Itzy Ritzy Snack HappensSnack Mini Reusable Snack Bag, Social Circle Pink, 2-Count

Itzy Ritzy Snack HappensSnack Mini Reusable Snack Bag, Social Circle Pink, 2-Count

The top-selling, award-winning snack bag now in a mini size. Zip up and go with a two pack of mini Snack Bags. The Snack Happened Mini Snack Bags by Itzy Ritzy are reusable, machine washable bags for snacks, sandwiches and so much more. Made with an FDA approved, BPA-free, machine washable lining, the Snack Happened bags work great with sliced fruit, sandwiches, sticky or messy foods as well as any dry snacks. The zipper top allows for silent snacking, no messy crumbs getting snuck in velcro and is ideal for little hands. The 7″ x 7″ reusable bags are a wonderful, green alternative to plastic baggies for your lunch, snacks, school, work, litter free lunch programs and help reduce the huge amounts of plastic bags going into the trash each day. According to the EPA, over 380 billion plastic bags, sacks and wraps are consumed in the U.S. each year and only 1-3% are recycled. Easy to clean, the Snack Happened bags are machine washable. FDA Approved, BPA Free, Lead Free, Phthalate Free, CPSIA Certified. Whether it’s snacks, lunch, travel, makeup, iPods, cameras, hiking or at the beach, the uses are endless. And best of all – there are two. Visit for more information on Itzy Ritzy and our extensive line of products.

Main features

  • 100% Cotton
  • Made in US
  • Sold in 2 pack of the same fabric
  • Lead free YKK zipper top keeps crumbs, drips and contents securely inside; Zipper not velcro for silent snacking
  • Reusable; Washable; Fashionable
  • FDA approved, BPA Free, Lead Free, PVC Free, CPSIA tested and compliant
  • Measures 7″ x 35″

Verified reviews


Cute but not practical – Bumkins are a better alternative

I’m going to buck the trend here.These bags are very cute and stylish. They are effective if you want to reduce your usage of plastic baggies. I like how they are zipper and not velcro. They do a good job, for the most part, of containing foods, although, if you’re trying to store something juicy (like cut up oranges), you might be pushing your luck as the moisture will gradually seep through and make the fabric outer cover damp.If the only things you’re going to use this for are dry snacks like crackers or cereal, you’re probably fine just wiping the interior with a damp cloth after each use. And then once a week throwing it in the laundry for “deep cleaning”.But if you are using it for anything that is going to leave any residue (back to my original example of oranges… or chips which will likely leave some oily residue, PBJ sandwiches, you get the idea here) these are really not practical. Turning inside out and wiping the interior doesn’t get it clean enough for me. You can do a load of laundry (but most people don’t do laundry every day) or hand wash and submerge it in soapy water, but the fabric outer takes forever to dry. So you really end up having to buy a 2 day supply of these to rotate through if you want to use them everyday. And they are NOT inexpensive, so buying several might be cost-prohibitive for some.Also, the outer fabric, while cute is… well… fabric. So it can stain. Making your cute bag not-so-cute anymore.If your looking to buy this for your kids, I would instead go with theBumkins 2 Count Reusable Snack Bags, Blue/Green, Small. They are about half the price of the Itzy Ritzy and for anyone who has used the amazing Bumkins Bibs, these are the same material. They are a breeze to wash, dry super fast and I’ve never had it hold a stain.Here’s my review of the Bumkins snack bag for comparison: prints are loud and garrish, but my kid likes it fine. Much more practical for busy moms (and dads!).I have both the Snack Happened and the Bumkins bags, and I reach for the Bumkins every time.

Sherry South Wales, NY

Really like the idea of this product

I love the idea of helping the enviroment by not throwing away countless plastic bags, but I can see this being hard to keep up with. You have to machine wash the bags. Maybe if I purchase more than the two I have it will help. Overall, happy with the product. They’re very well made, with a cute design, and friends have asked where they can get theirs.

Shanna Truxton, NY

its good but…

i have put snacks like puffs and baby mum mums in here but it seems after several hours they get soft and loose their crunch. I think because the bag is not as air tight as a zip lock or plastice baggy. However that being said i have found other uses is for it like to tote pacifiers in, or bottle parts or individually wrapped small snacks. still a useful good alternative to plastic bags

Ilene Fillmore, MO

great for more than just snacks!

These mini snack bags are great for everything from dry snacks, fruits, veggies and even the perfect size to put your sunglasses in! They are slightly padded which helps to protect the sunglasses. Perfect for lunches or to hold snacks on outings for yourself or little one.

Jolene Mapleton, KS

So cute and very sturdy!

