Itzy Ritzy Travel Happens Sealed Wet Bag, Avocado Damask

Itzy Ritzy Travel Happens Sealed Wet Bag, Avocado Damask

The bag of a million and one uses. Award Winner in the 2010 Baby and Children’s Product News Award, Reader’s Favorites: Wipes/Accessories. Why carry a see through plastic shopping bag for those Uh Oh moments? The Wet Happened wet bag is thick, soft and comes with a durable water tight lining. The locking zipper feature keeps contents, odors and drips securely inside its generously sized 11 x 14 ” bag and, for cloth diapering, can hold up to 6 cloth diapers. Wet Happened zippered wet bags are not only good for cloth diapering but also perfect for disposable diapers and wipes, potty training, day care, summer camp, swimsuits, toys and beach items. Simple in design and ingenious in concept, this machine washable, reusable wet bag is a must have for on the go moms. Wet Happened makes a great gift for mom. Itzy Ritzy products are made with the highest quality workmanship using 100% machine washable cotton and CPSIA certified safe for baby. The Wet Happened reusable wet bags are made with exclusive custom designed fabrics. Visit for more information on Itzy Ritzy and our extensive line of products.

Main features

  • 100% Cotton
  • Imported
  • Ideal for little hands, snacks, fruit, sandwiches, picnics, school lunches, mini first aid kits, cell phones, car and plane trips, crayons, toiletries, iPods, cameras, hiking, camping, travel, beach gear and more
  • FDA approved, BPA free, lead free, PVC free
  • Reusable, washable, fashionable
  • Lead free YKK zipper top keeps crumbs, drips and contents securely inside zipper not velcro for silent snacking
  • Machine washable

Verified reviews


Sealed seams came undone after 2 washes

I am extremely disappointed with this product!!! I thought this bag was wonderful when I got it. It was a perfect size and unlike the liners with PUL I knew the water-proof layer wouldn’t separate from the polyester fabric and rip. However, after just a couple of washes the “sealed seams” they brag about came undone in the inner layer. The waterproof inner layer is hemmed with stitch witch (or something like that). It is not durable and does not hold up to a high agitation wash with the diapers. I can fix the seams by using my sewing machines, but for nearly $20 a bag I shouldn’t have to. The stitch witch is a good idea to prevent leaks, but it should be reinforced with stitching as well. I guess I’ll go back to the bags with PUL lining. At least it takes more than 2 washes for them to fall apart.

Lara Kewanee, IL

Really cute, but really small & could use a handle

I guess I should have read the dimensions more carefully, because this bag is really pretty small. I also didn’t think about it at the time, but it could use a handle as well. I guess it’s just meant for use inside a purse/diaper bag. It will hold one cloth diaper (maybe two if you stuff them in). It is really cute and well-made though!

Melinda Euclid, MN

Perfect for moms

I keep this in my diaper bag at all times for diaper blow outs or for baby swim class. It is very versatile and I LOVE that I can toss it in the washer along with any of clothes that are in it. Really cool idea.

Emilia Raritan, IL

great wet bag.

This is a great product to have stashed in your car even if you do not cloth diaper. This bag is very useful for holding all things wet. It is perfect for storing bathing suits from a day at the pool. Seals in the moisture so you can pack it next to other things and do not have to worry about them getting wet.

Concepcion Millry, AL


These bags are very high quality, have gorgeous prints, and launder well. I was surprised how much I loved these bags!

Chelsey Toronto, KS

Great for all sorts of things

We’ve used it at the pool to place wet suits in, placed items we didn’t want to get ruined at the pool in (keys, cell phones, wallets), to carry around snacks that we wanted to contain and not leak into another bag, to carry clean diapers, and dirty diapers. These bags are fabulous! They keep wet in (if you want it in) or out (if you want the stuff inside to stay dry). I love the large size for versatility and the smaller size for snacks or carrying smaller items. I have washed them numerous times (due to dirty diapers) and they have cleaned up really well. If you have kids, you need these.

Brittany Le Roy, IL

Looks good.

I have not used this product so far but will be starting so.. But so far it’s looks really good out of the package. Will update the review once I use this.

Melinda Coolidge, KS

Great for 5-6 diapers

This holds 5-6 pocket diapers wonderfully. No leaks or odors. It dries easily in the dryer with my other diapers.

Alexandra Florence, KS

Best pattern out there!

