Inglesina 2013 Fast Table Chair, Liquirizia

Inglesina 2013 Fast Table Chair, Liquirizia

For use at home, while traveling or at the restaurant, the 2013 Inglesina fast is a must-have table chair that’s as comfortable as it is convenient. Parents love the fast because of its simple, twist-tight coupling and its compatibility with most types of tables (up to 3.5 inches thick), leaving them scratch-free. Fast is ultra-light, collapsible and easy to carry comfortably in a large bag that comes with purchase (hidden underneath the seat pad). So no matter where you are, your child will be able to sit and act like an adult. The universal twist-tight couplings are adaptable to most types of tables (up to 3.5inches thick). A fold-flat closing system allows no-hassle use and easy transportation. The lifted backrest and firm seat provide greater comfort of the baby. A handy rear pocket is perfect for storing small toys or other essentials. Removable cover, hand washable at 86 F. Convenient, travel-friendly carrying bag included. Dimensions when open: 14 inches x 17 inches x 11 inches. Dimensions when closed: 14 inches x 17 inches x 4 inches. Weight: 4.2 pounds. Max allowable weight: 37 pounds

Main features

  • 100% Polyester
  • Imported
  • Removable cover, hand washable at 86 F
  • Universal twist-tight couplings adaptable to most types of tables up to 3.5 inches thick
  • Fold-flat closing system for no-hassle use and easy transportation, also carry bag attached at the bottom of the seat for extra padding
  • Lifted backrest and firm seat for greater comfort of the baby
  • Handy rear pocket

Verified reviews


I Can’t believe I’m the first to review this AWESOME chair!

Ok, so our son isn’t even here yet; however, since there are ZERO reviews on this product (I’m SHOCKED!), I simply cannot wait to write a review. I want ALL you moms and dads out there to have the opportunity to benefit from this AMAZING highchair choice.We have a rather small dining area in our house. I wanted something for our son that would be comfortable for him without taking up any extra space. I also really didn’t like the look or idea of the typical highchairs with their large statures and cumbersome trays keeping babies far away from the table. This chair answered all our prayers AND THEN SOME! Before I forget, I LOVE that it fits inside our booth type table. Our little guy will be able to sit in-between mommy and daddy rather than far away from our table.On top of it being eye catching (we got the red one and it’s beautiful), it is very easy to install AND take down, thus making it a portable chair as well. That’s right… you can take this to the grandparents as well as restaurants etc.It is far superior in the padding department as well. The seat is super comfy (sturdy hard bottom with nice padding on top for baby’s bum). The back and sides are also padded. The top bar is doubly cushioned making this seat’s comfort unsurpassable in my opinion. The seat bottom is the same dark charcoal color as the arms. The buckle is just tough enough to keep the little guys and gals from being able to undo themselves, yet not frustrate the parents. It also has a red (matching whatever seat color you choose) flap that velcro-closes over the buckle so no pinched fingers!I seriously set this up in under a minute and it fits our rather thick table top (about 2 1/2″ thick) with plenty of room left to grow.The pocket on the back of the chair is great for bib storage or if on the go, a spoon and a few dishes perhaps.As if all of the above characteristics weren’t enough…Inglesina did us one more HUGE favor. They ATTACHED the handy carry bag TO the chair. It folds up nicely and is kept under the seat. WOW!!! These guys are geniuses! Do yourself and your child a favor, BUY THIS CHAIR!

