Innobaby Packin’ smart Four Tier Travels Stack N Seal Food Storage System, Pink

Innobaby Packin’ smart Four Tier Travels Stack N Seal Food Storage System, Pink

Innobaby’s packin smart stack N seat all in one storage solution for moms on the go, now designed to store both liquid and dry.  A must have diaper bag essential to store, dispense and organize formula, cereal, snacks, water, extra juice, pacifiers and more in one convenient unit.  Put an end to a diaper bag mess or endless search for the items you need.  Twist to Seal design allows you to stack and interlock multiple containers while quality construction allows each use as simple as it can be.

Main features

  • Separate compartments ensure contents won’t mix
  • Easy to fill, dispense and clean
  • Light and portable
  • Great for both dry and liquid contents
  • BPA, Phthalate and PVC free

Verified reviews


cute but a pain

I bought this product because i wanted a cute way to store dried formula in my diaper bag. Well it sure is cute but thats about it. My big gripe with it is 1, the price (20 dollars for a formula holder- well as a new mom i looked past that because it was so darn cute but come on now!) and 2, the time it takes to clean it. It is not dishwasher safe (the box basically says its risky to wash it in the dishwasher- and after paying the hefty price tag i wasnt going to risk that). This container twists to open. The inside has 4 tiers, 3 tier tops, a bottom and a top that all remove and have to be hand washed and dried to avoid water spots. Plus, I always get a little freaked with hand washing newborn food containers- i just feel they should be sanitized in the dishwasher. Also, this product is a lot bigger than i thought it would be which wasnt a big deal for me just a surprise. I bought 2 of these and it literally took me 30 min to hand wash and dry them. Im not even exaggerating and i promise im not an overly OCD like mom either. I am not sure how durable they are because i havent diaper bag tested them yet but the container says not to put liquid in them as they will leak! i hope the dried formula doesnt also find its way out. they look pretty strong but i would be heart broken after all of that washing and the price tag if the plastic easily cracked. We shall see.Bottom-line, they are extremely cute.. so if you are willing to spend a lot of time washing and drying this product in the name of cuteness go for it!

Concepcion High Shoals, NC

Just okay

It’s okay. It does the trick, keeping snacks separate and saving space. However, it is a huge inconvenience that only one real lid is provided (the bottoms of the other parts serve as lids). This means, you can’t really separate them and store them in more than one place, say you want to refrigerate half the contents and not the other half – because there’s only one lid! For the price, that’s a significant shortcoming.

Blanca Ashland, MT

*almost* a great snacks container

I bought this to pack lunch/snacks in for daycare. It’s a great size for putting things like cubed cheese, diced up grapes, ritz crackers, small portions of pasta, etc. And unlike the Innobaby Packin Smart, which I had purchased earlier, these screw together so there are no leaks. My one problem with this is that it’s made for snacks and/or formula, so there’s a raised area in the bottom of each compartment to accomodate the pour spout of the top below it. It seems like a small detail, but it would just be so much easier to clean it every night if each compartment was just a plain old container with a flat bottom that screwed to each other. Because of the price, I’m not gonna buy a ton of these, so I wash and reuse the same one each night, and washing piece after piece, night after night, I’ve just really come to hate that raised bump on the bottom. Like I said, other than that, it’s pretty great, but I continue to search for a stackable snacks container that’s just that, a snack container.

Deanna Lloyd, FL

Really nice storage system

We purchased this in preparation for our NYC-Orlando trip and it really came in handy. Dispensing was really easy and relaoding wasn’t much of chore either. Refilling requires removal of each container’s spout that didn’t deter me from giving it a 5-star rating. It’s also pretty durable withstanding a 5-ft drop.

Nicole Wymore, NE

a lot bigger than anticipated

I agree with some of the other reviews that this design is1) easier to pack in a diaper bag as it stands up rather than some of the other dispensing formula products on the market.2) can be used for multipurpose i.e formula, snacks, crafts storage when kids get older.3) Difficult to store if contents require differing conditions (better off buying 2 tier rather than 4 tier).It is a lot bigger than anticipated though. We use the wide playtex vent aire bottles (one of the larger brands on the market) and the bottle is about 2/3 the size of this container in width and height.I am going to keep these now that I have it, but if I were to buy again, I would go for the 2 tier for even greater versatility. I also wish the company included extra caps / covers for storage purposes.i also think an alternative solution is to use the rubbermain 4oz tupperware containers that interlock and stack just as easily. I think they are a little slimmer as well.

