Itzy Ritzy Snack Happens Reusable Snack Bag, Rodeo Drive

Itzy Ritzy Snack Happens Reusable Snack Bag, Rodeo Drive

Go green with Itzy Ritzy’s Snack Happened Reusable Snack Bags. The Best New Children’s Product of 2010, awarded by Baby and Children’s Product News. Simple in design and ingenious in concept these machine washable, reusable snack bags are BPA free and FDA approved food safe. These snack bags are thick, soft and come with a durable water tight lining. The locking zipper feature keeps contents and drips securely inside. Use the snack bag for your baby’s favorite snack on the go or pack it in the kids’ lunch box is an alternative to wasteful, disposable plastic bags. Generously sized at 7 x 7 ” it to hold a full sandwich and enables children to easily reach inside and handle bag without spills. Ideal for little hands, snacks, fruit, sandwiches, picnics, school lunches, mini first aid kits, pacifiers, car and plane trips, crayons, art supplies, toiletries, cell phones, iPods, cameras, hiking, camping, travel, beach gear and much more. Snack Happened makes a great gift for anyone who is on the go. Itzy Ritzy products are made with the highest quality workmanship, using 100% machine washable cotton and are CPSIA certified safe for baby. The Snack Happened reusable snack bags are made with custom designed fabrics exclusive to Itzy Ritzy. Visit for more information on Itzy Ritzy and our extensive line of products.

Main features

  • Polyester, Plastic, Cotton
  • Ideal for little hands, snacks, fruit, sandwiches, picnics, school lunches, mini first aid kits, cell phones, car and plane trips, crayons, toiletries, iPods, cameras, hiking, camping, travel, beach gear and more
  • FDA approved, BPA free, lead free, PVC free
  • Reusable, washable, fashionable
  • Lead free YKK zipper top keeps crumbs, drips and contents securely inside – zipper not velcro for silent snacking
  • Machine washable

Verified reviews


Best of the different brands of snack bags

I bought these, the ReUsies, and the ReSnackit bags. Of the three, I definitely like the Itzy Ritzy ones best, even though I like the designs of the other two better. (I bought the Social Circle Blue and the LiquoriceSwirl in the Itzy Ritzy.) I was surprised that all three of the brands are pretty well constructed and made with quality material. The biggest advantage to the Itzy Ritzo ones in my opinion is the zipper – the other two use velcro. After experimenting, I’ve found that the Itzy Ritzy keeps the food better protected than the velcro. It also keeps food – particularly sandwiches – just a little bit fresher. (Keep realistic expectations. It won’t last as long as a zip lock plastic bag, but it will certainly keep it for the day.) It also keeps smaller food, like grapes and goldfish crackers, in without any fear of making a mess or crumbs falling out, which I certainly appreciate. It’s super convenient that they are washable, and they hold up well. For those concerned, these are BPA free. I only bought two of these and plan to buy more. So far I’ve only used them for food, but I plan to buy more to toss in the diaper bag. I think because of the material inside, it can be used for almost anything. I would definitely recommend these to anyone.

Hester Armada, MI

Hard to wash clean. Polyutherane interior.

These sounded great. I was excited when they arrived. But they are not perfect. The zipper is a great idea, but the nature of sewing the zipper leaves nooks at the ends where crumbs are hard to get out. I searched high and low about the material used for the waterproof interior and could not find anything describing the material. All I could find is what the material does not contain: BPA, phalate, lead, all those things that get parents running screaming, but there was nothing on what the material does contain. So I finally contacted the company. I got vague roundabout answers, and only got a definitive answer when I asked point blank if the material had polyutherane. Yes, it has polyutherane. I thought polyutherane was toxic and releases VOC’s that are harmful to children. Either I am wrong, or it explains why they would not say what the material is. I wonder what other substances the lining contains that I don’t know to ask about since the company isn’t forthcoming about the make up of the lining. But I still gave it 3 stars because I like the cotton exterior and fabric designs I got. The baggies are easy to use and useful – though I wonder if I should continue to use for food.

