Innobaby EZ Grip Massaging Teether, Green

Innobaby EZ Grip Massaging Teether, Green

Innobaby’s EZ Grip Massaging Teether helps babies soothe their swollen gums while offering auditory stimulation. The flexible petal design reaches all parts of the mouth for thorough and gentle gum massage. Its unique shape and textures stimulates the sensory nerves for improved oral development and speech. Gentle, lightweight, EZ grip design is easy to hold for even the youngest teethers. Designed with ventilated breathing holes for safety while baby chews, EZ Grip Massaging Teether is a safe, toxic free way to help babies relieve their teething needs.

Main features

  • Ventilation holes allow baby to breath while chewing
  • Textures on the petals gently massage babies gums
  • Flexible design allows baby to reach the tender spots in the back of the mouth
  • Lightweight which allows baby to hold it with ease and safe if dropped from arms length

Verified reviews


Thought it would be better,,,but

DD is not exactly teething yet, but just starting to put things in her mouth. I thought she would take this right away but hasn’t fallen in love yet. She seems to be able to hold it easily and it is light enough for her to move around. I have a feeling she will be all about it in another month or so. time will tell…

Melva Plant City, FL

Littler than most teethers

I like this one because it’s so small. It’s smaller than Sophie or the monkey or any of the other ones I have. It fits perfectly in his little chubby hand. I’m not sure it’s as satisfying a teether as some others- the rubber isn’t very thick. But it has a rattle in the center of the flower, and he loves that. He does chew on it too.It’s also so easy to throw into bags and have at dinner etc. And easy grip- it really is. He’s been holding it and turning it around since he was 4 months.

Cara Kingsville, OH

didn’t work for my son

My son loves putting stuff in his mouth but didn’t really take interest in this at all. i thinI when baby’s teething, they need something firmer to chew on.

Katelyn Whitesburg, KY

Why is this so great?

I saw this on a list of "top teethers" so I ordered it for my son. He chewed on it a bit but then just threw it to the side. It really wasn’t that fantastic. It also seemed cheaply made to me so I was a bit worried it would come apart. I would pass on this one.

Malinda Arimo, ID

I like it but…

Baby likes it. It’s easy to grasp and chew and the right size. I’d give it more stars but the rattle part has holes in it, so it comes out of the dishwasher with water in it, and it fills up with baby spit when he chews on it.

Ellen Paul, ID

My Baby is OBSESSED with this flower toy!

It looks like a simple rattle…but it is so much more! It is a life saver. Seriously, this is my go to toy. My baby chews on it constantly and LOOOOOVES it. His little eyes light right up when I bring it to him. I think he likes how easy it is to hold and the longer stem pieces that he can chew on. I just bought the other one hoping it is just as big of a hit!

Essie Tuskegee Institute, AL

Wonderful idea!

This was recommended to me by another mom in our "mommy" group. After watching my 5 month old try to use her child’s toy I decided she probably needed her own since she’s a bit young to be "swapping spit". I’m thrilled with the purchase. It’s small enough for her to maneuver well and she loves the little rattle. The toy is small enough where she is able to chew on both sides and the neon color makes it easy to find when. Great product!

Sofia Arthur, IA

Odd looking but baby liked it!

This is odd looking but little grandson liked it a lot. The rubber seems to have the just right amount of firmness. Problem is we keep losing it in the house. I would buy it again though. I also bought the Zoli Baby Bunny Teether which if we were only buying one, I would get the Zoli. This one is very good though. Nice for baby to have different sensations to help with those teeth coming in.

Michael Dana, NC


This is the best teething toy I’ve found. It was small enough for my 4-month old to grasp and fit in her mouth, but still works well at 6 months. It’s lightweight and almost any part of the toy can fit in the mouth to massage the gums. The "feet" at the bottom of the toy are long enough to reach to the back of the gums, a spot I think most toys miss. It also has a little rattle in the middle which was nice to get her attention.I can’t say enough good things about this teething toy. I received it as a gift and it was instantly a favorite when I gave it to my daughter. So much so that I had to buy another when the first one was lost. It’s perfect and you can tell that some design and forethought actually went into it.

Gayla Frostburg, PA

Kids will fight over this!

We received the green teether & rattle in a baby product box-of-the-month shipment. I pulled it out of the box and immediately dismissed it- it was so lightweight, the rattle sound is very soft, and I just didn’t see anything special about it. A few days later, I pulled it out of the package and half-heartedly offered it to my 8 month old son. To my utter surprise he grabbed it and wouldn’t let go! He loves holding onto the nice long handle, and especially enjoys gnawing on the leaf side. The slight noise is just an added bonus for him. Okay- I clearly don’t understand what makes for a good toy because I was wrong about this one!As if to *really* prove me wrong, we had 8 babies ranging from 8 months to 1 year old over at our house a couple of weeks later. The babies were all fighting over this teether! They’d literally grab it from the others’ hands and you could see their cute little brains calculating how to get it back when it was taken away. As a great perk, it’s easy to clean after it’s passed through that many mouths :)Overall- if you are like me and think this is nothing special, think again! You may be very surprised by how well-loved this will be. It’s also incredibly easy to toss in your purse or diaper bag, tie a pacifier clip to, and bring wherever baby goes because the silicone is so lightweight. Definitely a winner!

Lupe Henderson, NC

best teether for tiny hands!

This is the best teether for a tiny baby! I have yet to find one better created for TINY hands. My son loved this even at 3.5 months!

Alexandra Saint Leonard, MD

Never used

Never even tried, my son who had/has major teething pain never used even when we demonstrated and put in his mouth. He has no interest…very disappointing.

Taylor Buckland, OH

Great Size

My 4 month old still prefers to chew on her hands, but this teether is the first that she will actually hold. It is light weight and super small so that a baby hand fits perfect in the middle. She almost can’t let go once she has it because the ends hold it on her hand. It looks like a little baby dumbell…so cute!

Lina Rising Sun, MD

My baby was never that interested

My baby really preferred harder teething toys, this is really flexible. She liked the Lansinoh mOmma teether the best because it could be frozen and was cool on her gums.

Kelli Garden City, NY

easy to grasp with little fingers

this is a very soft material teether, my daughter was able to grasp it without any difficulties. Since it is made of soft material, I do not have any worries about her hurting herself accidentally and it seems durable that it will not rip. My daughter is still beginning in her teething and does not need to chew on it constantly but she does seem to enjoy holding it in her hands.

Stella Woodson, IL

Not as good as the Pigeon one

This one looks a lot like the Pigeon’s teether (green and yellow). The Pigeon’s green easy grip teether is a big hit in east Asia. Initially I want to find the Pigeon one but can’t find it on the amazon, but I found this similar one. It is easy for baby to grab, especially younger babies. However my son prefers Pigeon’s better because he can get the edge into his mouth deeper than this one. Also this one the shape changed a bit when I disinfect it in a steamer. The Pigeon green easy grip teether doesn’t have this problem.

Lorrie Manassa, CO