Erma Wheeler, MS

Makes pouring powder really easy

It has a slant neck which ensures that all the powder falls smoothly into the bottle. No jerking or shifting. The plastic also as such that the powder does not stick. You can use as a single stack, two or three. However, you cant carry two individually.

Rosalia Mc Rae, AR

Perfect for toddler and infant snacks

This is a great product. I use it all of the time for snacks for my 1 and 3 year old. It’ll hold an entire package of yogurt melts in one section. Another reviewer didn’t like the small opening in the lid, but I like it for my toddler to be able to shake out just a couple of snacks. I’ve also used it for juicy fruit with no leaks! I like that you can select how many compartments you need for your trip. I also like that it’s big enough to not get lost in the bottom of your diaper bag, but small enough for my minimalist diaper bag! I’ve given this as a gift several times and they love it too! Watch out and only wash it on the top rack of your dishwasher. We had a piece slip through and melted a bit. Now I just hand wash and let it air dry.

Cristina Blythedale, MO

Innobaby Packin’ Smart Four Tier Stack N Seal Food Storage System, Green

LOVE this product. We use it in the diaper bag to carry our little man’s snacks. Works awesome and get so many compliments on what a neat idea it is. Super handy and super cute!!!!

Edna South Roxana, IL

Love it, Great product for toddler.

I got this to use with my 18 mth old. It is such a great idea!! Organizes all her snacks, dry or wet. It fits perfectly in your diaper bag, I use it in one of the bottle holders in my diaper bag and it fits great. Saves so much room and much easier to find than a whole bunch of sandwich bags, which also get pretty beat up if they’re in your bag too long. I definitely will be recommending to all my Mommy friends.

Aida Natural Bridge, VA

A must have for diaper bags

I cannot begin to tell you how many times this little thing has saved us from a kid’s meltdown.We’d fill one container with one kind of snack, another container with another, and so on and so on (variety). It was a very good thing to have for the toddler.Now for the baby, we found this idea pretty good. If we were going on a long airplane ride or a long road trip or just out all day, we’d pre-fill each of the little containers with cereal or oatmeal (dry) and close them up. We’d also throw a bottle of water (or milk) in the baby bag. When it came time to eat, we just opened one of the containers, poured the liquid in, and voila! You have a meal prepared with no immediate cleanup (it’s its own bowl, too!). You have these pre-packaged meals for the kid all ready to go, and when you get to your destination, you can rinse them out. They close up when done and it’s just so. darn. perfect.

Elinor Clackamas, OR

Best design and really works!

It can works with dry and liquid contents!! That sold me already! It is Very easy to turn the lids on and off. Formulas and cereals can be pour out through the pouring sprout easily. On top of that it holds the liquid really well! I think the only complain might be that there are many parts to be washed. But come to think of it, I think each piece has been thoroughly thought through, so at the end I shouldn’t be complaining.Each compartment can hold about 4 scoop of dry formula, so I think some parents might find it a little small. For me, it’s fine, since my son never drink more than 8 oz of milk at a time. If you use it for snacks it might be too small too. I think Cheerios and gold fish are fine, but others might be too big for it.I still find it a very good milk formula dispenser and can carry a little snack for a younger baby. and I even went to the innobaby website and brought an extra set of lid and bottom. ( The price is reasonable)

Lara Grundy, VA

Did it job

This product did it job although I felt it is a little bit overpriced. It would have been nice if there was an extra lid or two so I don’t always have to wash the lid to store these containers separately.

Diane New Richmond, WV

Great snack tower

I love this snack tower. We get compliments on how great of an idea it is everywhere we go. It is very convienent for being on the go. This fits perfectly into the bottle pocket on my diaper bag. The plastic is very durable. The only complaint I have is that I wish they snapped together rather than screwed together, but I understand that it makes it more durable this way.

Stella Bethune, CO

Best Formula Product Ever!

This is a must if you are formula feeding your baby. Add formula to the different sections and you are ready to go. Whats nice is that if you know you will only be gone for a short while and don’t want to take all four you can break it down and just take what you need. I love the flexability that I have now and this is the perfect product. It’s a little big, but its worth the space in your bag.I haven’t used this for anything but formula right now but I can see that there will be additional uses for it when she gets older. This would be a perfect gift for any new mommy!

Billie Federal Way, WA

Highly recommended for 6-12 months

One of those baby items I’ve gotten the most use out of. This is amazing. I used it mainly for dry snacks and id never leave home without it. It’s really a great product and I recommend it to all moms. I only stopped using it because my son eats so much now that it doesn’t fit enough servings in it.