I ordered this wet bag because of the pattern! I love damask and the pretty avocado color is very nice. This is a good wet bag. It holds in odors and wetness. Compared to my planet wise wet bag, however, it has a very heavy inner Pul that I’m not in love with. Also, the inside of my bag got a stain on it (thinking a diaper may have bled) and it will not come out which seems strange for a bag meant to hold dirty diapers. Overall a good wet bag, but planet wise is better!

Tonia Dubois, WY

Finally, a durable bag!

I love the Itzy Ritzy bags. I have the smaller pouches for snacks (which are great!) and decided to get this wet bag for road trips or just for keeping in the car. I have 2 girls ages 3 and 7 months and with potty training and changing diapers, I always tend to need a bag to throw soiled clothes or diapers in. This is perfect, does the job, and washes very easily. It’s very durable and the material is thick. I can’t say enough good things about it, this bag is a lifesaver for parents with small kids!

Lynda Basin, MT

Love it!

Love it! It worked great during swim lessons. It hasn’t leaked and is easy to wash and dry. I might buy another in a bigger size.

Jolene M C B H Kaneohe Bay, HI

it works

I bought one, liked it. Then bought me a second. Now I’m buying one as a present. I have not tried another brand.

Christy Yorktown, TX

Good looking and want another

The quality is good and the design is bright and fun. Easy to clean. I’ve used it several times and was thinking of purchasing a backup

Harriett Seal Rock, OR

and it washed wonderfully. Delicate cycle with organic laundry soap

I will definitely be buying more of these in the future. I have washed mine twice so far in the washer (we had a poopy swim diaper), and it washed wonderfully. Delicate cycle with organic laundry soap. I can stuff my daughters bathing suit and mine in, as well as swim my diapers, etc. The rest of the pool bag stays dry. When we get home, I turn the bag inside out to dry, and keep on going! Love the print too, so fun!

Mara Malaga, OH

Love this bag

Love this bag, larger than expected, plenty of room for multiple diapers and outfits in the one pouch if needed and it’s easy to wash!

Candy Rosston, TX

Sturdy and cute

I really like this wet bag. It’s the perfect size for a diaper bag. I have a couple other wet bags but I like this one the best because its very sturdy and thick so I don’t have to worry about it leaking. You can use it for cloth diapers or even a wet swim suit, etc. I would definitely recommend this product!

Susanne Rebersburg, PA

The perfect size.

I had another one from planet wise that was 8×10 and it was too small. I love this one since it’s big but not too big. I use it to hold extra clothes and since I have 3 kids I need the extra space. Great buy I might be getting another for diapers soon.

Flossie Corapeake, NC

A diaper bag must-have!

I have an infant, and this bag has proven its worth time and time again. As most parents know, a diaper will sometimes overflow and necessitate a wardrobe change. I used to carry grocery bags in my diaper bag to make sure that nothing else in my bag could be soiled. Unfortunately, grocery bags are much thinner nowadays (which is a good thing, because they are more environmentally friendly) and can easily tear and cause a mess in the bag. Instead of double bagging the soiled clothing, and carefully knotting it so that I can open the bag and throw more stuff in there, I carry this wet bag. The zipper is smooth and hasn’t leaked yet (which was one of my concerns). The bag is of good quality and seems like it will last a while, and I like the design. It doesn’t scream “baby,” so I can use it for a long while.

Ellen Crofton, KY

NOT the Color in the Picture

I purchased several green things from Amazon that all matched in the pictures. Turns out, this is NOT the color in the picture. It’s more of a muted brown green. (Think baby poo coloring.) Aside from the color not matching the photo, the product itself seems great. It’s a thicker fabric with a waterproof interior. I haven’t washed it yet, but it seems like it will hold up well.

Anne Amsden, OH

Love Itzy Ritzy!

I really love Itzy Rity products. For starters the bag is seriously adorable. We use this particular bag for storing cloth diapers in the diaper bag while on the go, but it can be used for any wet items that you want/need to keep separated. I can easily fit 4 or 5 soiled diapers in this bag, and really you could probably squeeze a couple more in there, I just haven’t had a need to. The outer fabric has held up well with several washes and the colors haven’t faded at all (at least not enough for me to notice any fading) the inner water proof lining is nice and thick and I have been very pleased with it’s ability to contain wetness and odor. In fact I’ve been so pleased with it that I purchased a second one just to have on hand for when this one is in the wash. I highly recommend this product.