I bought these because they would be a smaller container than using one of my plastic containers for things like chips, fruit, etc. in my lunches. They are great. The lining makes them perfect for fruit, but they are also good for chips/pretzels/cereal. I just hand wash them in the sink as needed during the week and wash them on delicate in the washer (hang to dry) on the weekends. They are awesome and it is a cute fabric. I am trying to slowly move us away from all of our plastic containers and I think this will be a big part of that!

Althea Collins, MS

These are absolutely great!

I love these itsy ritsy snack bags. They are well made, easy to use, easy to wash, and save us money on buying plastic bags! The snack bags are pretty much the same size as the disposableplastic ziploc snack bags at the grocery store. They have a thick plastic/vinyl? inner lining and a fun patterned cotton-like outer. They are not leak-proof though, so keep that in mind! I think the zippers are sooooo much better than velcro because the zippers don’t get stuck on everything when you wash them. I would definitely recommend these.

Miriam Milford, IA

Love them

I used bowls to take along for snacking but it was hard to push a cart (turning) and hold a bowl for our son at the same time. When I saw these I figured that I would give them a try. They are wonderful! I HAND washed them with dish soap in cold water. I don’t see them holding up in the laundry mats equipment for very long or even in a regular washer unless you put them in with your delicates. They took about 16 hrs to dry fully (the sandwich sized ones took longer…about 24 hrs but I think that is because they didn’t get the air flow like the minis did) with “hanging” them upside down on our sons dish/bottle dryer (I have a picture).They do not keep snacks fresh (it’s like having them sit out in a open bowl), but our snacks never last that long anyway and the company never said that they were air tight. We have only used the Gerber graduates products in them so far, no fresh fruits or veggies yet. I have, also, only used the minis even though I have the sandwich sized ones. I was planning on using them in my husband’s lunches BUT he was afraid of people stealing them. I’ll probably use them when we go on longer trips.I saw a customer say that they are no longer made in USA. I bought my bags in April ’13 also and they are all made in the US. So I’m thinking that if this is so, they have done this right after I bought mine.

Antionette Kilauea, HI

Love these!

These bags are awesome! They wash up easily and the thicker lining gives some protection to the food inside. Very worth the money! Patterns are cute too. 🙂

Blanca Webb, MS

Great quality and many uses

These are great for organizing my diaper bag. I know they are meant for snacks, and we do use one for snacks, but I have several and I also use them to organize first aid supplies, extra utensils, etc. The pattern is cute and they are well-made.

Renae New Baden, IL

Great quality!

Anytime we would go out, I would always wrap a baby spoon in a little plastic bag and throw it in the diaper bag. Now, I can just use one of these bags instead and help save the environment. They fit a munchkin spoon perfectly! I was also really impressed by the quality of these bags. The lining feels like plastic, yet it is soft, if that makes any sense. I plan on filling the other one with puffs and keeping it in my purse in case of “emergencies.” The only downside is the price. I bought mine from Amazon for $9 and change.

Kathy Sedalia, OH

Love these!

I have 10 of these little pouches to use with my 3 kids. With my older kids, I put goldfish, cookies, and other small snacks for them for school, and it saves me having to use tons of zip locks every day in their lunches and snacks for school. For my baby, I put spoons, pacifiers, teethers and small snacks for her. They wash well, work great, and are much better for the environment than plastic bags all the time! I use them all week, and at the end of the week, I throw them all in the washer so they’re clean. I definitely recommend these for parents who want to try and lessen their use of plastic baggies. I also have the larger ones for sandwiches. Fab.

Dina Great Barrington, MA

Cute, functional, but snacks go stale.

Nice concept, but unfortunately our snacks got stale right away. They are good for on the go and eco friendly, but you have to throw out all the snacks the same day. We kept a pouch in her diaper bag and the next day the "puffs" went stale. =(

Natalia Bound Brook, NJ

Not just for snacks!

I originally received one of these as part of a Bluum box last fall. I carried it in my diaper bag to store extra pacifiers. The bags are lined with plastic and are great for pacifiers. My diaper bag was recently stolen, and one of the first things that I replaced were these. I haven’t washed them, so I cannot speak to their durability in the washing machine. But I definitely appreciated having these to keep the pacifiers protected. Plus, they are easy to grab in my burgeoning diaper bag.

Lilia Erhard, MN

Useable, but not worth it

These bags are quite cute and useable, but they’re not air tight (Snacks won’t stay fresh in these!), and the outside material they’re made of isn’t what I’d consider a decent quality.

Leah Drayton, SC

Great Replacement for Plastic Bags

I use these for dry snacks on the go. Fruits and other snacks that aren’t dry leak through the zipper.

Kelly Leon Junction, TX

Used for cloth diaper wipes.

