Inglesina 2013 Trip Stroller, Lampone Purple

Inglesina 2013 Trip Stroller, Lampone Purple

2013 Inglesina Trip: the sporty second stroller you were looking for. Who said a second stroller has to be all about utility? Trip is the exception to the rule, with a charming design and attractive color options to go along with its incredible mobility and Italian design. Trip is so agile (thanks to its shock-absorbing suspensions), compact and light that you can take it with you and use it just about anywhere. Don’t worry about rain, either. Thanks to the standard hood with extended canopy, even a little bad weather won’t ruin your plans. Outstanding features of Trip: Compact design and practical umbrella folding system for easy use and storage. Ergonomic soft-touch handles for easy maneuverability. Reclining, four-position backrest and adjustable leg-rest for maximum comfort of the baby. Rain cover canopy and cup holder are included with your purchase. Convenient carry handle for easy use and storage on the go. Surprisingly roomy storage basket. The Trip now offers an ergonomic soft/padded folding bumper bar for your baby to hold on to along with a basket matching the color of the seat. Dimensions when open: 19’’x 43’’x 30 ‘’. Dimensions when closed: 11’’ x 15’’ x 41’’. Weight: 14.5 lbs including canopy. Use: from 3 months to 55 lbs.

Main features

  • Ergonomic soft-touch Reclining, four-position backrest and adjustable footrest for maximum comfort of the baby for easy maneuverability
  • Reclining, four-position backrest and adjustable footrest for maximum comfort of the baby
  • Rain cover, canopy and cup holder are included in your purchase
  • Convenient carry handle for easy use and storage on the go
  • Surprisingly roomy storage basket

Verified reviews


Great stroller upgrade!

I had been searching for a compact stroller with all the features I wanted and this is it! I’m in Japan and my jogging stroller is way too big getting around in a country that specializes in miniaturizing everything. My son is 17 months, 32 lbs and 34 inches long. First of all this stroller was ready to roll right out the box! I only had to attach the belly bar, canopy and cup holder!!! This stroller fits my son perfectly and I should get great use out of it since the maximum weight capacity is 55lbs!. I love that it has a REMOVABLE and flexible belly bar which most umbrella strollers don’t have in addition to the adjustable canopy with EXTRA coverage. And there is an adjustable leg rest which my son loves because his feet aren’t touching the foot rest yet. Note: there are two levers hidden that you have to squeeze for it to go down. The seat also does a full recline! The wheels are great! They seem to be the hard rubber kind. I’m 5’7 and the handle bars are high enough for me to push comfortably and away from my body so I’m not kicking the back wheels and they are made with the soft grip material. The basket is big compared to other umbrella strollers, but small compared to my jogging stroller. I’m able to stuff my Columbia backpack diaper bag in it with a little room to spare for small items. If the seat back is fully reclined I won’t be able to get the diaper bag out without lifting it up. There is a cup holder that securely fits a medium size fast food cup or bottle of water. I hated the cup holders on the jogging strollers because they bounced around on uneven ground. My son’s sippy cup won’t fit. This stroller also comes with a rain cover which is a plus. I love freebies. It only covers the front, but I read that the canopy is water-proof I have yet to test that. I’m contemplating buying the Jeep brand that goes all over though. The fold and open is also easy to do and it locks in place when closing and has a carry handle. It is a bit heavy (I think 15lbs), but it feels very sturdy and durable. I only pushed around the house on hardwood floors. I will update when we go out. For a video demonstration and review for the 2012 model, YouTube Baby Gizmo Inglesina Trip.UPDATE: So after getting out, this stroller is everything I hoped for. It handled really well on uneven asphalt/sidewalk. It took me a moment to adjust my stride and arm positioning, my feet did scruff the back wheels a few times. My son took a brief nap and I was able to lay the seat back all the way down without disturbing him. It was pretty windy when we first got out, but the canopy was great at blocking the wind especially while he was napping. It rained a little later on and the canopy IS water-proof!!! Even in steady rain the water continued to bead up and roll off. I did have a little trouble steering one-handed while holding my umbrella. It was hard to make turns, but I found that switching handle bars and stepping opposite the side of stroller in the direction I wanted to turn helped the best (ex. step left to turn right). Oh and I forgot to mention that the stroller is slim enough to pass through the train station’s ticket entrances/exits. No more having to use the wheelchair entrance. All in all, I’m VERY HAPPY with this stroller. 🙂