Amalia Stella, NE

Absolute necessity for anyone with a baby

I love my whale watching wet bag! Not only is it adorable (the picture is perfectly accurate) but it works miracles! We cloth diaper so a wet bag is a necessity and this one never makes me regret our decision to carry around a dirty diaper. It is perfectly odorless, never leaks, and is in pristine condition after countless washes. I have found this size to be perfect to keep in the diaper bag. I think I have had maybe 3 bumgenius used diapers in there at one time, more might fit, but I haven’t needed to test it. That being said, this bag isn’t just good for cloth diaperers. It is rare that there is a place to throw away a disposable diaper when you are on the go. I would recommend this bag to all and every parent!

Leanna Cedar Rapids, IA

Love it!

Super sturdy, and completely seals in all smells. Washes up well too (I flip it inside out to wash). It’s been my favorite one for the past year, gets washed about once a week, and is holding up beautifully.

Sondra Ross, OH

great bag for the money

We used to have a bag that cost more than this and wasn’t near the quality… love it and recommend it not only for dirty diapers, but for wet swimsuits and potty training accidents as well.

Madelyn Sidney, OH

Great bag!

Great for bathing suits! Keeps the wet inside and dry outside! This replaced me using plastic bags for my kids swim suits everyday! Love this bag. I got it monogrammed at a local store and it looks and functions amazingly!

Lessie Homerville, GA

Started out great

We’ve had this bag for almost a year and it was awesome! I used to put dripping rinsed off diapers diapers in this bag and put it on the bag of the toilet, leaning against things and never had issues. Then recently I noticed the liner was cracking. The next thing I know the bag is wicking. I can’t put anything in there that is even slightly damp. I can’t bring it out of the house even for one day outings, even slightly wet diapers leak. I had bought a second bag around the same time and I have noticed that that bag is also now getting the cracking. I wash in a cold rinse/hot wash/ and a double cold rinse. I always lay anything with a PUL out to dry so this isn’t going in the dryer. It’s unfortunate, this had been one of the best buys I had. I’m giving it 4 stars because while it was working, it was great.

Christa Trimont, MN

Great problem solver!

What to do with wet diapers when traveling and no way to dispose? Be sure you have one of these great Wet Bags. This year has brought a bumper crop of babies to our friends and relatives, including our son and daughter-in-law. They have chosen to use cloth diapers for their newborn, and I just knew that there would come a time when that very question would come up. Sure enough! But they were prepared, because they had this ample sized bag come to the rescue. It is well constructed, and washable to keep it smelling fresh. I plan to include this item as a gift to future new parents as I learn of their expectancy.

Reba Norwood, LA

My favorite wetbag-holds in smells and wet diapers

Hands down best wetbag on the market. I took this with me on vacation since my oldest is highly allergic to disposable diapers. I typically use and wash the diapers every few days. However on vacation I didn’t have access to a washer. For 5 days I piled diapers into the 3 Itzy Ritzy bags I have. We threw them in the back of our Durango thinking surly the smell on the way home would be horrible. They never leaked and one ended up upside down and the smell never leaked out. Now the smell when I did open it was nasty but I expected that. The only downside to this bag is it wont hold as many diapers as some of the competitors.

Zelda Rogersville, TN

Perfect to hold wet bathing suits too!

I absolutely love this bag but I actually used it for my son’s wet bathing suit, towel and water shoes from his aqua therapy! It was a perfect size and it kept everything else in our diaper bag dry when we were down every week!The best part is I was helping the environment and not having to use a plastic bag to prevent the other things in our diaper bag from getting soaked! I highly recommend this plus it’s super cute![…]

Alfreda Fort Eustis, VA

Love this brand!

We used the same wetbags the entire time we were cloth diapering our first (about 2 1/2 years), and just got this one to use with our 2nd. If you want to use these for daycare or for days when you’ll be away from home all day, I’d recommend getting the Large size, but this Medium size is great for when you will only have 3 or 4 diapers (or a few clothes). They are great quality, don’t leak, don’t stink. I would never buy another brand a wetbag!

Jeanette Harlingen, TX


I have a lot of wetbags and I have been anal about washing and drying them as per the company’s stated guidelines. Two of my IR bags have completely fallen apart after 3 washes. The inside seams just unglued themselves. These things ain’t cheap. And FYI I lined dried them! I do have a message into the company, and will update this review if they do write back and fix this.

Lily Mico, TX