Elda Hima, KY

Absolute lifesaver

I have a smaller than normal baby (16 lbs @ 9 mo), who is eating full meals of solids. Once she started eating real foods entirely and not baby goo anymore, we started trying to figure out how to feed her on the go. First, restaurant high chairs are pretty much the worst thing ever. First, they were WAY too big – she always ended up slouching, no tray so food fell everywhere, depending on the place she may not even be able to reach the table so I’d end up hand-feeding her pieces at a time, which she hated. So, I went back to the drawing board and figured I’d get a hook-on. This one had the best reviews and was reasonably priced, so I gave it a shot.First, the chair is just the right size and fits her perfectly – no more slouching baby, and she can reach the table quite well. Once you hook it on, the thing is rock solid and I haven’t worried about safety. Having the carry bag built in was a stroke of genius, it so so easy to bring in somewhere, unpack and attach and then repack when done. The clamps can be super easy or a real pain depending on the angles you’re working with – if you have enough space to get them spinning it can take mere moments to attach, but if you’re working in tight quarters and had to open them wide you might be cursing the thing by the time both are firmly attached.I also got the Tiny Diner, thinking the combo would be perfect to catch the fallout. Well, the Tiny Diner is too wide for the arms of this chair – so I’ve set it aside to try later. We tried putting the Tiny Diner wings under the clamps, but it seemed unstable and I didn’t want to deal with it. We tried putting the wings over the clamps and baby (who isn’t a big puller) pretty much flipped the Tiny Diner in about 10 seconds flat.The system we ended up with has been perfect – we’re using the Tommee Tippee placemat with suction, the sectioned plate, and the bib with a crumb-catcher. We hook the chair on with just enough room between the table and the front strap for the crumb-catcher, and hang it on the loosest setting around her neck so it sits between the table and the front strap. If baby eats well, everything ends up in the crumb-catcher. If not, well, it is a baby after all. :)About a week after we started playing around with this thing, we had to go on an unexpected week-long plane trip out of town. We ate in restaurants or hotel breakfast areas exclusively for 6 days. Seriously, this system saved our hides. I can’t imagine trying to get baby the nutrition she needed from real meals without this thing. We didn’t find a single table anywhere that this didn’t work out on. It fit easily in one side of our carry-on. Without it, I would have been, I dunno, hand-feeding her a bite at a time I guess since she couldn’t reach a table from the high chair? It was so nice for her to go into so many different places and get so many different foods, but have her trusty chair and plate combo. She sat happily through family meals, and I got to eat and visit while she ate away. Mess was minimized, and even if we ate in our hotel room we had something for her to use.This is pretty much the best thing I’ve bought for the baby in months. I had to convince myself it was worth buying something new that we might not use for that long, but this had already proved itself worth the price many times over.UPDATE Dec 2012:I still rave about this product. I’ve washed it in the washing machine (air-dried) and thrown it around the backseat and trunk of our car – good as new. Still haven’t found a table it doesn’t fit. Still get compliments wherever we go about how clever it is. A+!

Harriet Chatfield, OH

impossible to keep clean

This seat looks great and sounds like a good concept but it’s heinous to clean. Everything your toddler touches will get smeared on the sides and back and food drops into the folds in the seat, and it seems to really soak in. You almost have to pull it off the table and shake/scrub it each time you use it, which is a lot of work. otherwise, it gets totally gross after each feeding. I don’t care what anyone says, it’s a massive pain to dis-assemble and wash. It takes forever to dry (when your kid eats every 3 hours, you need another seat)…oh and another absolutely horrifying thing I noticed the first time I tried to clean it was that the bars are hollow, and they’d collected disgusting black, rusty water in them. I put it in the sink to scrub it and was appalled to see it leaking black goo all over the floor and all over me. Apparently moisture collects in those hollow metal bars (we live in Florida and used it in our outdoor screened-in room)…not good. I just put it in the closet now for any additional kids that may need to use it on a play date. Not worth the pain for daily use.I agree with everything the other 1-star poster said about how the belt fits, too. I don’t worry that my son will get out of the seat–his legs are way too long, but the velcro is a fun “toy” and I can see how you could pinch yourself or your kid with the fastener. It’s pretty annoying to click so I usually just let him sit in it without belting him in. (mind you, I am always right there)Hope this helps someone out there NOT waste their money. My much better (albeit not as stylish) solution is just a hard plastic booster chair that is EASY to clean. As the mom of two babies under two, the LAST thing I need is a chair that collects crud.

Kayla Silver Lake, NY

My favorite item!

So, as a first time mom to a now 6 month old, I have all the latest and greatest gadgets….and I’ve also come to learn that there are so many things that I thought I “needed” to have, and later found I don’t really need. Anyway, I have never written a review on a product, but because I think so highly of this…I had to write one! We originally ordered the Lobster Chair by P&T, but returned it when we discovered that there were so many tables that it would not work with — tables with lips. We love this chair…it is light, compact and travels well. We usually just keep it in the car because we are usually out — to dinner, grandparents house, friends, etc. — when we need to use it. I am not a fan of public high chairs and this is a great alternative to them. So far our daughter is loving this and so are we!