Gabriela Nelsonville, WI

Almost perfect

This is a very nice umbrella stroller. I have not taken it outside for an accurate test drive, however, because I am sending it back. Not sure if anyone else is as keen on compact-ness as I am, but I thought I would share my thoughts on that matter. I purchased this stroller to replace a 2007 Maclaren Quest (with a busted canopy). I was hoping for something with a better canopy. The Trip canopy is perfect. Side by side, the Trip beats the Quest in every way (sturdier frame, taller handles, more comfy seat, more accessible basket, better brakes) but one. The wheels on this stroller are huge, and thus the stroller is wide and unwieldy, by comparrison. It claims to be 19 inches wide, but the front wheels are almost 20 inches. And the turning radius is cumbersome, not nimble. If this is not an issue for you, get this stroller. Especially if you are tall, and like the option to shade your child. I wish I could just pop of the wheels and replace them with the nimble Maclaren wheels!!

Carolina Palmetto, LA

An umbrella stroller that rocks!

I was not wild about buying a ‘compact’ umbrella stroller but my hubby insisted. I’m kind of anti-stroller in general and specifically I’ve never found a compact stroller I liked. BUT he made a good case, so I researched the HECK out of this stroller buying business. I decided on this one, because I couldn’t justify spending $400+ on a stroller I didn’t expect to like but the cheap ones were just a heated argument waiting to happen. It reviewed well and seemed to have the features that we needed, like a good sized sunshade. Plus the colour is cute :)So… we’ve had it for a good few months now, and I’m happy to report that I actually *love* this stroller. It’s perfect, and at half the price of the more costly ones — worth every penny, as far as I’m concerned.Favourite features:1. The recline on the seat. It’s not suitable for a brand newbie, but a baby of a few months would be fine in the very gentle recline. My baby seems to find it very comfortable.2. The sturdiness. Some strollers feel like they will wobble to bits. This one seems very robust.3. The sunshade — actually, this should be number 1. Our little one has a visual impairment, and the sun in her eyes really bothers her. This sunshade is ENORMOUS and covers incredibly well. I love the little window so I can peek down on her with the sunshade up.4. The rain cover, which is included at no extra cost, robust, covers well, and goes on pretty easily.5. The basket underneath, which is a good size and clears the ground very well.What else… the handles are comfy for both my 5’11" hubby and my 5’4" self. The colour is fresh, beautiful, and gender-neutral. The included cup holder is a hair too small for a Venti iced coffee cup :PNo regrets. No arguments. Perfect.

Claire Lightfoot, VA

Great stroller-nice recline-easy to roll

I almost didn’t buy this because other reviewers mentioned the harness was difficult to snap. It does take some force but I still find it easy to do…and I’m the lady that went through trying every carseat clip because I found most of them impossible for me to undo. I looked it up and I think it’s a safety feature since this stroller can be used with older kids that could undo themselves. It rolls really easily, doesn’t take up much room in our vehicles and is good in tight spaces. It seems solid and well built. The recline is nice when the baby falls asleep. It is for older babies (I’d say at least 6 months) and the straps are pretty big. If your baby doesn’t have good head control or can’t sit up very well, you may have to wait until he’s a bit older to use this stroller. My baby loves the belly bar–he likes to prop a foot up there! I got this as an open box deal so I feel it’s a great stroller for the price.One more thing–the canopy is great–you can pull it down and position it in many different ways to fully block the sun out of baby’s eyes.

