervous about this purchase because our kitchen table does have a skirt, but it worked fine on our table- we just have to open it up all the way to get it on. We have used it on several styles of tables and had no problems. I love this chair and have recommended it to all my friends with babies!

Tia Sumerco, WV

So easy to use, to clean, and carry!

I love this seat! It is easy to remove, clean, and with the bag hidden under the seat it is easy to carry. We normally use this just at our home and it is perfect, because it takes up little space and looks great. We took it to Buffalo Wild Wings (restaurant) and it was packed so we were seated in the bar with high table, which was fine with this seat. Under the seat we pushed in the chair and we were in and out and did not have to wait for a table and a restaurant high chair.

Constance Bettles Field, AK