Kayla Johnsburg, NY

At least nobody got hurt

This was our favorite baby seat in our dining room: compact, attractive, and made it feel much more like our son was really at the table with us. We loved this chair until our 30 pound son managed to push one side of the chair off the table while he was sitting in it. He ended up dangling sideways.Having seen this happen once, I’m now surprised that it didn’t happen sooner. The clamp pressure can loosen (or just not be quite tight enough), and the only way to prevent this would be to add a lip at the very edge of the table so that a loose clamp can’t slide off the table completely.If there were a pin that locked the arms in their vertical position, then the chair wouldn’t flop sideways if one side came off the table.

Kim Rosiclare, IL

Great simple table chair

We’d been borrowing a Chicco table chair from my Mom till we purchased this one, and here are a few comparisons.The Chicco (that classic red one) had longer "arms" that hooked under the table, which made for a bigger footprint when you folded it. The Inglesina’s compact arms mean it takes up a lot less room when toting it around to restaurants and such. (It came in a box about the size of my winter boots box.)One thing I liked about the Chicco was that the arms were really easy to latch on to the table – they push-tightened and then loosened with the press of a button. So easy, my three year old nephews could do it. On the Inglesina, you have to tighten the grabbers to the table by turning (like tightening the lid on a jar). If you have to open them up wide to get them over a ledge under the table, you may be twisting for quite awhile to tighten them back up. Just a bit annoying, but not the worst thing in the world.So the other major difference (I felt) between the Chicco we’d been using since our little guy was four months old, and this Inglesina Fast Table Chair, was the depth. The Chicco was quite deep, and we used to fill the bottom with towels to bring baby high enough to be comfortable. The Inglesina has a firm (padded) seat, and baby sits a lot taller in it (definitely not as deep). That means we always have to make sure to buckle our little guy in – he realized right away that the sides were not going to keep him in! The seat is also shallower from front (table side) to back. This hasn’t been a problem so far, but I wonder if it will affect comfort as our baby gets older. We’ll see.All in all, we love this chair. I did a lot of research on various table chairs before getting one and feel that this chair has met our expectations for comfort, portability, quality and price. The color (Marina) is great, the grip on the table is very firm, and baby is happy in it. I’d purchase it again.

Gilda Loysburg, PA

Best baby purchase of all!

It goes everywhere. I’ve never found a table it doesn’t fit including kitchen islands. Everyone comments on it everywhere we go. It is clean and you don’t need to put your child in those dirty high chairs at restaurants. It goes on and off in seconds. Perfect so grandparents don’t need to buy a high chair to take up space in their homes too. My baby started sitting in it way before she was supposed to. We put theKiddopotamus Snuzzler Complete Head and Body Support, Ivory Terrythat we had for her car seat behind her and she was fine. At nine months she still loves it. She hated her high chair and she just sits in this all the time because she can look behind her and she feels like she is sitting at the table like a big girl. It’s nice to just wipe the table in front of her. It works really well with theBABYBJORN Soft Bib, Greento catch the food she drops. It isn’t the easiest thing to take apart to put in the wash, but it only takes a couple minutes to put it back together. So worth it! The marina is a nice dark green.

Brooke Cody, NE

Great Chair for Home and Travel

This is a wonderful chair. I’ve used it with my daughter since she was about four months old and we take it with us when we travel, when we visit friends, when we go out to eat, etc. I also did a bunch of research on chairs before buying and was looking at the P&T; metoo, the P&T; Lobster, and a Chico chair. This one had the perfect balance of small size, portability (complete with a handy little pocket in the back that you can store her food packages and spoon in, or toys), and style. I’d recommend it above the other three.PROS1. Very portable and easy to use.2. It has rubber covers on the “armrest” and the under clamp. Also the way in which the underclamps are designed, this chair will work with a bunch of different table designs — from the flat tables to the tables with the little “lips.”3. It has fit well for our daughter from 4 months to today (8 months). The depth of the seat seems to be just perfect for us. The P&T; Lobster was way too deep and our daughter was swimming in the chair at 8 months.CONS1. It doesn’t have a tray. We aren’t quite to the eating/playing with food stage but getting close. For now I’m using a tinydiner mat, but that’s probably not going to work and I foresee some messy meals. By the same coin, I know the P&T; Lobster tray doesn’t work well, having ordered and returned it. The tray slides in and out very easily and has little depth.2. The cloth looks nice, but isn’t as easy to clean as something like the Chicco chair probably would be. Still, I prefer the look of the cloth.3. This may just be my computer and eyesight, but be careful when you order that you are actually ordering the color you want! The first time I ordered, I chose Eucalypto, thinking it was black when really it’s a dark green. The Liquirizia looked dark purple to me, but it’s really black.In sum, the pros highly outweighed the cons for me at least. This is a really great and useful chair. I get compliments almost every time we go out to eat. It’s so nice to take up so little space in a restaurant and have our daughter right next to us (we often place her on the inside of a booth). It’s also great at home and we use it for feeding her but also for a hangout spot for her when we’re in the kitchen cooking or cleaning up.

