Inglesina Club Highchair, Graphite

Inglesina Club Highchair, Graphite

CLUB is the highchair created for babies who are ready to join the family mealtime. CLUB is a truly innovative product that is practical and comfortable while at the same time is totally in tune with the style of modern living. CLUB means harmony. It is monoposition seat and the seat height 22.5″.

Main features

  • Completely removable snack tray
  • Removable and washable comfort plus padding for ultimate baby comfort
  • 3 point harness
  • Footrest
  • Shell seat, easy to wash

Verified reviews


Looks great in pictures

This highchair looks great and is very minimalist, but is definitely not for us. Nothing on this chair adjusts, or really moves at all. I originally bought it because I liked the sleek look, and because I wanted to stay away from the plastic, huge, generic highchairs, but it is unusable, so I returned it. First, it was simple to put together, but that is because there really is nothing to this highchair, I would not trust my child in it. It is just not substantial. Next, the tray is difficult to get on and off, and finally, since nothing moves or changes, this chair has a very small shelf life. You can only use it when your child is pretty big and sitting on their own, and then you have to stop shortly after when they outgrow the leg opening. I would definitely recommend going with a different chair.

Arlene Bloomington, NY

Toxic Flame Retardant?

This chair is cute and minimalist. But upon receipt, I noticed that it has the standard flame retardant label affixed. So I contacted customer service to find out what type of flame retardant was used (something safer like hydrated silica or the conventional halogenated ULTRA TOXIC flame retardant) and got no response. Toxic flame retardant has been found to negatively affect children’s neurological development.# Why it’s used in high chairs is beyond me. This probably means that Inglesina is using the toxic form. Not what I want my baby on for 2-3 hours a day.

Katrina Etta, MS

So easy to clean–and good-looking too!

This is our third high chair. It is easily the best one we have had. The others had more "bells and whistles" as far as being more adjustable, wheels, etc. However, we rarely used those features and they made those high chairs big, unwieldy, and harder to clean. We started putting our baby in this chair when he was about 5 months old. It is very comfortable for him. I like that it is a stylish looking chair. The orange is a beautiful color. I think we will use this chair for a long time, because without the tray, it fits perfectly to our table as a "big kid" seat. The legs stick out a bit, and we trip over them, but that happened with all our high chairs. The tray isn’t quite as easy to remove as other chairs (definitely NOT one-handed), but we almost never remove it. We just clean it with a sponge in place. The most wonderful thing about this chair is how easy the seat pad is to clean! It wipes up nicely with a sponge. When it gets really bad, I put it in the washing machine (cold, delicate cycle), and it cleans SO beautifully. After years of looking at our old completely gross high chair cover that was practically disintegrating because we cleaned it–I can’t tell you how much I love this new chair and cover.

Ora Bernalillo, NM


This highchair is great. The design is futuristic and modern, it’s very sturdy and the tray slides out easily and easy to clean. The only issue is the seat cover, it’s kind of a pain in the ass to get off and on to wash but it is thick and cushiony so my 6 month old is comfy in it.

Tania Monterey Park, CA

Great high chair for the price, very sturdy!

4/30/2012: Purchased high chair because legs are stable. We have a 10 month old son who moves around and doesnt’ like to be restrained in the high chairs with should straps. We opted for this chair because they are lap belts and the legs are spread pretty far apart, so as not to tip over when he wiggles. We’ve only had it 3 days, but he LOVES this chair. He isn’t bothered by the lap straps, he seems to like that the seat is wider than his older bar top chair, and he moves around without the chair moving an inch. Obviously, we don’t leave him unattended, but we can walk to the sink or to get more food and we aren’t concerned about him tipping over or falling out onto the floor. So far, so good!

Kasey Hill City, ID

looks good, not super functional as a highchair..

I really wish I would have been thinking about more than matching my decor when I bought this highchair.This highchair just does not work for us.First off, the holes for the foot rest were not fully drilled through, so my husband had to fix them and the screws fall out constantly (yes i probably should have sent it back).The seat is not adjustable AT ALL. It will probably fit my daughter better when she is an older toddler, but now as a tiny 1 year old all of the food she eats ends up right on her lap instead of the tray.It’s nice that the seat comes out to clean, but honestly i would have to do this 3 x a day if i wanted to keep this chair clean because of all of the food that misses the tray. Also this means that a lot of food ends up under the padding which is gross, and in the wrinkles in the fabric which is also gross.The chair itself is pretty gigantic and takes up a lot of space..I have a large dining room but even then it takes up a ton of room. The legs are just so wide!The seat is very low and not adjustable which is a huge problem for us and something I just didn’t think of, again because I was paying too much attention to how the seat looked more than how it functioned.

Corina Whitmer, WV