Innobaby Glass Rectangle Food Storage Container, 2 Pack, Yellow/Green

Innobaby Glass Rectangle Food Storage Container, 2 Pack, Yellow/Green

Innobaby’s keeping fresh storage containers are great for all ages. This glass container goes from freezer to microwave. The easy to use seal that keeps working over and over again. It’s leak proof and airtight so you can comfortably pack liquids in your diaper bag or lunch box. Comes in convenient two pack.

Main features

  • Contains two rounded rectangle 150 ml glass containers
  • Keepin’ fresh glass containers are designed especially for baking, freezing, and microwaving and are perfect for home made baby foods, diced fruits, veggies and more
  • Top rack dishwasher safe
  • BPA, phthalate, PVC and lead free
  • Airtight and leakproof for safe storage

Verified reviews


i loooooove these!

i got the plastic ones first and liked them so much i got the glass ones. i try not to heat up baby food in plastic containers so these are perfect for heating up my LO’s food when we’re out (usually at grandma’s). they’re glass but they feel solid and sturdy. the containers are truly leakproof and airtight. i’m not any extra careful because they are glass, but they’ve help up just fine. they are on the pricey side but i’ve yet to find other baby food containers that are better than these!

Vivian Jolley, IA

lead free and microwavable

I bought these instead of Wean Green glass containers because these are microwavable and lead free. I’m not sure if the Wean Green are lead free since they don’t mention it in the description. I now have 6 of these in different colors. So far, no chipping, wash well without leaving any odor or stain and no leakage. I’m happy with the product.

Cecile Pelham, GA

Very nice

These are great, a good size for baby food/veggies/oatmeal etc. I think we probably need more than the two we have. They aren’t necessarily value for money but are very good and if the price is right i’d buy more fo shizzle!

Candace Hardy, NE

Great storage containers!

Got these a couple weeks back for our 8 month-old. We decided to make our own food for him and these work to that end perfectly. Huge improvement from the Gladware we started with! Good size, so they fit anywhere in the fridge or diaper bag. They are completely leak and spill-proof. They seal like a champ–they kept food fresh for up to two weeks! The glass threw us off a bit in the beginning, but we love it. It’s tough, thick glass you can trust (I’ve already dropped two without any worries). Perfectly transparent, easy to clean, and a reliable way to store your baby’s food. Highly recommended!

Sheree Vanceboro, ME

Handy containers, but beware of mold

I needed small containers to put cubes of frozen baby food in to send w/ my daughter to daycare. These did the trick, I just wish they were a smidge larger. Just make sure they are clean and dry before you store them w/ the lids on….I had mold growing in the rubber part of the lids that was difficult to remove (but I did) and now I have to be very careful!

Tessa Sunshine, LA

Like them, but they’re pretty small

These are cute and very handy and I love not having to use plastic bowls for my baby. However, they’re pretty small, so as soon as your baby moves on to bigger portion sizes these probably won’t be big enough. I freeze his food in ice cube trays and even though the actual food volume would still fit in those bowls, the frozen cubes will not because of their shape, which is unfortunate. I usually get two cubes in there if I shuffle them around a bit, but definitely not more than that. The other negative thing is that it’s difficult to clean the lids. As most airtight lids they have a rubber tube type of thing that goes around the insde of the lid and it’s not attached and can be taken out. But this means that food or moisture can also get in, behind the rubber, so in order to make sure it’s really clean you have to take the rubber thing out adn then put it back in. Not that big of a deal, but kind of a pain in the behind if you have to clean three lids on a daily basis!

Addie Elkridge, MD

Could not live without these!

I searched high and low for well-made glass containers to put my baby’s food in. These are absolutely wonderful. I have many people ask where I found these containers as they are so impressed by the quality. The lids snap on tight, I’ve never had a leak and everything is easy to clean. They hold about 5oz if you fill them to the top, which is more than enough for my baby’s meals and should be useful into her toddler years. Totally worth the price for the great quality!

Gloria Harlowton, MT

new mother

I haven’t had these for very long, but the glass seems very substantial and should be able to handle freezer or heating without compromising the quality of the food.

Tabatha Darien, GA

Great Item

I am extremely pleased with these containers. Very easy to take the top on and off. They do not get stained when you put colored foods in them. Microwave safe and dishwasher safe. Although they are a bit more expensive than other containers, they are well worth it! I currently have 14 of them and am going to buy more.

Alisa Fox River Grove, IL

I own 6 of these!

These are the perfect size for my kids’ lunch boxes (ages 4 and 2). They go to a Montessori school and they really encourage that children not use plastic (which teaches them to respect things, as glass will break if you drop it). Also, I just hate that plastic food containers wind up getting that grimy haze on them from washing and remnants of meals from long ago. The portioning is absolutely perfect for small snacks or wet fruit, which I hate to put in ziploc bags. The absolute best part about these particular glass containers are the lids – they are super kid friendly and leak proof (I use them for applesauce). There are four tabs that are easy to open and close (and also fun), and they have kind of a ridge that they sit in, so you can’t put them on wrong. They are a thick glass, which is good and bad – it does make them far heavier than packing in plastic or sandwich bags. My 2 year old did throw one of these once, and while it did obviously break, the thickness of the glass seemed to make a "clean" break, and it was really only 2-3 large pieces, not a big shattered mess. Since then, they’ve both used them for months with no drops or breaks.

Twila Hartford, AR