Victoria Van Buren, AR

It is fast, it is easy, everyone wants ours!!

This little chair is fast and easy to put up. We’ve used it at countless restaurant tables, booths and bars and have never had a problem getting it securely on. You simply turn/screw the legs.We love the HIGH back and how padded this chair is for our little guy (we started using it around 6-months). The seat belt holds him securely however, now that he is older and more wiggly!!We also love the easy wipe fabric and that it is washable. We haven’t taken it all off yet, and find that spot cleaning is enough to keep this chair looking like new!!We love the built in storage pocket which makes it super quick and easy to take along and is one less thing to lose.We keep one in the car for eating out and purchased a second one to go on our bar at home so that my son can watch me cook or do the dishes. We got a few of those suction cup toys to go on our counter or the restaurant table but also attach toys via a toy tether so that they do not end up on dirty floors when we eat out.We like this infinitely better than those grody restaurant high chairs and always get compliments when we are out!!Ultimately we chose this model over the less expensive Regalo and the more expensive Phil & Teds because of the (1) high back, (2) super padded facric, (3) washability, (4) integrated storage bag, and (5) fun colors!!Even people with those models like ours better !!

Patsy Silver City, IA

Great quality, but didn’t fit our table.

The quality of this product was awesome, and I can totally understand why it has so many great reviews, but unfortunately we ordered this chair and it did not fit our table. I the spacing between the hooks on the bottom and the seat area was just to close to accommodate our table. Great quality, fast shipping, but just didn’t fit our table. We returned it. (Amazon was great with this return by the way. It was super quick and easy, so don’t be afraid to order one of these chairs. I was really disappointed when it didn’t fit because it looked really great)

Gena Idledale, CO

Lightweight and compact

We purchased this high chair solely to take with us on vacation and we were very pleased with its compactness and overall functionality. The chair folds flat and stores in the pouch when not in use, so it took up very little room in our four door sedan that was packed to the brim for our vacation. It is easy to assemble and attaches to any table with a shorter skirt. Once attached it is very sturdy as well. Our friends (with twin one-year olds) brought 2 similar high chairs that were obviously not the same quality as the Inglesina. Our almost one year old daughter uses her hands to self feed and always makes a mess, so we also had to wash it. It was easy to remove the cover and pad and after we just let it air dry and put it back together later.

Melissa Linden, AL

Worth Every Penny

I saw this seat while out dining & just had to have it. I couldn’t be happier. The (lime)color is gorgeous. The built-in bag to carry it in adds cushion to the bottom, not that it needed it, as it is very well made. I do like how the bag is attached so you do not have to worry about misplacing it. It folds completely flat. And the pouch on the back is great to keep bibs/burp cloths in. I would give this seat ********** if I could. (oh, I just did!)

Alana Afton, WI

So handy for hotel rooms!