Christina Wren, OH

Incredibly Useful

I was a little hesitant to buy this because the price was a little expensive. However, I have used this in a number of ways. At first I would pre-measure formula into the containers so I could make a bottle on the fly. Now that my daughter is on to table foods, I put crackers, cheerios, and pre-cut veggies and fruit in them for our travels. My sister saw it and wanted it for her own snacks. They have held up well in the dishwasher. I wish that they’d give you another lid (or at least make it available for purchase), but it works. I keep giving them away at baby showers as a “you didn’t know you needed this” gift.

Tina Greycliff, MT

Innobaby Packin’ smart Four Tier Travels Stack N Seal Food Storage System,…

This is the best thing to purchase for packing babies’ powered formula. It is convenient and comes in handy when on the go.

Julianne Townsend, MA

Smart all in one storage!

I really love this storage system because unlike most others on the market, this one isn’t flimsy and it’s actually functional for real life. Not only will this store dry items such as formula, infant rice/cereal, dried fruit, “puffs”, and other baby snacks, but this storage system also holds liquids too. It’s airtight so there won’t be leaks and the included dispensing lid(spout) makes it easy to pour out whatever quantity you need. You can also remove the dispensing lid(spout) to refill the container or use it as a bowl to either feed or serve your child a meal/snack. What’s really amazing about this product is that you decide how many containers you want to take with you, so if you only need one or three, you’re able to do so with ease. The entire unit is dishwasher safe and each peice easily comes apart for handwashing as well. Personally, I pefer handwashing to extend the life of the product. The item comes with 4 containers, 4 dispensing lids(spouts), 1 cap, and 1 base. It’s dishwasher, freezer, and mircowave safe and it’s PVC, BPA, LEAD AND PHTHALATES FREE.If you’re wondering what’s the difference between this product and [[ASIN:B003MUA5OG Innobaby Five Tier Packin’ Smart Storage System, Lime Sorbet], here are some comparisons. The Stack N Seal is able to store both WET AND DRY PRODUCTS, the Packin’ Smart holds DRY items only. The Stack N Seal is round and holds 1/2cup or 10oz of powdered formula while the Packin’ Smart is oval shaped and holds 1/3cup or 8oz of powdered formula. The Stack N Seal is dishwaher, freezer, and microwave safe, the Packin’ Smart is only dishwasher safe. The Stack N Seal has 4 containers while the Packin’ Smart has 5 containers and has a handle on lid too. If given a choice between the two products, the Stack N Seal wins out everytime for me. While this product has one less container, it store BOTH dry items and liquids. It’s super versatile b/c it’s dishwasher, microwave, and freezer safe too, and when you add it up, it really gives you the best bang for your buck, especially if you get it on sale like I did.I HIGHLY recommend purchasing the Innobaby Stack N Seal Food Storage System or include it as a baby shower gift to new moms. This is a high quality product, it can take the abuse of everyday life (babies/toddlers dropping it regularly) without cracking, and it allows you to portion control your snacks/meals/formula/infant cereals as needed. It will quickly become a staple in your diaper bag and you will continue to use it for storage years after your baby isn’t a baby anymore.***You can also purchase additional caps, bases, and dispensing lids(spouts) on the Innobaby website at a reasonable price, in case you lose a piece or need more to extend the storage capabilities of this product.

Lauren Morrison, CO

Awesome and so efficient

So great. So easily screws off so that you can use 1, 2, 3, or all of them. Little opening to dump a little bit out. Great for formula!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Not too big. Very good for small snacks (puffs) too.

Bettye Cambridgeport, VT

Essential for being organized!

I loved this so much, I bought 2. It can hold wet food as well (so it’s airtight) but I only use it for dry snacks. I used to put cherrios, animal crackers, goldfish, whatever in seperate bags or tupperware. My diaper bag felt completely disorganized! With this I can bring 1-4 different types of snacks and have them all together for easy access (which is key when my 1 year old decides he needs a snack RIGHT NOW).It doesn’t say it anywhere, but the capacity is 1/2 cup. The Innobaby stack n seal for dry snacks only is only 1/3 cup but doesn’t take up less space (it’s oval, while this is round so it’s maybe a centimeter difference) so it’s worth it to just get this one.

Karen Otley, IA

perfect for on the go snacks!

LOVE this thing!! We have not used it with liquid. We put baby puffs, yogurt melts, cereal etc in it and do not go anywhere without it!!

Marta Strawberry Plains, TN

Great storage for everyday and travel

I was tired of carrying multiple food containers to day care for my son (8 mos) and these were just the solution I was looking for. They have plenty of space in each container, screw on and off easily and do not leak. So far, they are a great investment and save me from forgetting multiple containers when I pick up my son.

Eve Cheshire, OR