Inglesina Fast Dining Tray

Inglesina Fast Dining Tray

The Fast Dining Tray is the ideal accessory to use with your Inglesina Fast table chair. It sits right on top of your Fast table chair’s arms, and it’s compatible with all Fast table chairs since 2007.

Main features

  • Plastic
  • Imported
  • Snaps onto your Fast table chair
  • Deep boarders helps keep food on the tray.
  • Cup holder
  • Protects your table
  • Thick durable plastic

Verified reviews


Didn’t work with our Inglesina

I have no idea why, but this tray that is supposed to fit all Inglesina Fast Chairs did not work with ours. It did not lie flat against the table but tipped up at the front (sloped towards the chair). I thought maybe the plastic was stiff and needed to "relax" a little, but it never did. I tried every which way to make it work and even communicated with the manufacturer, but no luck. Returned it.One thing I will note (assuming it had worked for us) is that the tray doesn’t cover the gap between baby and table. It seems to be more about protecting your table than the floor under it. Our baby is small, so there is a fairly large gap between her and the table and she drops things through all the time.

Briana Arenas Valley, NM

YES. Really helps with cleaning up after meals!

We’ve been using the Inglesina chair for about seven months. It’s awesome. I love having the kiddo at the dining table. We got theSummer Tiny Diner for Highchairs, Blueto go under the chair on the table. Save for the little “scoop” that catches food in the space between the table and your kid, I really hate the mat. It’s hard to clean while on the table because of the raised design, and it’s annoying to take the chair off the table after every meal.I kept wishing there was a tray I could just pop on and off to take to the sink. Lo and behold, (well after we had finished our registry) Inglesina made such a tray! YES! (I was far more excited about the existence of this tray than any normal human should be about something like this, but that’s how much I had been hating post-meal clean-ups.)It’s super easy to snap on and off of the arms of the Inglesina chair. It cleans up very easily and hasn’t stained yet (despite having stain-worthy foods on it like tomato sauce or turmeric). I ended up keeping the Summer Tiny Diner Mat on underneath because of the scoop described above. It has not created any kind of a challenge with the Inglesina tray fitting or sitting right.I AM SO HAPPY THIS EXISTS. Seriously, if you are getting the Inglesina chair (which I can’t recommend enough), get this tray. The price cannot be beat, especially for how much time you will ultimately save when cleaning up after your kiddo’s culinary adventures.

Peggy Nolanville, TX

Perfect Accessory for the Almost-Perfect High Chair

I’m doing baby-led weaning, and this is a perfect tray for my child’s meals. The lip is really generous, so he doesn’t shove (much) food off of it. And, while he’s little, the cup holder serves as a perfect garbage receptacle for peels that i’m taking off as he eats or for chunks that fall on the floor. I love it.Fits easily in the carrying bag for the chair, too!

Alba Floris, IA

Great idea

Helps to keep food from getting stuck under the arms of the Inglesina Fast Table Chair. Easy to snap on and off, and rinse off or put in the dishwasher.

Jaime Occidental, CA

Great Accessory Piece

Bought this to go with our Inglesina Table Chair. Fits over the arms perfectly and makes clean up a bit easier. We just detach the tray and spray it off in the sink and let it dry. It also helps limit the mess that gets stuck under the chair arms. Love it! We were also happy that we were able to fit it in the chair bag when on the go.

Della Joyce, WA

Wish I Had Known About it When We Bought the Chair!

My husband found this through another website – it was hard to hunt down on Amazon for whatever strange reason. We absolutely love our Inglesina chair – we only use it and nothing else at home. The area around the chair and arms gets so disgusting (baby-led weaning), that I was nearly about to break down and get one from Ikea that I could hose down in the shower. But the tray – hooray! It doesn’t keep food from falling between the baby and the edge of the table, but he actually has a lip that helps him scoop up food and it keeps the arms and table much cleaner between feedings (and the inevitable full-breakdowns and washes). It does fit awkwardly like another reviewer stated, but not enough to hate it or think it is worthless. It tilts up towards baby slightly, but works perfectly fine.

Margot Indianola, WA