Lavonne Merrifield, MN

Cute but not practical – Bumkins are a better alternative

I’m going to buck the trend here.These bags are very cute and stylish. They are effective if you want to reduce your usage of plastic baggies. I like how they are zipper and not velcro. They do a good job, for the most part, of containing foods, although, if you’re trying to store something juicy (like cut up oranges), you might be pushing your luck as the moisture will gradually seep through the seams and make the fabric outer cover damp.If the only things you’re going to use this for are dry snacks like crackers or cereal, you’re probably fine just wiping the interior with a damp cloth after each use. And then once a week throwing it in the laundry for “deep cleaning”.But if you are using it for anything that is going to leave any residue (juicy fruit, oily chips, PBJ sandwiches, you get the idea here) these are really not practical. Turning inside out and wiping the interior doesn’t get it clean enough for me. You can do a load of laundry (but most people don’t do laundry every day) or hand wash and submerge it in soapy water, but the fabric outer takes forever to dry. So you really end up having to buy a 2 day supply of these to rotate through if you want to use them everyday. And they are relatively expensive, so buying several might be cost-prohibitive for some.Also, the outer fabric, while cute is… well… fabric. So it can stain. Making your cute bag not-so-cute anymore. Also, it fades and shrinks a little, so the bag doesn’t lay nicely after a while. Not huge deals, but worth mentioning. Your kids probably won’t care.If your looking to buy this for your kids, I would instead go with theBumkins Reusable Sandwich and Snack Bag, Yellow, LargeorBumkins 2 Count Reusable Snack Bags, Blue/Green, Small. They are about half the price of the Itzy and for anyone who has used the amazing Bumkins Bibs, these are the same material. They are a breeze to wash, dry super fast and I’ve never had it hold a stain.The prints are loud and garrish, but my kid likes it fine. Much more practical for busy moms (and dads!).I have both the Snack Happened and the Bumkins bags, and I reach for the Bumkins every time.

Lourdes Grand View, ID


Fantastic buy. I have the small snack bags and the larger sandwich-sized bags. Love these bags. They are cute, durable, sustainable, and easy to clean (I throw mine in the washer or just wipe out the inside). I would buy these bags or any itzy ritzy product all over again.

Enid Kettle River, MN

Nice Bag

I have invested in a lot of different reusable snack bags over the years…they are not all created equal! This one is easy to use, no issues with the zipper, clean fairly well, are cute, but for me the best thing is they don’t stink! Some of the bags out there smell horrible which then makes your food taste awful. These bags have no smell at all. Have also used nicely to carry cosmetics and other small non-food items.

Myra Atwater, MN

Good Snack Bag

I take my lunch to work everyday and I was tired of how bulky the plastic containers made my lunch… not to mention that they are plastic. This take up A LOT less space (but I don’t know if the lining is truly any better than plastic). They have done their job… with far less of a space issue. And I am an adult and am not embarrassed to be seen with this print. This is my second purchase of these (I have two of the mini-bags). I just ad these to my Amazon order every time I need a little more to get to free shipping.

Louise Denver, CO

Like all cloth snack bags

I just WISH they would prewash and dry the cotton fabrics on cloth sandwich and snack bags. Like every other brand, the cotton shrinks, the lining does not, and you have thins bunchy blob in the middle. Still totally usable, but annoying sometimes to reach in.

Doreen Topeka, IN

Snack Bag

I like that they are reusable. I have not had too many problems with washing; shrinks slightly, but it’s not a big deal. The only other thing I don’t like is that you can’t see through it like a baggie, but again, not a big deal.

Mai De Soto, WI

Super Cute!

This is a super cute bag that I plan on using for pacifiers etc. in my diaper bag. I think I am going to order some more.

Rebekah Chimney Rock, NC

Great snack bag

Great product!!! the bag is very practical and durable. I travel a lot with my bags, no more plastic snack bag, I save money and became “greener”.The family love it!

