Inglesina 2013 Swift Stroller, Lampone Purple

Inglesina 2013 Swift Stroller, Lampone Purple

Lightweight, sporty and infinitely convenient, the 2013 Inglesina Swift stroller comes with an easy-to-use umbrella fold and its signature carry handle. When closed, Swift locks automatically into a small, compact package that weighs a meager thirteen pounds including canopy. The new 2013 version of the Swift provides an extended canopy system that offers your baby more protection from the sun and rain and a basket matching the color of the seat. Even though the Swift strolls and stores so easily, your baby will also enjoy the ride in a nicely padded, four-position reclining seat with leg support. Ideal for smaller babies or toddlers who, like you, prefer to roll in style. Outstanding features of Swift are practical umbrella closing stroller. Ergonomic soft-touch handles for easy maneuverability. Reclining, four-position backrest for maximum comfort of the baby. Convenient carry handle for easy use and storage on the go. Surprisingly roomy storage basket. Dimensions when open: 19 x 43 x 30. Dimensions when closed: 10 x 12 x 41. Weight: 13 pounds including canopy. For use from 3 months to 55 pounds

Main features

  • Polyester, Aluminum
  • Imported
  • Practical, umbrella closing stroller
  • Ergonomic soft-touch handles for easy maneuverability
  • Reclining, four-position backrest for maximum comfort of the baby
  • Convenient carry handle for easy use and storage on the go
  • Surprisingly roomy storage basket

Verified reviews


Good quality but

So, I already own an uppababy vista and a britax b-agile, i was looking for something even lighter but this stroller was not all that light to me although my husband says it’s much lighter than the b-Agile. Anyway, I ended up returning it also because the canopy doesn’t come all the way down in front of the baby (some do) and I didn’t like that either. Canopy is a decent size but not amazing (bigger than regular umbrella strollers). For the rest it folds and unfolds pretty easily and the recline seemed pretty good. I did not use it outdoors so i cant tell you how smooth it goes. Looks sharp.

Nina Riverside, AL

Amazingly light weight with great style and quality!

I purchased this stroller for our month vacation to Hawaii. We own a Quinny but thought it would be too large to lug around on flights and while on the island. I did lots of research and settled on the Inglesina Swift. It was exactly what I was looking for. It fit very well for our 5 month old and features great quality and durability. The wheels swivel excellent and never once gave us any problems even while treading through dirt paths and light sand. Love the 5-pt harness and the recline is amazing – not to mention the extra large visor that was well appreciated for our little one. The 2013 model features a higher/taller seat and canopy, which is great for a tall child or all around longer use. The red color is gorgeous altho I did find it to be a bit brighter than what is featured online. It’s more of a bright red than deep red. Still very nice.

Jenifer Merchantville, NJ

Love the Tall Handles

I was really impressed by the quality workmanship of this stroller. The purple wasn’t exactly what I was expecting, it is lighter than I see on my monitor and more neon-like. This isn’t necessarily a bad thing. I do love the look of this stroller. I’m hoping that over time that it will be easier to fold. It’s very easy to unfold this stroller, but for some reason hard to fold. My daughter-in-law said it’s easy and went to show me how easy it was and she had problems too.After this stroller is folded, it has a safety latch that holds it together. I wish that the latch was a little tighter because when you pick up the folded stroller it feels like it opening. It doesn’t open, just doesn’t feel very secure.Unless the baby is in the stroller it’s hard to recline the back. You need to lift the two arms on either side of the seat (much like a lawn chair). When you have the weight of the baby on the back, it goes back because of gravity. When the baby isn’t in the seat, it becomes a hassle. The good news is that it goes back to an almost flat position which was perfect for my new granddaughter.The canopy is really large and really protects the baby from the sun and rain. It also deters people from want to get too close because the baby is more enclosed. The downside is that when the baby is fully reclined you can’t get to the under seat storage. Also, unless I’m doing something wrong, you have the have the seat upright in order to fold this stroller.I’m not that tall, but most strollers have handles that are too short. I feel I can push this stroller and stand more upright and my feet don’t hit the wheels. A definite plus.I would have given this 5 stars if it wasn’t for the trouble we have folding this stroller. If it gets better with time, I’ll come back and update this review. Bottom line … would I recommend this stroller? Yes, it’s a great stroller, maneuvers well, easy to carry, comfy for baby … only wish is that it had a cup holder for me

