Inspired Ideas BABY CozyWedge Crib Bumper in Chocolate

Inspired Ideas BABY CozyWedge Crib Bumper in Chocolate

CozyWedge is a simpler, safer crib bumper with a modern, low profile. Traditional padded bumpers are a hassle to use and studies have shown they can pose a safety risk to young babies. CozyWedge helps address these concerns, and has a fresh, clean design to accent any nursery decor. CozyWedge is made of hard foam inserts in a washable, organic cotton slipcover. It goes around the perimeter of the crib, tying in just six places to stay securely in place. To change the sheets, just untie one side and the whole bumper lifts out for total access to baby’s bedding. If baby makes a big mess, the slipcover is machine washable. CozyWedge’s unique shape means the pacifier will almost never slip onto the floor in the middle of the night — so everyone gets a better night’s sleep. Many parents like having some kids of bumper in the crib even though studies show traditional bumper pads are not necessary for baby’s safety and even present some risks to infants. CozyWedge offers parents an alternative, with a firm surface that won’t form a soft pocket around baby’s mouth and nose. The low profile helps protect tiny arms and legs from entanglement while allowing far greater visibility into the crib. Experts increasingly recommend frequent checks to see if baby is okay; CozyWedge makes that easy. And because CozyWedge is extremely lightweight, it won’t press down on a baby who gets under the bumper.

Main features

  • Modern low-profile design for better visibility into the crib
  • Makes changing crib sheets quick and easy
  • Firm surface won’t form soft pocket around baby’s mouth and nose
  • Keeps pacifier from dropping on the floor at night
  • Washable, organic cotton slipcover; CFC-free, odorless, flame-retardant foam inserts; made in USA

Verified reviews


At first I was skeptical, but it works and I like it.

When the box came I opened it to find two fabric pieces, and many small segments of foam. The directions say to wash the cover for the best fit. I thought that this might be a bogus suggestion (you usually can’t return a product once it has been washed). So, I took a chance. It doesn’t prevent my son from sticking his feet though the bars, but that is really not a problem while he is asleep.I love that I can see my son from across the room without having to walk over to the crib. Changing sheets is also easier than with a traditional bumper.

Megan Sierra City, CA

Great bumper pads….but pricey!!

My husband had a daughter that died from SIDS, so I did tons of research and reading before deciding to go with these bumpers vs. the traditional bumpers which may pose a suffocation/rebreathing hazard. I love this crib bumper because it allows me to see/check on my child during the night (his crib is next to our bed)without having to stand over the crib to check, the firm triangle-shaped wedge doesn’t cover his breathing, it is super easy to just take out when you change the crib sheet, the foam is odorless/CFC-free, the slipcovers are organic cotton and completely washable, AND his binky no longer falls out onto the floor during the night! It also keeps my son from bumping his head into the wooden slats. It is pretty easy to put together…all it involves is slipping the foam pieces into the covers the correct way. I love the simplicity, functionality, and innovative design of this crib bumper.The thing I don’t like about this crib bumper is the price! For some foam pieces and fabric, it’s a little pricey but you might be able to find them on sale as I did. I would still absolutely recommend this product to others and still give it five stars!

Wilda Wall, TX

A great alternative to the traditional crib bumper

Yes this product IS a bit on the expensive side considering you’re only paying for some cloth and foam, but I absolutely love it compared to the traditional type of crib bumpers and am glad we got it.What I love most is being able to see my daughter laying in her crib the moment I look in the room, and not having to walk up to her crib to be able to see her. Also it allows her to see out of the crib better and to see me near her, much easier than the taller fabric crib bumpers.

Yvette Martindale, TX

Strangulation hazard

This was fine for my son. But my 6 mo daughter got this caught around her neck last night. She is a scooter, not a roller, and she must have moved and pushed up into it. Thank god for video cameras, because I heard her cry and was able to see what happened at 4:30 am! I took it off and will throw it out. Be wary of what you put in your crib!

Liliana Pasadena, MD


So much better then the regualar bumper pads, So much safer and still protects the baby from banging its head on the crib. I LOVE IT!

Cheri Germantown, MD

We love ours

We love it enough to buy another for baby no. 2 due later this year. The traditional bumper obliterated my view from the doorway and I didn’t like to think that baby couldn’t see out either. This was perfect for them to see out, for us to see them and it kept toys and paci’s inside the crib too.The cover is easy to wash and I suppose I can concede that it’s a pain to put all the foam inserts back in, but not so bad I would lower stars. We love this product!!

Leola Keller, WA

Great invention

This bumper does not keep your child from putting his/her legs or arms outside of the crib. It does keep your child from getting stuck when they do it. My son can not get under it either! With traditional bumpers he was going over or under them to get at the bars and getting stuck every day. Not anymore!

Frankie Compton, MD

LOVE my Cozy Wedge

We bought this when my son started rolling around in the crib alot and banging his head on the sides (about 7 months). We haven’t heard him smack his little head against the rails since we installed it, and we feel so much better. It’s made of fabric-covered hard foam, so it doesn’t seem like a suffocation risk. It ties onto the crib sides, and it is GREAT at keeping his pacifiers in the crib at night. IF we didn’t have this, we would be pulling out the crib and fishing for pacifiers on the floor in the middle of the night! It also provides just enough of a “wall” so that he doesn’t kick his feet through the slats & get them caught.

Irene Brunsville, IA