Phoebe Colt, AR

easy breezy

these are easy to clean and convenient. I havent tried to put it in the washer yet, just cleaned the inside with a wet sponge. They’re cute, and a great way to be green. I hate going through countless ziploc bags and throwing them away when they are basically clean, so this is a great alternative. I will probably order more.

Tanya Page, ND

Nice snack bag

Nice little snack bag which has seemed to hold up well. Great for holding little snacks like grapes, chips, crackers, etc. Haven’t run it through the wash yet, but it seems like a durable product and good purchase, especially for those with kids

Paula Bath, PA

Wish I had one of these in every print!

These reusable sandwich bags are awesome. I use them for snacks in the diaper bag, as a mini trash bag (hello used Kleenex on the go!), to hold my own sandwiches for lunch and bagels for breakfast, to hold toiletries when I’m traveling, and as a mini wet bag to hold cloth wipes when out and about. I feel really good about not throwing them away after I use them, and they wash clean every time. I could probably find about a hundred more uses for them, and I’m sure I’ve saved more money using these instead of Ziplocs than I’ve spent on them.

Ursula New Vernon, NJ

Nice quality bag

Itzy Ritzy’s are my favorite reusable snack bags. I love that they have a zipper (not Velcro that gets food stuck in it) and the material inside the bag. They are very cute and pretty easy to wash, though I do wish they were dishwasher safe.

Paulette Monroe City, MO

Great sandwich/snack bags

This bag is great for sandwiches and dry snacks. Do not turn the bag upside down with oranges or other “wet” snacks, or you will have a mess as the liquid seeps out of the zipper. No problems if kept upright.

Priscilla Parma, ID

I love these snack bags!

These snack bags have been amazing. They are a decent size (I can fit a nuk baby bowl covered, spoon, and a banana), very cute, and machine washable! Once we didn’t close a food bowl completely so food got all over the inside of the bag. Nothing leaked out, and after throwing it in the wash the bag looks perfect. Great for baby food, fits in the diaper bag, and has so many uses.

Imogene Live Oak, FL

Very durable

These bags are fantastic! I use them almost daily to pack my lunch. They are also great bags to throw in the diaper bag or car when heading out for errands or trips. I love how durable and easy to clean they are. Finally a product that is easy to use AND good for the environment 🙂

Lenore Lewis, CO

Save your Ziploc bags!

Wish I found these earlier. Between freezing baby food and using it to carry the extra parts for the Dr. Brown bottles, I was going through so many Ziploc Bags. These are small so if you need to carry a lot with you, I recommend getting the bigger one. My son is 7 months and my outings aren’t all day so I only need to pack for 1 or 2 feeding. This does the job. When my son get’s older I’ll use it for snacks, but for now this is what I use it for. I also have a bigger reusable bag that I clip on my diaper bag and as the day goes on, I just throw all the dirty clothes & wet bibs in it! That is also a must have!

Annabelle Plains, KS

Fresh Bloom is so pretty

The Fresh Bloom motif is so darn pretty! I am not girly-girly and this is perfect. The size is great and seems to be good quality. I only washed mine two times yet but my friend has hers for over a year and they still look as new. I wish there bags could be air tight like ziplock to keep freshest in but I still prefer these.I tried several brand before Itzy Ritzy and I wish I had bough these right of.

Darcy Unionville, NY

love love itzy ritzy

I love these products and wish I had more. I want to use them for everything. they are probably the best snack bags because they have the nice lining so it stays nice and clean inside. I also have the large ones which are great for my pump stuff!

Emma Byhalia, MS

love this product

I love everything about this product. It’s easy to clean, it’s a lot bigger than I thought it would be, it seems like it will withstand lots of uses, and I love the designs. I only bought 2 but now I’m going to purchase a ton more. Even though I bought these for my 2 year old I end up using them for my sandwiches once in awhile because now I hate using plastic baggies.

Carla Recluse, WY

Already knew I liked ’em!