Eileen Kingston, NJ


This is a great stroller. I am so happy after researching different light-weight stroller that I went with the Inglesina. The larger umbrella sold me. The stroller is so light and easy to maneuver with one hand. It does take me 2 hands to fold up which isn’t a problem for me. The only downside is the basket. I suggest getting a cardboard for it or something. I also wish it had a cup holder. But that was an easy fix. It is so nice that it doesn’t take up lots of space folded up like my Travel stroller. My 11 month old loves riding in it too.

Rosanne Malvern, PA

Perfect for short trips & the airport.

We had a tiny little Babies R Us umbrella we were using for the airport (frequent fliers). It was just small and had no basket so the next option was to find something like this. We have a Bugaboo Chameleon we use for Disneyland and all-terrain (hikes, etc.) so this is really a good in between for us. Not too small, not huge like a our Bugaboo. I would not suggest this as an investment stroller, you might want to spend the extra $100 on the Inglesina Tripp or a Maclaren. It does have a somewhat shallow seat so I wouldn’t use this for long trips. It’s perfect for the airport, quick shopping trips, etc. Our daughter is a very tall 15 month old and her feet almost touch the foot rest, I would imagine by 2 years old that her legs might be too long for this. For the price though, it’s great and just what we need for right now and the next year.Pros-Gorgeous, matte black finish. Looks really nice, looks pricey.Ample basket for shoppingGood steering, easy push & and decent over cracks in the sidewalkGenerous CanopyReclines pretty far backComfortable handles for both me and Dad (I’m 5’6", Dad is 5’11")Folds up super easyLight to moderate weightCons-Shallow seatNot good for older kids (past 2-3 years old)Recline is somewhat awkward but not unreasonably so

Jeannette Burlington, WA


I was sooo excited when i got this, and i do love the fact that its easy to use. the main reason i bought this is because of the sun shade and how big it gets for a light weight stroller. the only complaint that i have about this stroller is that the rubber handles, or whatever material they are wrapped with makes your hands smell. I’ve only used this twice so I’m hoping the smell will eventually go away. but other than that i have no complaints! in LOVE with the red stroller i ordered, the color is simply amazing for my little boy!

Joyce Plainfield, CT

Perfect solution for single mom 4th floor nyc walk up

I researched just about every lightweight umbrella stroller of high quality. I debated between this one and others triple the price tag through hundreds of reviews. I needed something I could manage with one hand while carrying my infant in the other because of my no-car, 4th floor walk-up, single mom situation. This is it! I can open and close it with one foot and one arm. I can carry it and baby with diaper bag on my back with ease. I can also do it quickly when I’m trying to make the bus though it’s best with another person because of the aggressive and not so friendly commuters. This carriage is for 3 months and older but I was able to comfortably put my one month old in it with the help of a snuggie because of how far back the seat drops. I would love to go by the manufacturer guidelines, but I also have to get him to his appointments and the carrier I have just doesn’t cut it for a mom recovering from c-section. I love this stroller so much! My little guy falls right out under the shade of the canopy, which is a nice TUP fabric that blocks both sun and rain. The basket fits about three small grocery bags. Someone complained about the mechanism for the seat. I have had no trouble. When I pull both sides up, I am able to get the seat down with my fingertips. It kind of slides ride into your hands. I can’t rave enough about this stroller and I am not a paid reviewer. I’m just super excited when I find a product that meets my needs, my son seems to like, and is great for the price. The wheels are a hollow plastic, but I’ll take it for the light weight up my elevator-less building.