Victoria Henderson, IA

Good stroller

This is a pretty good stroller. I bought it because of the large sun canopy. Some of the other strollers had very small canopies and at that was not acceptable in my book, i.e. Maclaren. We live in a sunny climate and I don’t think I should have to purchase an extra "extension". Does it handle as nice as the Maclaren? No. But it handles pretty well. It is easy to fold and set up. However, it doesn’t always stay locked when it is collapsed, which can be a pain. I like the little bar. I would attach toys to it when my baby was smaller so they didn’t get thrown out of the stroller. I use this primarily for travel and for quick trips into stores. My daughter seems to prefer this over our jogging stroller because she is more upright. Overall, I am pretty happy with my purchase.Pros: Lightweight; Good canopy; Handles pretty well.Cons: Doesn’t stay locked when collapsed; Two handed recline feature.

Latanya Lititz, PA

A Keeper!

After ordering 2 previous umbrella strollers from Amazon, the third time’s a charm:) I *sent back* the Zooper Twist Escape and the Joovy Groove for reasons I listed in their reviews. But the Inglesina trip is here to stay. I tried it on my 17 lb 1 year old, 22 lb 2 1/2 year old, and 40 lb 5 year old. All 3 loved it:)What I loved:Beautiful color (I got Mela Green)Quality fabric (I tested it and it is completely waterproof, easy to wipe clean)Comfy handlesThe cup holder holds my medium sized camelback water bottle securelyThe belly bar is easy to open/close, detach and folds with the strollerThe seat reclines nearly completely so my baby can sleep, drink his bottle, or I can change his diaper easily thereThe calf rests works well for my littlest ones (1 and 2 year olds) but fold in perfectly for my 4 year old.The wheel locks on the front are the easiest I have ever used! Love them.The wheels are big enough to handle sidewalks and grass really well unlocked. I did have to lock them for the rubber mulch onthe playground, of course, but then they did well.The Wheels lock at the same time with one foot.It is easy to fold using one foot, no hands except to stabilize.Compact fold with auto-lockCanopy is easy to use (no side hinges to snap tight) and very effective in our Mississippi sunshine. Not only does it fold out to be plenty big, it also can rotate down in front of baby.The peek a boo window in the canopy is helpful.The crotch strap is very wide and adjustable so it won’t cut into baby’s diaper area.Easy-to adjust, padded shoulder strapsIt maneuvers well and has a small enough “footprint” for the places I take it (doctor apmts, shopping, the library, the post office, etc.) Since it folds easily and compactly, I would not hesitate to take it on a bus or other form of city transportation.What needs improving (in my VERY picky opinion:):The height is ok, but because of the angle, I stoop a little to avoid kicking the back wheels when I am lengthening my stride to go faster. When I can stroll at a slow walk pace, it’s not really a problem. I am 5′ 8″The buckle is tough to undo for my mildly arthritic hands (harder than the Joovy Groove buckle)The recline mechanism is two handed (not ideal, but ok) it goes down quickly when baby is in, too slowly when baby is outI wish the pocket on back had a zipper instead of velcroI wish the cup holder was big enough for my big water bottleThe under basket is made of very lightweight material that doesn’t look very sturdy.I wish the straps were black instead of grey, but that’s just for looks:)I wish the calf-rest triggers were buttons instead so they’d be easy to do from any angle.I wish the peekaboo flap on the canopy had a toggle to secure it when open.It is not perfect, but I searched and researched reviews and I don’t think the perfect one exists for this super-picky mom. My husband says I should just design my own:) For someone who isn’t willing to pay several hundred dollars for a single-seat compact stroller, this was as good as it gets:) The Inglesina Trip actually has many nicer features than most of the pricey strollers (ie Maclaren) at half the cost.**Update: I have been using it regularly for several weeks now and honestly, most of my original complaints under “What needs improving” don’t really matter. It does the job, it looks great, only minor regret is the height/kicking wheels problem for me when I am walking fast.

Isabelle La Crescenta, CA

Love it!

Great quality stroller. I chose this one over other brands, like Maclaren, because of the extra large canopy (keeps baby out of the sun really well) and because the back reclines flat… And I think I made the right choice! I just love it!

April Winona, MS