Inglesina 2012 Trip Stroller, Ibisco

Inglesina 2012 Trip Stroller, Ibisco

2012 Inglesina Trip, the sporty second stroller you were looking for. Who said a second stroller has to be all about utility, Trip is the exception to the rule, with a charming design and attractive color options to go along with its incredible mobility and Italian design. Trip is so agile (thanks to its shock-absorbing suspensions), compact and light that you can take it with you and use it just about anywhere. Don’t worry about rain, either. Thanks to the standard hood with extended canopy, even a little bad weather won’t ruin your plans. Outstanding features of Trip are compact design and practical umbrella folding system for easy use and storage. Ergonomic soft-touch handles for easy maneuverability. Reclining, four-position backrest and adjustable leg-rest for maximum comfort of the baby. Rain cover canopy and cup holder are included with your purchase. Convenient carry handle for easy use and storage on the go. Surprisingly roomy storage basket. The Trip now offers an ergonomic soft/padded folding bumper bar for your baby to hold on to, which is a new feature for the 2012 model, together with a basket matching the color of the seat. Dimensions when open: 19″ x 43″x 30″. Dimensions when closed: 11″ x 15″ x 41″. Weight: 14.5 pounds including canopy. For use from 3 months to 55 pounds.

Main features

  • 100% Polyester
  • Imported
  • Ergonomic soft-touch for easy maneuverability
  • Reclining, four-position backrest and adjustable footrest for maximum comfort of the baby
  • Rain cover, canopy and cup holder are included in your purchase
  • Convenient carry handle for easy use and storage on the go
  • Surprisingly roomy storage basket

Verified reviews


pretty good stroller, however… and compared to maclaren quest and techno XT

I purchased this stroller based on the information on the web and customer reviews. I have had 6 strollers with one child (graco travel system, graco snug ride, babiesrus umbrella stroller, valco baby ion, peg perego si, and maclaren techno XT). 3 1/2 years later i am still looking for that perfect lightweight stroller:) Maclaren techno xt (at 16.8 LB) is still just too heavy for me.This stroller weighs 15.3 LB on my scale. It is very nice looking, with durable and padded fabric. It seems to have many desirable features: stylish, large canopy with extension, peekaboo window, bumper bar, rain cover. cup holder, and adjustable leg rest. However, there are 2 design flaws for me:1)the large square canopy is just very bulky– it makes me feel distant to my toddler (for conversation/interaction) during strolling. And believe me i am all about large canopy. The canopy on the inglesina swift is just as large but perfect(without the squareness and still has the pop out extension). This probably wont’ bother most people, but i noticed this because i am a stroller maniac.2)For very strange reason, when my toddler sits squarely upright in it, only the back of his feet touch the footrest (as opposed to the middle of the feet). This could have been easily fixed in design/manufacturing if inglesina is aware of it. I would not even noticed it until my verbal toddler told me that it was strange that his feet did not rest comfortably. They jut out and then hang pass the footrest.Also, as with many other umbrella strollers with adjustable leg rest, the leg rest stick straight out when the stroller is initially unfolded. This means you have to bend down and push it down before your toddler can climb/sit in the stroller. I find it annoying. I prefer the maclaren legrest, where this step is not necessary due to the mechanism used.So I prefer the inglesina swift for it’s lightweghtedness(13.5LB) and the almost perfect canopy(however, it needs a viewing window)When both inglesina models are stacked against maclarens, Maclaren quest and techno XT still wins because of better manuverbility. But again, you may not notice unless you compared them side by side. Maclarens, though, need to add pop out sun visor to the quest model.The handles are good height for average tall people. I am only 5′ and I find the handles are 1″ too tall for me.There are huge price difference between the inglesinas and maclarens. So, go with the inglesinas if you like the features and are happy with a little less manuverbility and if cost is a factor. Both inglesina swift and trip have large frames like the maclaren techno XT. Maclaren quest has smaller frame and small wheels, but surprisingly, more easy to steer. Also, although, the inglesina trip has larger frame then quest, the seats are 3/4″ less wide.So, overall, I give credit to inglesina for attempting to produce a beautiful and budget friendly stroller.

