Itzy Ritzy Shopping Cart and High Chair Cover, Avocado Damask

Itzy Ritzy Shopping Cart and High Chair Cover, Avocado Damask

Travel in style and pamper your little one with the plush Ritzy Sitzy Shopping Cart and High Chair Cover by Itzy Ritzy. This luxurious and stylish line of fabulous baby gear is a great way to keep your child safe and healthy like celebrity mom Melissa Joan Hart who has the Ritzy Sitzy in Black Skulls. The Ritzy Sitzy gives full 360 degree coverage with the generously padded cover preventing baby from coming into contact with nasty germs. This easy to use 3 in 1 cover fits standard shopping carts, double warehouse carts and restaurant highchairs. Great for moms with twins, the Ritzy Sitzy features oversized leg holes that can accommodate 2 little ones in a shopping cart at the same time. This cover also provides 2 adjustable safety belts allowing you to use your own buckles. Features include 4 handy toy loops allowing you to attach baby’s favorite travel toy, 2 rear facing storage pockets and 2 adjustable safety straps. The Ritzy Sitzy cart and highchair cover is reversible with the same look and function on both sides extending the life of product. Itzy Ritzy products are made with the highest quality workmanship, machine washable fabrics and are CPSIA certified safe for baby. The Ritzy Sitzy is available in exclusive custom fabrics and comes with a reusable storage bag. Product Washing Instructions: Machine wash in cold water with like colors, no bleach. Line dry recommended. Visit for more information on Itzy Ritzy and our extensive line of products.

Main features

  • 100% cotton
  • Imported
  • Essential accessories included: sun shade, foot muff, plastic cup holder and infant carrier security strap
  • Compatible with select infant car seats (on one side only)
  • Suitable for newborns and toddlers up to 45 pounds per seat (90 pounds total)
  • 30″ width fits through most standard doors
  • Individual adjustable napper canopies, seat recline and footrest

Verified reviews


Fits EVERYTHING, and easy to use

We have used this cover on everything, and we love it! We bought a second so we could keep one in each of our cars. It looks exactly like the picture, and is completely reversable. There are two toy hooks on both sides (reversible), and there is a pouch in the back for things like your keys or cell phone.There is elastic around the the entire outside edge, which is great for a few reasons. One, it helps it fit around just about anything. Two, baby is less likely to pull it off! It covers the entire way around, not just the front and back, and even on small things it’s not too baggy or in the way. The straps are very easy to adjust and are also reversible.We’ve used this in the following with no problem:Restaurant High-Chair (the wooden kind)Target Shopping CartCostco Shopping CartWegmans Shopping Cart

Luann Mc Farland, CA


Fabric is very nice and washes up well. Provides the extra cushioning and support my 5 month twins need. They are almost sitting on their own, and this way they have the independence to sit in a high chair at restaurants and other places.Haven’t used it on grocery carts yet, but I think they’ll be great. The reason I gave 4 stars is that the leg holes are definitely wide enough that I could fit both babies in one basket (advertised as being able to use for twins), but most carts I’ve seen do not have very wide leg holes, so I’m not sure it will really work all that well.Update: almost a year later I still live these and changed my review to 5 stars because now I’ve used them in carts as well. We take them to the warehouse stores that have double wide carts and they’ve been great! Used them in regular carts too. Have held up amazing!! Worth the money.

Kathie White Earth, MN

Love it!

I love this shopping card and high chair cover! Like any parent, I am a bit of a germ phob regarding my child (7.5 months and hasn’t been sick yet *knock on wood*) and love that I don’t have to worry about him putting his mouth on carts/high chairs that are constantly being used by other kids. It feels really soft and cushy for my son and it looks great too! A little pricey, but I would definitely recommend it to a friend or family member!

Sheena Dowell, IL

Very nice look and functional

I love this cover! It is so pretty and big enough to cover from costco cart to restaurant high chair! It can use a little more padding on the bottom perhap but still excellent otherwise!

Lorene Dobbs Ferry, NY

Just carry a pack of wipes

I don’t get it. It doesn’t seem to fit any shopping cart. And even if it did fit, it’s impossible to put on while carrying a toddler with one arm. It’s bulky to carry around. I will never use it.

Twila Swifton, AR

Doesn’t beat Buggy Bagg

I did my research when looking for a cart cover for our 5-month-old, and could not decide between this or the Buggy Bagg. We ordered both & here are some things I noted about the two:RITZY SITZY:-nice patterns, soft fabric-wide leg holes (good for two children to sit in it at once)-has its own safety strap-fits most carts-hard to install, especially while holding a child-toy loops, small pockets-can be used to cover highchair, although we never tried-does not cover EVERY part of cart-child who can not sit up independently may have hard time staying up-machine washableBUGGY BAGG:-great box-like design, keeps toys from going on ground when dropped-holds bottles, toys, etc.-VERY easy to install. Simply place bag in cart & unzip!-has its own safety strap-large zipper pouch for keys, phone, etc.-covers all of cart, has velcro cover for bar in between legs as well-fits large carts easily, small carts it is a little big for but still works-comes with attached soft pillow which helps baby who can’t sit up yet stay up-machine washableAfter using both, we decided that we absolutely loved the Buggy Bagg. It costs about $20 more, but well worth it for the extra features. The Ritzy Sitzy is nice and has beautiful fabric, but, in my opinion, it is not worth $65. If you needed a cover to use with 2 children, it may be worth it, but if you are just looking for a simple cover there are a lot of cheaper ones that are just as nice.

Cassandra Malvern, OH

Great product! Lots of use already.