We’ve used this a few times at home and a few times at hotels.Pros:~ It folds up fairly small and it’s got a built-in carrying bag. (Which is hard to find! It’s on the bottom in an almost-secret flap – after you use it once it will be more obvious! I would never have known if I hadn’t seen it in another review and I STILL had to hunt for it!)~ It looks nice – we have bought graphite and it’s a nice color.~ The buckle is wrapped in fabric, which I like – less chance of pinching a belly when buckling!~ Our daughter (14 months, 21 lb) loves to sit in it and dangle her feet.~ It fits on every table we’ve tried it on and has been terrific most of the time. We’ve used it on everything from a granite countertop (no lip/apron) to several tables with tall aprons and it fit every time. (But didn’t go well on one of them – see below.)~ It wipes up better than I expected. It’s fabric, after all, but it does clean up well.Cons:~ It’s a little heavy but not bad. We used to take our Prince Lionheart seat (like a bumbo – I wrote a review for that – WE LOVED IT!) and that was so light. You wouldn’t haul the PL (bumbo-type seat) on a plane due to size but it weighed nothing and was great for a car trip. This folds down but weighs more. I’d have to seriously debate taking this on a plane as I’d worry about the weight of my suitcase.~ It’s definitely not camo for the mess – I debated which color to get to show the least number of stains and mess. I went with graphite but of course you can see smooshed bananas. This is good, too, as you know where you need to wipe it off! I have yet to note a blueberry stain and it’s seen a lot of blueberries so I think I chose right! (And, as mentioned, it wipes up well.)~ They do sit a bit back from the table, not exactly bellied up to it. But our high chair is exactly the same – there’s a small gap between her and the tray. This isn’t a big deal to me but I know some people complained.~ Although this has fit on every table we tried it on, we did have to stop using it with one table. It was a very small round table with a pedestal in a hotel room. It looked old and cheap and when we hooked the chair on it seemed OK. I put it where the legs could give the most support because I was worried about the table but of course MORE worried about if it might tip/break with my daughter in it. It was totally fine but after we used it the first time the table was obviously leaning to the side! I didn’t feel too bad about the table (it was obviously old and crappy) but I worried the pedestal feet would give out under the weight on one side only and my daughter could fall. The next hotel we used it in was terrific – super sturdy, not even the tiniest chance the table would tip or break.~ If the table has a large apron you will have to spend some time screwing the faster open and then closed again once it’s on the table. We were just at a restaurant where they used a similar product but it was the type with the long arms that reach under the table, way to the middle. This seems great but it probably doesn’t fold down super small and it would be a problem with any table with a slide mechanism in the middle. The nice thing about that one, though, was that it had a quick-push fastener where you just pushed and it slid most of the way to clamped and then you just screwed a bit to get it to touch the table. You didn’t have to screw it tight because there was plenty of leverage from the long arms. This type was attractive to me but took up too much space when collapsed and I knew it wouldn’t work with my table at home since it has a slide mechanism for the extensions. This has seemed VERY sturdy on every table and I’m never worried about it falling off the table with her in it.~ It is a 3–point harness which I know is a problem to some people. It’s fine to me because just the nature of this thing (though I really DO trust it from not falling off the table), I would never leave my daughter alone in it. I do leave her alone for a quick run to the bathroom in her highchair, which has a five-point harness and a tray that locks in. But the fact that it’s hanging off the side of a table and it has a three-point harness means no way would I leave her alone for even a minute.Overall I’d say this was a good purchase – I’d recommend it and so far we’ve really liked it.

Kara Manville, NJ

Watch out for wobbly tables…

So far, so good. We love using this chair in restaurants or at friends’ houses. It’s safe. It’s easy to clean. It has fit every table so far. Food sometimes gets stuck in the clamp part of the chair that touches the table. That’s not a big deal though. The bad thing about this portable chair for us is that our baby likes to kick his feet and bounce his body around. If the table is unstable (which most restaurant tables are), the result is a shakey table that effects everyone. It’s not fun for guests/friends. Plus one time, everyone had a full glass of their drinks on the table, and liquid spilled everywhere. What a mess. Because of this reason, we bring this portable chair along, but check to see how stable the table is. If the table is wobbly, we ask for a high chair (which defeats the purpose of getting this chair). If the table is not wobbly, this portable chair good to go.

Kimberly Biddeford, ME

Works great!

This is one of the coolest things to have for your kid when going out. It’s easily transportable. So you know if you’re out taking a walk in the park or something, you can always have it with and have someplace to seat your child for his meal. Also it takes up much less space at restaurants. Works great with the Tiny Diner Mat.

Cara Heron Lake, MN

Space saver!