I ordered a bigger snack bag, after using the mini’s for about 7 weeks now with my Kindergartener. They’re the most fantastic little bags ever! Hand rinse, machine wash, or just shake ’em out. They’re every busy, overwhelmed mom’s dream! They are priced just right for the quality, especially compared to some "posers" out there with cute patterns and cheap fabrics that don’t hold up.

Althea Yeso, NM

Good, but hard to use on back-to-back days.

Bought two of these bags and they are very cute and high-quality. Unfortunately the get really wet when you wash them out by hand and don’t dry quickly, so it is hard to use them on back-to-back days unless you throw them in the dryer.

Lynnette Elizabeth, MN

Great for little objects in diaper bag

Used to carry little objects in my diaper bag. Appropriate to carry apple, Cherrios or other dry food Great design and great size. I hope it will last.

Marlene Wren, OH

Grand idea – difficult to clean

I’m disappointed in how tough these are to clean. If you hand wash the inside, the outside fabric gets wet. And the fabric also stains and gets yucky. They are machine washable, but who wants to be running the washer every night for your sandwich bags?I’ve sidelined these bags in favor of a plastic inside-and-out version that uses velcro instead of the zipper.

Casey Wilmont, MN

Love this bag!

I have been trying to show my daughter ways to be green and improving our environmental footprint. One of these ways is to lessen our use of plastic bags. With a toddler however, carrying snacks is a must and finding places to keep them is a challenge.I purchased one of the Itzy Ritzy reusable snack bags in Social Circle Pink and have been pleasantly pleased. We use it every day to transport mini bagels in the car on the way to school. On the way back since we have a long drive, I pack crackers from work and she has her “baggie” in the car waiting for her.Not only is this a huge plus not to have plastic baggies around, it’s also safer. A few weeks ago i found my daughter trying to lick the contents of a plastic bag which was around her face. Even though it was a small baggie it was already tight around her face and it freaked me out.Since then she does not get plastic bags only this Itzy Ritzy and I could not be more happy.The bag itself is very durable and unlike other bags it does not have a weak closure. There are tons of bags on the market with a strip of Velcro which ends up spilling food everywhere. This has a very solid zipper which works smoothly. Even my 2 1/2 year old can manage the zipper.I have yet to wash the unit in the laundry washer yet, but I did hand wash and it was totally fine. The lining inside is awesome, not sure what material it is. It’s like a pleather material which does not collect liquid and cleans easily.I also bought the same brand the larger wet bag and that bag is great as well!Overall I highly recommend this baggie to anyone; kids or no kids they are awesome! I have added it back to my wish list as I want another one for sure!

Mara Cactus, TX

Many uses!!!

I love these. I mostly use them for snacks, but I can dream of 101 ways and more to use them. They are very durable and work for most any food – including produce.

Maria Cropsey, IL

Dry fast on Drying Rack.

I have several reusable snack bags and Itzy Ritzy are my favorite. They are so soft and cute. They do a great job holding food. The zipper makes them so much more useful. I have other brands of reusable snack bags without the zipper and they are just not as useful. I don’t like to put food storage bags in the laundry. I wash them out in the sink and hang them on this great drying rack that is perfect for them. Here is the link.Mommy Genius Drying Rack–Dry or Display Just About Anything (Baby Bibs, Plastic or Reusable Food Storage Bags, Kitchen Dish Towels, Bathroom Hand Towels, Washcloths, Mugs, Sports Water Bottles, Herbs, Mittens, Children’s Boots, Lingerie, Holiday Orname…

Sierra Grovespring, MO


Itzy Ritzy snack bags are amazing. I use the snack bag for my babies essentials right now because he’s only six months and doesn’t have a use for snacks. Such a cute durable bag, with infinite possibilities!!!!

Carolyn Simonton, TX

The best!

I got this for baby food- to take with me. I also have another for a mini first aid kids- baby tylenol,band aids, neosporin, advil for me

Colette Kurtz, IN