I bought these initially to use for snacks for my kids, but needed something to hold my dampened cloth wipes.I use these and they worked perfectly.

Christina East Chicago, IN

Great little bags

I get a lot of people asking me where I got them. We use them for croutons, chips, crackers, nuts, etc… we even use them for hard-boiled eggs… they rinse off easily, and we love not using so many plastic bags.

Marta Wayland, MA

Our toddler loves using it!

This is a great way not to add more plastics to the landfill. The size is just right for a toddler’s snacks, such as cheerios, cheddar bunnies or dried fruits. Our toddler actually loves using this over those snack cups. The zipper closure is better than the other brands that much have Velcro instead. Also, we have washed this in both the washer and dryer and a dishwasher and didn’t have any problems.There can be one improvement though: we had stored cheerios in it for over 2 weeks and they didn’t go stale; however, if the zippers can be seamed like a Goretex jacket zipper so it will be water-proof, then I would store grapes or any snacks that might leak in it.

Eleanor Greenville, ME

Favorite mini snack bag

I tried out many reuseable snack bags and these were my favorite mini version. I use them for my son’s snacks during the day – mostly for dry snacks. I either wash them with a bottle brush or put them through the laundry. They’ve held up well. The only thing I wouldn’t use them for again is dried seaweed. The little dried seaweed pieces jammed up the zippers.

Elda Mount Mourne, NC

Nice Bag

The design of the bag is adorable and I love how easy the zipper is for my 1 year old son. These bags work best for fruit or veggies though. The crackers I put in these bags went stale in less one day. I do like not having to use plastic baggies.

Stephanie Woodworth, WI

Cute! But Bumkins’ Are Better

I liked these best when they came in the mail. I ordered them at the same time as some Bumkins ones. These are fabric + a lining, which I thought would be essential to snack freshness. Instead, it’s just annoying to clean. Snacks stay equally fresh (or not – this is not a ziplock bag, my friends) in both. But with two layers, this one is so annoying to clean. Unless you’re storing earbuds or something else that won’t require much cleaning, I’d say skip these and go for the Bumkins ones.

Ruthie Nelson, MN

Great size for snack

These bags are great for people that like to pack a single serving of snacks for lunch. The only problem I’ve found with these is that I guess because the zipper doesn’t make the bag air tight, if you pack the snacks too far ahead of time they go a little stale. I usually pack my lunch the day before and I can’t do that if I’m packing pretzels or chips in these bags. However, they are great for fruits and veggies, especially since they can be easily washed!

Cora Monroeville, AL

use these everyday

What a great alternative to plastic sandwich bags to carry snacks. I have been using these for months now and I really like them. They are sturdy and easy to clean.

Monica Polk City, FL

Love these

We love these bags and use them every day! So much easier to throw in my purse than a bulky plastic container. The fabric is adorable and they are super easy to clean.

Yesenia Manchester, VT

Great quality!

We’ve been using these Itzy Ritzy snack bags for over a year now. They are so great. Very durable, easy to wash, and the zippers still function perfectly. The fabric designs are very cute, and the color hasn’t faded a bit–despite many, many washings. We have these bags in a variety of patterns and love all of them.

Shelia Kennewick, WA

Works great

I send these with my daughter to her preschool. They are holding up great. Very easy to wash. I would not suggest putting very liquidy items in it because it’s not a waterproof seal. Things like cut grapes, apples, etc… have not leaked out for us.

Frieda Thorpe, WV

Perfect for toddler snacks!

Perfect for my kids snacks at school! Saves money since I don’t have to use sandwich bags all the time. I monogrammed them with my kids names and they are perfect for their school snacks. They would also be great for lipstick or small cosmetics that may leak.

Melba Dalton, NY

So cute! But they will fade is wash.

I love these they are so handy I have several. One think I do not like about them however is that they fade a lot after just the first wash. Other than that though they are awesome! I will definitely buy more!

Freida Hollins, AL

Holds up well

I’ve had these for about 8mo. I use them in my daughters lunch 3-4x/week. Sometimes they have fruit and other times they have dry food. I wash them in the dish water, rinse them well and let them air dry. There is very little staining inside (strawberries?). My only complaint is that there isn’t really a place to put her name on it. It has a small fabric tag with the logo on it that I ended up writing it on but the ink bled and looks messy. It would be nice if it had a blank tag for the purpose of writing a name on it. Getting ready to look for bigger sizes for my two younger ones.

Kirsten Pearl River, NY

great reusable bag

We used these all summer long when we were going to the pool, beach, etc. Haven’t used them much since the summer but we don’t travel much in the winter months.

Lindsey Beloit, KS