Deidre Purdin, MO

really practical stroller

i like this stroller bc this is everything i was looking for light enough to travel reclining seat for nap time and pretty tall and wide so my 40 pound 2 year ols feels comfortable in it!!!! ohhh and did i mansion that 110 dollars you cant beat!!!!

Traci Ponca City, OK

Must have

If you are looking for the ultimate umbrella stroller this is it. My kid loves it, it is strong and durable and will be used for years.

Anna Baldwin, LA

easy to use and easy fold down/up

easy to maneuver and easy to fold up and down. It is also great because it reclines for smaller or younger babies. It a quality stroller at a great price compared to other high end umbrella strollers.

Meagan Normal, AL

Had to return it

I really wanted to love this stroller. After the glowing reviews and thorough research, I decided to give Inglesina Swift a try. Unfortunately, I was so disappointed I had to return it.Here are the positives:Reclining feature is excellent (MAJOR plus in umbrella strollers, so kids can sleep, and parents can enjoy an hour or two of sightseeing or running errands) . It lays almost flat and it is easy to slide (as opposed to most umbrella strollers with the annoying reclining cords)Smooth ride. Feels light and very easy to navigateGreat/big sun shadeCon – Which unfortunately is a MAJOR one and a true deal breaker:VERY uncomfortable. The back of the seat is so HARD. I could not believe it. If you buy this stroller you will need a cushion, which combined with the price of the stroller, will end up costing equal to or more than the more upscale strollers like the Uppababy G-Luxe.There was just one con for me, but it is such a major one that I could not get over it. It is like buying a pretty coach for the looks and hating to sit on it. What is the purpose? Inglesina, please add more padding to the back!

Cortney Middletown, RI

Probably the best stroller for the price

So I went back and forth between several different stroller brands. I was looking for something NOT too pricey, but with the following features:Big enough basket underneath, good for tall people (I’m 5’9”), easy to fold up, reclines for baby to sleep. I bought this stroller on sale for maybe $60 based on other reviews. I used it for a week in D.C., and I’m still a fan. Here is what I love about the stroller and then what you should know about it before you buy it:WHAT I LOVE- It reclines almost all the way back. My baby took awesome naps through our whole vacation in this stroller.- It is probably ideal for people 5’8” and shorter–I had to hunch a tiny bit, and my feet sometimes kicked the back wheels, but not bad. So, I definitely wouldn’t recommend it for anyone taller than me.- The basket is roomy enough for jackets/small bag, etc.- Once folded, the little latch works perfectly to hold it closed, and it is super light and easy to carry.WHAT YOU SHOULD KNOW BEFORE BUYING- Yes, it is not very padded/cushioned. Didn’t seem to bother my little one at all, but if you have a sensitive baby, it feels like they are sleeping on cardboard.- The sun visor did not shield his face from sun AT ALL. That being said, I hung my nursing cover over the visor, and it worked perfectly for direct sun or taking a nap.- The basket is completely inaccessible when in recline. HOWEVER, I hung my diaper bag and backpack from the handlebars, and it was no big deal.- I would definitely recommend the cup holder that comes recommended with this model–it velcroes to the handles, and is awesome.- It is NOT super easy to fold down–you definitely need two hands, which is not a big deal for me, but could be if you are traveling solo.- It is NOT easy to get the stroller in the recline position–it takes two hands, sometimes two people. It’s very touchy.All in all, I can’t imagine getting a better one for the price. The other more expensive strollers don’t have any significantly better features, and you pay more.

John Trail, MN

Great stroller

I love this stroller. It’s easy to push, has a good recline, and a great fold. The only reason I gave it 4 stars is because it doesn’t come with a cup holder, and the handles are actually a little too high. (I’m only 5’5). I also wish it had an adjustable foot rest, but my kids don’t seem to mind that it doesn’t.

Lelia Walnut Grove, MO