Itti Bitti Bitti D’lish All-in-One Diapers, Yellow, Small

Itti Bitti Bitti D’lish All-in-One Diapers, Yellow, Small

bitti d’lish has the signature itti bitti ultra trim fit, with a luxurious minkee outer and suede cloth liner to keep baby dry and happy. Divinely comfortable with the performance of a disposable, bitti d’lish will change the way you think about cloth diapers.

Main features

  • Ultimate in convenience, with the one piece design
  • Very easy to use, no extra pieces to fold, stuff or snap in
  • Very absorbent expect 3 hours or more, but will need a mini booster for heavy wetters
  • bitti d’lish are sized diapers to ensure the best possible fit

Verified reviews


Got skinny heavy wetters? Try Bambooty, not Itti Bitti.

I am an avid fan of cloth diapers, they really are worth the bother and effort. So great for a babies skin 🙂 We’ve just emigrated to the USA from the UK. We started off with one size pocket diapers such as Bumgenius etc, but I have super skinny babies (twins) who are very heavy wetters, and to prevent leaks they needed a well fitting absorbent nappy, which meant a sized bamboo nappy.Over there we used Bambooty cloth diapers […] or […]. Amazing nappy, they lasted longer in it than in a disposable, and their skin was far far happier. They also dry super quickly, have really cute prints, a great fit, and are really slim, the slimmest cloth diaper I’ve ever come across, helps cloth bummed babies fit in their clothes for longer.They grew out of their medium Bambooty shortly after we arrived in the USA. Bambooty aren’t currently sold over here, so I tried looking for a cheaper alternative than having them shipped. Itti Bitti was the only one we hadn’t tried, so ordered two to give it a shot. I could see straight away that they weren’t as absorbent, wasn’t as good a fit, not as easy to put on, the list goes on. Bambooty is far far superior. So if you have a skinny heavy wetter, and other cloth diapers aren’t working for you, don’t bother with itti bitti, order some Bambooty, a little more pricey, but completely worth it if your committed to cloth – you’ll still save money over disposables! […] will ship to the USA faster than Amazon’s free super saver shipping will get it to you, so you won’t even have to wait that long 😉

Gertrude Cedar Lake, IN

Great diaper, however…

Great diaper! I love AIO’s and my heavy wetter son wore this for a little over 3 hours with no leaks and during nap time without a booster. However, the fit is kind of small around his waist. He is 30lbs and 16 months old. We’re on the last row of snaps. If he were any wider the diaper wouldn’t fit around him.

Juana Malmstrom A F B, MT

My favorite

Sleek, soft, absorbent and trim these are by far my favorites. As a mother of four if I would have known how easy cloth could be I would have started 2 children ago. I have a range of other brands but these are all I need. I just bought my 6th. I also bought a couple of the “itti bitti tutto’s” and my 2yo, and 6 mos old share them. This is a must have in your stash.

Patsy New Harmony, IN

So trim and soft as can be

If I had known about these when starting to cloth diaper they would have made up the majority of my stash. They are great and here’s why:
• SUPER soft and gentle inside and out.
• About as trim as a disposable, in fact the trimmest cloth diaper I’ve seen.
• Do not require laborious prepping.
• Easy to wash, and dry as fast as a pocket diaper. Not too many AIO’s can make that claim.
• Great vibrant color choices.
• Absorbant, and you can get an additional snap-in booster if you need it.I also like that this is a sized diaper- my baby is so petite (5th percentile) that she doesn’t need a diaper to go up into big weight ranges, it’s just unnecessary bulk (but the Itti Bitti Tutto is a one size option for those who want it).I STRONGLY suggest watching the Itti Bitti videos on YouTube because they explain how to put on the diaper. I think people wrongly assume the diaper is too small because they don’t know how to put it on for the best fit. It’s meant to be snug and ride higher on the hips.I love this diaper, I only wish I’d heard of it sooner.

Adriana Morrisonville, WI

AIO diaper

Let me start by saying I was really hesitant about this purchase. Anyone using cloth daipers knows they are not all alike!I ordered one (in red). We have used this diaper several times. No leaks! The minky outer is (of course) super soft. The interior that lays against baby’s skin is quite soft, yet the diaper is still absorbant. It is bulky, so if you want super trim, this diaper is not for you. Just keep in mind that with cloth, bulky often equates to less leaks! If you need comparisons, it seems similar in bulk to my Kissaluv Marvel AIO (which is awsome :)I have 10-12 brands of AIO (all in one) and AI2 (all in two…an outer shell with an absorbant insert). I would be willing to buy this brand again. Some of my other brands…not so much.

Laverne Agency, MO

I am not sure I would buy them again

I bought a whole set containing more than 30 diapers plus their boosters, two years ago.Here is the summary of a hands on experience on two kids.Pros:-It looks sweet and it may save you some money in the long run (although definitely not as much as advertised…)-It is good to know that no nasty chemicals touch the skin of my babies especially when they are newborn and so most vulnerable.Cons:-They are sold to last for three kids and that is a total lie. I am using it for my second child who is 7 months and most of the diapers are as if they have gone through a paper shredder. Buttons have fallen off and the actual diapers are torn apart. I have washed them at cold temperatures and in high efficiency machines only and I used natural detergents which were recommended in many website as diaper friendly… Besides I have good reserves so the turnover rate is not so high.-The small size goes only until 3 months old so your investment in that range surely does not pay off…-The large size is said to last until potty training but one must be a magician to make that happen: First because of the leakage problem that gets worse as your baby is over 8 months (it can not handle the increased urine output so every nappy change is a whole cloth change and a half bath…)and second that it can not handle the nasty smell if not make it worse. So if you can suffer your child to smell like a public loo then you are fine.So For all the reasons I list above, I could only use them about 1 year for my first kid and 7 months for my second kid. Considering that two diapers cost almost a months worth of disposable diapers I can say it may have just paid off or may give me very little profit. Never mind, at least I did something good for the planet…Those people who design and sell these diapers are just ordinary people like me and you without an expertise in this field. In this case (itti bitti) there is this woman who says she is a mother (I guess that is not enough) and as I have experienced myself the end result is not appealing at all. I don’t recommend these diapers but if you want to buy them just lower your expectations…

Isabel Hancock, MD

Great little diaper

These diapers are fantastic. They are super absorbent, and while they do not dry as fast as some, they are definitely faster than other AIO’s that I have purchased. They are soft on the inside and out, and absolutely adorable. The inside liner is great at pulling moisture away from your babies skin. My baby prefers these to the other AIO diapers that she was in, she indicates that she is wet, but does not fuss as much as she does with other diapers.These are low rise, the fit is a little different than other cloth diapers, once you are used to it, however, they offer amazing protection and comfort for your baby.

Rosalyn Saint James, MD