I love these!! I have twins and this saved a ton of space! I wish i would have seen these before already buying two Chicco high chairs! Stay on firmly. I have a two inch skirt around my table and it went on great!I noticed that my twins drop a lot more food then the normal high chairs because they dont have the tray up against their belly. So i bought 2 “Summer Infant tiny diner” so the food would stay. That still didnt work for my babies. So then i bought some silicon food catching bibs which also didnt help. So for now i went back to the Chicco high chairs until my 11 month olds are a little cleaner. I imagine i will be able to use the Inglesina seats til they are 3 years old.When buying these i thought these were something you could wipe clean after each feeding. They are not. You can wipe clean the fabric but not for my messy eaters. A lot of food gets stuck under the seat pad thats on it too. This is a miner issue really but i am OCD and hate how dirty it looks after each feeding. A solution could be developing some disposable seat covers.As a quicker solution i have found taking the seats to the sink and washing them works really well.But as you can see from my review i love it even with these minor flaws!

Alberta Cloverdale, OH

not so awesome…neat idea though

We’ve used this highchair for a few months. The design concept is great…however this high chair does not fit traditional style tables very well and the fabric looks gross after cereal is mashed in. If your table has any table skirt, at some point the baby’s legs will run into it as they grow. I think this would work okay for babies 9mon+ and if your table does not have skirts, but it did not seem very secure and is difficult to get the baby in & out.

Teri Evansport, OH

My daughter loves this chair!!

Bought this because we went to a restaurant that only had two highchairs ( really???). I guess they only expected 1 kid a day to come in and eat. Whatever. Anyway was searching for a comfortable, easy to install, and portable. This is IT!!! It’s the highest rated portable high chair. There were some complaints that these don’t fit a table that had a 3 inch lip, it does but the kids legs are squished a bit. Besides most restaurants don’t have tables like that and i use her reg chair high chair at home anyways. Its really sturdy and my DD is at the table. The best thing?? the ATTACHED carrying bag!! it just folds up and tucks in its carrying bag. It has a small pocket in the back of the chair that i keep her bib in. The only thing that can be a pain in the arse is the amount of twisting you have to do under the table to get the chair stabilized. Looks rather funny from another persons perspective across the table when you’re putting the chair on the table, i’v gotten alot of raised eyebrows because my husband sits down while I’m doing this. I just smile and wink at people. That really messes with their thoughts!! ha ha. Love the chair tho. My DD cried when i took her out of it. She wanted to sit in it longer. Light weight too. I def. recommend this chair for on the go activities.

Ruthie Utica, MN

It is a must have for any parent that takes their kids out with them to eat.

We have a small house and to replace a giant high chair was invaluable. Also, it folds up great and easily, so we took it to ever restaurant for him, instead of using their flimsy, old, rickety and dirty high chairs. It is a must have for any parent that takes their kids out with them to eat.

Nicole Tremonton, UT

This was easiest baby product ever to install

This was the easiest baby accessory I ever installed. It came packaged flat and compact. All you have to do is unfold and figure out that the rubberized ends below the table top grips wind up and down – BINGO.We have a wooden French kitchen style dining table – unfortunately it would not fit around the majority of the table, so beware: If you have a lip like mine that is fairly thick (not the distance from the table edge to the lip but that the lip block itself is thick +3.5cm) then it won’t fit in that little U-shaped space properly. Also it says on the package that if your lip is more than 3.5cm away from the edge it won’t fit either – at least not safely. Luckily enough our table has two curved ends where there is no lip at all and it fit just perfectly there.I bought the beige (Fiordilatte) because I did not want a super bright color – my baby’s toys and such are taking over the decor anyway. I was a little concerned it may be a little too light but so far it is great – not too light to show all the stains and not too dark to be frumpy. The cover comes off anyway and can be machine washed – it wipes easily too.It has two little slot clips on the arms (on the aluframe just under the textile before the table top grips) so you can ‘easily’ clip the chair on and off without unscrewing – that system makes no sense since it is much easier to un-clamp/-screw and leave the grips on the chair, than to un-clip (putting it back in was a major exercise in finger strength pushing those little clips back in). I just have it as a permanent installment though so I don’t care much for taking it on and off unless we have a big party around for dinner.My baby is only 5 months old and just only figured out how to sit up. He was sitting in this thing was before he learned to hold himself upright. This is because it is just the right size and padded really nicely both on the backrest as well as the cover for the clips in the front. The canvas base/bottom seems flimsy at first you think ‘will it hold?’ but in actuality it is great because it is thickly padded and gives way just enough to feel soft, yet pretty sturdy. The belt is secure and easy to use (I love the padded covering so it is more comfortable when the little one leans forward to eat), though for now our little guy seems secure in the seat without them; but that may be just because he doesn’t know to try and climb out yet.It is so small and compact, and blends in so well, it is entirely unobtrusive. I do think however that if he grows a lot more he won’t fit any more – it seems like it won’t work for the 15mth-olds I know. However, since we will likely have him sit in a proper chair with an addition with belt or such when he is too big for this, rather than a separate high chair, this is a great little piece of equipment that does not take up any space and has him sitting at the table with us at dinner playing around without much of a fuss at all. Golden!UPDATE: My little man is now 22 months old and still uses this – so I guess I was wrong and this may be the only high chair we ever have to buy since it goes up to 35lbs and he is just under 30lbs now. One tip – we now have a food mat under the grips (not recommended for safety but never impacted the grip on our table).