Bette Virginville, PA

Spendy but Awesome

I have had this stroller for about a month and I love it. After my daughter turned one I changed her infant seat for a convertible car seat and therefore her universal car seat stroller had to go. I wanted a full featured, compact and lightweight second stroller to keep for trips or in the car (our main stroller is the 2011 City Mini). My daughter loves her belly bar so this had a big role in my decision. It is good for walks around the mall or on smooth pavement. Not good for bumpy areas like my CityMini is.Pros:-Belly bar (flexible so you can fold the stroller with it)-Great canopy (as long as you don’t have the stroller in full recline you can pull down the hood more than shown)-Comes with a rain canopy (the canopy only covers the front of the stroller so the baby is protected but other stuff might not be)-Viewing area in the canopy-Compact fold with auto locking features (expected for an umbrella)-Decent storage area – definitely on the large side for an umbrella and easier to access than some other full featured umbrellas (like some MacLarens)-Very smooth and easy to handle. On smooth surfaces I can navigate one handed if needed.-Secure restraint system – little kiddos can’t undo the restraints without a good deal of force.-Restraint has built in shoulder pads.-Adjustable leg rest for different aged kids-Great recline options, I like the snap in place recline feature better than the string type ones (hard to describe).-Included cup holder – fits a large iced beverage from Dunkin’ Donuts nicely.-Great color choices ( I <3 purple)Cons:-On the heavier side for an umbrella stroller but I would expect that with the features it has.-Not for rough terrain or really bumpy sidewalks.Punchline: if you can afford it and want a full featured umbrella this is the one to get.Will update if necessary.

Kathleen Stollings, WV

Great Stroller!

First of all, I would like to praise Amazon for the incredible speedy delivery. I opted for the free super saver shipping which stated 5-8 business days but I received the shipment within two days. I was very pleased and impressed. I <3 Amazon.As for the stroller I couldn’t be happier. I had done extensive research on what type of umbrella stroller to buy. I didn’t want it to be or look cheap, because in my opinion you do get what you pay for, but I also didn’t want to spend a fortune on one either. I also wanted an umbrella stroller that had a bumper bar as my son likes to hold on to things and I personally feel he’s safer with one. On a more superficial note I wanted it to look modern and sleek. The stroller arrived in a thin box. It was already assembled and only required that you attach the canopy, bumper bar, and cup holder which took all of a minute to do. Opening and closing the stroller is super easy. It folds up nice and lean and hardly takes up any space in the trunk of my care compared to the light weight Graco I had previously which left me with hardly any space at all. Not to mention the Graco fell a part far too easily. As far as I can tell my son is very comfortable (he’s only 9 months old so he can’t really tell me haha) He does seem to enjoy himself when I push him around in it. The stroller turns on a dime and has a very smooth ride. I really love that it comes with a rain shield. With most strollers you have to pay extra for that. The basket isn’t too big but holds my diaper bag nicely. I haven’t used it for too long so only time will tell how it holds up but so far so good.

Jennie Williamsport, PA

Fantastic for getting around London!

I did a ton of research before purchasing this stroller. I wanted an umbrella stroller with a close-to-flat recline and an large canopy. This stroller met both requirements and much more. There’s not a ton that I can add beyond what the other reviewers have noted; however, I can share a bit about my experience using this stroller.I purchased the stroller in preparation for a 10 day trip to London. We checked in rather than taking it through security, and it weathered the less-than-gentle baggage treatment wonderfully. We had packed it in a stroller bag along with a couple of packs of diapers. In London, we took it everywhere – Tower, the tube, Portobello Road on a Saturday, museums, Hampton Court, etc. We probably put between 7 and 10 miles a day on it, and it performed wonderfully. We even carried it up and down stairs without removing the LO. The rain cover served as a great wind shield as well. I had packed a few clothespins and we used those to secure the viewing flap back. I agree with the other reviewers – it would be nice if there were some magnets to hold it back. I really liked the recline mechanism (so much better than the string one). The canopy doesn’t cover a lot if you have it snapped in place AND the seat fully reclined. We were able to remedy that with a blanket pinned in place.Overall, I’m extremely happy with this stroller!

Gwendolyn Yoakum, TX

Very pleased… but not 100% sure yet.

Just got this stroller the other day- I LOVE how it manuevers (very smooth). I love that the wheels are a bit larger and not hard plastic- which makes for a less bumpy ride. The size is as expected, roomy and larger than a ‘umbrella stroller’ but still on the lighter side for a fuller size stroller. The basket is Ok- it’s not as big as I’d like, but limited space due to the umbrella fold (which, isn’t my fav fold, but saves on space). I love that you can push the seat up without a pully system (those are frustrating). I love the belly bar… and I do like how much coverage the canapy gives- but it seems to come down lower than pictured? Maybe it’s the angle- but when my LO is in the seat and I pull the canapy all the way down, it’s right in her face (which she can just grab at to move). So that part is a bit odd- so we’ll see how it works in time (?)I’ll give a updated review after some use additional use… so far, I really really like it.

Allyson Oakpark, VA

lightweight sturdy stroller

I have been using this stroller for about a year for walks around the neighborhood, trips to the zoo, and parks. It is great on paved surfaces and packed sand/dirt park trails. My kid seems pretty happy in it.Pros:light (14lbs)compact (fits easily into my compact car trunk)roomy basket (my giant diaper bag fits in there)peekaboo window in canopyeasy to recline when kid is sleepingcomfort padding on shoulder strapsCons:the double rear wheels are close-set so I step on them sometimesdifficult to close upno cup holder (for the pilot!)

Joanne Alabama, NY