Only reason this gets 4 stars is because of the price. I love it! And we have got lots of use out of it. Sometimes the big size is a hinderance (ESP in highchairs) but usually works great. Love the Rodeo Drive pattern!! My girlfriends all bought theirs for $20 and they work just as good. I’m glad mine is different though 🙂

Luella Glenville, NC


I usually don’t like loud patterns, but I like this pattern. I took some pictures with my son in it on a restaurant high chair, absolutely stunning! It looked like a luxurious bean bag – lol! This is the only brand that I found that has 100% cotton exterior. I believe the inside is polyester but hey, at least it is half cotton! All the other brands are 100% polyester interior and exterior. The bag that it comes with is pretty nice and handy for storage and transporting.

Greta Vinton, IA

Fabulous design

I really like this chair cover, so does my son! It’s a bit pricey for what it is, but saves me having to wipe down the baskets every time I go shopping.

Elsa Dumont, MN

It’s great!

Fits every cart we’ve used so far (including the large Target carts) and is great for highchairs as well. Easy to wash and looks adorable. Great padded fabric, too.

Frances Pocono Summit, PA

Comfy and Easy

This was a very good purchase for us. The padding is nice (I also supplement it with a body sized bath sponge underneath for added comfort) and it accommodates cart seat belts nicely. The fabric is a soft, high quality cotton. I recommend with no hesitation.

Sharlene Lake Placid, FL

Great fitting cart cover

Great fitting cart cover. Fits all carts that I’ve tried so far. Love the toy hooks and the colors.

Hollie Tallulah, LA


Great shopping cart cover, however it’s not easy to do with one hand. And because the band is so tight it pulls the cart seat forward while the child is in it.

Mari Woronoco, MA

Stylish & Functional

I LOVE this shopping cart/high chair cover! It is a bit bulky to tote with you everywhere, but well worth the trouble when you see how disgusting some of those restaurants’ high chairs can be. It’s machine washable and cleans up nice. It’s also padded very well. My son is very comfortable in it in the shopping cart. There really isn’t a bad thing I can say about this product. I know there are cheaper versions out there, but the fabric on the Itzy Ritzy is so soft on his skin and the padding so generous, I wouldn’t put my son in anything else!

Gabrielle Bennington, VT

Couldn’t live without it

We use it every time we go out in public with little guy. Haven’t run across a cart yet that this won’t fit. Like other reviews have said, it’s nice that it comes with its own safety belts, because usually the first thing our son does it put them in his mouth. Washes well when it gets grimey after eating out. Worth the money!

Trudy Orderville, UT

Almost perfect.

I love everything about this cover, including the cute pattern, lots of padding, and the safety belt. However, it has one major con. The leg holes are large enough for two children to sit in so for one child In a regular cart they are much too big. The leg holes do not cover all of the cart at our grocery store (Publix). I have not tried it at Target or any other location yet. Maybe there is a remedy to this problem?

Lenora Hudgins, VA

Great product just big and bulky to carry around!

I really like this seat cover. It is cushy and it fits all carts and highchairs well. The only down side is it is big and bulky. It would fill our entire diaper bag if we tried to stuff it in. I wish it came with some sort of carrying bag.

Shawna Saint Clairsville, OH

Great Product!

We love this thing. It makes it so much easier to put our little girl into High Chairs as she loves to move around and this helps to pad the high chair so she doesn’t smack her head. It’s also nice not to have to worry about the last time the high chair or shopping cart was cleaned.

Madelyn Montrose, AR

cute and comfy

this is easy to throw over the shopping cart and is comfy for baby. i like using it because it is soft and keeps baby protected in cart from germs and hard cart structure itself. I used it all the time when she was smaller but I admit now that she is a year old I dont use every single time we go shopping because she is more stable sitting in cart and honestly i am less worried about the germs as I was when she was younger. I do still use it though. It is more expensive than other cart covers out there but this seemed to have the most consistently positve reviews I do not regret paying more money for a product that seems to be of higher quality.

Pat Claypool, AZ

The best!

I love this shopping cart cover. The colors are great and the padding perfect. It is enough to be comfortable for baby but easy to pack in the convenient reusable bag that comes with it. I use it everywhere. My daughter is tiny so this is helpful is swings at the park and her jumper on top of the high chair and shopping. I also love that it can accommodation two children without having four leg holes like other twins cover.

Whitney South Houston, TX


Honestly, this is probably my favorite baby "gadget" that we have! I HATE germs and with a teething little boy, this is a life saver! I have used it on carts and highchairs at many locations and it fits everywhere (Target, Babies R Us, Old Navy, Grocery store and every restaurant high chair). I love the car pattern (my husband picked it) and I get compliments on this thing all the time. I have seen other moms at the store eyeing mine since it covers all of the cart parts and theirs doesn’t. GREAT BUY!

Janie Randolph, UT


When baby was little, I thought this was a little unnecessary, though nice and now I think it is AWESOME! Not only is it good for germs (if you’re like that), but I especially like it for STABILITY! When baby was first able to sit up, I still didn’t feel comfortable just plopping her in the shopping cart seat, but this cover made me feel more comfortable and I think it did her too. It has loops to hook on toys and we’ve used it at restaurants too. I’m really glad we got it.

Jayne Delano, MN


This cover has fit everything I have tried it on, even a Costco cart! My daughter seems very comfortable. Easy to wash and easy to use, this is a must have!

Reba Howardsville, VA

Fits everywhere I need it to

This covers fits everywhere I need it to. The color and pattern are super cute and hide some of the stains/ mishaps that come with having a little boy. It washes well and the clips on both sides makes it easy to secure. I can get it into a shopping cart myself, but I struggle with the highchairs. I need someone to hold him while I do it, but that might just be a learning curve issue.I would not buy this with hopes of it being super padded so you can sit a young infant in it. It helps, but it definitely wouldn’t keep a little head from feeling something hard. I waited until my son could sit up on his own before using it.

Susie Kinderhook, NY