Darcy Rosedale, VA

Must have

Great Item use it all the time.

Eva Hindman, KY

Love this chair!

My son is 10 months old, and we’ve had it since he was 5 months old. It was great at the younger ages because it supported his back better than a regular restaurant high chair would. We took it to most restaurants. It doesn’t work well on a two-person tabletop, but works great on most 4 person+ tables. We also bring it to the grandparents’ or friends’ homes to use when feeding him. It’s super easy and fast to hook onto the table, and I love that the carrying bag is attached to the chair, so you can never lose it! It wipes clean fairly easily. Now that he’s getting closer to a year old, I find that we want to make sure to only attach it to very solid (none jiggly) tables because when he starts squirming, he can also shake the table and everything on it! Still, it’s a great chair and I’m glad that we bought it!

Erma Rixeyville, VA

Don’t even consider the other chairs!

This was the third chair we tried. It’s awesome. It has fit every table we tried, including at restaurants and our island at home. It’s quick to install and easy to clean. It also has an incredibly useful pocket in the back (store toys when going out) and a little carrying bag. It seems very sturdy and stable. Definitely recommended!

Jewell Freeland, MD


Everywhere we take this people ask us what it is and want to know where they can get one. We are frequent travelers so keep this in our car at all times. It’s perfect for use at restaurants to avoid those disgusting and dirty high hairs. Plus it has more back support than they do as well. It’s very easy to use, fold up conveniently and compactly and seems comfy for baby. The material is wipe able, but if your child is a really messy eater you may find it challenging to clean. It works on most tables. We particularly like to use it in booths and put baby inside the booth rather than on the outer side of the table. I don’t like food being passed over my baby’s head or people knocking into her as they pass by.

Yolanda Avery, CA


Just what i was looking for, i haven’t use it yet because my son is one month old. But i’m pretty excited with it, looks classy and the color is beautiful!

Sherri Freeburg, IL

i love it – son not as much

I love this chair but my son doesn’t like being so confined and close to the table – he likes to wiggle a lot

Antonia Centerville, AR


I’m not kidding-this and maybe the MamaRoo-are our favorite baby items of all time. This thing is awesome-attaches right to the table so he can sit right by either one of us, instead of like a high chair in the middle of an aisle with people and hot food squeezing by. We take this thing everywhere. I just wish I could find something to carry it in, but from now on, this will be my go to purchase for baby showers. Fantastic.

Rosalinda Mc Girk, MO

Portable, secure, an all around great seat.

Awesome chair for baby and toddlers. I can take it anywhere and she sits at the table with us. I like that it is secure, and washable. It survived a recent delicate washing machine cycle!! The only minor thing is that one of the outside snap covers fell off, exposing the snap. Since it was just a decorative cover, gorilla glued it back onto the snap. And that survived the washer too!!

Blanche Montchanin, DE

no complaints so far

My son (10 months old) seems to genuinely enjoy this chair. I think he likes being able to dangle his feet. It connected easily to our dining room table and now he can happily make a mess while eating dinner with us. The chair is padded nicely at every angle so he looks comfortable. He’s definitely less fussy in this chair than he was in his Prince Lionheart chair that we used before; he just outgrew that. People have told me how much they love this chair and how great it was for restaurants. We haven’t tried that yet, but I have no doubt that it’ll work well.

Aida Sterling, MI

Very portable and study – would highly recommend

We use this whenever we’re traveling and have never had a problem expect a couple of times where the table was such that this wouldn’t fit on. It’s sturdy and very easy to make compact for packing and isn’t too heavy. It’s definitely been worth the money we spent on it.

Gay Hoffman Estates, IL