Innobaby Two Tier Stack N Seal Pattern Storage System, Fruit

Innobaby Two Tier Stack N Seal Pattern Storage System, Fruit

Innobaby’s Stack N Seal is the stackable food storage solution for moms and kids on the go. Each of the two compartments holds 1/2 cup or 10 of dry formula and is perfect for homemade baby foods. It is light and portable take only the portion you need. It is great for school snacks. Reusable and Recycleable

Main features

  • Separate compartments ensure contents won’t mix
  • Easy to fill, dipense and clean
  • Light and portable
  • Great for both dry and liquid contents
  • BPA, Phthalate and PVC free

Verified reviews


too small, hard for kids to use

These things are a great idea, but with two big flaws, IMO. First, the quantity they hold is so small, the whole set of four doesn’t fit enough snack to satiate a 3yo. So it may be good for formula or snacks for a small toddler, but that’s about it. It’s also too hard to open. I have a hard time with it, but my kids can’t do it at all. And most snacks they eat are too big to fit out the dispenser hole, so the lid would have to be taken off to access them (and they can’t do that).

Ursula Pecan Gap, TX

Excellent usage

My son goes to the day care since he was 6 months old. I use this storage containers to send him variety of foods everday. It occupies less space in the schools frige and in my diaper bag. Typically I stack breakfast(cheerios and such) in the first, the second and third have lunch( one has bread, the second some protein), the fourth container has fruits for snack time. The diaper bag is so much easier to carry around instead of having 4 diff containers rolling inside. Easy to use, washes well in the dishwasher.I would recommend it for any age. When we travelled with him, it was easiest to carry food on us, even in the car. Easy to open, give him a snack and snap the lid on. I recommend buying two.

Adelaide Hopewell, NJ


This is really useful. It fits well in diaper bags and is very convenient. I like that you can unscrew parts of it to only take one or two containers with you, but also have the flexibility of having four different snacks with you at a time. Typically I fill mine with ritz crackers ( holds 5), Cheerios, puffs, and yogurt melts. Keeps them from getting stale too.

Myra Brownstown, PA


This works much better than the ones found it stores! Worth every penny to be able to carry different amounts based on the time you will be out of the house. It makes pouring formula into a bottle super easy on the go!I did have one of them fall in the dishwasher and melt a little bit, so I handwash them and would advise others to do the same.

Winnie Brightwood, OR

Perfect for baby food and snacks!

I have a 7-month-old and I take two servings of baby food and baby snack for an all day outing. I used to put the baby food in small tupperwares and put each of them in a sealable baggy, but they would leak because I couldn’t keep them upright and they’d get lost in my diaper bag. And I felt like I was wasting so many baggies. This Stack N Seal is great because each tier is screwed on to the other ones and they don’t leak so I don’t need to put them in baggies. I just stack as many of them as I need and keep it in the bottle pocket on my diaper bag. That way, all his food and snacks stay in one place and I never have to go through all the stuff to find individual container. When I feed him, I just unscrew one of the containers and feed him directly from it. Each container holds just enough and it’s a great space-saving system too!

Goldie Jefferson, IA

Love this

This is so much better than having one lid over a partitioned formula container. I still use this and plan to use it for snacks later.

Ingrid Bardwell, KY

Works ok, but try the Zo-Li On-The-Go Travel Formula & Snack Dispenser instead.

This is a great product. But why does each level need it’s own lid WITH A HOLE IN THE MIDDLE OF IT? If the lids were all solid, this would be a winner. Note to buyers – I used a water bottle cap to close of the hole when necessary. Works like 95% of the time.The Zo-Li On-The-Go Travel Formula & Snack Dispenser is a better purchase. It doesn’t have any "lids" in between the cups – cups screw directly into the bottom of the cup above.As a bonus, the Zo-Li cups will screw into the bottom of the Innobaby "lids", so you can make a 8-decker baby stack tower if wanted. I usually stick in one cup for me, cause Mommies get snacky, too.

Chandra Atwood, IN

This thing is amazing!

My nine month old son is breast fed, but since about 7 months old he has flat out refused to nurse in public or under a cover. He also refuses a bottle and will only drink from a sippy cup! When we’re out he drinks a small amount of formula, but have you ever tried mixing formula in a sippy cup?? What a disaster, clumps in the valves, just not good! This makes it sooo easy. One compartment water, one compartment powdered formula, one with puffs and we’re good to go. I mix the formula in the water container and then simply pour into the sippy cup! So simple. Spouts are perfect, no leaks. So impressed. Ordered a spare lid direct from Innobaby for times that I want two towers, one for cold food, the other for items that don’t need to be cold.

Lorraine Beebe Plain, VT

works great for twins

I love that I can take it apart and only carry how many meals I know my twins will eat while we’re out. I also like that I can carry it in my water bottle pocket to save room in my diaper bag.

Cristina Vivian, SD

Innobaby Four Tier Stack N Seal Pattern Storage System, Vegetable

These stackers are great for measuring out baby powder formula. It’s also convenient to carry around when we take the twins out.

Ester Etowah, TN

Great little containers but not spillproof

These containers are both cute and functional. Both the fruit and the veggie set come in a 4-tier stack set. I use them for formula, rice cereal or oatmeal, and puffs, and they’re really convenient and easy to use. Dry items all fit nicely into these containers, but I have found that frozen cubes of baby food don’t fit quite so nicely. In order to make 4 cubes (just under 4 oz) fit into this container, we have to microwave them in a separate bowl, then spoon it into these containers. Not a deal-breaker, but not super convenient either. Also, I don’t know if it’s from the dishwasher or if it got dropped on the floor, but one of the inner lids cracked after about 6 months of use, so now we have a stack of 3 instead of 4.The biggest drawback: based on other reviews and the description (it says “great for both dry and liquid contents”), I thought these were leakproof, but they definitely are not. I’ve tried transporting homemade baby food in them on multiple occasions (carrots, green beans, and broccoli), but they all leaked a little out of the containers. If you stand them upright in your diaper bag, they probably won’t leak, but that’s not always possible.Still, all that being said, these are still cute and useful enough for formula and snacks to merit 4 stars.** edit: It’s been two years, and I still use this almost daily as our little snack tower. Cheerios in one compartment, grapes in another, etc. I love the convenience of being able to take just one container or a tower of four with me. Also, I discovered that you can order extra caps, bottoms, and inner lids on Innobaby’s website, which is convenient.

Willa Perry, FL

great storage

I use these for taking baby puffs and other snacks on the road. It’s convenient and compact. Supposedly, they can be used for liquid and powder formula but I haven’t tried it. I also have the four tier system, which can be detached into 1-3 tier to accommodate different needs.

Nell Rake, IA

Versatile storage!

Love this stackable idea! I can store four sets of formula for bottles and it not take up a whole lot os space in the baby bag. Its also cool that I can reduce the stack to just two or just three based on what needs to be done. I can also use this when my newborn gets older to store snacks etc. It really is worth every penny!

Queen Finley, TN